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Kamehasutra DBZ Yaoi Comic

Kamehasutra Yaoi Comic – Goten x Trunks

We haven't uploaded any comics in a while, and we ran across this one on a fellow website and desired to also let our fans read it. Be warned, it is Goten and Trunks in shota form. So come download this Shota DBZ Comic free!

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Dragon Ball S A Shota Adventure Chapter 5 second cumming

Dragon Ball S: Chapter 5

I do not own DBZ or any of the characters in this FICTIONAL erotic Fan-Fiction. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it contains FICTIONAL...
Just One Night With Him - Goku x Gohan - Goten Yaoi Incest DBZ

Just One Night With Him

Wasted Wish Chapter 9

Wasted Wish – Chapter 9

Wasted Wish Chapter 8

Wasted Wish – Chapter 8

Wasted Wish Chapter 7

Wasted Wish – Chapter 7

Exclusive DBZ Yaoi artwork from Gotenboner

We take funds earned through our site to cover the web-hosting bill, but also to commission artists and authors to create more for the DBZ Gay community 🙂 We hope you enjoy some of the exclusives seen here on the site. These are just a few of our exclusive artworks inside our fanfiction 😉 Click the button below to see all the galleries.

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