Dr. Goku

Dr Goku
Vegeta goes before a doctor as a prince, but becomes a slave to the man who is to check him. Contains gay yaoi content. GokuxVegeta. Viewers of 18 years of age or older only please!!

Chapter 1

Vegeta was reaching the mid-point of his life on Earth, having recently reached the age of 50. His ever persistent wife, Bulma, insisted that he go to the doctor to get his prostate examined as a supplemental part of a yearly check-up. Being the Prince of all Saiyans, he had found it something of a pointless addition to an already unnecessary task. Of course it was entirely fruitless for him to be under the care of any human doctor! He practically transcended all humanity by simply being himself. However, after Bulma gave him a hearty statistics scare through a descriptive scientific article on the potency of cancerous cells, he thought about it, and ultimately gave in to the woman’s strong advision. Vegeta begrudgingly made an appointment the following day, getting a ride from Trunks to the medical office that same afternoon.

Dr GokuHis son smiled over at him from the drivers seat, patting his fathers thigh affectionately while the Saiyan Prince prepared to exit the car. “You’ll be fine, father, Prostate exams are so much easier than regul-” The door was slammed shut as a fuming Vegeta rushed toward the office entrance and into the waiting room.  How dare that brat try to make the situation better! He clearly had far too much human in his blood if he was siding with his mother in this mess.

The waiting room chair was extremely uncomfortable and the whole hall stank of antiseptic. Vegeta couldn’t think of a worse situation- besides perhaps being stuck in an elevator car with the entirety of the Ginyu Force. After some time of jostling his leg and impatiently staring at the doorway to the examination rooms, a young female nurse came forth to bring him to his appointment.

“This new Urologist was actually an intern.” She advised, glancing at a clipboard which Vegeta was attempting to read over her arm as they walked; her hand kept obscuring his view.

        “Hes got fabulous credentials though, I’m sure your appointment will be very comfortable.” He was led to the seventh exam room, the clipboard placed on the outside of the door.
“Give me a moment and I’ll go tell him you’re ready, Mister… Briefs.” Before he could correct her, the nurse had vanished- leaving a very disgruntled Vegeta in an empty room.

        “How dare they keep a Prince waiting for foolish garbage such as this.” The short Saiyan exclaimed, scrutinizing the space and taking in the high office chair, cushioned examination table and box of latex gloves sitting atop the doctor’s desk. Beside the box was a tall bottle of what appeared to be some kind of lotion- Vegeta quietly pondered what that exactly was supposed to be used for until a knock resonated on the thick wooden door.

“May I come inside?” That voice… somehow it sounded uncannily familiar. Who could this Doctor have been? As the knob was turning, Vegeta turned away to look out the window. This was so the doctor would see the Prince for who he really was, a Royal person who looks only down to those weaker than him.

    “Ah doctor, good to see you have arrived. How dare you keep me… The Prince of all..”

    “Saiyans?” the doctor quickly interrupted. “Yes we are aware of who you are. If you will please take a seat.”

Chapter 2

Vegeta turned around to sit on the exam table. He looked at this doctor, who was dressed in a white coat, sunglasses, and a weird hairdo that looks familiar to Vegeta.

    “So, I’m sure you have examined many royal people before me, um Doctor….”

“You can call me Doctor Doctor.”

Vegeta couldn’t help but look at this man with a confused face. Sure Vegeta never went to a human doctor before, but what kind of name is Doctor Doctor? DD (Doctor Doctor) got up and grabbed a popsicle stick from the jar which contained many sticks.

“If you could please open your mouth and say AHH”

Vegeta was trying to put together why the DD would need to look at his mouth when he is only getting this “prostate exam”. But Vegeta did it anyways, just following the DD’s orders.

    “AHHHH” He said with a faint moan as DD pressed the stick against Vegeta’s tongue.

    “Hmm, Yes. A well healthy mouth. Now for the test examination. Please put this in your mouth and hold it until I count to 30. Think you handle that big guy?” DD said with a smirk on his face and a glare behind the shades.

“Do you know who you’re dealing with? I could fit 3 of these my mouth, HA!”

With that, Vegeta stuck the clear tube into his mouth. DD grab a bottle of pills and dropped three blue tablets into the tube and they went down into Vegeta’s mouth, then he swallowed them.

“What do those things do Doc, I mean DD?”

“They are for the next test Mr. Prince. It is for the testicular and penile examination.”

Vegeta being clueless of what he was really speaking of acted out of pride by responding “Of course, I knew that. Just testing to make sure you knew what they were.”

“Time for the next exam then!” DD said, as he pointed to the table which was in the middle of the room. “Please remove all clothing and sit on the table for me.”

Vegeta got on the edge of the table and sat with his buttocks on the paper roll, which was spread out over the entire table. DD then walked up to him after he put latex gloves on his hands.

“Alright Mr. Prince, this won’t hurt one bit!” DD said, as he dipped his fingers in a jar containing a gel-like substance. He then reached down with his latex-covered hands and rubbed them over Vegeta’s testicles, rubbing them repeatedly. It drove Vegeta wild, feeling the gel-covered rubber hands touching his sensitive testicles!

From there, DD rubbed his fingers over the side of his penis, stroking his manhood several times from the base to the tip. It send shivers running up his spine! In fact, it made him super aroused!

    “Ohhh man… You’re making me very horny, Doctor, by doing that!” he sneered. “Normally, I would only allow a woman to do that!”

Vegeta was thinking in the back of his mind “Why am I letting this human touch me like this?! Why am I enjoying it?!” Little did he know, the three pills he swallowed earlier were making him relax, loosen up, and horny!

“Now, lie down on your stomach so I can check your prostate!” DD said.

“Uhhh…. What? How? I-i-is that gonna hurt??” Vegeta stuttered, suddenly feeling very nervous.

“Oh, you might feel a little discomfort, that’s all…” DD said with a smirk as Vegeta slowly pushed his body further onto the metal table while turning around at the same time.

“I’m not looking forward to this!” Vegeta groaned.

“Oh nobody does!” DD grinned, as he dipped his fingers in the jar filled with the white gel again.

“I’m a very proud man! I have never been so subject to these primitive medical examinations in my life and I really question the necessity of them! This is just a way to milk the insurance companies out of money who in turn– OOOHHH!” Vegeta groaned out loud when he felt something thick and long push up into his arse.

Chapter 3

“There! Almost…. Just hold on a second, my friend…” DD said as he began to massage Vegeta’s prostate. He had never felt ANYTHING go into his butt that DEEP before! It felt weird, uncomfortable and strange at the same time! Sensations of pleasure rushed through his body as the fingers of DD was moving over, and around the prostate. This was causing a slight issue though for him, he was being turned on and evidence to prove it was becoming very clear on the outside of his body. He could feel his prideful cock began moving up his stomach, belly button and continued to grow. Things were getting intense and pretty hot in the mind of Vegeta, until he felt the pleasure being pulled out of his body, namely DD’s finger.

“There! That wasn’t as bad now, was it?”

“Uhhhhhh!” Vegeta groaned. “Is it normal to feel shivers after you touch the prostate DD?” He asked without moving so his throbbing dick wouldn’t be seen.

“Shivers huh? It has been known to send amounts of pleasure to the owner when pressed and massaged. That must have been what you felt Mr. Vegeta. Seems you are a bottom.” DD said while bending down, searching through his cabinets. “Now where did I put those things? They must have hidden them again.”

“Uh, doc? What you looking for?” Vegeta said while staring at the backside of DD. Why was he finding his butt so amusing all of a sudden? He has never looked at a man’s butt with sexual intentions before. Was he going mad?! He just felt like he should get up and start ramming that butt hole.

“I found it! Okay Vegeta, I need you to get in the prostate position again. I have another, um test for your prostate.” DD said with a smooth voice while holding a black curved device in one hand and a clear cylinder shaped device in the other. Vegeta has never seen such devices. But like Bulma said, die now or later, by her or by cancer.

DD grabbed a blob of lube from the container and place it on the outside of the black curved device, and on the inside of the clear cylinder device. He then began to insert the black device, which is now known as a butt plug, slowly moving it in and out until finally it penetrated the anus.

“AHHHH!” Vegeta moaned. “What is that?! It..it..mmm..” But it was too late, the hormones were already flowing rapidly through his blood and had gained a grip on him, and was ready for a ride of its life. DD pulled back on Vegeta’s shoulder, revealing the front side and his now 6 inch throbbing dick. He placed the clear device on top of Vegeta’s complete manhood, and it began to apply suction. “This is unreal! I’ve never felt this much intense pleasure at once in my entire life! Uhhhhh…” That was all Vegeta could say. DD then removed his black glasses, hat, coat, Everything, revealing himself as Goku.

      “Goku!?! This… This is crazy! Why did you do this?” Vegeta said as he was trying to quickly pull the device off his cock and cover himself. Goku stopped him and out his hand over the device and pressed the button on the side, which increase suction even more.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time Vegeta. And my, I mean our dreams are coming true.” Goku said with a voice that girls would pass out in love with. But what Goku didn’t realize was that he gave Vegeta too many hormone pills. It was beginning to put Vegeta into overdrive with crazy horniness! The power inside, burning and churning unlike anything Vegeta has felt before, and it was begging to be released! All common sense drained away as it overcame him, and only the thoughts of sex was on Vegeta’s mind.

“Mmph, Goku….. This is, too much for me.. I need to release myself, and now! Uhhohh.” The devices were hitting Vegeta’s G spots so good, that within a matter of seconds after moaning he released his humongous load inside the clear device. It suck it all into a chamber and Goku swiftly grabbed it to stored it away. Vegeta, now fainted from the strong organism, rested on the table and later got dressed and left for home, keeping the memory but ashamed of it in the end. But the worst news is he still has to go back to get his real prostate exam by the real doctor.

The End


  1. wow. la historia es fantástica, estaría bueno que lo hagan en comics seria algo maravilloso.

    (In English)
    wow . the story is fantastic, would be good to do something wonderful in serious comics .

  2. It took me a while to finish. All that I have to say is wow. The story plot was really good and no spelling errors. I could tell it took a lot longer to write the story than it took me to read it ( about two hour because of errands and other stuff).

    It also seems creepy in a good way, once you think about it. The thought of having your fighting partner has you like a pleasure drunk rag doll. I already put my rating on it and this story really deserves it too. I said 5 stars

  3. I liked the story was it was really good. The plot was good and no wrong words. I have gaven the story a good rating. I did it because it really deserved it.

    The story but its creepy as well. What I mean is having your friend and sparring partner have you like a sex slave at such an old age I mean 50 years old and look not a day older than 20. The story is really good by the way and I recommended it to any one who reads it.


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