VenusWild – Comic #3 [English Color] Vegeta x Kid Goten


Hey guys! We are here to give you guys something we found again over on VenusWild’s tumblr. You should totally check him out if you’re into DBZ Shota or shotacon. It’s mostly around Goten and Trunks with Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku.

Again; Warning! DBZ Shotacon/Shota artistic comic ahead was made by VenusWild. Adult content, 18+ Required or applicable by your country.

Here is his third comic; named “Comic #3” and yes it’s in English 🙂

And in color!
This features Vegeta and Kid Goten outside. Goten sucks Vegeta’s cock and also receives the best sex he’ll ever remember. His lust takes over as Vegeta gives him the Prince Dick thickness. Vegeta feds the cum to Goten from his mouth as they both enjoy it’s tasty flavor. Look below to see what happens next!

We will split it into two section,

1) is the whole comic as a gallery,

2) the whole comic as a downloadable ZIP for your device to view later in HD size.


1) The Gallery

2) The Download


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