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The Magic Briefs – Chapter 2

Magic Briefs - Chapter 2
Magic Briefs - Chapter 2

Gohan and Goku’s manhoods/dicks/balls grow from the magic briefs, but so do their love for each other. A strong bond, and sense of sexual bonding too happens for this special story. We hope you enjoy!

Read Chapter 1 of Magic Briefs

DBZ Yaoi/Gay content ahead! 18+ NSFW Warning!!

Goku x Gohan

Chapter 2

“Um, you’re pants are dirty too dad. You need to wash them. Here let me help you” Pulling down the pants, the bulge becomes more enlarging and the red briefs continue to be shown. “You’re wearing my briefs! And… Dad.. I might as well tell you this, but it made your manhood bigger! It works!”


Gohan reached his hand out and brushed the bulge. Goku nearly cummed just from the jolt of pleasure that surged through his body from the faint touch of his son’s hand against his growing bulge. He snatched Gohan’s hand and began to rub his bulge with Gohan’s hand to continue the cloud-9 feeling he was enjoying oh so much. Gohan looked at Goku’s bulge closer, and noticed it seemed to be growing!



He used his other hand to pull down the briefs to get a better look at what was happening, and found his balls expanding! Almost as if they were ‘filling up’; which also seemed to make Goku that much more horny. Continuing to pull the briefs down, Gohan took them off his Dad and put them on himself.


Gohan screamed with a loud moan the moment the briefs came into contact with his balls and manly dick. It surged waves of pleasure over him and forced him to his knees as he finished putting them on. He could feel the briefs getting tighter ever so slowly, his manhood expanding and filling up the empty space.


Before he knew it or even realize his manhood, dick and balls, made a bulge men dream of having, and women lust for pleasuring. Once again though, he did noticed his balls ‘filling up’ which just the thought made him horny and moan. He looked up to see his father staring down, blushing and gasping as he was experiencing his own orgasms. Goku hasn’t even touched his own dick, and he didn’t need to! He was feeling great just by standing there, enjoying the waves of pleasure overcoming him.


Gohan stood up with what energy he had, and wrapped his arms around his Dad, tightly hugging him. Their bare chests making contact which each other, and their manhoods smashing into each other as well. This sent huge waves of pleasure over both of them, so much so that they moaned loudly. The mega orgasm was the best thing they have ever felt and it wasn’t ending any time soon. They stood there, hugging and enjoying the pleasure. It was a real bonding experience for the Dad and Son.


Their knees started to give out and they both fell to their knees.


“Gohan, this has been amazing! I don’t understand why all this is happening really, but I don’t want it to end, and I just want you to know, I love you Son. I’ll always love you.” Goku said with a tender voice and leaned over to hug his boy again.

“I love you too Dad.” Gohan replied as he wrapped his hands around his Dad again, with a couple of tears beginning to stream down his face.

biiig - Goku and Gohan huge dicks
Thanks ukevegeta13 for doing this for us!! Love you!


We hope you guys are enjoying this! Thank you so far for all the kind feedback and suggestions for this story! 😀

We are gonna work on Chapter 3 now. I are trying to get Goten in here too some how 😉

If you are an artist, we may commission you for some art for this story. Please contact us. We’d mostly just want a sketch of Goku and Gohan hugging, with Gohan having the magic briefs on. If you are interested, contact us.

If you know a good artist you like, message them a link of this page and show them to read the bottom of the story.

Gohan is not a kid in this story. We picture him like Rutobuka has drew him here, and the other 2 pics.




The Magic Briefs – Chapter 1

The Magic Briefs by GotenBoner
The Magic Briefs by GotenBoner

““Dad.. Are you?” he looks a little lower to see a bulge, almost that of a porn star, right in front of his face in his Dad’s pants.”

This has gay content in it that is 18+ and NSFW. DBZ Yaoi is also placed in this story, so please do not read if this offends you, In fact don’t even be on this site if any Gay, NSFW, or Yaoi content offends you!

DBZ Pairing: Goku x Gohan

Chapter 1


The science fair for the school was happening in 3 months and Gohan really wanted to recreate something that would impress the judges but also be useful to himself when the fair was over. He asked his friends for ideas, but all of them turned him away, because they all were working by themselves to win the prize money. Sitting at his desk in his bedroom, he began to brainstorm. Minutes turned into an hour. Hours turned into days. Days turned into a week and still no ideas were “good enough” to him and yet useful after the fair was over. He still maintained his family time with Goku and Chichi, swimming and grocery shopping, but was always distracted to find the right fair idea.


Goku walks into Gohan’s room after finishing his work out, closes the door and lays down on the bed tossing an apple in the air next to Gohan who had his head down on his desk, almost about to break into tears with frustration.

“What’s bothering you Gohan?” Goku asked, continuing to toss the apple into the air. He was also in his usual workout clothes. He always loved working out, almost too much. He even would even notice erections from all his blood flowing so rapidly. He never mind it. Just readjust his dick or even strip and continue. He grabs the apple and takes a nice bite into it.

*CRUNCH* – He bites into the apple.


“I’m having a hard time getting a good idea for the fair Dad. I want one that is brilliant, but useful to even me. But all the idea I come up with just don’t fit what I’m looking for.” The reality though is Gohan is a teenager now and wants something to fit his horny side too. The ideas he came up with was too much either sexual or not sexual to his liking.


Through the smacking of the apple, Goku responds “Well, I know you’ll come up with something Gohan. You’re a really..”

*CRUNCH* he takes another bite and continues “smart kid. Whatever you put your mind, I know you can do it. If you ever need help though, you know I’m here Son.”


Gohan lifts his head and looks over at his Dad, now with tears forming in his eyes. “Thank you Dad! You don’t know how..” his eyes sudden shifts to his Dad’s pants, which are protruding quite a bit; Enough to catch Gohan’s eye. “AH!” he shouts. “That’s what I’ll do! Yes. It’s perfect!” He grabs some new sketch paper and pencils his design ideas as quickly as possible.


Goku finishes his apple, and walks to the door. “See Gohan. I knew you were a bright kid.” He lifts his hand as he walks out the door. Gohan is egger to invent the tool he came up with, with his Dad’s help. But he is more excited to use it!


Spending days locked up in his room, he sketches all the ideas for the new invention he wants to make. He finishes the design but now he wonders what he should call them. “Magic briefs? Manhood wonders? Increase your dick-o-matic? The all-in-one man maker? The Penis Plus?” he stops and thinks a little deeper… “The Man Multiplier! It’s perfect!” and with that he finishes the design stage. It would be the perfect product to not only increase the size of a man’s dick and balls (scrotum) but also the ejaculation volume he produces 2x to 3x fold! (Depending on his physical health, the results would vary.)


He then wonders how in the world he is going to produce such an invention. Never before has such a thing been tested, and who knows what the dangers are from it. Would he really want incidents from other people to fall on his responsibility? The more he thought about this, the more he worried.

“I’ve got it!” he quickly rushes to his Dad’s room and snatches the 4 star dragon ball. Rushing to the Capsule Corp, He gets the Dragon Ball Scanner and begins his short hunt for the dragon balls. After gathering all of them, he summons Shin-Ron and asks for his invention to be made just as his design sketches show. Shin-Ron grants his wish, and the balls scatter. The red pair of briefs (Man Multiplier), float down until they fall into Gohan’s hands. He is so excited he almost screams! Blasting off through the air, he heads home, up to his room and begins to strip.


“Eww.. What’s that horrible smell?” smelling around the room, he finds out it was him! He had that awful “outdoor smell” from flying. He lays the Magic Briefs on his bed and walks to the bathroom. Goku walks out with a towel wrapped around his waist. “The water is still hot Gohan if you’re needing to shower.” And continues to walk away. Gohan rushes inside to take a quick shower. He really didn’t want to smell awful with his new invention/toy. His OCD was really going to cost him this time though. When he comes out of the shower, he rushes to his room to put the briefs on, but to his surprise they are gone! He looks under the bed, the dresser, desk, and bookshelf several times before he started to panic.
“I know I put them here. Didn’t I? Or did I leave them at Capsule Corp? Ugh! This is just my day.” Walking out the door, he decides not to fly. He doesn’t want to have to shower again, so he grabs his bicycle and rides as quickly as he can. He looked everywhere but never found them. It’s almost night time and heads home. Walking in the door, his parents are sitting at the table waiting for him to join them for supper.
“What’s wrong Gohan?” Chi-chi asks

“Yeah, you look down tonight” Goku adds on. Gohan is too embarrass thought to mention his lost a sexual item such as the Magic Briefs.. So he comes up with a better response.


“It’s just, I’m missing my underwear Mom. Have you seen them? Maybe you took them to the..” That’s it! He forgot to check the laundry! With him panicking so badly, he completely forgot to check there!


“Took them where Gohan?” Chi-Chi asks.

“Oh never mind Mom. I think I remember where I put them now.” He smiles to try and change the atmosphere to a positive mode.


After they finish supper, he rushes to the laundry room while Chi-Chi and Goku are cleaning the dishes. He scrambles through all his clothes. Pants, socks, shirts, even some underwear he did have before, but still nothing. “I don’t get it. They have to be here!” He continues to scramble. Goku and Chi-Chi finishes up the dishes. She walks up stairs and starts a shower. He walks into the laundry room and sees Gohan looks through all the clothes.

“You still looking for your underwear right?” Goku asks as he takes his shirt and shoes off to put in the room next to his dirty clothes.

“Yes, but they have to be here somewhere. They are red and..” he turns around and looks up to see a small red waistband on his father, right below his abs. “Dad… Are you..” he stares and looks a little lower to see a bulge, almost that of a porn star, right in front of his face in his Dad’s pants.

Our new logo

Trunks x Goten nude cumming
Trunks x Goten nude cumming

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He is an amazing artist who went beyond awesome in drawing our new logo. We can’t say how thankful we are for his talent and sharing it with us through the logo. Here are some shots of it, which you can also find on his tumblr post.


Again we’d like to say how amazing this guy is and you should totally go check his artwork out, and perhaps commission him while you still can! Talent like this is hard to find. Go check him out and we wish him the best!


Enjoy and thanks for visiting!



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Trunks Babysits Goten?!

Trunks Babysits Goten by DBZFanGoten shota
Trunks Babysits Goten by DBZFanGoten shota

Trunks Babysits Goten?!

Trunks x Goten – May contain yaoi/shota content.

Published with permission from and written by


Trunks was hunched over his desk in his bedroom, a pair of goggles over his eyes and small soldering iron in his fingers. He was gently prodding what looks like an electrical wristband. Next to it was a remote control. He gave the wristband a final prod, then sat back in his chair, pushing his goggles up with a sigh of exhaustion, laying the wristband next to its’ twin.

“It’s finally complete… now I can take a break!” he laid his head back against his chair and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

There was a soft knock on his door, which was left open.


Trunks opened his eyes and looked back across the room behind him and saw his mother, Bulma standing in the doorway.

“Oh hi, Mom!” Trunks said happily, turning his chair around to face her. It was rare that either of his parents would sought him out to his room, so he welcomes this occasion to have his mother in his room. “What’s up?”

“Well, we’re going to be having an adult party tonight.” Bulma said.

Trunks’ face fell; adult party meant no kids allowed, which includes him. “Oh…” he said, sounding uninterested as he turned his chair around to face his desk instead.

“I invited Gohan, Goku and even Chi-Chi,” Bulma went on. “But Chi-Chi absolutely refuses to attend unless she can find a sitter for Goten.”

Trunks snickered at the thought of Goten having a babysitter! He almost felt sorry for the poor soul unfortunate enough to get the job of babysitting Goten.

“Ha-ha, I wish that sitter luck!” Trunks said, chuckling. “Goten is more than a handful for any normal person.”

“Exactly what I thought too,” said Bulma, sitting down on Trunks’ bed. “I mean, no one but Goku and the gang, and Chi-Chi are going to be able to maintain him, make sure he stays in the house, make him to go to bed at his bedtime, you know. He can overpower the sitter if he wanted to.”

“So I guess Miss Chi-Chi is not going to come then,” Trunks said.

“Actually, I volunteered you…”

“WAH!” Trunks cried out in shock, his chair tipped over backwards and he went crashing to the floor, flat on his back. “What? But why? Miss Chi-Chi isn’t going to go for me, I’m just ONE year older than him! That’s hardly the age for a sitter, I’d be more of a playmate to him than a sitter!”

Bulma folded her arms and looked annoyed. “I thought you’d take this opportunity to prove just how responsible and matured you are. Despite this one-year difference in age, you are very matured for you age, if a little mischievous at times, whereas Goten has the mentality of a four-year-old — don’t you dare tell Chi-Chi I said that!”

Trunks cringed at the mental image of Chi-Chi’s reaction to his mother’s statement–it was NOT pretty!

“Y-yes Mom, I won’t!” Trunks said

“Now, Chi-Chi was reluctant, but agreed to let you try babysitting Goten,” Bulma continues. “But only if you make sure Goten is fed by dinner time, bathed by bathtime and in bed by bedtime.“

Trunks glanced at the wristbands he had been working on, which lay upon his desk. He smiled to himself.

“Oh, that won’t be a problem,” Trunks said. “I can do this job. I know how to handle him.”

Bulma smiled as she stood up. “That’s my Trunks. Well I gotta go tell Chi-Chi you’ve accepted the job and will be there tonight at seven.” And Bulma left the room, leaving Trunks to his plotting.

At seven o’clock in the evening, all the party guests arrived at the Capsule Corp and the party begun.

Trunks’ bedroom door opened and Bulma came in, accompanied by Goten with an overnight bag hanging from his shoulder.

“Here you are, Goten,” Bulma said, motioning Goten into the room. “Now you boys have fun and stay out of trouble.”

“Okay Mom,” Trunks said, rolling his eyes. When Bulma left, Trunks picked up the pair of wristbands he had been working on. “Hey, Goten, I made these for you.”

“Wow, really?” Goten said, taking the wristbands from Trunks and looking at them. “Thanks Trunks!”

“Well, put them on!” Trunks urged him.

Goten put them on, and they instantly tightened around his wrists, making them impossible to remove it. Trunks grinned evilly.

“Hey, what the–Trunks!” Goten cried, trying desperately to remove the wristbands, but it was hopeless. Then they changed into the exact color and texture of Goten’s skin, making them invisible.

“Heh-heh, you’re mine now, Goten…” Trunks said, advancing on Goten.

Goten tried to run, but Trunks appeared out of thin air in front of him. Goten could no longer move faster than the naked eye could see. His speed and strength were that of a normal seven-year-old boy! He raised his hand and tried to shoot a ki blast, but nothing came out!

Trunks bent down before Goten and started to undo his gi belt. Goten struggled but it was like struggling against a stone statue that was holding him. Trunks removed the belt and undressed Goten with extreme ease.

Trunks stood up and drank in the sight of Goten standing completely naked before him. He balled up Goten’s clothes and threw them away.

“It’s time for the baby to have his bath!” Trunks said, flicking at Goten’s exposed hairless penis and clapping him on the butt with the other hand. He started to rub Goten on both sides, his crotch and butt, rubbing them and feeling them up. “You have such a soft butt and a small pee-pee, Goten.” He rolled Goten’s penis and balls around in his fingers.

“Hey, stop it, Trunks! I’m not a baby!” Goten said, hopelessly trying to back away, but Trunks scooped him up in his arms like a baby.

“Sure you are, I’m the BABY-sitter, and you’re the baby!” Trunks said as he carried a wiggling and squirming Goten to the bathroom like one would do a puppy.

Trunks put Goten down on the floor on his belly, then placing his foot on Goten’s butt, he pinned Goten down while he turned on the water and added bubble soap. Goten squirmed and struggled under Trunks’ foot, but it was hopeless, Trunks merely pushed his foot down harder on Goten’s butt, pressing Goten’s penis harder against the cold tile floor, causing Goten to develop another erection on the floor.

When the water was at the right level, he turned off the water and gently placed Goten in the water, like one would do a real baby.

Trunks then stripped off his clothes and joined Goten the bath, sitting behind him. He took a bar of soap and soaped up his hands. He pulled then Goten closer and set Goten’s naked butt over his own boyhood and held Goten there while he caressed Goten’s naked body with his soapy hands.

Goten did not sit quietly, he struggled, his flailing limbs were sending water all over the floor.
“Hold still, Goten, you’re making a mess with your bathwater.” Trunks said, effortlessly holding Goten on his lap while rubbing his chest and belly with his soapy hands.

“LEMME GO-LEMME GO-LEMME GO-LET–ME–GOOOO!” Goten yelled, still sending water everywhere in his struggle.

“Oh, Goten….” Trunks said warningly, cupping Goten’s balls in his hand and closing his fingers gently around them. “If you don’t stop struggling, I’ll crush your balls like grapes!”

Goten froze, actually too scared to move a muscle.

“That’s better,” Trunks said, rubbing his soapy hand over Goten’s crotch, cleaning his penis and balls until Goten’s penis became erect. “Oh wow, Goten, you actually like me bathing you? You like me babying you?”

Goten blushed and looked down in shame.

Trunks washed Goten’s hair and then rinsed it, before letting the weak boy go. Goten jumped out of the tub and slipped on the wet floor. Trunks caught him before he hit the floor and scooped him up in his arms like a baby again.

“Trunks….” Goten moaned, embarrassed. “Put me down….I’m not a baby….”

“Coulda fooled me, with the way you acted in the bath.” Trunks said, dressing himself before carrying Goten, naked, out of the bathroom and into the living room. He wrapped Goten in a towel and began drying him off. “You got water everywhere, I’m going to have to spank you and then molest you for that.”

“NO! Please, Trunks, don’t spank me!” Goten begged without struggling this time, he’d worn himself out by this time.

Trunks finished drying Goten and then draped him over his lap in a spanking position. He placed a hand over Goten’s butt, spreading his fingers. He carrassed Goten’s cute buttcheeks. With the help of his other hand, Trunks spread Goten’s butt cheeks to open up his butt crack, revealing his butthole.

Goten squirmed uncomfortably as Trunks fingered his hole. Trunks then spat at Goten’s hole and then raised his hand and brought it down with a loud–


Goten winced as his body jerked. That had actually HURT!

“YOWL!” Goten cried, instantly tearing up and crying.

“Oh quiet, you little baby, I didn’t hit you that hard!” Trunks said as he raised his hand for another smack. He frowned, waiting for his first handprint to fade from Goten’s butt before smacking it again. But it did not fade. “Hmm, I must have hit him a little too hard, with him having the power of a normal boy….”

Trunks powered down until he was only as strong as Hercule Satan. He spanked Goten again, who cried out in pain. Trunks frowned, even Hercule’s level was too strong for Goten. He powered down again until was only as strong as his grandfather, Dr. Briefs.

Trunks massaged and caressed Goten’s butt, trying to make the deeply red handprints to fade faster, with Goten sobbing and sniffing the whole time..

When the red handprints faded off Goten’s pale pink buttcheeks, Trunks rasied his hand again.







Ten times, Trunks smacked Goten’s butt before he stopped and rubbed Goten’s butt, enjoying the firm, smooth feel of it, while Goten hung limply over Trunks’ lap, crying softly.

“Goten,” Trunks said, rubbing the red hand marks off Goten’s butt. “Are you ready to be a good baby, or will I have to spank you some more?”

“I’ll be good! I’ll be good!” Goten cried, desperate to avoid more spanking.

“Are you gonna be a good baby and do as your babysitter tells you?” Trunks asked, pinching Goten’s butt and was amused to see the red drained from the pinched skin.

“Yes! I’ll be a good baby! Just don’t spank me anymore….” Goten moaned pitifully.

“Good,” Trunks said, standing up, holding Goten in a cradling position in his arms. “Now to check out your little baby boy parts.” he said, walking over to his bed and laying Goten face-up upon it, his eyes locking on target: Goten’s boyhood. “Now Goten, you said you were going to a good baby, right?”

“Ye-yes, Trunks…” Goten said nervously.

“Good babies lets their babysitter play with them, would you let me play with any part of your body?” Trunks asked, sliding a finger down slowly across Goten’s chest and belly, stopping just short of touching Goten’s penis.

Goten gulped. “D-d-do whatever you want with me, just don’t hurt me. Please don’t spank me anymore!”

“Okay, I’m going to play with your….pee-pee!” Trunks said, grasping Goten’s penis in his fingers.

Goten gasped and his body jerked from the shock. “Wh-what the–?”

“Oh, is baby Goten gonna cry cuz the big bad babysitter got his pee-pee?” Trunks said mockingly.

Goten’s face turned red from humiliation. “N-n-no, I was just surprised.”

Trunks smiled. “That’s a good baby, now lay back and enjoy the pleasure, Trunks style!”

Goten nervously laid back and Trunks begin to fondle his penis, rolling it in his fingers and massaging it.

“Oooh…” Goten closed his eyes and his head dropped back onto the pillow in a sexual daze, moaning with pleasure.

“See what happens to good babies, Goten?” Trunks said, grinning a cheesey smile as he continues to stroke Goten’s penis up and down.

Goten moaned with pleasure and then with disappointment as Trunks took his hand off Goten’s penis and held him up by the armpits.

Trunks tossed Goten up into the air and caught him again. He did this several times, enjoying the sight of Goten’s penis flopping around while in midair before catching him again and then hugging Goten to his chest.

“Now it’s time for the baby’s diaper!” Trunks said, laying Goten down upon his back on the changing mat.

“No, please Trunks, I don’t wanna be diapered….” Goten said. “I’d rather you play with my….pee-pee….”

“Oh, you mean this?” Trunks said with an evil grin, taking Goten’s penis between his fingers and stroking it.”

“Ohh….yeah….” Goten moaned with pleasure, but then Trunks’ fingers suddenly left his penis. “What?! No, Trunks…” he moaned in despair. “Please keep doing it….”

“Nope! It’s diaper time, not pee-pee pleasure time!” Trunks said, holding up a diaper in one hand and a bottle of baby powder in the other.

Goten made a move to get away, but Trunks, in the speed of light, set the baby powder down and then grabbed Goten’s ankles and hoisted his legs up so hard and fast, that Goten bottom was suddenly yanked off the mat!

Trunks patted and rubbed Goten’s butt before sprinkling baby powder on it and on his balls and penis.

Goten’s nostrils were full of that nursery smell as the baby powder fell on his crotch and butt like snowflakes. It tickles his balls and penis, making him desire sexual release even more! Then he blushed red with embarrassment as Trunks set down the bottle of baby powder — he knew what was coming next… the diaper. Goten was filled with dread as Trunks reached into a basket beside him, and withdrew a diaper. Goten squirmed and tried to pull his ankles out of Trunks’ grasp. But without his ki and strength, he was helpless to resist.

Still holding Goten’s butt up off the table by his ankles, Trunks slid a diaper under Goten’s baby-powdered butt and lowered him upon it. Then he put Goten’s legs down, folded the front of the diaper and applied the tapes.

To Goten’s surprise, the diaper was really rather comfortable and pressed his little boner tightly to his lower belly.

“There, now you’re really a baby, Goten!” Trunk cooed, rubbing Goten’s crotch through the thick padded diaper, causing Goten to moan with pleasure. “Now,” he picked Goten up and carried him over to a rocking chair. “Time for your bottle, baby.”

Goten moaned sadly, he was denied release again as Trunks carried him over to the rocking chair and sat down, laying Goten across his lap, with one arm supporting Goten’s head. Trunks held a baby bottle to Goten’s lips and waited. Seeing no choice at all, Goten begin to suck on the bottle.

The longer Goten sucked on his bottle, the more relaxed he became, and the less humiliated he felt at his best friend babying him when he was at his weakest point ever. He actually begin to enjoy it. Trunks begin to notice this as he watched Goten sucks on the bottle more willingly with his eyes closed in relaxation.

“Aw, is baby Goten liking his new bottle?” Trunks cooed at him.

Still sucking on the rubber nipple, Goten nodded eagerly. He drank down the whole bottle and when he did, Trunks held Goten to his chest, with Goten’s face over his shoulder and begun to pat him on the back.

Goten winced slightly and grunted with each pat Trunks gave his back, until….

“BUUUUUURRRRRP!” Goten let out a loud, long burp.

“Good baby!”

Trunks then laid Goten on his back on the floor and begin to rub Goten’s crotch through the diaper. Goten moaned with pleasure as Trunks felt his boner.

“Heh-heh, you really are liking this, aren’t you, baby Goten?” Trunks said, grinning teasingly at him. Goten blushed and looked away. “Tell you what, Goten; wet your diaper and I’ll finish this for you.” he said, his hand pressing down more firmly on Goten’s crotch before taking his hand away completely.

“No, Trrruuukkks!” Goten moaned despairingly. “Do it some more, it feels so good….”

“If you want me to keeping going, then pee in your diaper like the little baby you are!” Trunks demanded. “And don’t you dare mess in your diaper! If you go stinky in your diaper, I’ll spank you!”

Goten cringed, and even though he did not need to go number two, he clenched his butt tightly.
Trunks laughed at seeing Goten’s face, it was priceless! “C’mon baby, go pee-pee in your diaper for me.”

Goten closed his eyes and tried to relax his bladder, to empty it, but the problem was that he still had a boner and the built-up tension from Trunks teasing it made it really hard to let his pee flow out of him. Almost as though there was something else in his penis that was blocking the pee flow.

“Ouch!” Goten winced.

“What’s wrong, Goten?” Trunks asked.

“I’m–I’m trying to pee, but my pee-pee is still sticking up and it hurts.” Goten whined. “Could you do me some more? I’m sure I’ll be able to pee then.” he added hopefully.

Trunks smiled. “Sure, Goten!” he said, placing a hand over Goten’s padded crotch and began to rub it.

Goten laid his head back and moaned with pleasure. “Oh yeah, Trunks. That feels good.”

Trunks grinned as he began to rub Goten at super speed, causing Goten to cry out in pleasure.

As the pleasurable feeling reached such a peak, Goten half-expected Trunks to stop, as he had done before, but to Goten’s surprise, Trunks kept rubbing him.

“Oh yeah, Trunks, I’m gonna peeeee!” Goten gasped as his whole body went stiff and he felt something squirt out of his penis in his diaper, followed instantly by a released flow of urine.

Trunks grinned as he removed his hand and watched the crotch area of Goten’s diaper swell up.

“Good baby!” Trunks said, picking Goten up and hugging him. “Now, are you ready for a change?”

To his surprise, Goten nodded. Trunks laid Goten down, undid the tapes holding the now-heavy diaper up and opened the front flap. His nostrils were assaulted by the strong smell of baby powder and urine.

“Ugh!” Trunks said, pinching his nose. “Geez Goten, you never do anything half-done, do you? This is enough to kill a buffalo!”

Goten blushed. “Sorry Trunks….” he muttered, shame-faced.
Trunks sighed. “Never mind, Goten, let’s just get you cleaned up.” He took the diaper off and looked at it and saw that it was a mixture of cum and urine. Trunks was amazed that cum and urine combined made such a terrible smell! He then bagged it up and tossed it out the window, where it landed on an innocent old man walking his dog, who promptly fainted due to the smell and the dog ran as far as he could away from the Smell of Doom.

Trunks took a baby wipe and wiped Goten’s crotch, triggering a pleasurable moan from Goten, and this time, he felt the whole process of Goten’s penis, from flaccid to boner!

Goten laid there in a daze, thinking Trunks was going to jerk him off again, but he was disappointed when Trunks threw the wipe away and sprinkled him with baby powder again before sliding a diaper under Goten’s butt. He paused here, staring at Goten’s boner for a full minute before folding the diaper into place and applying the tapes.

As Trunks sensed the ki of his mother and Chi-Chi coming toward his room, he quickly dressed Goten in his clothes, cleaned up all the babying evidence and, pointing his remote at Goten, gave him his powers back.

“Say nothing about this to your Mom, Goten,” Trunks said in a growling voice. “Or the next time I make you weak as a normal human, it will be permanent. Got it?”

Goten looked at his wrists, the wristbands had taken the exact color and texture of his skin. He touched one of them and was surprised that it felt like flesh!

Knowing that he has no evidence against Trunks and no way of proving that he was wearing devices that can take away his ki and strength, he nodded in agreement. He was now Trunks’ baby slave and the diaper bulge in his pants reminds him of it.

The End

Wasted Wish – Chapter 1

Wasted Wish - Chapter 1 - Vegeta x Goten Yaoi
Wasted Wish - Chapter 1 - Vegeta x Goten Yaoi

Summary: (Vegeta/Goten, 3 years post-DBZ) Our heroes have lived together for 3 years now. Vegeta finishes by agreeing to Goten’s wish for a night out, which lands them more ‘fun’ than they bargained for.
Rating/warnings: M, very NSFW with Yaoi and Gay content. Also very silly.

Published with permission from saiyansecret

Chapter 1

Goten hung up his towel and finger-combed his drying hair. Training had been long and strenuous, as it was almost every day in the capsule house where he’d lived with Vegeta for the last three years. What had begun as a passionate adventure became serious, and despite the heady excitement, sneaking around had reached the point of ridiculousness. The decision to live together saw them relieved and contented over time, gradually settling into comfortable, peaceful routines.
Comfortable. Yeah, that’s it, he thought, leaving the steam-filled room for the contrasting chill of the fridge.

Their showers finished, both sat on the couch to enjoy the sparkling endorphine rush that always followed an intense workout.

Goten handed a cold can of lemon squash to Vegeta, who thirstily downed half of it at once. Goten did not open his, only looked apathetically at the floor.

Questioningly Vegeta tousled the ends of his shaggy hair, which brought from him only a forced half smile. Looking offended, Vegeta withdrew his hand.

Goten turned apologetically to enlace him properly.

“Hmph.” Vegeta’s indignation at his move not being immediately greeted as he wished gradually faded, his arm closing satisfactorily around Goten’s waist. Still he frowned, puzzled at his attitude of late. “Care to explain what your problem is?”

“I could ask you the same,” Goten pointed out, “Shouldn’t your power elevation make you happy, instead of… well, not happy?” he asked diplomatically.

“You call that an elevation?” Vegeta demanded harshly, “As hard as I’ve worked, it should be twice that. Unless you’ve made me lazy,” he muttered, half to himself.

“Nah,” Goten discouraged hastily, “You got stronger, so it takes less effort now.” His hand squeezed along one perfectly sculpted bicep, and he wiggled onto his lap.
“You think?” Vegeta’s tone softened, his fingertips lightly tracing Goten’s spine.

“Yeah.” Goten’s soft smile turned to a coy smirk, his other hand moving suggestively up Vegeta’s thigh to rest between them, kneading gently. “But if you’d like to prove it again, I’m okay with it.”

“Can’t you keep still?“ Vegeta sighed in exasperation, “You know I like to rest first.” Resting also involved a chaste cuddle, which obligatorily went without saying for him.

His face darkening, Goten moved away from him to fold his arms, staring sullenly at the same uneven patch of carpet.

“That’s what I mean,” Vegeta pointed out accusingly, “And you didn’t answer my question. What in the hell are you sulking about?“

“I’m not sulking,” Goten argued.

“Yes, you are,” Vegeta declared firmly, warning, “For the last time, what is your problem?”

Goten could not hold out for long under his piercing, no-bullshit stare. “We never have any fun anymore,” he replied stonily, no longer caring if he were sulking or not, “We used to.”

Vegeta blinked confusedly. “What do you mean? Almost every night without fail—”

“Almost,” Goten underlined, “But that’s not what I mean. We used to have adventures, or do something just because it’s fun. We don’t anymore, and hanging out with Gohan isn’t my idea of fun.”

Vegeta could not argue with that, but shifted irritably. Goten’s knowing hand had worked him up before he was ready, spoiling his preliminary catnap. But, he knew by experience, neither would get any peace until the matter was resolved. In thinly veiled annoyance, he asked finally, “Alright. What do you want to do that’s… fun?”

Goten’s face brightened hopefully. “There’s a new nightclub in Satan City called Club 73. It’s the hottest one around, and from what Trunks said, it’s the place to be. Very selective though, and très chic.” His awkward prononciation went unnoticed by Vegeta, who did not appear seduced by his glowing description of the place. “It’s VIP, by invitation only,” Goten attempted at sweetening the pot.

But Vegeta looked horrified, imagining himself surrounded by loud, obnoxious people, his accute hearing assaulted by booming music. “Goten, even Bulma never put me through that!” he declared reproachfully, “As long as I sat through her barbecues.”

“You mean you stood against a wall and sulked through them,” Goten chided playfully, but his mate was not amused. His face fell. “Come on, Vegeta! I’ve always wanted to go somewhere like that with you. We have before, and it went okay.”

“Because I was so drunk I barely remember,” Vegeta returned sarcastically, “Why don’t you just go with Trunks when he’s home from university? You guys used to, without dragging me into it.”

“Our fake ID’s got confiscated,” Goten admitted, “But now I have a real one, and someone there owes me a favor.” Seeing Vegeta unmoved, Goten was serious as he placed his hands on his shoulders. “Those other places were just college clubs, where everybody dances with everybody. But I want to go with you, don’t you get it?”

Vegeta studied his yearning face, his own expression softening as one hand entangled in his shaggy hair. It was rare that Goten asked him to step so far out of his comfort zone, so it clearly meant more to him than a simple night out. Vegeta cared not what was thought of them provided their own contentment, but Goten enjoyed pointing out to all, he’s mine. The demi Saiyan had also grown up with the concept of fun. But Vegeta was learning in time, and the fact that Goten wanted to show him meant more to him than he knew.

“Okay, ‘Ten,” Vegeta conceded, pleased by his hundred watt grin, “I guess it couldn’t hurt, if it makes you happy.”

“Yes!” Goten threw his arms around Vegeta’s neck in a near stranglehold, making him snicker. “Thanks, baby! I’ll make it worth your while,” he promised between hard, wild kissing.

“Hnnf—” Vegeta didn’t mind being rendered speechless in that way, and seeing Goten so happy was an incredible turn-on. Impulsively he pulled Goten astride his lap facing him, their favorite preliminary position.

Goten could not resist instinctively grinding against Vegeta, who he still thought of as the object of his forbidden desire, which set him off every time, as this had been the way Goten had initially seduced him.

The demi Saiyan was fully aroused in a matter of seconds, Vegeta marvelled, though he himself was not far behind. Purposely he trailed his fingertips down Goten’s spine to expertly finger the sensitive place where his tail had been, drawing from him a sultry gasp as he directly frictioned his throbbing length against Vegeta’s own.

“You’re all hot, aren’t you?” Vegeta asked in feigned surprise, squeezing his muscular ass to precisely rub the sensitive tip of his engorged shaft.

“Wh-what makes you think that?” Goten asked innocently, his halting pants and deeply flushed cheeks beneath half-lidded, glittery black eyes making Vegeta lick his teeth in anticipation.

“You’re so hard and wet,” Vegeta purred softly, which he could feel through their thin cotton shorts. His predatory gaze made Goten shudder with lust, stifling a moan with a hard kiss. Gripping Vegeta’s shoulders, he thrust his tongue aggressively into his warm mouth with a challenging growl.

Yanking Goten’s hair back, Vegeta’s returned growl turned to a pleasured purr. With a softer kiss, Goten discretely studied him. Vegeta was the dominant of them, though at times he liked for Goten to tend to him. Which did he want right now? Goten wondered. The vague, far away look on his face made it hard to tell. Experimentally he laced his fingers with Vegeta’s and pinned them firmly to the back of the couch with a questioning smile.

“Gotcha.” With an evil smirk, Vegeta twisted his hands around and Goten felt a familiar, tight heat cinch around his wrists. They had since learned to make their bondage ki rings without damaging the support, but Goten looked at him in surprise. He could have sworn that Vegeta wanted him to top, and beyond his smirk, he still looked ambiguous. But the rules were the rules, he was trapped, and was not complaining.

Distracted by a breathtaking kiss and Vegeta’s warm, strong hands that slowly caressed his nubile, muscular form, Goten barely noticed his thin gray shorts peeled off him, but winced as his pulsing member was freed from its loose confines. He could not help but stare at the perfectly outlined bulge between Vegeta’s legs, smiling at his own wet spot where his and Goten’s fluids mingled, darkening the blue-gray fabric. Knowing the terribly sexy discomfort of wet cotton against aroused intimate flesh, Goten strategically pressed his groin foreward to rub it against his sensitive tip.

Vegeta’s unfocused eyes stared blearily at Goten, his cheeks blushing furiously. Intimacy was a big deal for him, Goten had been surprised to learn. He’d assumed it would be to him but a casual release, quickly forgotten; he was glad to have been very wrong. Vegeta’s hands clenched randomly at his hips, his breathing falling in halting pants. Goten’s lusty, challenging stare, coupled with the strange sensation that would otherwise be embarassing excited him like nothing else. Goten was such a great seductor.

Vegeta removed his own shorts and held their warm, pulsing shafts together to teasingly stroke, smiling when Goten’s pleasured moans turned to sobs.

“Oh gods…!” Goten groaned deliriously. Their wetness made them twice as sensitive, which drove him insane. He thrusted harder and faster, but Vegeta would not increase the slow, sensual rhythm he was enjoying.

“Patience,” Vegeta chided him amusedly. His fingers cinched around the bases of their darkened, throbbing shafts to lightly stroke their rigid lengths, pausing at their leaking slits. The younger man was less patient than himself, though he was improving. For Vegeta, most of the fun was getting there, which promised a more stunning climax.

“Vegeta, please!” Goten sobbed, his fingers wildly clenching at the back of the couch at the same rhythm of the muscles in his trembling thighs. Their sexy game would never be as much of a thrill without the spice of Vegeta’s sadistic streak, who loved hearing Goten’s exlamations that told him he was doing everything right.

“Tell me how long you’ve wanted me to touch you… just like this,” Vegeta whispered, his sultry tone now a lusty melody to the hormonal demi’s ears. He never grew tired of Goten’s taboo-laden fantasies that neither would tell a soul, though by now the younger man was almost beyond coherent speech. “Or would you rather I use my mouth, just like this?” His finger lightly stroked his perfect, circumcised ridge and just behind it, the places he knew to be most sensitive.

Goten’s eyes teared up and lost focus, his strangled cry muffled by a deep kiss from Vegeta, whose hand roughly gripped his hair to crush his mouth to his own. Goten virtually melted into the sexily bruising kiss, his tongue wildly thrusting in to convey his need, nearing his limit now.

Sensing it, Vegeta reached into the tableside drawer where a half-used tube of lubricant was hidden. One was kept in literally every room, as they never knew where they would end up. Goten glanced impatiently at the tube.

“Wait a minute,” Vegeta told him with a knowing smirk, “I’m not done playing with you.” The ki rings disappeared and he shoved Goten flat on his back on the couch. He slid off his equally thin T-shirt, his mouth trailing down the length of him, then slowly up the satiny skin of his thighs before cinching his fingers back around his pulsing member. His knowing pink tongue circled lightly over his most receptive places… too lightly for Goten, yet he knew it was always worth it.

When Goten was trembling hard enough for him, kneading his hair with his soft little cries, Vegeta engulfed him greedily, tightening his fingers while gently sucking him.

Nearly losing his mind, Goten struggled to sit up enough to grasp one of Vegeta’s legs, pulling him into a 69 with a practiced yank.

Feeling first Goten’s tongue, then his warm mouth sheath him while blocking the base of his manhood as well, Vegeta moaned approvingly. Gods, yes… no one had ever excited and pleased him so much. Awkwardly in such a position, he opened the tube and generously coated his fingers, sliding them in one by one. Though used to it by now, the demi Saiyan was always so tight. His scissoring fingers found his contracting sweet spot, moving first in slow circles, then more intense ones, making Goten’s body arch and writhe in suspended, trembling ecstasy.

Vegeta’s own eyes almost crossed at what Goten’s mouth and tongue were doing to him, then widened in surprise to feel Goten’s well-coated fingers doing the same to him. Halfway into a protest, Vegeta changed his mind and rocked his hips blissfully into his talented mouth, their muffled groans mingling. Both were trembling hard now, knowing it was time.

Deftly Vegeta dislodged them and roughly flipped Goten onto his back again. At times like this, he liked to watch his face to see the almost pained ecstasy into which he, Vegeta, put him. He pushed into him, first carefully, then hard, making him yelp in pain. With a soft kiss and the perfect rhythm that followed, Goten forgot all about it, wrapping himself adoringly around him.

Could either of them possibly describe in words what it felt like to reach such blinding ecstasy with his soulmate? Certainly not, except perhaps a beautiful collision of nirvana and paradise within their beings, or becoming one with the single star that saw the birth of the entire universe that included only them right now. Yes, only us, was their shared thought before the split second of oblivion that was their sparkling release before they went limp, becoming stardust floating down during their blissful afterglow.

They were far from finished, but the rest culminated in their bedroom where they could live out their fantasies to the fullest, several times before collapsing in a contented heap in their comfortable bed.

They had once bought a waterbed, Goten recalled, which predictably had not gone well. Vegeta had not been amused at Goten’s comment of ‘one hell of a wet dream.’

Vegeta got his coveted rest, just later than expected. Though happily sated and purring softly with Goten’s head on his shoulder while he played with his silken hair, Vegeta stared at the ceiling, wondering what he’d got himself into, and how Goten always managed to wrap him around his little finger.

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry,” Goten yawned, reading his thoughts before taking his place, spooned behind Vegeta with his face in his hair.

“I know,” Vegeta mumbled sleepily, “I’m just more in vitro than you.”

Goten stifled a potentially obnoxious burst of laughter and bit the insides of his cheeks hard before correcting, “In—introverted, I know.”

“Yeah… whatever.” Vegeta enlaced Goten’s arm, his eyes closing as the demi Saiyan’s magic fingers stroked his hair, the tingling bliss making him forget it anyway as both were tugged to a peaceful sleep.
TBC in Part 2…

Free Biggest DBZ Yaoi Porn Website!!

Free Biggest DBZ Yaoi Porn Website!
Free Biggest DBZ Yaoi Porn Website!

If you’re looking for the biggest collection of DBZ Gay, Yaoi, Shota, and Bara porn; here is the site you want! And it’s all free!

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Free DBZ Gay Yaoi Porn

Free DBZ Gay Yaoi Porn

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A Father and Son Bond

A Father & Son Bond
A Father & Son Bond
This is a GotenBoner Exclusive story! 
Goku x Gohan

A Father and Son Bond

*A short story*

After fighting the Saiyans for so long while tears and sweat had been dropped our heroes finally have the time to rest and reflect on the things that had to be done in the near future! As Goku and Gohan were the main protagonists of the action being at the same time the ones who fought the hardest, they had a little time of in the mountains to clear their mind and concentrate back their energies.

They flew with flying nimbus between the clouds and rocks in no time and as you would say snap!! They reached their destination. The cabin looked like something out of a dream and the background something you wouldn’t say everyday… this trip seemed to have started already on the right foot!

“Hey let’s get inside the cabin and see what is got” said Gohan, while Goku wanted to go to the nearby lake and chill for a moment “No, you go in, I just relax by the lake, but I’ll catch upon you real soon…” So Gohan went is and while Goku was chilled by the lake he took his shirt off and took advantage of the time to do some push ups just for fun, but his fine moment was soon interrupted by his father who was staying in front of the door watching his son

“What are you doing there Gohan?” asked Goku watching the sweat flowing his beefy while his but cheeks were all charged with energy “Well, I was just having fun you know, you finished the lake job?”

“Yeah the lake job, never became a job, listen I never saw your ass looking that great…”

Oghh gee thanks, your ass looks fine too, I wouldn’t mind taking care of it for a second…” replied Gohan seeing the fire burning in his father’s eyes…

“Well, listen to me for a moment, why don’t you let me hug you, you’re my son after all, you love me right?” and he did hug Gohan with his dick rock hard and jiggling his balls with the tail all of a sudden Gohan’s hair turned yellow as if he was fighting the hardest fight and both of them transformed into their wildest form letting the beast inside come out and devour the other. The passion was so strong and a huge fire ball engulfed both of them so bright that you could not see who was fucking who, you could only hear Kakarot ahhh, struck me with all you’ve got, give it to me full… they were passionate and fucked so hard as if they wanted to tear their bodies apart after this day…they almost burned that whole place…

After some good moments the fire went down and you could see both of them holding each other and kissing closing their sexual act with tantrum gestures showing their love to each other!

“I’ve always loved you papi more than you could ever imagine, but all that fighting distracted me…now instead we have all the time in the world to show our love!”

You are so right my son; I’ll show you now on the real things you’ve been missing!”

And they both fell asleep after such an exhausting fucking, really out of this world….

Vegeta x Goku (Hard Yaoi) Gallery

Vegeta x Goku Hard Yaoi Gallery
Vegeta x Goku Hard Yaoi Gallery

Vegeta x Goku
(Hard Yaoi)

We moves all the photos to the new sister site,

Dragon Ball Z Yaoi – Free DBZ Gay Porn Gallery

Vegeta Yaoi Slideshow

Vegeta Yaoi Slideshow
Vegeta Yaoi Slideshow

Here is the Vegeta Yaoi slideshow

We will restore this video soon! ~09-10-2016


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Vegeta Yaoi Slideshow 1

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It’s just a short, but pretty cool slideshow of Yaoi from awesome artists. The watermarks for the artwork will be left so we can respect the artists. NO REMOVING IT!

Dragon Ball S: Chapter 4

Dragon Ball S - Chapter 4
Dragon Ball S - Chapter 4

This contains hot sex (Fanfiction) of shota dbz characters.

I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: TomBlaqueguard96

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Chapter 4: New Guy In Town Visits!!

The two little Demi-Saiyans awoke to a mess. Trunks was covered in dry cum and so was Goten. The

scene of the crime was just as the stranger left it. Trunks rose from sleep and began to frantically gather

the sheet, which knocked a surprised Goten into a somersault before landing on the springy mattress,

and ran to toss it in the wash, still completely naked.

Goten was sitting there wide-eyed. He was one who usually took hours to wake up, but doing a front flip

in the morning was a good way to bring him to life. He rubbed his eyes and ruffled his hair, then he

leaned back against the headboard. Out of sheer boredom, he took his limp uncircumcised boyhood in

his hands and began to play with it. No pleasure here, just a way to kill the time. He cradled his balls,

fingered his urethra, and pulled back the foreskin to reveal a little pink head.

As Goten played with his member, Trunks was busy pulling his hair out in frustration. He had forgotten

to change the laundry last night! The gis they washed last night were sitting in the washer still damp.

The angry eight year old stuffed the damp clothing into the dryer and turned it on. After he managed to

start the filled washer, he grabbed a hand mirror and inspected his raped asshole.

It was now gaping. Trunks was able to stick his finger in it without flinching now. In a way he kind of

began to thank his molester. Trunks licked his middle finger and began to insert it in and out of his ass.

“Mmmm.” Trunks moaned, as he laid spread eagle on the floor of the laundry room, fingering himself in

front of a hand mirror. He began to get hard as his moist finger entered and exited. “Mmmhhaa…” He

moaned louder, not even caring that Goten could in fact hear him.

Goten heard his friend moan from the laundry room, and immediately he switched from just playing

with his member to stroking it. His boyhood grew hard in his hand as he rubbed it to Trunks’s moaning.

“Hmmm…” Goten moaned himself as his pleasure built up.

“uuhhnnn…” Trunks moaned as he was plummeting his finger in. He then placed a second one in, thats

when he got louder. “aaaahn. Ah. Ah. Ah. G- GOTEN!!” He squealed as he shot his seed all over the

nearby washing machine. At the same time Goten was about to cum.

“Mmhhhaaaa… I’m gonna… AAAAAHHHH!!” He squirted onto his belly, and collapsed. His face was

blood red and his member was slowly limping.

Soon a faint knocking forced the two boys to regain themselves. Trunks got up, cleaned up, and put in a

silk bath robe.

Goten knew he had to hide, so he jumped under the bed and told Trunks to answer the door. The seven

year old laid on the hardwood floor under the bed, looking to the bedroom door. Trunks ran down the

hall, his bare feet patting the hardwood. His bath robe did a decent job at covering him up, he tightened

the robe before approaching the door. He opened the door, hoping it wasn’t somebody he knew.

“Hello!!” A tall boy stood in the doorway. He waved cheerfully at Trunks, who waved back, thankful he

didn’t know this person. He wore tight black pants and looked to be 14 or so.

“Oh!! I’m Derek Cunningham!” The boy said.


Derek stood in the doorway, and just announced his first name to the boy who he’d raped the night

before. He obviously made a fake last name to protect his identity. There also happened to be a Derek

Cunningham at his school, who he could frame for the entire thing, if it came to that.

The little purple haired boy shook his hand, Derek noticed it was very warm. Perhaps he just jacked off?

No. He couldn’t afford a boner in these tight jeans.

“I’m new to the neighborhood! Can I come in?” He asked. The kid stared at him deeply. He looked

vaguely familiar. Derek noticed the staring, but he couldn’t’ve remembered him, because he never let

the boy see his face. But the younger boy saw him, he looked dumb anyway. “Uh, I guess I should go

then?” Derek faked a sad walk. Trunks’s emotional side kicked in.

“Y-you can come in!” Trunks yelled. Derek looked back at the boy in the doorway. He smiled and

entered the house.


Trunks led his guest into the living room, where he gestured to the couch. Derek sat down and rested,

Trunks flipped on the television, inviting Derek to watch what he wanted while he went to get his friend.

Trunks walked through the halls, speeding up to a blur before meeting the bedroom door. He gestured

for Goten to get up, then he closed the door. His naked friend stood before him as he gazed. Trunks was

immediately lost in Goten’s body. His curves and smooth baby skin, he then broke his own daze with a

quick shake of the head. He then pulled open a drawer and searched for another robe or something.

“Trunks I…” Goten began.

“Yea?” Trunks continued his search as Goten decided he should not talk. Trunks shrugged it off as he

pulled up a feeble pair of pajama pants. They were clean thankfully, but the problem was no shirt with


He tossed the pants to Goten who hesitated putting on something Trunks had owned, then just

shrugged and slipped the pants on, tightening the strings, a slight pop emitted from the cords. Neither

of the boys heard it.

“We have a guest in the living room,” Trunks said. “He says he’s new to the neighborhood.” Goten chirps

a joyful “OK” and follows his barely clad friend into the hall. They enter the living room and Derek looks

them over as nonchalantly as possible. They were more cute than last night. The lavender haired one

was walking funny, and Derek grinned, as he knew why.

“Hi!” Goten chirps. Derek is caught off guard by the beautiful boy in front of him. This kid was adorable.

He had a little button nose and round black eyes. Derek could barely remember what he looked like

naked, and got hard just imagining it.

“Oh, I’m Derek!” He offered his hand, which Goten shook gently. He then sat next to the house guest a

mere inch apart due to the small love seat. Here, Derek got a closer observation of Goten’s chest and

belly. He caught sight of how well built the boy was, and how low he wore the pajama pants revealed he

was naked beneath them. Goten began to notice the attention the guest was giving him, and he liked it.

Goten spread out a little on the couch to allow the guest to look him over. Trunks ignored Goten’s

strange character and announced if Derek would like any sandwiches. Derek politely denied but Trunks

insisted, so he finally gave in and Trunks walked funny all the way out of sight.

“I know you were looking at my butt.” Goten said. Derek slightly blushed. This was the cutest boy he’d

ever laid eyes on. Goten smiled at his onlooker, and Derek nearly melted. “It’s okay! I don’t mind!” He


This almost caught Derek off guard, this boy was so open with his body. He watched as Goten assumed a

bent down position on the sofa, showing off his ass.

Goten still barely understood sex, so he just thought what he was doing was a game. Derek took the

opportunity and launched into action, placing his hand on Goten’s ass and rubbing it slowly.

“That tickles!” Goten giggled as Derek played with his buns. Then Derek decided it was now or never.

“Can I take these off?” He asked. Goten’s body froze up, and his face erupted in a slight blush. Derek

couldn’t believe this boy was actually embarrassed. “Sorry.” Derek apologized before removing his

hands from Goten’s clothed ass.

“Uuhh…–yes you can.” Goten was nervous, he had just met this guy, but he seemed polite enough, so

Goten invited him to pull off his only article of clothing. Derek took the rim of the little boy’s pajama

pants and used both hands to pull them down to reveal Goten’s round ass and slightly reveal his


Derek admired his ass, the round white beautiful lumps of soft and cushiony flesh before him nearly

made his nose bleed. He stroked one hand down the boy’s crack and happened upon Goten’s pink and

surprisingly clean anus. He licked his finger and proceeded to slowly massage the pink hole while Goten

giggled with amusement.

“That feels funny.” Goten said as he felt a boner began to form between his legs, he grew more

confident. He pushed his ass forward, dislodging Derek’s finger with a comic,’shlup!’. Derek was

confused for a second before Goten rolled over on the couch, revealing a protrusion in his pajama pants.

“Can I?” Derek asked, to which the sprawled little Demi-Saiyan nodded gleefully. Derek went into it

quickly and slid the pants down the rest of the way, causing Goten’s boy boner to bounce and settle,

quivering with excitement. Derek then took a bold move and opened his zipper and pulled out his 14

year old dick. He then presented it to the amazed Goten, who even touched it and felt Derek’s slightly

fuzzy balls.

Derek next placed his hand around Goten’s boner. The boy yelled a little then accepted his molester’s

touch. Derek gave him a few strokes before placing Goten’s small hand in his dick. Goten was shocked

once again, but accepted it as Derek instructed him on how to move up and down the shaft. Goten

reluctantly did this, and moaned as he was pleasured by Derek’s hand. The two boys masturbated each

other. Derek leaked precum all over, while Goten had been since he was first touched.the two boys

were on cloud nine, as Derek’s groans and Goten’s moans escalated in volume. Trunks was in the kitchen

witnessing all of this through a curtain that separated the side of the kitchen from the living room. The

lavender haired boy was stroking himself and thrusting his finger in and out of his ass as he did so.

Precum and saliva that coated his anus dripped onto the floor as he pleasured himself to the scene of his

friend getting molested and forced to give their guest a handy.

Goten was very close, as Derek neared orgasm as well, the two forgot where they were and started

moaning very loudly. Goten squealed as Derek increased his speed.

“Derek..–I’m gonna do it..– AAAAAHAHHHH!” The seven year old shot his load all over the sofa and

carpet. Derek then grunted as he came all over Goten’s hand. The two boys collapsed, Goten licked the

seed off of his hand. “It..actually…doesn’t…taste that..bad” The two boys lay there as Trunks was about

to cum.

The lavender haired boy rose a little and moaned as he lost his balance from the pleasure and fell

through the curtain. He saw Derek look at him and his rock hard boner, and the fingers up his ass. He

then yelled and shot cum allowed the floor multiple times letting out a squeal as he did so. Derek smiled

a devilish grin as he thought of what to do next…

Watch Dragon Ball Z Kai’s Gay Kamasuyra : “THE MOVIE”

Watch Dragon Ball Z Kais Gay Kamasuyra THE MOVIE
Watch Dragon Ball Z Kais Gay Kamasuyra THE MOVIE

Wanna watch a hot gay movie of Gohan and Trunks having some sweet sex together? I noticed on the boxer and rice site that this video isn’t playing anymore, so I made this as an alternative source until it has been restored. Enjoy!!

This was named

Dragon Ball Z  Kai’s Gay Kamasuyra : “THE MOVIE”

Fixed the broken video (11-22-2015)

If you have trouble watching it, please comment below or email me

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can fix it!

Thanks ^_^

Dragon Ball S: Chapter 3

Dragon Ball S - Chapter 3
Dragon Ball S - Chapter 3

This contains hot sex (Fanfiction) of shota dbz characters.

I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: Tanuki-san

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Chapter 3: Nude Dinner pt 2

Trunks gasped as his naked body is pulled into Derek’s grasp. The older boy manages to overpower him and Trunks is left struggling. Goten stares in shock as his Demi-Saiyan friend is held tightly and helplessly by the 14 year old.

“Throw him off!” Goten shouted. He then realized that he couldn’t shoot any chi attacks. Was it because of what they just did? Unbeknownst to the two Demi-Saiyans, they had a major drawback with their human/Saiyan DNA. After ejaculation, their powers are temporarily unusable.

“I can’t use my strength!” Trunks shouted. Derek moved his head close to Trunks’s ear and whispered to the naked boy.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he slid his fingers to collect some of the cum from Trunks’s belly. He then licked it and giggled. “But I’m gonna enjoy this!” Then he took Trunks’s limp member in his hand and squeezed it a little. Trunks couldn’t help but let out a moan. Derek enjoyed this and continued to caress Trunks’s member as it grew hard.

“Mmmmnnm…” Trunks moaned as he was molested. Goten watched this helpless and kind of turned on. His boyhood grew stiff with every moan that escaped his friend’s mouth.

“Wow you really are horny now!” Derek stated. With that he grabbed Trunks’s body and put him on his knees, before bending him over to face his friend. “Gotta soften you up for me!” He then stuck his face in Trunks’s exposed asshole, and began to eat him out.

“What are you- AAAHHH!” Trunks groaned as Derek stuck his tongue inside his anus. Derek made his tongue go in and out, savoring Trunks’s flavors, while also expanding the eight year old’s capacity. When he felt he was ready, Derek slid his tongue out, before then acing two fingers in the butthole. “AAAAHHNN! Sto-” Trunks was abruptly cut off by the sudden urge to moan loudly as his Anus was slowly molested. When a third finger entered, Trunks began to leak precum all over the sheet.

“I think you’re ready for my cock!” Derek said, as he yanked his jeans down, revealing a five inch preteen boyhood! He spat in his hand and rubbed himself before getting at Trunks’s level. He poked the head of his penis in Trunks’s open anus. The little boy squealed as Derek slowly slid inside. “Oh.. You’re still tight!”

“Aaaghnnn!” Trunks grunted with each of Derek’s thrusts. Goten watched as his best friend was fucked before his eyes. He slowly reached down and began to touch himself. “Goooten… Uuhhnn!..” Trunks moaned as he reached for Goten, accepting his erection and rubbing him fiercely.


“It feels so good Trunks!” Goten squealed as the pleasure built up in his little body once again.

“Y..-yea… It… Ffeels… Goood ‘ten!” Trunks began to accept his fucking and moaned with each entrance.

“You feel so good kid..” The older boy said. He stops.

“Wh-why’re you stopping!?” Trunks moaned. Derek wanted to hear his bitch beg.

“I want you to beg me to keep going!” Derek said, in reality using the pause to keep himself from exploding in this little boy for a little longer. Trunks felt degraded, the son of the Saiyan prince, now practically the heir to said title, being raped by a human, and enjoying it. It pained him to speak once be heard the word ‘beg’.

“Y-yess… I wanna squirt! Please please!” He did it, begged a human for pleasure. Trunks didn’t give a damn about Saiyan pride anymore, he wanted release. Derek began thrusting in and out again. Trunks screamed in ecstasy as he rubbed Goten’s erect member. By now Goten was leaking precum all over and was about to cum. He squealed and moaned as his boyhood was pleasured again.

“Trunks… I’m gonna.. AAAAAHHHHHHgnnn!” Goten screamed in pleasure as he shot a rope of cum onto Trunks’s face and hair. Trunks then gasped as he felt Derek shudder and cum inside of him!

“Oooohhhhh… Damn I’m cumming in you baby!” Derek stated as his seed leaked from Trubks’s anus.

“Mmmmnnngh..” Trunks moaned as his insides were filled up. Then he clenched his fists into the sheets as he was cumming. “Mmmnahhnnn AAAAHHHHH!” Trunks’s boyhood exploded in an eruption of cum, soaking the sheet and continuously squirting as he squealed. Derek pulled out and Trunks collapsed onto the bed covered in cum, all over his belly, dripping from his ass, and all over his face.

Derek then recognized the purple hair, this was the son of the guy who almost killed the Goku guy a decade or so back. ‘Oh shit!’ Derek thought to himself. He slid his pants on and bolted out of Capsule Corp. Trunks and Goten didn’t notice him leaving, for they were both sound asleep.


Repossession And Rebirth – Love is a Cure

Repossession And Rebirth - Love is a Cure
Repossession And Rebirth - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure

“Repossession And Rebirth”

Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com


Trunks, don’t listen to it. Please don’t sign it. Agh!!!!!

“You will be silent” the controller said as he gained a bit more control.

“Let Goten go!” Trunks yelled charging up.

“I dont think so, you can’t hurt me. If you punch me, he feels it, I don’t plan on leaving unless you sign. So…..” he said with a smirk.

I watched in horror as it left my body and flew into Trunks’. I tried to stop it, but it was too late. It felt weird to be back in control, and Trunks eyes were clouded. I knew it had taken control.

“Sorry Goten, no witnesses” he said charging his blast.

“Trunks please fight this” I begged as my tears began to form.

“Finish Buster!” he yelled and the charge left his hand.

At first it didn’t hurt, it just felt like I was going blind. The attack quickly burned through my clothes and soon started working on my skin. My chest started to hurt like hell, but my heart was hurting ten times worse. I was being killed with the attack belonging to my best friend. He was my only friend, no matter how pissed off I was, he was the only one who knew the real me. I started to cry knowing that my friend was signing over his business and I couldn’t help. My body was almost completely charred, but I managed to get out these last few words to Trunks.

“I…..i lo…..love……y…you” and with that said I was burned away into nothing.

I watched from above as the evil being was forced out of Trunks. It has seemed to work, but since the dragonballs had been claimed by Shenron, it looks as though I am dead forever. Well Trunks, I’m sorry.

“Goten, do you want to go back to earth?” I heard from behind me.

“King Kai, what do you mean?” I asked.

“I have enough power every 250 years to bring someone back. But i can only do it to someone who is deserving. Do you want to go back?”

“Yes! Of course I do”

A flash of light appeared around me and I flinched. I closed my eyes and felt a rush of energy all around me. I opened my eyes and saw I was on the balcony to Trunks’ room. I opened the door and sat on his bed waiting for him.

He opened the door and I was greeted with a face struck with awe. He then smiled and tackled me. We kissed and that led to other things *wink*

We ended the night with Trunks saying one thing to me.

“Goten I love you. You are the most precious thing in the world to me. Im sorry I was such an asshole, and I beg for your forgiveness. I never want to live without you. Will you marry me Goten?”

“Yes” I said with a smile before snuggling up to Trunks and falling into the most comfortable sleep ever.

Author’s Note: So this is the last chapter. Sorry to have it end horribly, but I have to move on with other things. Until next time, bye

Dragon Ball S: Chapter 2

Dragon Ball S - Chapter 2
Dragon Ball S - Chapter 2

This contains hot sex (Fanfiction) of shota dbz characters.

I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: Tanuki-san

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Chapter 2: The Nude Dinner pt.1

With the love proclamation and their bath being official over, Trunks and Goten walk from the bath. They are both in the nude, however Trunks wears a towel, for obvious reasons.

“How can you do that Goten?” Trunks asked.

“What?” His face looked like he had no idea he was naked.

“Just prance around naked at your age?” Trunks said. His eyes drew down to his friend’s limp member, which bounced with each step.

“I don’t get why it’s such a big deal!” Goten chirped. “Even daddy walked around naked when he was my age, he even fought master Roshi naked!”

“What!?”this was the first time Trunks had heard this. He knew Goku was a weird kid, from Bulma’s reminisces, but not that he was an avid streaker.

“Mmhmm!” Goten said with a confident head nod. A sweat drop appeared at Trunks’s left temple when he imagined fighting a naked Goku now.

“So uhh ‘ten?”

“Yeah Trunksy?”


“It’s my new lovey name for you baby!” Trunks could tell Goten was going into overdrive with this whole relationship thing.

“You don’t have to call me any lovey name,” Trunks said. “Just call me my real name, I call you ‘ten all the time.”

“‘Kay!” Goten was now so far clear on what to call his best friend/ new lover.

“Well, as I was saying… You wanna eat?” Trunks’s asked. He knew the Demi-Saiyan wanted to feast. Goten’s eyes beamed at Trunks’s.

“Heck Yeah!” He shouted. Trunks was slightly taken aback, but still maintained, as the towel’s poorly done knot got looser around his waist.

“Alright, let’s go to the kitchen!” Trunks said, as they both super ran to the kitchen area. They were greeted by two cooking droids who quickly fashioned an appetizer before working mechanically on the meal. The appetizer was nachos and salsa.

“Look appetizers!” Trunks presented.

“Yea apple-teasers!” Goten cheered. Trunks grinned at his friend, who snatched up four chips and coated them in massive amounts of salsa, before shoving them into his mouth. He immediately spit the substances from his mouth. Clawing his tongue, he hissed his clean curses at the dish.

“That tasted nothing like apple!” He shouted. Trunks was dying of laughter. So much he dripped salsa onto his lap. He reached down to wipe the towel of the salsa when he made contact with skin.

He then saw the towel laying on the floor outside the kitchen. He had lost the towel while super running. As he watched his naked friend attempt to eat the nachos a second time, he realized that Goten had a boner.

“This isn’t that bad!” Goten chirped. A ding was heard, signaling the completion of the two Demi- Saiyan’s full course dinner. As the two ate, Trunks couldn’t help but watch Goten’s seemingly permanent boner, as it bounced with every motion he made.

Ghe droids did a fantastic job. And by the time the two were finished, the droids were already preparing to fold back into the woodwork, as if they’d been programmed to fold away when they detected the two were full. The two boys sat in their stools, naked and full of food. Goten was the first to move. He got off of his stool, still with a boner, and proceeded to grab some milk.

The seven year old opened the fridge and pulled out a small container if milk. He popped the lid off and began to drink, Trunks gazed at his naked friend as some milk dribbled down his neck and traveling down to his boner. He stared at Goten’s chest and slightly protruding nipples, his chub from the recent meal was beginning to deteriorate. As his sexy babyish features were displayed before Trunks’s eyes, he had begun to get a boner himself.

“Goten, you got a little…” Trunks pointed downward. His friend took the hint and took a finger across his belly and to his erection, wiping the milk off before licking the finger.

“Trunks, did you hear that?” Goten must’ve used his super hearing, cause Trunks was too distracted by this display to hear anything.

“What?” Trunks asked.

“Nothin, just hearing things.” Goten responded. Unbeknownst to the two Demi-Saiyans, there in fact was something afoot outiside Capsule corp.

Heavy footsteps are heard outside the yellow walls of Capsule Corp.. A man dressed in all black attempts to scale the said wall. After two failures, he manages, landing with an awkward thud on the grass of the recreational area. He rises to his feet and steps quietly to an entranceway at the south end of the main building. This man is 14 year old Derek Curris, a slightly experienced burglar, after one failure and one success at a mansion guarded by a vicious dog.

He then pulls a small computer out of his side pocket, he types a code and the door hisses open. He raises a fist in success and quietly enters the building.

Trunks and Goten now stood in the laundry room, still in their birthday suits, Goten still sporting a boner, shockingly to Trunks, who’s boner had already went limp. They stood in front of a loaded washing machine, stuffed to the brim with smelly clothes, the same clothes that were put in before they went to take the bath.

“I forgot to start it…” Trunks whined. Then he approached the machine, dropped a cap of detergent in, and started it. He then stood staring at it. Goten was tired, yet he wanted Trunks to touch him again. The seven year old then grasped Trunks’s hand and pulled him out of the laundry room.

Trunks barely reacted to being tugged by his naked friend into his bedroom. When they entered, Goten set Trunks’s naked body on the soft sheets of his bed, the silk sheets felt good on Trunks’s ass and scrotum.

Goten presented himself to Trunks, his little boy boner still at attention. Trunks gazed at it before finally deciding to open his mouth.

“Goten?” Trunks said.


“Trunks can you… Uh…” He was blushing. This was kind of shocking to Trunks, yet he admired this side of Goten. “Can you touch me again?” He asked, that innocent baby face staring into Trunks eager blue eyes. The lavender haired boy jumped to action, as he collided with Goten’s face with his, locking their lips as he began to pull him in. Their embrace led to the cushiony bed, where Goten was then pressed sitting straight against the headboard. After the kiss was broken, Trunks stared into his best friend’s eyes.

“You’re so cute.” Trunks said. Goten blushed and looked down in shame.”it’s okay, Goten.” Trunks said, before stoking his friend’s face and kissing him on his adorable forehead.

“I love you Trunksey.” Goten proclaimed. Trunks smiled at his new nickname.

“I love you too ‘ten.” Trunks answered. He then slid his hand down to Goten’s belly. He rubbed the boy’s firm belly as Goten giggled. His hand then roamed down to Goten’s sensitive erection, stroking it with his first three fingers.

“Mmmmhmm oooohhhh.” Goten moaned as Trunks’s fingers slid up and down his erection. He gasped as Trunks gripped the pulsing boyhood in his hand.

“Does it feel good ‘ten?” Trunks asked. He already knew the answer.

“Yesss, keep going pleeeasse..” Goten squealed as Trunks masturbated his small boyhood. Trunks began to rub himself in sequence, the two boys moaned and squealed in pleasure as a silent intruder made his way throughout the Capsule Corp.

Derek trekked the living room of Capsule corp’s living quarters, he stepped over puddles of water and questioned every one. He soon happened upon the entrance way to the main staircase. He slowly made his way up the stairs until he heard a faint,

“Uuuhhn, Trunks…”

This made Derek stop dead in his tracks. He could’ve sworn nobody was here. Nonetheless, he foolishly made his way up the stairs further. As soon as he managed to get to the second bedroom door, he stopped, crouched and peeked through the open crack.

“Uuh Trunks!” Goten moaned, his penis pulsating in Trunks’s grip. “I’m close, Trunks!”

“Me too ‘ten! Uuhhhh!” Trunks grasped his boyhood and stroked it faster, causing precum to ooze onto the sheets. Goten’s erection was also squirting precum all over Trunks’s hand.

Trunks stopped for a moment on himself and Goten. He sensed another person in the house, but he could barely make it certain, due to his ecstasy. Goten moaned for Trunks to keep going, and so he continued, ignoring the feeling of being watched.

There they were, two cute little boys jerking off. Derek watched the scene, breathing heavily, as he stroked himself under his tight black jeans. He could hear the whole thing.

“Uh, Trunks!” The cuter black haired one squealed. “I’m going to squirt! I’m gonna.. Uugh.”

“Goten, Gote- AAAAHHNN!” The kind of cute purple haired one shot cum all over the bed, squealing with each release.

“Tru- AAAAIIIINNNNGH!” The cuter one blew up, spraying cum all over the purple headed one. He accepted the rain, licking it as it fell on his arm. The cuter one squirmed and gasped as he finished squirting all over.

Derek couldn’t take anymore watching. If he wasn’t going to get any valuables, he was going to get some ass! He burst through the door and grabbed the purple headed one, who shouted exhaustedly and looked wide eyes at Derek!


Capsule Corp – Love is a Cure

Capsule Corp - Love is a Cure
Capsule Corp - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure

“Capsule Corp”

Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com


“Goten, where were you this morning, you were almost late” Trunks said with a curious expression.

“I was about. You don’t need to know everything Trunks it’s not like we’re best friends anymore” I felt each word leave my mouth in hate and spite.

“Goten, I want to try to be friends again” Trunks said.

“Trunks you can’t just say that and then we’re friends again. We can go back to Capsule Corp and talk this over” I said.

I couldn’t believe this. I didnt even know what i was going to do once i was there. All I knew was that I would have no control. I wanted Trunks to mean what he said, but I couldn’t be sure.

We walked back to Capsule Corp and we started talking. Everything that left my mouth I would’ve actually answered. This thing that wasn’t me was reading my mind. It was as if this thing was living and it was just acting perfectly like me.

“Goten, why did we stop being friends?” Trunks asked out of the blue.

How I wanted to voice my opinion. Because you’re spoiled ass got new friends that replaced me with ease, and it hurt like hell.

“I don’t know. It hurt like hell, and I don’t want it to happen again” I said instead.

As we neared Capsule Corp, he just kept asking me questions and I would answer them.

“Why did your hair get so long? It’s covering your eyes”

“Do you hate it?” I asked wiping the hair from in front of my eyes.

“No. I just miss your old hair style” Trunks said looking away.

Why was he acting so weird? He acted like he genuinely cared about my appearance and well being. It’s not like he loved, he was straight.

“Well, c’mon in, we’ve done some renovations and things look a bit different” Trunks said opening the huge doors to the mansion.

I was in awe. The living room was bigger, if it was possible, and the kitchen seemed to have expanded as well. I wonder if the bedrooms and library got bigger too.

“Follow me” Trunks said leading me down a hallway I didn’t remember.

We entered a room and I was blown away. It was the size of Beauty and The Beast’s library in the castle. I was on absolute awe at what I could read and what i had already read.

“Go on, pick a book” he said with a smile.

“No thanks, hey do you think you could sign this. My new friends online don’t believe I used to be friends with you” I said instead.

“Goten, you’re acting strange. Please tell me what’s wrong”

At that point I managed to get back in control for mere seconds before it took back over. My eyes got more life in them then went back to being almost dead. I knew he saw it.

“You aren’t my friend. What did you do to him?”

“This is his body, so whatever you do to it, he feels” the thing controlling me said.

“What do you want from him?” Trunks asked getting obviously pissed off.

“Sign the paper, and I will go” the thug said.

Trunks don’t listen to it


Wait? I overpowered this thing? Maybe I can defeat it. It will take a lot, but I think I can do it.

Author’s Note: So I think this will have 1-2 more chapters. Just because I want to decrease the amount of stories I have going.


Dragon Ball S: Chapter 1

Dragon Ball S - Chapter 1
Dragon Ball S - Chapter 1

This contains hot sex (Fanfiction) of shota dbz characters.

I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: Tanuki-san

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Chapter 1: Falling Water, Two Demi-Saiyan Embrace

Bulma had already packed up the previous day, so she was ready to go when she arrived at Capsuke corp. She thought Goten was a little cutie, but he reminded her of Goku too much, so she had to make her escape.

She sat the boys down on the living room couch and turned on the television in order to get them entertained. The two boys were mesmerized for a second but were then interrupted by Bulma’s loud exit and her saying goodbye.

They said goodbye and continued watching the television show for about an hour. Goten sat there while Trunks spent more time watching his friend than the tv. He admired his face, his nose, his lips.

“Goten?” Trunks’s face was blushing. Goten turned his head to meet Trunk’s stare. The eight year old lavender haired boy was staring at him, what was he looking at?

“Trunks I smell funny.” Goten said, completely ruining the moment. Trunks was fine with it, since he was cute while he did it. His button nose had a little dirt on it, and he did in fact smell funny. They both reeked of dirty water. “Maybe we need a bath.” Yes a bath, way to go Goten.

Goten was only seven years old but he isn’t exactly the sharpest crayon in the box. So not only that, but Goten seemed to have no sense of shame. He firmly demonstrated this by removing his clothes right before Trunks’s eyes. He did this sometimes when they got ready for a bath, but Trunks always happened to not be in the room when he did this. That was when he realized Goten’s figure changed. It had a little more baby fat since they took a break from fighting. This brought out his adorable butt cheeks even more. Trunks admired his view, even catching a glimpse of his little scrotum when he bent over to pick up his clothes.

“Uh, Goten?” Trunks said. The little raven haired Demi-Saiyan turned look at him. Trunks nearly melted.

“What?” He asked, in his innocent little voice.

“Uh, why are you stripping in the living room?” He asked. Goten just smiled.

“We gotta get a bath right?” He said. “So I’m just getting my clothes ready to be washed cause they’re so stinky!” He gestured the stinky hand. Trunks smiled back, though his face was red. Goten didn’t seem to notice, as he went about carrying his discarded clothing to the laundry room.

Once Goten was out of sight, Trunks stuck his hand in his slightly damp shorts. He was hard as a rock. He began to feel his boyhood up and down in his shorts. He leaned back in his seat, quietly moaning into his hand as he invaded his shorts. He still didn’t know what this feeling was, but he wanted to release something, and this felt too good!

Trunks let out a louder moan, and he turned blood red all over. What if Goten heard him? He examined the head of his hard member. It was oozing precum, he took a finger of the fluid and smelt it. He thought it smelt weird, so he wiped it on his shorts. He then placed his boner snugly into his shorts.

“TRUNKS!!” A loud voice erupted from the hall, from the laundry room, if he heard correctly. Trunks slid off of the now dampened leather couch and proceeded to walk to the laundry room to find a still naked Goten, with laundry detergent splashed all over his naked body.Trunks giggled.

“Detergent challenged much?” He snickered.

“Hah! What’s detergence?” Goten asked. Trunks facepalmed his effort to get level with the joke.

“That’s what you have all over your body Goten, ” Trunks then approached Goten, taking the detergent bottle and placing it on the washing machine. He then proceeded to grab a large towel and hand it to Goten. “You better get that off.” He said.

“Let’s just go in the bath and I’ll clean there!” He chirped. Trunks smiled and laughed with his naked friend until they got to the bath, then only Goten appeared blissful.

Goten’s boner struggled for release, seeing his friend naked for so long and him moving around so much got him aroused beyond belief. Now he had to take off his only form of protection and bathe with the cute little boy who had been his best friend since near birth.

Goten turned the water on and aimed the spray nozzle at Trunks’s shirt. The shirt that was just about dry was now soaking, revealing Trunks’s erect nipples. Trunks gave Goten a mean glare, but he actually enjoyed the feeling. After laughing for a good twenty seconds, Goten’s head bounced back up.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot!” He put down the nozzle and approached Trunks, before hugging him tight. This caught Trunks off guard. The seven year old raven haired boy gripped Trunks’s body and whispered into his ear. “I’m sorry about your dad, I never told you that.” Then Trunks felt it. Goten’s member, touching his thigh. The skin to skin contact caused Trunks to grow red while his boyhood grew until the uncircumcised tip poked out a little.

Goten felt it, but ignored it, as he began to tear up in the embrace. Trunks heard sniffling and spoke up.

“Why are you crying?”Trunks asked. Goten rose his eyes to meet Trunks’s.

” I just didn’t tell you I was sorry and I felt bad. Sorry sorry.” He then collapsed into Trunks chest. Trunks patted his hair and whispered that it was okay. To that Goten bounced back with a happy-go-lucky, “yay!!”

As Trunks had Goten in the embrace of his fantasy, he decides it was now or never.

“Goten?” He asked.

“Yea?” Goten replied.

“Do you love me?” Trunks asked back.

“Of course!!” Goten answered.

“No, I mean…” He paused, this was what he wanted, but his face matched the complexion of the demon king. “Kiss me Goten.”

“Kiss?” Goten now blushed. Trunks was shocked. This kid can spar with him in the nude, but one kiss and he changes skin tone?

“Yes please Goten!” Trunks begged. Goten’s lips quivered and his pupils shook. He slowly drew his face into Trunks’s. He gave his friend a little peck on the cheek. Trunks took Goten’s head and pulled it into his, linking both his and Goten’s lips. Goten attempted to fight, but he soon gave in to the kiss.

The little kiss soon turned into mouth violation, as Trunks used his tongue to explore his friends mouth, Goten attempted the same. Their tongues interlocked and they tasted each other. When the Kia finally broke, Both Trunks and Goten were a shade of crimson.

“That was good. Trunks…” Goten said.

Trunks noticed it first, Goten’s member was hard and at attention. Trunks decided it was his duty to make Goten feel as good as he wanted him to. The eight year old lavender headed boy got on his knees and took Goten’s boner in his hand.

“What are you doing?” Goten said between gasps. Trunks wrapped his fingers around his friend’s erection, he gripped it gently. “Don’t touch I– ohhh.” Goten moaned as Trunks rubbed up and down on his friends boyhood.

Goten struggled to maintain balance as he was rubbed. He supported himself on the wall, as he squealed and moaned with pleasure. Trunks rubbed his friend like he rubbed himself in his room, but didn’t stop. He wanted Goten to feel this good as long as he could.

“Aahhhh aahhhh, T-r…unks….” He moaned and gasped as his boyhood leaked precum all over Trunks hand. He gripped the wall behind him, as he came closer and closer. “Something’s coming… Trunks… Look– AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!”

An eruption of cum shot onto Trunks’s hand and face. The eight year old licked it, enjoying it. As Trunks cleaned his arm, Goten squirted more and more onto the bath floor.

“I love you Trunks…” Goten wheezed.

“I love you too ‘ten.” Trunks winked.


Graduation – Love is a Cure

Graduation - Love is a Cure
Graduation - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure


Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com


I entered the high school and saw that they were handing out cap and gowns. I waited in line, and I didn’t look any different than I would any other day.

“Goten!” I heard from behind me.

Run!! I thought, but the words just wouldn’t leave my mouth.

“Trunks” I said flatly.

“Look, I need to talk to you after this” he said.

He looked sincere and I wanted to tell him okay. But I wasn’t in control. I hated every moment of this. I can’t believe this is actually happening.

“Fine” I said sort of in a snobby tone.

We got our cap and gowns on and just sat as they started to announce me as valid victorian.

“Son Goten, would you please come up and address your class” the principal said with a smile.

I walked up to the podium and just stared into the audience. I knew what I was about to say and it sounded like something I would say.

“Highschool. This word is one that I have a love hate relationship with. Its in a term ” the best of times and the worst of times”. I know along with most of my peers that this was just the beginning. After this none of us know what lies ahead. But thats the fun of life, not knowing is always the best part. Either way, weve come tbsi far, Congratulations graduating class or Orange Star High, we did it” I said then walked away from the podium.

“Thank you, Goten, Now for our graduating class” the principal said.

“Fujukimi Hirosami”

“Satori Giama”

“Arata Nikuma”

“Koi Dasami”

“Malenea Jukamera”

“Son Goten” I walked up the stairs again and received my diploma and stood as she called more names.

“Trunks Briefs” she finally said and I saw him in his get up, he was attractive.

He came and stood in the line. We were quite a small class where everyone knew everyone. But yet we still had factions.

We had nerds, jocks, goths, emos, and even the normal kids. The nerds were the kids with lots of acne and glasses (even if they weren’t that nerdy). The jocks were anyone who played a sport. The goths were the kids that did drugs on dark cloths behind the school. The Emos were those kids that were always wearing long sleeve shirts and listening to sad music. The normies were everyone else.

“Sankimuno Karibi”

“Hinkmunea Karibi”

Those two were my friends and they were twin brothers. I wish I had a twin sometimes, but then my mother would yell at him too. I couldn’t deal with someone I cared about being yelled at.

The ceremony finished up, and I awaited Trunks outside. I sensed the crowd around and my family was nowhere in the crowd. Figures, my dad’s at work, my mom is at home, and my brother was at work too. Trunks was walking over and I just wanted to warn him, tell him to leave, but I wasn’t in control.

Author’s Note: so this is just a filler chapter, that’s why it was so long  but this was nothing really important, or maybe it is.

Let The Torture Begin – Love is a Cure

Let the Torture Begin - Love is a Cure
Let the Torture Begin - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure

“Let The Torture Begin”

Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com


I was tired and awaiting the first stimulant they were going to test on me. I say that like I wanted it, which in a way I guess I did. At least someone wanted me.

“Here come round one” the voice said as a gas was pumped into the room I was in through vents. At least it wasn’t needle injections.

A purple gas was released through the vents and I tried to hold my breath. I saw it cloud around me and eventually I burst and breathed it in. The room started to spin but I wasn’t going to pass out. My head started pounding and I was gaining energy quickly. Crap, no one has ever reached this level.

“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed as an aura appeared around me.

I was too busy powering up and screaming in pain to notice a new gas being pumped through the vents. This one was blue and immediately I felt myself go numb. I could see and feel, but I couldn’t control what I said or what I did. I was being controlled.

“Goten, you are now under my control, and you will do as I say when I say it” the voice said.

I didn’t know why but my head nodded up and down in obedience.

“You will grow close to Trunks Briefs, since you two are so close. Then you will get him to sign the company over to us” the voice said.

“Yes master” came out of my mouth no matter how hard I tried to say no.

There has to be some trigger word or something to break me from my trance. I couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t happen to me daily. My brother says he loves me and hugs me when we see each other. So that’s way too easy. Everything else I can think of is too awkward and wouldn’t be the answer either.

I was released from the room and just started walking toward the High School again. Trunks, please help me. Wow, I was hating him earlier, now I’m begging for his help. It came into view but I wanted so badly to turn away and run. I couldn’t get back in control, and it scared me. What would I do to Trunks against my will in order to get that signature.

One thing is for certain, this can’t end very well.

Author’s Note: So what did you think of this chapter. I’ve had some things been going on recently that have affected me. My friend has been very sad lately and I just hope she cheers up. Anyway, until next time, bye.

End Of Chapter

Dragon Ball S: Prologue 2

Dragon Ball S - Prologue 2
Dragon Ball S - Prologue 2

This contains hot sex (Fanfiction) of shota dbz characters.

I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: Tanuki-san

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Prologue 2: Neck High Waters

Bulma rustled her gift basket in one arm. The basket contained a water resistant orange gi, gift cards for Jack in the Box, and some newly invented beauty products for ChiChi. Bulma really didn’t want to be anywhere near the Sons, but her son was all that mattered in his decision. It’s just for thirty minutes, She’d tell herself. She sat in the front seat of her own personal flying craft, which had a soundproof and bulletproof shield for behind her head, so no Dragonball snatchers could get to her or her dragon balls without a bigger, slower weapon.

This also meant Trunks couldn’t see or hear her in front, as she made him sit in the back because the massive gift basket took up a whole seat. She took the opportunity to curse under her breath, air hogs.

When she made it into the forest, she was finally free to hit the gas. Trunks flew back as he took the craft to it’s limit, murdering millions of flying insects, and maybe a bird or two. She saw the Son household come into view, and immediately regretted going so fast, now she had to deal with them SOONER, mainly Goku…

Trunks was delighted as he opened the door, his feet made it out before the door finished opening, Saiyan sprinting to the door. He rang the doorbell numerous times, no sign of them being here. ChiChi’s hover car was parked next to the house. Goku didn’t know how to drive, and ChiChi would’ve answered if she was inside. Trunks stared into the keyhole eagerly.

Bulma let out a silent sigh of relief. Just then, Trunks heard a familiar laugh with his super hearing. It was Goku, he heard splashing… A tub? No bigger there was no echo. The lake!

“They’re at the lake Mom!” Trunks chirped.

‘Damn those Saiyan abilities of his!’ He thought to herself. She slowly followed Trunks to the lake.

Sure enough, the Son’s were there. Trunks immediately noticed ChiChi sunbathing on a mat, she was on her stomach, not wearing anything! Next to her in the lake, Goku and his youngest son had a vicious splash fight.

“Uhh… Hi guys.” Bulma announced. Goku’s wet head turned to see Bulma. He smiled that familiar big grin.

“Bulma hi!” Then he looked at his naked wife. “Oh.” Then he pulled a large stick from the edge of the lake. He began to poke ChiChi’s ass. ChiChi jumped,knocking the earbuds from her ears, and nearly revealing her melons. After her near heart attack, she began to tell at Goku.

“You scared the crap outta me you–”

“Hun, got company.” His finger pointed to her naked form, halfway revealed to Trunks’s eyes. One nipple was in His gaze. Bulma caught sight of this staring and smacked the back of his head.

“Oh My!!” She blushed and placed her top on, before the bottom. She sat on a lawn chair, before signaling Trunks to freely look again and apologizing.

“So whatcha guys up to?” Goku asked cheerfully. “Wanna take a dip”

“I just came for Goten, you did get my call right?” Bulma said.

“Oh sorry Bulma!” ChiChi gasped. “I did, but Goku dragged me into this game in the lake and I forgot, but sure he can go!”

“Alright, am I interrupting?” Bulma asked. She’d rather not have to deal with any of the Sons for more than her recommended dose.

“No, I gotta talk to you anyway Bulma!” Goku said in his loud voice. Inside her head Bulma just flipped four tables.

“Okay, trunks you can play with Goten in those clothes, the car seats are waterproof.” She pushed him lightly on the ass, causing him to bolt into the water for a Saiyan cannonball!! ChiChi warned them not to get her wet, before returning to her music and reading a book.

Goku arose from the lake, Bulma, flinched and turned away. He was completely nude. He noticed her gesture and grabbed a towel from the tree above his head and wrapped it tightly around his waist. Now that he was covered, he led Bulma away from the commotion. Once they were away, Goku spoke.

“How many times do I have to apologize Bulma?” Goku whined. Bulma was in akimbo, she had her head leaned down, she was pissed.

“Until I don’t remember it.” She spat.

“It was just that, Vegeta died,” he said, “you were devastated.” He said.

“The only thing I was devastated about,” she sassed. “Was having the lifetime supply of beer he used to drink left to collect dust and space.”

“Then why are you going to Other world?” He asked. Bulma was caught off guard, only Dende and Mr PoPo knew she was going to Otherworld.

“How do you know!?” She demanded.


Trunks swam in the cool summer water, the water soaked through his underwear in a moment. He swam to Goten, who was shirtless.

“Hi Goten!!” He said.

“Hi Trunks!” Goten chirped.

“Wanna have a swimming contest?” Trunks suggested.

“Yea!!” With that, Trunks witnessed Goten swim to one end of the water with unreal speed. He saw more skin blur than he thought Goten had visible. He didn’t let that bother him, as he followed with his Saiyan speed.

“Ready… GOOO!!!” Trunks sounded off, and the tow Demi-Saiyans whooshed to the other side in seconds

Trunks felt the end of the swimmable water with his hand. He looked to his right to see Goten was there too.

“I won!” Trunks declared. Goten immediately had a look of pure shock on his face.

“No you didn’t!” He splashed his friend, who playfully splashed him back. The two were soon in a full war, until Trunks brought out the big guns. He latched hold of a nearby boulder in the water, and began to viciously kick his feet, sending a tsunami of water over Goten. The younger boy spat out lake water and called it a truce, giggling as he did so. That’s what Trunks liked about Goten, he gave in so easily.

Then the two leaned on the boulder, bottom halves still submerged, and looked at the clouds.

“Where you been Trunks?” He finally asked.

“Mom wouldn’t let me come over.” Trunks answered.

“Why?” He asked, tilting his head.

“I don’t know.” Trunks said. They sat in silence for a good five seconds before Goten sparked up again.

“Why are you wearing clothes while swimming?” He asked.

“Because I–” he began to answer with a sarcastic tone, but then had to ask. “Aren’t you?” Trunks asked.

“No, I only have one gi these days, and mom said she doesn’t see a reason to make a new one, besides, you have to swim naked don’t you?” He asked, that innocent look made Trunks melt. Then he blushed beet red. He’d been swimming and playing with his naked best friend. He grew hard.

“No, uh, you don’t HAVE to…” His face was sweating from heat and embarrassment. Then he did something he thought he’d never do. He rubbed his hand on Goten’s ass cheek! The younger boy shook a little, but accepted the rub.

“What was that for Trunks?” Goten asked in the most innocent, yet grateful voice Trunks had ever heard, as if Goten…

“I’m sorry Goten!” Trunks was now blood red, as he turned from his friend. “You can hit me I’m sorry!!” He said.

“Why would I hit you?” Goten asked. Trunks turned back to his friends innocent glare. He smiled and hugged his naked friend, and Goten slightly struggled to keep afloat, before using his ability to hover to keep his elevation in the water. He took the hug and barely notices when Trunks pecked his cheek.

Trunks was ready to tell Goten how he felt, but not until they were alone.


“I just got back from there last week,” he said. “I caught a glimpse of King Yemma’s schedule. You’re scheduled for later today.”

“That’s besides the point, Goku what you tried to do was wrong! I’ve known you since you were ten, and I didn’t even think of doing that with you!!” She raised her voice.

Goku retracted into a defensive position, he didn’t take getting yelled at by her well, ever since he was a kid traveling with her.

“I did it because…” He then stopped talking and began to walk away. Bulma noticed the tears in his eyes. She had never seen him cry before, let alone seen him get sad because of something she said.

“Hey you get back here–” she said.

“Just take Goten, it’s okay.” He said, without turning to look at her. She stood there in shock as he walked into the house, his head drooped and his feet dragged. He slammed the door, cracking it down the middle.

Bulma went to get the boys and take them to Capsuke Corp. when she was halfway there, she realized something….

The gift basket was still there…

The Story of Saiyan O’s – Goku x Gohan

The Story of Sayain O's - Goku x Gohan
The Story of Sayain O's - Goku x Gohan

Title: The Story of Saiyan O’s

Pairing: Goku x Gohan

Written by: Gotenboner & assisted by camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Goku poured his coffee into the mug his son bought for him on Father’s Day, like he does every morning. One spoonful of sugar. Two spoonfuls of sugar. Half cream, half coffee; just the way Goku likes it. As he sits down, little Gohan walks in with his boxers and t-shirt on.

“Good morning Champ!” Father Goku exclaimed to his son, trying to wake him up.

“UAughagh, Good morning Dad” Gohan replied, trying to hide his yawn. He look over and saw the mug he gave his Dad and couldn’t help but smile. He always enjoyed seeing his dad use things he bought him. He looked over at this Dad to see his father in the same outfit as himself; Boxers and a t-shirt.

“Hey Dad, you’re wearing the same thing I am” Gohan remarked with a giggle.

Goku looked down to see that same exact type of boxers his son was wearing, along with some morning wood he didn’t realize he had before. He had to chuckle as he continued to sip his coffee. Gohan walked around the table to the cabinets where the cereal was kept. He tried to reach up but it was always too high for him. He’s asked his Mom and Dad several times to put it on the lower shelf, but they haven’t listen to him yet.

“Dad can you lift me up to reach the cereal for a moment please?” he asked so kindly.

Coffee with Goku
Coffee with Goku

“Sure” Goku replied as he laid down his cup of joe to assist his son. He had to adjust his morning wood though to somehow keel from his son noticing it. He quickly pointed it up (like everyone else does), and tucked it under his boxers waistband. He put his hand under Gohan’s arms and lifted him to the top of the shelf. Gohan looked around and saw a new box of cereal he never noticed before, “Saiyan O’s.”

He grabbed it, as he was very curious what they were going to taste like. As Goku lowered Gohan down, Gohan’s rear cheeks scraped Goku’s hidden boner, sending a tremor of sensations through Goku. All Goku could do was stand there, wondering and hoping Gohan didn’t take notice in the object in his boxers. He grabbed a towel cloth, sat back down, spread it across his crotch and began to sip his coffee again, praying Gohan didn’t notice it.


Gohan went and grabbed a bowl from another cupboard. The bowls were on a lower shelf than the cereal so he could reach them a lot easier. He then went and grabbed the carton of milk from the fridge and sat down at the table. Gohan poured the cereal in the bowl, and they looked like the seven dragon balls, much to his amusement, and then poured his milk.


He went to eat the cereal, but found he forgot to grab a spoon. He went to check the silverware drawer, but there were no clean ones. He didn’t have enough time to run the dishwasher, so he decided to just go face first.


“Omnomnomnom” he muttered through milky breaths.


Goku looked over and chuckled at his son. Leave it to Gohan to make a mess. He continued drinking his coffee while trying to hide his now painful erection. He looked beside his son’s bowl and saw the cereal box.

The Story of Sayain O's
The Story of Saiyan O’s


“That’s new.” he remarked. He grabbed the box and began looking over it. “Where did this come from” he continued browsing the box when he stumbled upon the company info which read, Capsule Corp.


“Bulma, of course. Always with the tricks.” He chuckled but then stopped when he noticed there was a warning symbol on the box along with some text, which read


“WARNING! Capsule Corp. does not take any responsibility for the consumption of this product. It may cause slight headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, and even sexual arousal. Do not eat more than 1/2 cup within 24 hours. Keep out of reach of children.”


Gohan just kept plunging his face into his bowl of cereal. Once his head was out and he felt as though he had done a sufficient job, of eating the cereal in such a barbaric manner. He then drank the rest of his milk right from the bowl and belched when the last of the white fluid passed down his throat.


Goku looked up and watched his son place his bowl next to the sink, put the milk up and walk to the doorway.

“I’ve gotta use the bathroom. I’ll be back Dad” Gohan said as he continued to proceed to the bathroom around the corner.


Goku was just sitting there in shock. What will happen to Gohan? Is this dangerous for him? Should I take him to Bulma or the doctor? Sexual Arousal? Keep out of reach of children?


Then his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of pee hitting the side of the toilet. Gohan had left the bathroom door wide open as he began to relieve himself.


Goku got curious of what the cereal tasted like so he went over to the box and took out a handful of cereal. He jammed into his mouth, and it tasted really bland. It kind of had a salty undertone, but it was a tan, bland cereal.


Goku put the box away and started to walk toward the stairs while he peeked into the bathroom and saw Gohan standing there, with his manhood in his hands, aiming at the toilet bowl. Goku blushed profusely before heading quickly up to his room and closing the door behind him. Sitting down on his bed with his boxers tenting up, he slid them down to his knees, releasing his straining erection! The moment he touched the tip of his dick’s head, he shuttered in sheer pleasure. His hormones were beginning to go wild, and the cereal started to kick in. His prostate/backside was beginning to pulse and he could feel it pretty clearly. Working his hands up and down on his shaft, precum began to just pour and stream from his cock. His face was blushing red and he was beginning to zone out from all the pleasure he was having to wrap his mind around! He had never felt such intense pleasure before, much less by himself!


The longer he stroked the faster his motions became. He had started to sweat but that only drove his hormones to become even more out of control. He lost himself in his furious jack-off session, trying to reach the end result of sheer bliss. He was sliding his hands up and down at what felt like the speed of light and he was close to climaxing when he heard a noise from downstairs that stopped him dead in his tracks.




Goku took his hands off of his pulsing erection and pulled his boxers back up. He whined a little as the fabric made contact with the soft and tender head of his monster cock. He opened his door and started to walk down the stairs wondering what could’ve caused his son to make that noise.


He peered around the corner of the staircase, into the living room, and saw his son, sitting on the couch rubbing his own cock. Goku couldn’t bring himself to look away, his son looked absolutely sexy in his current position. His legs were spread and his cock was poking out through the fly of his boxers. His hands were just flying up and down his young cock as he tried to reach the same goal Goku had just moments before.


Gohan looked up for a split second to see his father standing in the doorway with his boxers on, which now had a wet stain at the end of his very noticeable monster cock outline. Gohan got up and dove into his fathers boxers without thinking twice of what his father thought. All he knew was he wanted it! Gohan bit the waistband of his father’s boxers and slid them down to his feet, with his teeth. Then licked all the way up Goku’s leg until he got to his father’s monster cock. He began to lick the tender head which caused Goku to moan and bite his lip.


Goku just stood there, watching his son go down on his cock, licking it like some lollipop. Both men had their hormones flowing like crazy, along with precum from their cocks. The room was beginning to be filled with the manly, musky, salty scent you smell after cumming. Goku grabbed his son’s head and guided Gohan into blowing his father. Oh the sheer pleasure from feeling his cock in his son’s mouth was enough to make him blast a nut! But he couldn’t bring himself to orgasming yet! It was odd but at the same time prolonging these moments of horiness and pleasure.


Then Gohan reached his hands up and began to fondle and play with his fathers jewels. Rubbing the big balls back and forth, massaging them with the tips of his fingers, he was really making his dad reach the “point of no return” and quickly at that! He pulled down on them causing his father to moan and bite his lip even harder. Things were speeding up and Goku couldn’t hold off any longer! He pushed his son back and began furiously jerking off his monster meat. Letting out his biggest moan and sigh ever, he experienced the biggest orgasm and shot his biggest cum load all in Gohan’s hair and face.


“Mmmmm. Daddy, you taste just like the cereal” Gohan said with a smile.


Goku chuckled at that comment. But now it was time to return the favor to his own son. He picked up Gohan and walked over to the couch. He set Gohan down and spread his legs apart. It was time to torture his son.


He began to lick the outline of Gohan’s cock through the fabric of his boxers and would occasionally bring his hand up to caress his son’s balls. Gohan was in a state of pure bliss at this point.


“Oooh, daddy please, hhnnnng” he moaned as his father continued teasing him.


Goku decided enough was enough and finally gripped the waistband of the boxer shorts and pulled them off of his son. Goku finally saw what Gohan looked like fully revealed to the world. The sweat on his perfectly formed chest, along with his young cock stick straight up, made him look unbelievably sexy.


Goku licked the shaft up and down before getting to the head. It was leaking so much precum, that it has already created a puddle in Gohan’s belly button. Goku took the head into his mouth and savored the flavor of his son’s young meat in his mouth. He began sliding up and down while sucking to create friction that would drive his son crazy.


Gohan kept moaning and groaning, which made Goku pick up his pace. He was surprised when he felt two hands on the back of his head pushing it further down onto Gohan’s erection. He was able to deep throat all of his son, and that, with the tightness and warmth of his father’s mouth, pushed Gohan over the edge.


“Ahhhhh!” he yelled as he shot volley after volley of young boy cum into his father’s awaiting mouth.


“Gohan, you taste like the cereal too” Goku said after he swallowed all of Gohan’s seed. Goku climbed onto the couch and both of them laid down on top of each other.


“I love you Gohan” Goku stated with a tender voice

“I love you too Dad” Son Gohan replied as he wrapped his hands around and laid on top of his Dad’s back.

The End

Why Me?! – Love is a Cure

Why Me - Love is a Cure
Why Me - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure

“Why Me?!”

Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com


I was continuing to walk when I noticed a sound behind me. I looked behind me and saw a white van. I didn’t think anything if it, so I ignored it and kept walking. I kept walking and they pulled up next to me. And old lady stuck her head out of the passenger window and she looked so adorable.

“Excuse me sonny, can you give me directions?” She asked with a smile.

“Yeah sure, you have to just go down this road until you reach Mososagi Blvd. Then……..” I never finished because everything went black.

~~~~~~~~Time Lapse~~~~~~~~

I awoke with a raging headache. I tried to walk but found my legs bound to a wall. I tried to move my arms and found that they too were chained to the wall. I tried to charge up and break them, but couldn’t gather enough energy to break free. I then noticed the Ki blockers on my wrists and then realized I couldn’t escape.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Now we can start experimenting” a voice from a loudspeaker boomed

“Experimenting?” I asked in sort of a yelp.

It won’t be anything to alter your physical appearance, since you have such a cute face” the voice repeated.

“What are you going to do?” I asked afraid of what they were experimenting with.

“Just some brain stimulants” it said with a little snicker.

I gulped in fear. Where was the saiyans when one of their own was in trouble?

Goku’s POV

I felt like my son was in trouble. But how could a saiyan be in trouble now? We’ve drafted all the ‘major’ villains and Goten could handle the rest if he was sick.

But I couldn’t shake this feeling that something was wrong.

“Honey, come back to bed” I heard from behind me.

“Be right there” I said walking over to our bed.

Whatever I was feeling must have just been my mind playing tricks on me.

[Coming soon] – Oravlex’s “Fixing Gohan’s Suit” in COLOR and English!

Oravlex - Fixing Gohan's Suit Gay Yaoi - Coming Soon in English
Oravlex - Fixing Gohan's Suit Gay Yaoi - Coming Soon in English

Update (08/12/15): You can download the comic now! Click here to download Fixing Gohan’s Suit in Color – English by Oravlex

Oravlex’s Fixing Gohan’s Suit in Color, Coming soon!

We know you guys enjoyed the past comics we have translated from Spanish to English, mostly the ones from Oravlex. So we dug deeper into our archive and found that the comic Fixing Gohan’s Suit was actually colored too! How awesome right?! So we are in the process to translating it for your pleasure. ^_^


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What Trunks was Thinking – Love is a Cure

What Trunks was Thinking - Love is a Cure
What Trunks was Thinking - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure

“What Trunks was Thinking”

Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com

I sat in my room as I cried just thinking about my friend. Goten. That name hurt. It stung like a thousand needles whenever I spoke it. But it was a sting I was addicted to. I had fallen in love with him, but couldn’t tell him how I felt.

Why did I abandon him? Why was I so stupid? He just hates me I know he does.

I should call him today. Its the last day I have to see any one of those annoyances at school ever again. And after today, I can legally become to head of Capsule Corp. But it just won’t feel the same without my best friends opinion on my decisions.

I am awake so early because I could barely sleep not knowing if Goten was going to leave after today. The crickets are signing to each other and I can hear some frogs doing the same thing. The animals are performing for each other and its sounds absolutely beautiful.

I got out of bed and went to take a shower. I noticed the bags under my eyes and thought that I would need tons of makeup in order to cover them. But I had a reputation for one more day. Then I would take over Capsule corp but have to compete with Cube Corp.

Cube Corp was started by some rejected employees who tried out for positions but didn’t get them. They started their own business and have become quite successful. Their main goal is to make us pay for not hiring them by taking all our business. I just have to be one step ahead of them as usual and it should be no problem.

I was in the shower when a thought occurred to me. What if I get Goten a job here? Would he like that? Does he even want to talk to me anymore? I decided to find out that question when I was done with my morning routine. I was washing my body and got to my chest, I frowned. Goren’s muscles were always more impressive. Always more defined and better fitted to his body. I miss him.

When I was done with my shower I went into my room and sighed. My room was cold due to the window being open. I went over to shut it and my towel blew off due to the wind from outside. I closed my window and walked over to my dresser. I picked out some boxers and a pair of jeans. I picked out a tight black T-shirt  and a light gray hoodie. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked decent.

I walked downstairs and decided to make myself breakfast. I had my maid make me some waffles with extra syrup. While she was making them I decided to call Goten. I just had to remember his number.

After I put in the numbers and I waited for him to pick up.

“What do you want? You don’t call anymore so you must want something” he said bitterly.

“Goten, look, I didn’t want to lose communication, but the fans didn’t want me hanging around you anymore” I said in a nervous lie.

“You think that’s an apology!?” He yelled. I couldn’t listen to the rest but I heard the last part and the peaked my interest.

“What do you think about me?” I asked.

“You’re an egotistical, self centered, asshole….” My heart broke after those few words. I tried to talk him out of his plans to leave but failed and he hung up. Great, now he wants to move away.

I finished my pancakes, went upstairs and brushed my teeth, and ran to school. Hopefully I could change Goten’s mind before it was too late.

Author’s Note: This was what was going through Trunks’ mind. Hope you enjoyed. Until next time, bye.


Intro – Love is a Cure

Intro - Love is a Cure
Intro - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure


Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com


I am in my room, with my curtains drawn and my lights off. I just sit on my bed and stare off into space. For this had become a normal routine. I would come home from school and then sit on my bed and daydream. I would snap back to reality and then do my homework until I passed out from exhaustion. Today was no different.

I had just fallen asleep and was having a nightmare. I was put up against Super Buu by myself. I looked around for Trunks, but he was off to the side. He took a fighting stance, and I followed suit. We began our fight as punches and kicks flew through the air. He landed one on my stomach and then it went downhill from there. He beat me into the ground and then beat me into a crater in the ground. He started to charge, then shot an Antenna Beam at me. I couldn’t move and watched in horror as it shot closer to me. It hit me and I screamed as it started to tear away my skin. I was being murdered and no one tried to save me. As my life faded away I heard my best friends voice say “I always knew he was weak”

I awoke in a sweat and with a yell. My father came into my room with a worried look.

“Are you alright!? I heard screaming so I came to check on you” he said walking over to my bed.

“Yeah I’m okay. Just a lot of things on my mind” I said rubbing the back of my head.

“Care to talk about it?” He asked sitting down.

“Well, ever since we got to middle school, Trunks has been a part of the popular group and has forgotten about me since then” I said as my eyes welled up with tears.

“Goten, that happens sometimes. We just have to accept the fact that not everyone stays forever. But if anything is very bothering you, you can come to Gohan, your mom, or I. Now I’m going to go back to bed. Good night Goten” he said hugging me.

“Good night dad” I said as I hugged back.

He left and my happiness left too. He is the only one I can talk to. My mom hates me. Gohan, I’m pretty doesn’t doesn’t want me to be his brother. Trunks and the Briefs family have forgotten about me. The rest of the family friends have also lost contact with me. I seem to have left behind by all except my dad, because he has to work to feed me.

I lay back down, and try to get more sleep. But the same nightmare kept recurring in my mind. I would wake up, lay down, sleep, wake up, and repeat. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night.

My alarm clock went off and I threw it against the wall. I got up and walked to the shower. I turned the water on, and I started stripping. I noticed my hair was messy and knew it was going to be a pain to brush today. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water cascade down my body. I hadn’t trained in a while so I have lost some muscle definition. I started to soap up my body but when I got to my chest, I was disgusted. I wasn’t as perfect as anyone I knew. My abs weren’t as noticeable and my pecs had lost some size. I was just mad that I let myself get this far behind on my training. But then again, no one would train with me, and the only training room is at Capsule Corp.

I’m not going to capsule corp since no one there remembers me. In fact the only who ever remembers I ever existed is my father. My mother and my father constantly fight and he often ends up locked out of the house. I hate my mother, and with plenty of reasons. I hate her because she abuses me, she yells at my father, she is a hypocrite, and she is cheating on my father without him knowing. I’m sick of her perfect mother and wife charade.

But what can I do? I am her son. Who will people believe a mother who is known to be loyal and trustworthy, or a teenager who is known for being very childish? I just sit in my room and wait for the sun to rise. For today will be the last day of school for the year, and I am determined to let people know what they have done to me, since its Senior year.

I can’t wait to tell off that purple headed douche bag. He and all those other assholes and bitches. Whether or not they care is up to them. I am the valedictorian, in order to make my mother pleased, but it was quite tricky to maintain.

As the sun rose I grabbed my homework and prepared my bag. I had long since gotten out of the shower. I have decided to skip breakfast in an attempt to stay skinny. I had gained a bit of fat, which saiyans have barely any of. But I got an incoming call from Trunks believe it or not.

You call me a bitch like its a bad thing. You Call A Freak, like that means something.

My phone blared.

“What do you want? You haven’t called in a while, so you must want something” I said angrily.

“Goten, look, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to lose communication, but the fans didn’t want me hanging around you. So I didn’t want to let them down” he said.

“You think that’s an apology!? I have suffered through hell for 4 years, because you didn’t want to disappoint people that were just using you.  My parents have been nearing divorce, I have no friends in this school, and plan on telling everyone how I felt. Now that you’re here I can tell you in person” I said inwardly letting all my anger out.

“Goten, I’m sorry. I didn’t know things were so bad. And how do you feel about me?” He asked

“You are the most egotistical and self centered asshole I have ever met. You are so selfish you couldn’t defend me when I couldn’t. You have been the worst friend ever and there have been serial killers in the world. At least they treated their victims like they mattered. I didn’t matter to you, I probably still don’t. I matter to no one, but I don’t care. After today, I’m leaving and no one will even care” I yelled into the phone.

“Goten, that’s not true. You matter to me, you matter to all of us. Everyone will care if you go” he said

“Its a bit too late for that. I’m going so I guess the last time you’ll see me is at school” I said hanging up.

I knew today was going to be good. Just not this good. Trunks was begging for my forgiveness, was this my birthday!?

Author’s Note: This is the first chapter of the first pairing I ever wrote about. I Hope You Enjoyed It. Until Next Time

10 Sexy Photos of Son Goten

10 Sexy photos of Son Goten
10 Sexy photos of Son Goten

Everyone loves Son Goten! Especially when he is looking sexy =3
So we’ve compiled some of our favorite pictures of Son Goten being sexy from around the web into this single post. We hope you enjoy and make sure to look up the artists of the photos. We’ve placed the credits for each artist under the photo he/she drew. Sometimes Goten and look Yaoi and Gay ^_^ And we love it when he can see him in that angle. So try your best to see it in him 🙂

Enjoyed this?
Comment your favorite Sexy photo of Son Goten in the comment section below! We’d love to see what you have found ^_^

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure


I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: Tanuki-san

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Prologue 1: Morning Invitation to Capsule Corp.

“Trunks!” A loud feminine voice rung in the ear of an eight year old Trunks Briefs, as his mother, Bulma Briefs, awoke him. He creaked open his eyes as he took his thumb out of his mouth. He had drone it again. He started sucking his thumb again, after his Dad died. Bulma’s been completely on top of things since Vegeta left to other world.

Trunks actually hated his dad. He just began sucking his thumb because of his inability to hang out with anybody. His mother rarely ever permitted him from seeing his best friend Goten, let alone any of the Son family. Trunks assumed it was just abandonment issues that caused him to be so down.

He sucked his thumb and felt content, just like how he felt when he was around Goten. The raven haired boy, with black dotted eyes and that goofy smile. Trunks thought of it and smiled. He blushed as he continued thinking of his best friend. His clear complexion, his baby button nose, and those sweet, innocent lips. Trunks grasped his crotch under the blanket, trying to stop it from getting hard, to no prevail. He felt the area grow in his grasp, he sighed, he just didn’t know why it did that.

He rose from his sheets when he heard his mother announce breakfast. “Be there soon mom!” He stood up on his bare feet, in his silk child pajama pants, his boner was completely visible and it looked… inviting.

He touched it through the light silk. It felt weird, so he stopped, picking up a pair of underwear and shorts from the drawer. He set the clothing on his bed as he slid off the pants. He wore no underwear, normally he slept naked, waiting until his mother turned the hall light off before sliding the pants off and stuffing them under the pillow. He didn’t do it last night, because it was too cold. His little boy boner bounced out of the delicate pants, it stood at a decent 4 and a half inches. Trunks spent a few seconds admiring how hard he had gotten thinking of his best friend.

He touched it gently and felt it up and down some more, he sighed, this time emitting an audible moan. He heard the moan and abruptly stopped the attempted experimentation. He used his Saiyan speed to slide on the underwear, then did the same with the shorts and shirt.

He wore clothes fashioned professionally from little girl’s clothing. You wouldn’t notice, they now looked like any average boy’s clothes in Japan. His shorts were maroon, made from a soft nylon, the kind that form fit to whoever wears them. The shorts came up to his inner thighs, like girl shorts in America, you can even see the edge of his white underwear if you had a good angle. The shirt he slid on was skin tight, he nipped a bit, but he didn’t mind.

Trunks noticed his boner went down when he snuggled it in the soft embrace of cotton and nylon, so his blush faded. He then made his way to the kitchen.

Bulma welcomed trunks with an automatically cooked meal of bacon and eggs. The Demi-Saiyan ate it up in a quick instant with a big smile afterwards.

“I gotta go to Otherworld tomorrow.” Bulma said, in her usual, ‘just FYI’ voice. Trunks looked up from his second plate, cheeks swelled from food as be listened to his mother.

“You goin’ to visit Dad?” He asked. Bulma smiled and looked at her son.

“It’s fine you don’t have to come if you don’t want to,” trunks began to pretend to prove her wrong. “I get it, it’s fine, if he was my dad I’d have already ran away.”

Actually Trunks liked Vegeta’s leniency over Bulma’s semi-overprotective attitude since he died. He decided not to say that, instead he went back to listening.

“Anyway, I will be going, alone,” she said,probably trying to get Trunks to feel guilt. He pretended to not get the insinuation. ” Mr. Po Po will take me,” she tried again, once again, play dumb. “I’m gonna take you to stay with my dad while he conducts research in America.”

“No!” Trunks shouted, almost scaring his mother. He never raised his voice at her, but this was getting ridiculous. “Can I please stay at the Son’s place!?” He begged. Bulma always thought her son was cute, and couldn’t decline the puppy dog eyes he was currently giving her.

“Fine, but…” She said. The pause scared Trunks the most. “I’ll bring Goten here, and you two will stay here.”

“By ourselves?” He asked.

“Yea, you guys will be in the most secure building on this side if the planet. Insects don’t get in without permission.” She boasted clearly. She wasn’t lying.

“What If we run out of food?” He asks.

“I already had a solution, remember that machine in the lobby I told you not to touch?” She said.

“Yea, the one with the pink cover over it?” He asked.

“Yep, that is a food depositing machine, I built it for you Saiyans with your outrageous eating habits.” She boasted.

“What does it do?”

“It just cooks food from freshly grown ingredients I have growing on the bacteria-free roof, also from harvested livestock at the meat factory my dad owns.” Bulma was really getting into this.

“Ok, I guess I can share this place with Goten!” Trunks joked. He wiped his mouth and washed up before heading out with Bulma to get Goten.


Prologue 2 coming soon

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[Download] Strike – Comic English by hotcha

DBZ Strike Comic by Hotcha - Page 0

Download Strike by hotcha here for Free.
Gotenboner.com has permission from Hotcha (Who is the artist of this comic) to feature this story!

A hot comic with erotic sex between Broly, Gohan, and the gang from DBZ!


[Featured] DBZ Kids Shrink! by DBZFanGoten


This is an interactive story. 

Dragonball Z series or (Dragonball via Time Machine) No Dragonball GT!


No vore or gross stuff, such as inserting the kid into any giant body parts, this story only allows touching, stroking, rubbing, licking, petting and played with as a toy and kept as a pet. You may insert the shrunken kid into the giant’s mouth as long as they do not chew or swallow them. Sucking and licking is allowed. Eating, chewing, biting or swallowing are disallowed.

Nudity and sexual pleasures is allowed, such masturbating the shrunken kid with a finger.

No interaction with females, they can be seen or mentioned, but no interaction between them and the shrunken kid.

No short chapters, such as ones with less than 5 sentences.

You can create your own character to capture the shrunken kid if you want to, though I’d prefer other DBZ characters being the captor, I’ll allow you to create your own non-DBZ character just to get more writers and readers.

The kid can’t grow back to normal, and once the size of the shrunken kid is chosen, it cannot be changed, he cannot be bigger or smaller, once he’s, let say, 6 inches, he remains at that height forever and while tiny, the kid doesn’t age in the years that follows!

When you choose a character to shrink, don’t say how small he is, I want other readers to choose a height and create their own storyline from there. Put in the choices things like “Trunks is 8 inches” and other ransom height numbers.

Height rule: A shrunken character should be no more than 12 inches and no less than 3 inches, I don’t want them to be too small. 3 inches through 12 inches are your options to put in the choices in the chapter where the character shrinks. 3 inches is the smallest you can make them and 12 inches is the limit.

Keep the story endless!

Other than that, go nuts

Writers wanted! C’mon, don’t be shy, write in this story!

Each chapter tells part of the story and (usually) ends with multiple choices. Click on a choice and you’ll be lead to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn’t been written yet, you will have the option to write it! Don’t be shy… make an addition!


You can write to this story with the link above! DBZFanGoten is the author and we wanted to give a shout-out to this story.



[Featured Story] – DBZ Yaoi RPG

featured story
featured story

We love video games ^-^ So we couldn’t resist posting this!

Author: Universe7

Title: Yaoi RPG

Game start


Sainou High School…

“Thank you for the meal” Goku had just finished polishing his obento. There was still 22 minutes of recess break, that meant he had finished in eight minutes; a new record for himself.

“So you guys completed ‘Blood Combat’ already? Man you two are fast” Yamcha watched as Goku and Vegeta grinned and smirked respectively.

He wasn’t surprised; those two were hard core gamers. They’ve tried a number of games available in the stores, the gene of the game had not mattered too much; though they generally preferred Action RPG games. Their latest craze, ‘Blood Combat” a horror, survival, zombie game; barely three weeks of release, new on the shelves and already they’ve completed it. If there was a career to have from solely playing games; those two would have become millionaires.

“Is there a game, the both of you haven’t played?”

Both Goku and Vegeta shrugged. They’ve pretty much have tried everything, even given their reviews in some cases.

“I know what you guys haven’t played before” Isrina came forward. “Life Stimulation games, like Sims or Dating Sims genes” She pouted the moment the guys around her groaned at her suggestion. “Hey it’s not always mushy or plotless”

“Vegeta and I have tried ‘Sims’ … it’s ok but really it’s not for us” Goku explained.

“I know, I know. You guys rather have brains and blood across the screen. But anyways… there was a garage sale and I kind of bought some stuff in bulk and this guy gave me this game cartridge. He said he was giving games away to teach his son a lesson, do you guys want it? It doesn’t have a cover though” Isrina brought the game out from her bag, Yamcha took it.

“Poor guy. That must have sucked. Hmmm…’ Kingdom… of… Lost? Lass?’ looks like someone was trying to tear off the title”

“Give it here” Vegeta snatched the cartridge from Yamcha’s hand “Kingdom of…” he strained his eyes a little “lust… ‘Kingdom of Lust’ what kind of a title is this!?”

“Maybe it’s one of those R18 games” Yamcha grinned.

“Then you take it. Maker knows that’s the only way you’ll get a harem or get laid” Vegeta snorted as he put the cartridge on the desk.

“Hey that’s so not true!”

“Hey guys, I just checked it out on the internet on the game’s faqs. Looks like it’s a limited edition game that was never shipped outside the country where it’s from and it’s a Fantasy Action RPG, and yup, it’s got adult themes unsuitable for kids and might offend some adults” Krillin kept his Iphone.

Goku, Vegeta and Yamcha eyed the game cartridge on the desk… much like a pack of wolves eyeing on the same piece of steak.

“We’ll settle it the old fashion way” Goku suggested.


“Here goes”

All three boys threw their fists down in front them. “rock! paper! scissors!”

Goku and Vegeta entered their shared dorm, dropping their bags onto the floor.

“So we’re going to play tonight?” Goku watched as Vegeta set up their game console, slotting the cartridge in as he wired their game helmets.

“After dinner, so we can finish up faster and pass it over to that loser” Vegeta explained himself, les he be seen as a pervert.

“It’s Yamcha, Vegeta”

“Whatever” Vegeta checked to see if the game was working; it was.

“You know Vegeta… it won’t kill you to make more friends. You’ve been here for two years already and you don’t really know many people”

“I’ll content myself with the few friends I know I can count on rather than have a legion of acquaintances who casually wave ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to me”

“So… I’m a member of your ‘few friends’?” Goku grinned.

“Shut up!” Vegeta stomped into the kitchen.

“So what’s for dinner?” Goku called into the kitchen.

“You’re having cup ramen for all I care!” Vegeta busied himself, preparing vegetables and meat; making a generous portion of stew in the small kitchen.

“EH~!? But Vegeta!” Goku whined as he leeched himself onto Vegeta’s back, irritating the crap out of his friend.

“Get the hell off, Goku! If you want to eat, do some of the bloody work and go cook some rice!” Vegeta smacked Goku with the wooden spoon. Goku grinned as he rubbed his head; he hummed as he washed the rice, hearing that musical click as it cooked.

They logged on around 11 pm, their bodies going into sleep mode as their minds entered the digital game world.

The game title came on. ‘Kingdom of Lust’

Vegeta immediately went into the game option settings. It was the most basic and most important feature whenever players began a new game.

The game helmet wasn’t an ordinary console; it was a virtual reality game play experience that tapped onto the nerve system as well as the subconscious part of the players’ brain, sending signals to the brain and vice versa to the console. This would allow various actions to be carried out via brain signals as if one was using their limbs. There was also a level of realism in terms of sensations as well as your surroundings, all of which can be customised to your preference; all pain sensations were capped at 5% however, as a precaution. The pain of being stabbed would feel like small needle prick at most.

Vegeta capped their pain sensation at 5%; there wasn’t an option to change the others however. Whatever.

Both guys waited patiently as the game scanned their bodies, digitalising them to suit the game’s program. They entered the multiplayers game play, keyed in their names, Goku and Vegeta; it wasn’t an online game so there was no need for user ids.

Welcome to ‘Kingdom of Lust’

You’ve come at a terrible time and you may soon regret it.

The King now knows you’re here

It would be up to you to stop him or share the same fate of those who failed.

There are three basic classes.

Fighter, Rouge and Mage.

The Mage class has two different skills, the Wizard or the Priest.

Goku and Vegeta listened as the game began its tutorial, it was basically the same as most RPG games.

As you move along, you will find chests like this one. Go ahead and open it.

Goku opened it and received two small bags with five low HP potions and five low MP potions; he passed a bag to Vegeta.

You will also find save points such as this. Go ahead, touch it.

Goku and Vegeta touched the blue orb; it glowed.

Should you come across these save points; touch it to rejuvenate your HP and MP. You also have the option to save your progress. A word of advice, you would not be permitted to log out until you have saved your progress or finish the game.

Please roll the dice.

Your class and stats will be assigned to you randomly.

You will level up as you gain experience.

All stats will be auto assigned accordingly to your class

What you become and what you receive will be based on your luck.

Good Luck.

Goku and Vegeta found themselves in the middle of some wilderness. Goku dressed in a simple tunic and pants while Vegeta was in a simple robe.

“Hey we’re in… ah… Vegeta? You’re wearing a dress…” Goku ran his eyes all over Vegeta’s cotton robe. Vegeta whacked him.

(Goku HP – 5, 315/320)

“Hey!” Goku rubbed his head.

Vegeta checked his stats details. “Hn. I’m a priest. Well? What about you?”

“Oh right!” Goku opened up his details. “Fighter”

“Lucky” Vegeta grumbled. “Well? What skills do you have?”

“Let’s see… Wind Slash lvl 1, Thrust Attack lvl 1 and Taunt lvl 1, for attracting attention. I guess it’s rather basic. What about you?”

It was Vegeta’s turn to check.

“Heal lvl 1; 20% hp recovery, Holy Arrow lvl 1 and what the hell!? What the heck is a Chastity Shield!? Lvl 1; 10% less damage, proposition by enemies might fail!?”

“That’s a very strange shield… hey our item menu’s glowing” Both guys checked out their inventory. A gift box appeared before them, in them a weapon for their specific class. A sword and a staff.

“I guess these are our basic weapons… but there’s something really strange about mine…” Goku turned his sword in all angles.

“The hilt looks like an organ. Stupid” Vegeta rolled his eyes.

“Oh… hey you’re right… it looks like… the guy’s organ… is it a dildo!?” Goku stuttered, following a startled yell after.

“At least mine looks normal” Vegeta took his staff. “Let’s test them out”

“Ah… ah…” Goku followed behind as they came face to face with their first monster. A lvl 9 Horny Wolf? Both guys raised his eyebrows at the name.

The wolf lunged towards them. Goku started with a Wind Slash.

(Lvl 9 Horny Wolf HP – 38, ?/?)

This angered the beast as it charged at Goku, chasing him around as it tried to swipe at him.

“Goku! Where are you going!? The hell!” Vegeta let lose his Holy Arrows at the wolf.

(Lvl 9 Horny Wolf HP – 10, ?/?)

Shit… it turned around and snarled at Vegeta. No way could a priest take a direct damage. “Goku! Get it! You’re the fighter!”

“I can’t! It’s faster than me and you’re faster than it!” Goku chased behind them. His face paled as the wolf leaped; using its weight, it brought Vegeta to the ground; biting into his shoulder.


(Vegeta HP – 110, 40/150)

“Vegeta!” Goku thrust his sword out, using his Thrust Attack; stabbing the wolf in its side.

(Critical! Lvl 9 Horny Wolf HP – 250, ?/?)

“Come get me!” He used Taunt, luring the wolf towards him; away from Vegeta. Vegeta immediately healed himself before casting Chastity Shield on Goku and himself.

“Aim for the head!” Vegeta called out as he kept firing Holy Arrows at it. A level 9 monster was just overkill for two newbies.

“Let it come to me Vegeta! You heal me!” Goku drew the wolf in, allowing it an opening as he used himself as bait. Goku hissed as he felt the sharp canines sink into his arm.

(Goku HP – 75, 240/320)

A vibration from the sword in Goku’s hand woke him from his brief distraction as he took a swing at the wolf’s head, severing the top of its skull from its body.

(Critical! Lvl 9 Horny Wolf HP – 400, ?/?)

(Lvl 9 Horny Wolf has died)

(Goku has levelled up – Lvl 3)

(Vegeta has levelled up – Lvl 3)

(Goku’s weapon has levelled up – Lvl 2)

The wolf dissolved in smoke and in its place were a bag of copper coins, a +2 Int Robe and a pair of +2 Str Workers Gloves. Goku took a deep breath as he collapsed on the grass before a soothing light enveloped him. Vegeta took a seat beside him.

“Thanks Vegeta”

“Pick up after yourself” Vegeta dropped the bag of copper coins on Goku’s belly as well as the Worker’s Gloves while he took the Robe for himself.

“It was… really exciting… wasn’t it!? A level 9 monster on our first attempt and we levelled up twice! Come to think of it… didn’t that dildo level up too!?” Goku checked its stats. “Hey its level 2 now”

“The hell!? What kind of a crazy game is this!?”

“It even vibrated when I struck that wolf… so it’s a vibrating sword?”

“Who the hell cares, the sight of you holding that thing is just plain… disturbing and now you’re telling me it vibrates!?

“Hey it’s R18 right? I thought it was rather fun, I don’t mean the strangeness of this game… but everything else is RPG, why don’t we play a little further and see if it’s good or not? We can always quit if we don’t like it, right?” Goku smiled at his friend.

Vegeta sighed as he smiled, turning away from him. “I suppose we can. You’re the one with that vibrating thing. Thank goodness for that”

“Well at least I don’t have to change weapons” Goku grinned.

(Goku has increased Charisma stats)

(Goku and Vegeta has scored +10 Love points, relationship improved)

“WHAT!?” Vegeta sat up straight, checking his profile stats. Goku pushed himself up as he did the same.

Both guys eyes widened as they saw the other’s face on their profile, with a love meter beside it reading 61%; rating them as good friends.

“Ne… Vegeta?”

“It’s a BL game… isn’t it?”

“I think so… there are two more greyed out faces… so that means… there are two more…guys and… they have that same heart meter…”

“I’m logging out. Right now” He couldn’t. “What the hell is going on!?”

“We can’t log out, Vegeta…” Goku realised the same.

“I’m aware of that! … oh shit… We can’t log out unless we get to a save point or finish the game!”

Both Goku and Vegeta groaned.


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