Chapter 5 – Orgasmic Lesson – Oravlex Comic (English)

Chapter 5 - Orgasmic Lesson - Oravlex (English)

Again; Warning! DBZ Shotacon/Shota artistic comic ahead was made by Oravlex. Adult content, 18+ Required or applicable by your country.

You can view this DBZ Shota in the gallery or download to your device for later.

Chapter 5 – Orgasmic Lesson – Oravlex Comic (English)

Featuring: Trunks x Goku x Gohan x Vegeta x Yamcha

Drawn by: Oravlex

Translated by: Gotenboner to English

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  1. Those fools can’t put together a good plan to teach trunks a lesson, even if planet earth is at stake… If I were them and from reading the previous chapters, some Saiyamar pills to make their equipment grow and Sense beans to restore their strength, giving Trunks none and after a couple off hours in the time room… he will beg everyone to stop after they fill his hole to the point where everything is flooding out and his penis and ask shrivels like a raisin…

  2. Those four fools couldn’t put together a fool-proof plan to stop Trunks once and for all, even if Earth itself is at stake. If I were them, the time room is good… but how I would punish him would be to have Saiyamar Pills to increase testosterone levels and increase penis size and girth, splitting Trunks’s ass in half and Senzu beans to restore my strength. After a few hours, even one day in that room, and Trunks will be begging to stop, his ass full of cum to the point its spilling out and his penis and sac is shriveled like a raisin, unable to cum even if he tried… What do you guys think…


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