The Magic Briefs – Chapter 3

Magic Briefs - Chapter 3

Goten arrives home to find a scent he hasn’t smelled before. Little did he know that he was in for a huge treat!

Written by: GotenBoner

Characters: Goku x Gohan x Goten

WARNING: Contains 18+ NSFW Gay, Yaoi, Bara, Shota, etc.. (Duh!)

Thank you Mr-Sen for doing the artwork!! 😀 You’re an amazing artist for the DBZ Yaoi community!

Chapter 3 – Goten shows up

Goten is coming home from elementary school on his bike. Pedaling and cycling has been his new hobby for exercising. He always loved riding past the BBQ pit, where he’d smell the aroma from cooked pork. It would always make his day and lift his spirits.


Now arriving at his home, he noticed the family car gone.

“Mom must be shopping today.. I wonder if Gohan and Dad are here?” He grabs his books, parks his bike outside and heads inside.


Walking past the door, he was met with a salty and strong scent. One he hasn’t smelled so boldly before. It kind of made his stomach flip at first, but perk his curiosity in the end. He walks through the kitchen, living room, and walked past the stairs where the scent was strongest. Goten puts his books on the couch and proceeds upstairs, still smelling the strong odor stronger and stronger. As he gets closer he sees a pair of briefs which looked cool but never seen before outside his parents door, which is closed. He grabs them and knocks on the door.


No response.


“Dad must be taking a nap.” He thought to himself. He walks to his room with the briefs in his hand and closes his door. He inspects them closer and notices the scent he smelled earlier was really strong on the briefs. Could they be the source of the salty, manly smell? They looked kinda big too. Like a cat, Goten’s curiosity got the better of him and he had to try them on. He strips his shirt, pants, and white briefs off and stands in front of his floor standing mirror. He first flexes in the mirror and grunts like he’s a model for a magazine. Slipping on the new briefs, he feels a tingle once it’s past his knees. The more he pulls them up, the lighter his head feels. He finishes pulling them on and watches the mirror.


“These are pretty cool looking! I wonder why we have them though? Are these Gohan’s? Dad’s?” The moment he said that, he imagine both of them wearing them and felt an instant orgasm hit his body!

“Ooooooooo…. What… Was that?” He said to himself while panting. Looking down at the briefs he sees a small wet spot where his dick head was. Did he just experience his first ejectulation like Trunks talked about?


He reaches down and touches the wet spot, sending a tingle through his dick head and to his shoulders. He shutters. As he pulls his finger away, he sees it’s a sticky clear substance. He for some reason felt compelled to taste it. He sticks it on his tongue and noticed it tastes like a salty gummy worm. He never ate one like that, but it’s the only thing he could relate it to. He looks in the mirror again and notices something even weirder than the instant orgasm.. His manhood was larger! Both his dick and balls were increasing in size before his eyes! Sure he was still just starting puberty, but even he could notice the major change happening so his boyish penis. If he was to compare his current size to a middle school student, he would win by length and definitely girth! Seems he takes stronger with his Dad’s girth than Gohan did.

Magic Briefs - Goten looking in the mirror with a huge cock

As his boy package was expanding, the tingling was becoming more powerful and noticeable. It quickly got to the point he was losing feeling in his legs, and he fell to his knees. He then noticed the tingles shifted from the tip of his dick head, crawled to the inside of his abdomen, and stopped right above his anus. What he didn’t realize was this is where his prostate is located. He could only close his eyes and enjoy the sensations coursing through his body.


Within a few minutes he felt another orgasm pounding away in his body! His anus was opening and tightening. His breathing was coming and going. And his moaning reached a point he could be heard from his parents room. This woke up both Gohan and Goku from their nap in the master bed. They leaned up and hopped out of bed, still nude from their previous experience. Walking out and towards where the moans were coming from, they smelled a new scent in the air. It was still bold, but not as salty as before, more like a sugar sweetness with a mix of boy sweat like a school locker room.


They open the door to Goten’s room and quickly gasp at the sight! They moved quickly to Goten and leaned his head up from the floor, checking if he is alright.

Goku holding Goten while Gohan worries

“Goten are you okay!?” Goku asks with his hand behind Goten’s head on the floor.


“Are you in any pain?” Gohan asks standing above him looking at what was happening.


Goten opened his eyes to behold the sight of both his Dad and brother, NUDE! Not only that, but both of their dicks were huge! He moaned and shot his boy cream in the magic briefs. He couldn’t stop either! The orgasm kept going and the sweet boy cream kept flowing! He was in an endless bliss. Gohan noticed Goten’s body shaking and looks at the briefs he’s wearing. Not only does he noticed the larger package his brother was sporting, he notices the large wet puddle underneath him.


“Dad! Goten is wearing the briefs from before! What should we do?”


Goku looks towards the briefs and couldn’t believe the sight! It was amazing to see a boy with such a big package! It must have been 8-9 inches long, and 6-7 inches thick! The girth was unbelievable. He also noticed the cum puddle under Goten. For an odd reason he reached over and cupped some of it up in his hand and brought it up to his mouth. Licking it from his palms, he tastes the flavor of boys nectar.


Then, all of a sudden… (To be continued)



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