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Gohan Plays Baseball

Gohan Plays Baseball


Kid Gohan – Age 11

Goku – Age 24

Trent – Age 11

It was a bright summer day in July when Gohan decided that it was time for him to grow up and be a man by joining the baseball team.

“Gohan, you’re going to be late for practice!” Goku shouted from downstairs.

Gohan got up, put on his clothes and quickly ran downstairs with excitement. But with all that excitement running through his head, he completely forgot to put on his shirt!

“All set Dad! Ready for some breakfast!” he said with a smile.

“Gohan, you forgot your shirt, oh, it looks like my little champ is growing. Just look at the hair on your stomach and how muscular you look. Time goes by so quickly. You sure you’re up for some baseball, son?” dad said with a smirk on his face.

Young Goku’s Adventures

Young Goku


Goku – 7 years old

Looking around the room, Goku spotted his grandfather’s Power-Pole, the magical staff that had passed onto him when Gohan had died. He got up and retrieved it, and lay down on the bed again. He set Grandpa under his chin and raised his legs into the air as far as they would go, and tried to push the end of the pole into himself. It hurt, and it wouldn’t go in.

The Movers and the Muscle Kids

Goten and Trunks

Contains: Gay Shota fanfiction content. 18+ readers only!

Notes: Contains muscle growth along with sexual content


Goten – Age: 7

Trunks – Age: 8

Chapter 1

It was a bright, hot summer day on a Saturday morning when Goten got up and leaped out of his bed, eager to start the day with fun, adventure and excitement. He grabbed his cell phone from his desk and turned it on right away, calling Trunks, who lived just down the street.

“Yo, Trunks! Let’s meet up, dude!” he said to his pal from down the road. ‘If we can’t find something to do, then we’ll head out and fly to the park!”

“Sure thing, dude! Meet you down the block; above the hangout” Trunks replied.

About ten minutes later, the two flying boys were found hovering above the hangout, looking down at the street, the neighborhood, and the activity below.

“Hey!” Trunks noticed. “I see something! Check out that big van which pulled into our subdivision!”

Goku Goes Shopping

Goku goes shopping

 Contains: Gay Sexual Yaoi Shota content. 18+ readers only!

Notes: Contains Muscle Growth along with more sexual content between a father and son


Goku: 24 Years old

Gohan: 11 Years old

It was a hot summer day in July when Chi-Chi decided it was time for her and Goku to spend some time shopping. Goku has been away with Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber doing who knows what.

They first head to Bulma’s to drop off Gohan to let her babysit him while they were gone.

Goku: But Chi-Chi; I could be training today! I need to be ready if something terrible happens.
Chi-Chi: The only terrible that will happen Goku; is if I don’t get to enjoy my day with you!!
ring ring
Goku: What was that?
*ring ring

Chi-Chi: Its my phone; hold on.