Goku Bathes with Gohan – Oravlex Comic

Goku bathes with Gohan - Oravlex comic

We’ve been busy working on two new comics for you guys (one’s that will be exclusive to Gotenboner) and we’re really excited to complete them for you guys. It will take some more time, but in the meantime, here is a comic we translated from Oravlex.

This is Goku x Gohan

It is DBZ Shota, so be warned. You can view it here or download it for later viewing.

It’s about Goku, and Son Gohan taking a bath together. Gohan suggests they see who can hold their breath the longest, and things go from there.

We heard some users were having issues downloading our other comics from the previous host provider, so we hope this new one will be easier for you.

Here is the gallery, but for higher res, please download the zip from above.

We did not draw this DBZ Shota comic. It was drawn by Oravlex. If you have suggestions on other comics we should translate, leave them in the comments below. We read every comment 🙂

Until next time, We are aiming to bring you the best DBZ Gay, Shota, and Yaoi content in one easy place! 😀 Also stay tuned for our new exclusive comics. One will have Goku x Vegeta 😉 Make sure to share any posts on our site on your social media like Tumblr, and Twitter! Even Pinterest!



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