Wasted Wish – Chapter 1

Wasted Wish - Chapter 1 - Vegeta x Goten Yaoi
Wasted Wish - Chapter 1 - Vegeta x Goten Yaoi

Summary: (Vegeta/Goten, 3 years post-DBZ) Our heroes have lived together for 3 years now. Vegeta finishes by agreeing to Goten’s wish for a night out, which lands them more ‘fun’ than they bargained for.
Rating/warnings: M, very NSFW with Yaoi and Gay content. Also very silly.

Published with permission from saiyansecret

Chapter 1

Goten hung up his towel and finger-combed his drying hair. Training had been long and strenuous, as it was almost every day in the capsule house where he’d lived with Vegeta for the last three years. What had begun as a passionate adventure became serious, and despite the heady excitement, sneaking around had reached the point of ridiculousness. The decision to live together saw them relieved and contented over time, gradually settling into comfortable, peaceful routines.
Comfortable. Yeah, that’s it, he thought, leaving the steam-filled room for the contrasting chill of the fridge.

Their showers finished, both sat on the couch to enjoy the sparkling endorphine rush that always followed an intense workout.

Goten handed a cold can of lemon squash to Vegeta, who thirstily downed half of it at once. Goten did not open his, only looked apathetically at the floor.

Questioningly Vegeta tousled the ends of his shaggy hair, which brought from him only a forced half smile. Looking offended, Vegeta withdrew his hand.

Goten turned apologetically to enlace him properly.

“Hmph.” Vegeta’s indignation at his move not being immediately greeted as he wished gradually faded, his arm closing satisfactorily around Goten’s waist. Still he frowned, puzzled at his attitude of late. “Care to explain what your problem is?”

“I could ask you the same,” Goten pointed out, “Shouldn’t your power elevation make you happy, instead of… well, not happy?” he asked diplomatically.

“You call that an elevation?” Vegeta demanded harshly, “As hard as I’ve worked, it should be twice that. Unless you’ve made me lazy,” he muttered, half to himself.

“Nah,” Goten discouraged hastily, “You got stronger, so it takes less effort now.” His hand squeezed along one perfectly sculpted bicep, and he wiggled onto his lap.
“You think?” Vegeta’s tone softened, his fingertips lightly tracing Goten’s spine.

“Yeah.” Goten’s soft smile turned to a coy smirk, his other hand moving suggestively up Vegeta’s thigh to rest between them, kneading gently. “But if you’d like to prove it again, I’m okay with it.”

“Can’t you keep still?“ Vegeta sighed in exasperation, “You know I like to rest first.” Resting also involved a chaste cuddle, which obligatorily went without saying for him.

His face darkening, Goten moved away from him to fold his arms, staring sullenly at the same uneven patch of carpet.

“That’s what I mean,” Vegeta pointed out accusingly, “And you didn’t answer my question. What in the hell are you sulking about?“

“I’m not sulking,” Goten argued.

“Yes, you are,” Vegeta declared firmly, warning, “For the last time, what is your problem?”

Goten could not hold out for long under his piercing, no-bullshit stare. “We never have any fun anymore,” he replied stonily, no longer caring if he were sulking or not, “We used to.”

Vegeta blinked confusedly. “What do you mean? Almost every night without fail—”

“Almost,” Goten underlined, “But that’s not what I mean. We used to have adventures, or do something just because it’s fun. We don’t anymore, and hanging out with Gohan isn’t my idea of fun.”

Vegeta could not argue with that, but shifted irritably. Goten’s knowing hand had worked him up before he was ready, spoiling his preliminary catnap. But, he knew by experience, neither would get any peace until the matter was resolved. In thinly veiled annoyance, he asked finally, “Alright. What do you want to do that’s… fun?”

Goten’s face brightened hopefully. “There’s a new nightclub in Satan City called Club 73. It’s the hottest one around, and from what Trunks said, it’s the place to be. Very selective though, and très chic.” His awkward prononciation went unnoticed by Vegeta, who did not appear seduced by his glowing description of the place. “It’s VIP, by invitation only,” Goten attempted at sweetening the pot.

But Vegeta looked horrified, imagining himself surrounded by loud, obnoxious people, his accute hearing assaulted by booming music. “Goten, even Bulma never put me through that!” he declared reproachfully, “As long as I sat through her barbecues.”

“You mean you stood against a wall and sulked through them,” Goten chided playfully, but his mate was not amused. His face fell. “Come on, Vegeta! I’ve always wanted to go somewhere like that with you. We have before, and it went okay.”

“Because I was so drunk I barely remember,” Vegeta returned sarcastically, “Why don’t you just go with Trunks when he’s home from university? You guys used to, without dragging me into it.”

“Our fake ID’s got confiscated,” Goten admitted, “But now I have a real one, and someone there owes me a favor.” Seeing Vegeta unmoved, Goten was serious as he placed his hands on his shoulders. “Those other places were just college clubs, where everybody dances with everybody. But I want to go with you, don’t you get it?”

Vegeta studied his yearning face, his own expression softening as one hand entangled in his shaggy hair. It was rare that Goten asked him to step so far out of his comfort zone, so it clearly meant more to him than a simple night out. Vegeta cared not what was thought of them provided their own contentment, but Goten enjoyed pointing out to all, he’s mine. The demi Saiyan had also grown up with the concept of fun. But Vegeta was learning in time, and the fact that Goten wanted to show him meant more to him than he knew.

“Okay, ‘Ten,” Vegeta conceded, pleased by his hundred watt grin, “I guess it couldn’t hurt, if it makes you happy.”

“Yes!” Goten threw his arms around Vegeta’s neck in a near stranglehold, making him snicker. “Thanks, baby! I’ll make it worth your while,” he promised between hard, wild kissing.

“Hnnf—” Vegeta didn’t mind being rendered speechless in that way, and seeing Goten so happy was an incredible turn-on. Impulsively he pulled Goten astride his lap facing him, their favorite preliminary position.

Goten could not resist instinctively grinding against Vegeta, who he still thought of as the object of his forbidden desire, which set him off every time, as this had been the way Goten had initially seduced him.

The demi Saiyan was fully aroused in a matter of seconds, Vegeta marvelled, though he himself was not far behind. Purposely he trailed his fingertips down Goten’s spine to expertly finger the sensitive place where his tail had been, drawing from him a sultry gasp as he directly frictioned his throbbing length against Vegeta’s own.

“You’re all hot, aren’t you?” Vegeta asked in feigned surprise, squeezing his muscular ass to precisely rub the sensitive tip of his engorged shaft.

“Wh-what makes you think that?” Goten asked innocently, his halting pants and deeply flushed cheeks beneath half-lidded, glittery black eyes making Vegeta lick his teeth in anticipation.

“You’re so hard and wet,” Vegeta purred softly, which he could feel through their thin cotton shorts. His predatory gaze made Goten shudder with lust, stifling a moan with a hard kiss. Gripping Vegeta’s shoulders, he thrust his tongue aggressively into his warm mouth with a challenging growl.

Yanking Goten’s hair back, Vegeta’s returned growl turned to a pleasured purr. With a softer kiss, Goten discretely studied him. Vegeta was the dominant of them, though at times he liked for Goten to tend to him. Which did he want right now? Goten wondered. The vague, far away look on his face made it hard to tell. Experimentally he laced his fingers with Vegeta’s and pinned them firmly to the back of the couch with a questioning smile.

“Gotcha.” With an evil smirk, Vegeta twisted his hands around and Goten felt a familiar, tight heat cinch around his wrists. They had since learned to make their bondage ki rings without damaging the support, but Goten looked at him in surprise. He could have sworn that Vegeta wanted him to top, and beyond his smirk, he still looked ambiguous. But the rules were the rules, he was trapped, and was not complaining.

Distracted by a breathtaking kiss and Vegeta’s warm, strong hands that slowly caressed his nubile, muscular form, Goten barely noticed his thin gray shorts peeled off him, but winced as his pulsing member was freed from its loose confines. He could not help but stare at the perfectly outlined bulge between Vegeta’s legs, smiling at his own wet spot where his and Goten’s fluids mingled, darkening the blue-gray fabric. Knowing the terribly sexy discomfort of wet cotton against aroused intimate flesh, Goten strategically pressed his groin foreward to rub it against his sensitive tip.

Vegeta’s unfocused eyes stared blearily at Goten, his cheeks blushing furiously. Intimacy was a big deal for him, Goten had been surprised to learn. He’d assumed it would be to him but a casual release, quickly forgotten; he was glad to have been very wrong. Vegeta’s hands clenched randomly at his hips, his breathing falling in halting pants. Goten’s lusty, challenging stare, coupled with the strange sensation that would otherwise be embarassing excited him like nothing else. Goten was such a great seductor.

Vegeta removed his own shorts and held their warm, pulsing shafts together to teasingly stroke, smiling when Goten’s pleasured moans turned to sobs.

“Oh gods…!” Goten groaned deliriously. Their wetness made them twice as sensitive, which drove him insane. He thrusted harder and faster, but Vegeta would not increase the slow, sensual rhythm he was enjoying.

“Patience,” Vegeta chided him amusedly. His fingers cinched around the bases of their darkened, throbbing shafts to lightly stroke their rigid lengths, pausing at their leaking slits. The younger man was less patient than himself, though he was improving. For Vegeta, most of the fun was getting there, which promised a more stunning climax.

“Vegeta, please!” Goten sobbed, his fingers wildly clenching at the back of the couch at the same rhythm of the muscles in his trembling thighs. Their sexy game would never be as much of a thrill without the spice of Vegeta’s sadistic streak, who loved hearing Goten’s exlamations that told him he was doing everything right.

“Tell me how long you’ve wanted me to touch you… just like this,” Vegeta whispered, his sultry tone now a lusty melody to the hormonal demi’s ears. He never grew tired of Goten’s taboo-laden fantasies that neither would tell a soul, though by now the younger man was almost beyond coherent speech. “Or would you rather I use my mouth, just like this?” His finger lightly stroked his perfect, circumcised ridge and just behind it, the places he knew to be most sensitive.

Goten’s eyes teared up and lost focus, his strangled cry muffled by a deep kiss from Vegeta, whose hand roughly gripped his hair to crush his mouth to his own. Goten virtually melted into the sexily bruising kiss, his tongue wildly thrusting in to convey his need, nearing his limit now.

Sensing it, Vegeta reached into the tableside drawer where a half-used tube of lubricant was hidden. One was kept in literally every room, as they never knew where they would end up. Goten glanced impatiently at the tube.

“Wait a minute,” Vegeta told him with a knowing smirk, “I’m not done playing with you.” The ki rings disappeared and he shoved Goten flat on his back on the couch. He slid off his equally thin T-shirt, his mouth trailing down the length of him, then slowly up the satiny skin of his thighs before cinching his fingers back around his pulsing member. His knowing pink tongue circled lightly over his most receptive places… too lightly for Goten, yet he knew it was always worth it.

When Goten was trembling hard enough for him, kneading his hair with his soft little cries, Vegeta engulfed him greedily, tightening his fingers while gently sucking him.

Nearly losing his mind, Goten struggled to sit up enough to grasp one of Vegeta’s legs, pulling him into a 69 with a practiced yank.

Feeling first Goten’s tongue, then his warm mouth sheath him while blocking the base of his manhood as well, Vegeta moaned approvingly. Gods, yes… no one had ever excited and pleased him so much. Awkwardly in such a position, he opened the tube and generously coated his fingers, sliding them in one by one. Though used to it by now, the demi Saiyan was always so tight. His scissoring fingers found his contracting sweet spot, moving first in slow circles, then more intense ones, making Goten’s body arch and writhe in suspended, trembling ecstasy.

Vegeta’s own eyes almost crossed at what Goten’s mouth and tongue were doing to him, then widened in surprise to feel Goten’s well-coated fingers doing the same to him. Halfway into a protest, Vegeta changed his mind and rocked his hips blissfully into his talented mouth, their muffled groans mingling. Both were trembling hard now, knowing it was time.

Deftly Vegeta dislodged them and roughly flipped Goten onto his back again. At times like this, he liked to watch his face to see the almost pained ecstasy into which he, Vegeta, put him. He pushed into him, first carefully, then hard, making him yelp in pain. With a soft kiss and the perfect rhythm that followed, Goten forgot all about it, wrapping himself adoringly around him.

Could either of them possibly describe in words what it felt like to reach such blinding ecstasy with his soulmate? Certainly not, except perhaps a beautiful collision of nirvana and paradise within their beings, or becoming one with the single star that saw the birth of the entire universe that included only them right now. Yes, only us, was their shared thought before the split second of oblivion that was their sparkling release before they went limp, becoming stardust floating down during their blissful afterglow.

They were far from finished, but the rest culminated in their bedroom where they could live out their fantasies to the fullest, several times before collapsing in a contented heap in their comfortable bed.

They had once bought a waterbed, Goten recalled, which predictably had not gone well. Vegeta had not been amused at Goten’s comment of ‘one hell of a wet dream.’

Vegeta got his coveted rest, just later than expected. Though happily sated and purring softly with Goten’s head on his shoulder while he played with his silken hair, Vegeta stared at the ceiling, wondering what he’d got himself into, and how Goten always managed to wrap him around his little finger.

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry,” Goten yawned, reading his thoughts before taking his place, spooned behind Vegeta with his face in his hair.

“I know,” Vegeta mumbled sleepily, “I’m just more in vitro than you.”

Goten stifled a potentially obnoxious burst of laughter and bit the insides of his cheeks hard before correcting, “In—introverted, I know.”

“Yeah… whatever.” Vegeta enlaced Goten’s arm, his eyes closing as the demi Saiyan’s magic fingers stroked his hair, the tingling bliss making him forget it anyway as both were tugged to a peaceful sleep.
TBC in Part 2…


  1. I liked it a lot except the fact that I was confused. Correct me if I’m wrong or didn’t read a part but vegeta and Goten went from a club to a home like environment that’s what I was confused but anything else was great


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