Heat by Rutobuka


HEAT by Rutobuka

is no longer for sale!

We are sorry to say that HEAT will no longer be for sale. This is due to the artist wishes and we will honor and hold up her wishes!

We enjoyed HEAT and the artwork by Rutobuka sooo much! And we will also love her! <3 You should totally go donate to her right now! It’s on her tumblr sidebar!
Here are some more photos from Heat you can look at, but I’m afraid I will not be showing the comic unless Ruto says otherwise.

Details about HEAT

My DBZ fan-book, written and drawn in 2012. It is made of three sections, including

  • one long comic about Vegeta and Goku,
  • then the other two are short bonus stories featuring Goten and Trunks.

It contains sexually-explicit situations, including anal sex, fellatio, and all these fun shenanigans. View at your own risk.

You get one PDF file inside a ZIP.
Size: 36.9 MB
Length: 38 pages

Price: $5.00