Dragon Ball S: Chapter 5

Dragon Ball S A Shota Adventure Chapter 5 second cumming

I do not own DBZ or any of the characters in this FICTIONAL erotic Fan-Fiction. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it contains FICTIONAL sex between under-age boys of varying ages. Keep in mind that this content is entirely legal, and believe me I have checked. I am not into this niche myself, but I try to branch out in my writing so I thought I’d give it a shot.

If you enjoy this content, please feel free to let me know by commenting on and following this story. I cannot stress how important it is that if you don’t like this content, to get the hell out, nobody wants a hater here. It may not be a turn-on at all to me personally, but I am all for shotacon. If you’d like to hear my argument, I will be willing to have a tame one in the comments with anyone who feels differently. Without further ado, I will shut up and allow you the courtesy of reading the actual story now…

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Chapter 5: New Guy In Town Visits part II: second cuming

Written by: Tanuki-san

Trunks still lie on the floor, panting from his recent

ejaculation. Derik was staring at him intently, stroking his hard

member. Goten crawled to his friend, and placed his hand on Trunks’s

bare chest, feeling his heartbeat. The younger boy looks into his

friend’s eyes.

“Did it feel good Trunks?” Goten asked, true sincerity in his

eyes. Trunks teared up at his friends adorable smile. Trunks then

placed a cum-splattered hand on Goten’s cheek, and the small boy

licked it, to Trunks’s amusement.

“I love you ‘Ten.” Trunks said, Goten then gave him that smile

again, and the two boys’ lips locked in a deep kiss. The two boy’s

tasted each other, and Trunks could make out the taste of cum. The two

boys were lost in their mouths as Derik approached the boys and placed

Trunks’ hardening member into his hand and began to masturbate him.

“Mmmm, Ten keep doing that…” Goten looked confusedly at his

lavender-haired friend.

“I’m not doin anything Trunksy…” Goten used that nickname

again, and Trunks blushed, then when he looked between his legs to see

the house guest sliding his hand up and down his shaft, his cheeks and

face turned blood red. He tried to object to the handjob, but just let

out a shaky moan and his head collapsed back onto the carpet. Goten

looked on at Trunks’ blissful expression and decided he wanted to

help. He then crawled above Trunks, dangling his small member in

Trunks’ direction before settling onto his chest, and began to lick

the tip of Trunks’ member as Derik jerked it up and down slowly.

“Uuuuuuhhhhnnn, That feels soo–” That’s when Trunks caught sight of

the dangling little member above his jaw.

Trunks stuck his tongue out and licked the boy’s balls, and Goten

shivered, and slowly accepted the licking. Soon Trunks took the small

boy’s member into his wet mouth, and Goten squealed with his mouth

around Trunks’ cocklett, causing Trunks to moan in return. Derik

couldn’t take it any more. He rose to his knees and jerked his hard

member furiously and before he could warn the boys, he shot a large

load all over Goten’s back and Trunks’ hard rod. Goten picked up on

Derik’s duties and masturbated his friend as they both approached

climax themselves.

“mmmhhmmm” Goten moaned on Trunks’ boyhood, and Trunks did the

same on Goten’s. Soon the two were convulsing and unloading juices

into each other’s wanting mouths. Derik, laying on his back, his

penis limp and ozzing cum, admired the scene. The two small boys

curled into each other’s bodies and began to kiss passionately, with

Trunks practically leading the inexperienced younger boy. He continued

watching the boys as the day went on slowly…


Meanwhile, many many miles away, on King Kai’s planet, a rather

sombre party is taking place. There are streamers and confetti, but

all the joy and dancing and drinking had gone by, and Bulma awoke in a

luxurious bed next to a lump in the sheets she assumed was her man,

Vegeta. She rose and rubbed her eyes, thankfully she only had three

glasses of wine or else she’d be rubbing her head. Bulma could handle

her liquor pretty well for barely ever consuming any other than on

occasion. Vegeta was the drinker, and being a Saiyan meant he could go

through five six packs and be completely sober. She got out of bed and

went to the bathroom to put on some eyeliner and lipstick, just the


She didn’t really worry for Trunks’ safety, mostly because

anything on earth that would try to attack him might die at his hand,

but mostly because Goten was with him. Goten clearly took on all of

his father’s attributes, and really, ALL OF THEM. Same hair, same

button nose, and that adorable daftness that led her to like him in

the first place. It’s funny how Chi Chi went from hammering Gohan with

textbooks, to allowing Goten to go on only with a basic education. She

thought on it for a moment, then deduced that she could just take

Vegeta with her to the real world for a week with Yemma’s permission.

Now getting the permission is the problem, I’ve gotta call Trunks and

tell him! Bulma thought to herself, then she interjected with herself,

she could surprise him, yeah. This idea was perfect, now she just

needed to drag Vegeta’s lousy ass to King Yemma’s office. Vegeta loved

Trunks, she knew he did and heard him say so,(only once, but it took

him a year and a half to say he loved Bulma, so…) it was just his

ego that prevented him from showing weakness towards someone, like


Bulma waltzed over to the lump and tore the blankets off,

revealing a pile of pillows and a note. Perplexed and slightly

outraged, she lifted the note and inspected it intently…


Back at Capsule Corp., things were going strangely. Goten and

Trunks were asleep, and Derik was awakening from a short snooze.

Either the two had forgotten about him, or they were accepting their

molester. Either way, Derik felt something here that he hadn’t felt

anywhere before. Love. Even if they are technically being held hostage

by him, they hadn’t once yelled for help, or even physically fought

back. And to think he had originally planned to just steal some

jewellery and be on his way, then he was hit with a thought, what if

these kids’ parents came home.

If he could remember from the little news he watched, this was

the home of the Briefs, and that Vegeta fellow, the one who beats

people up for fun. He gulped at the thought of getting his face

punched off by that man. He had also heard he died recently, but he

wasn’t taking any chances. He had to get out of here with his life.

His thoughts of being annihilated by Vegeta made him jump when

naked Trunks rolled over, and exposed his gaping asshole to Derik,

who’s eyes immediately drew to its center.

He had done that, him. That was where his cock went, and the

thought of this caused his boyhood to stand in attention. He slowly

massaged it, then he retched away, he had to concentrate on getting

out, but the boy’s asshole seemed to be begging for his hungry cock.

At last, he couldn’t take it any more. He rose and got on his

knees, and began to full-on masturbate. He stroked his erection until

he was panting.


Trunks’ eyes creaked open, and he immediately recognized the

sound of flesh behind him, Derik was jerking off. Then he felt a

breeze, and tensed up when he remembered he was completely naked. The

thought of Derik masturbating over his exposed asshole made him

steadily grow hard. He could hear Derik’s heavy breathing and his

began to pick up as well.

“Oh Fuck it…” Trunks heard the preteen say, before he felt a

warm object touch the flesh of his anus, Trunks winced. Derik rubbed

his boy meat over Trunks asshole, before slowly sliding it into the

trained hole “OOhh…” Derik moaned.

“HHHMMMM.” Trunks groaned as he was entered. Derik was clearly

already close, because his breathing was picking up more and more.

Then Trunks felt a hand on his member, he couldn’t see who it was, but

felt both of Derik’s hands on his hips, so it was probably Goten.

Trunks didn’t really care, as he was fucked and jerked he began to

whine and moan. “AAHH, OOHH, MMM, HHHMMM…”

“You’re awake, I’m—” Derik pumped faster and faster before

shaking and collapsing before Trunks felt his anus fill with Derik’s


“Goten, I–AAAAAAAHHHHHNNN!!” Trunks exploded onto the floor as

his friend finished him off. Derik pulled out and collapsed onto his

back. Trunks collapsed onto his erection, and almost Goten’s hand,

which he pulled away in time. Goten then rose to his feet, and walked

off to a small bag at the doorway. He unzipped it and pulled out two

shirts and two pairs of shirts and walked over to the couch, and began

to dress. Trunks soon awoken and saw Goten, struggling to put on his

shirt. The lavender-haired boy got up to Goten’s level.

“We gotta take a bath and clean off Ten.” Trunks boasted, his

member bounced a little. Goten looked at him, and took off the shirt

he really never finished putting on.

“Yea, sure!!” Goten chirped. The two boys then ran for the

bathroom completely naked, with Trunks unlocking a whole new

confidence in his body he never had before.


As the two naked boys ran for the bathroom, Derik regained

himself and was now swiftly zipping his pants, and grabbing his shirt

and coat. He fixed his hair to the best of his abilities. Then he made

his way to the door, before opening it and leaving the building. It

was a brisk midday, so he zipped his coat up, and made his way, rather

hastily, away from the Capsule Corp. He quickly made his way down the

west side walk, before accidentally bumping against a man in an orange



Trunks and Goten were now in the bath, and the water running. The

two boys were actually washing themselves at first. They were sitting

in the american style bathtub, across from each other, their feet

touching the outside of each other’s thighs. The bathing was

innocent, that was until Trunks’ confidence kicked in.

Trunks started to wash Goten’s leg, the younger boy thought

nothing of it, and just let him continue. Trunks grinned as he made

his way up Goten’s thigh and to his crotch. Goten flinched, but

accepted the touch, as Trunks caressed his friend’s limp boyhood, as

it stiffened before him. Trunks began to masturbate his friend.

“I wanna pay you back for earlier Ten.” He said, as he slowly

pumped the younger boy’s moist boyhood. Goten squirmed while he was in

his friend’s grasp.

“Trunks, it feels so good…” The boy moans as his member is

stroked, the boy is close to orgasm,

Trunks speeds up, wanting to catch Goten’s cum with his mouth he

leans down and licks the tip of the hard boyhood. Goten squeals and

then it happens, a stream erupts from the young boy’s cocklett, all

over Trunks’ waiting mouth, and face. The boy takes the taste of Goten

and then leans back in the tub and drains the water. This reveals his

whole naked body to Goten, who is leaning back in ecstasy. Trunks

spreads his legs, revealing his large asshole, and begins to finger it

slowly, causing his member to rise and grow. Seeing this, he began to

then touch his hard boyhood, and stroke it slowly. His pleasure was

building up, having his friend, no, his lover watch him finger himself

and jerk off, made him more horny than he ever thought possible.

“OOhhhh, Goten, It feels so good I want you in here Ten.” Trunks

moaned, Goten appeared completely confused, which only made Trunks

more horny for him. Then he decided to be blunt. “Put your hard penis

inside my hole Ten, please!” He practically begged him, he wanted to

cum, but he also wanted to be fucked again. Goten wasted no time

getting hard again and getting into position.

The smaller boy awkwardly stuck the front of his member into

Trunks’ practically gaping anus, and Trunks grabbed the boy and shoved

him in, which made Goten squeal. His friend began to shiver.

“You okay Ten I’m sorry…” Trunks apologized.

“I’m o-okay, It just feels soooo goooood.” Goten moans, and then

he begins to thrust, a lot faster than Trunks anticipated. The smaller

boy fucked Trunks for all he was worth, and soon, Trunks was squeezing

his member to keep from cumming too soon, as Goten was taking breaks

to stop himself from cumming. Soon, however, the two couldn’t hold

back. “AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!” Goten shot a large amount of cum

into Trunks’ anus, probably more than Derik could ever produce.

“UUUUGGHHHNNNN…” Trunks grunted as he was filled up. “I’M

GONNA– AAAAAAHHHHHNNNN!” and with that, Trunks’ cocklet erupted many

ropes of warm cum all over himself and his friend. The two then lay on

one another in total bliss. Then the two Demi-Saiyans turn their

crimson faces to the right as the bathroom door swings open…


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I apologize for my absence, for I had to take an unscheduled hiatus due to problems in my personal life, and I unfortunately, left you guys without a reason. I am glad to say I am writing again, and wish to continue into the end of this series, which will be a dozy for sure. Also from now on, refer to me as Tanuki-San, because my prior penname is taken by another individual who writes serious fiction. That’s about it. In case you didn’t read the foreword,(which most people don’t) If you aren’t into this content then gtfo, nobody want’s a negative hater.





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