Trunks Babysits Goten?!

Trunks Babysits Goten by DBZFanGoten shota
Trunks Babysits Goten by DBZFanGoten shota

Trunks Babysits Goten?!

Trunks x Goten – May contain yaoi/shota content.

Published with permission from and written by


Trunks was hunched over his desk in his bedroom, a pair of goggles over his eyes and small soldering iron in his fingers. He was gently prodding what looks like an electrical wristband. Next to it was a remote control. He gave the wristband a final prod, then sat back in his chair, pushing his goggles up with a sigh of exhaustion, laying the wristband next to its’ twin.

“It’s finally complete… now I can take a break!” he laid his head back against his chair and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

There was a soft knock on his door, which was left open.


Trunks opened his eyes and looked back across the room behind him and saw his mother, Bulma standing in the doorway.

“Oh hi, Mom!” Trunks said happily, turning his chair around to face her. It was rare that either of his parents would sought him out to his room, so he welcomes this occasion to have his mother in his room. “What’s up?”

“Well, we’re going to be having an adult party tonight.” Bulma said.

Trunks’ face fell; adult party meant no kids allowed, which includes him. “Oh…” he said, sounding uninterested as he turned his chair around to face his desk instead.

“I invited Gohan, Goku and even Chi-Chi,” Bulma went on. “But Chi-Chi absolutely refuses to attend unless she can find a sitter for Goten.”

Trunks snickered at the thought of Goten having a babysitter! He almost felt sorry for the poor soul unfortunate enough to get the job of babysitting Goten.

“Ha-ha, I wish that sitter luck!” Trunks said, chuckling. “Goten is more than a handful for any normal person.”

“Exactly what I thought too,” said Bulma, sitting down on Trunks’ bed. “I mean, no one but Goku and the gang, and Chi-Chi are going to be able to maintain him, make sure he stays in the house, make him to go to bed at his bedtime, you know. He can overpower the sitter if he wanted to.”

“So I guess Miss Chi-Chi is not going to come then,” Trunks said.

“Actually, I volunteered you…”

“WAH!” Trunks cried out in shock, his chair tipped over backwards and he went crashing to the floor, flat on his back. “What? But why? Miss Chi-Chi isn’t going to go for me, I’m just ONE year older than him! That’s hardly the age for a sitter, I’d be more of a playmate to him than a sitter!”

Bulma folded her arms and looked annoyed. “I thought you’d take this opportunity to prove just how responsible and matured you are. Despite this one-year difference in age, you are very matured for you age, if a little mischievous at times, whereas Goten has the mentality of a four-year-old — don’t you dare tell Chi-Chi I said that!”

Trunks cringed at the mental image of Chi-Chi’s reaction to his mother’s statement–it was NOT pretty!

“Y-yes Mom, I won’t!” Trunks said

“Now, Chi-Chi was reluctant, but agreed to let you try babysitting Goten,” Bulma continues. “But only if you make sure Goten is fed by dinner time, bathed by bathtime and in bed by bedtime.“

Trunks glanced at the wristbands he had been working on, which lay upon his desk. He smiled to himself.

“Oh, that won’t be a problem,” Trunks said. “I can do this job. I know how to handle him.”

Bulma smiled as she stood up. “That’s my Trunks. Well I gotta go tell Chi-Chi you’ve accepted the job and will be there tonight at seven.” And Bulma left the room, leaving Trunks to his plotting.

At seven o’clock in the evening, all the party guests arrived at the Capsule Corp and the party begun.

Trunks’ bedroom door opened and Bulma came in, accompanied by Goten with an overnight bag hanging from his shoulder.

“Here you are, Goten,” Bulma said, motioning Goten into the room. “Now you boys have fun and stay out of trouble.”

“Okay Mom,” Trunks said, rolling his eyes. When Bulma left, Trunks picked up the pair of wristbands he had been working on. “Hey, Goten, I made these for you.”

“Wow, really?” Goten said, taking the wristbands from Trunks and looking at them. “Thanks Trunks!”

“Well, put them on!” Trunks urged him.

Goten put them on, and they instantly tightened around his wrists, making them impossible to remove it. Trunks grinned evilly.

“Hey, what the–Trunks!” Goten cried, trying desperately to remove the wristbands, but it was hopeless. Then they changed into the exact color and texture of Goten’s skin, making them invisible.

“Heh-heh, you’re mine now, Goten…” Trunks said, advancing on Goten.

Goten tried to run, but Trunks appeared out of thin air in front of him. Goten could no longer move faster than the naked eye could see. His speed and strength were that of a normal seven-year-old boy! He raised his hand and tried to shoot a ki blast, but nothing came out!

Trunks bent down before Goten and started to undo his gi belt. Goten struggled but it was like struggling against a stone statue that was holding him. Trunks removed the belt and undressed Goten with extreme ease.

Trunks stood up and drank in the sight of Goten standing completely naked before him. He balled up Goten’s clothes and threw them away.

“It’s time for the baby to have his bath!” Trunks said, flicking at Goten’s exposed hairless penis and clapping him on the butt with the other hand. He started to rub Goten on both sides, his crotch and butt, rubbing them and feeling them up. “You have such a soft butt and a small pee-pee, Goten.” He rolled Goten’s penis and balls around in his fingers.

“Hey, stop it, Trunks! I’m not a baby!” Goten said, hopelessly trying to back away, but Trunks scooped him up in his arms like a baby.

“Sure you are, I’m the BABY-sitter, and you’re the baby!” Trunks said as he carried a wiggling and squirming Goten to the bathroom like one would do a puppy.

Trunks put Goten down on the floor on his belly, then placing his foot on Goten’s butt, he pinned Goten down while he turned on the water and added bubble soap. Goten squirmed and struggled under Trunks’ foot, but it was hopeless, Trunks merely pushed his foot down harder on Goten’s butt, pressing Goten’s penis harder against the cold tile floor, causing Goten to develop another erection on the floor.

When the water was at the right level, he turned off the water and gently placed Goten in the water, like one would do a real baby.

Trunks then stripped off his clothes and joined Goten the bath, sitting behind him. He took a bar of soap and soaped up his hands. He pulled then Goten closer and set Goten’s naked butt over his own boyhood and held Goten there while he caressed Goten’s naked body with his soapy hands.

Goten did not sit quietly, he struggled, his flailing limbs were sending water all over the floor.
“Hold still, Goten, you’re making a mess with your bathwater.” Trunks said, effortlessly holding Goten on his lap while rubbing his chest and belly with his soapy hands.

“LEMME GO-LEMME GO-LEMME GO-LET–ME–GOOOO!” Goten yelled, still sending water everywhere in his struggle.

“Oh, Goten….” Trunks said warningly, cupping Goten’s balls in his hand and closing his fingers gently around them. “If you don’t stop struggling, I’ll crush your balls like grapes!”

Goten froze, actually too scared to move a muscle.

“That’s better,” Trunks said, rubbing his soapy hand over Goten’s crotch, cleaning his penis and balls until Goten’s penis became erect. “Oh wow, Goten, you actually like me bathing you? You like me babying you?”

Goten blushed and looked down in shame.

Trunks washed Goten’s hair and then rinsed it, before letting the weak boy go. Goten jumped out of the tub and slipped on the wet floor. Trunks caught him before he hit the floor and scooped him up in his arms like a baby again.

“Trunks….” Goten moaned, embarrassed. “Put me down….I’m not a baby….”

“Coulda fooled me, with the way you acted in the bath.” Trunks said, dressing himself before carrying Goten, naked, out of the bathroom and into the living room. He wrapped Goten in a towel and began drying him off. “You got water everywhere, I’m going to have to spank you and then molest you for that.”

“NO! Please, Trunks, don’t spank me!” Goten begged without struggling this time, he’d worn himself out by this time.

Trunks finished drying Goten and then draped him over his lap in a spanking position. He placed a hand over Goten’s butt, spreading his fingers. He carrassed Goten’s cute buttcheeks. With the help of his other hand, Trunks spread Goten’s butt cheeks to open up his butt crack, revealing his butthole.

Goten squirmed uncomfortably as Trunks fingered his hole. Trunks then spat at Goten’s hole and then raised his hand and brought it down with a loud–


Goten winced as his body jerked. That had actually HURT!

“YOWL!” Goten cried, instantly tearing up and crying.

“Oh quiet, you little baby, I didn’t hit you that hard!” Trunks said as he raised his hand for another smack. He frowned, waiting for his first handprint to fade from Goten’s butt before smacking it again. But it did not fade. “Hmm, I must have hit him a little too hard, with him having the power of a normal boy….”

Trunks powered down until he was only as strong as Hercule Satan. He spanked Goten again, who cried out in pain. Trunks frowned, even Hercule’s level was too strong for Goten. He powered down again until was only as strong as his grandfather, Dr. Briefs.

Trunks massaged and caressed Goten’s butt, trying to make the deeply red handprints to fade faster, with Goten sobbing and sniffing the whole time..

When the red handprints faded off Goten’s pale pink buttcheeks, Trunks rasied his hand again.







Ten times, Trunks smacked Goten’s butt before he stopped and rubbed Goten’s butt, enjoying the firm, smooth feel of it, while Goten hung limply over Trunks’ lap, crying softly.

“Goten,” Trunks said, rubbing the red hand marks off Goten’s butt. “Are you ready to be a good baby, or will I have to spank you some more?”

“I’ll be good! I’ll be good!” Goten cried, desperate to avoid more spanking.

“Are you gonna be a good baby and do as your babysitter tells you?” Trunks asked, pinching Goten’s butt and was amused to see the red drained from the pinched skin.

“Yes! I’ll be a good baby! Just don’t spank me anymore….” Goten moaned pitifully.

“Good,” Trunks said, standing up, holding Goten in a cradling position in his arms. “Now to check out your little baby boy parts.” he said, walking over to his bed and laying Goten face-up upon it, his eyes locking on target: Goten’s boyhood. “Now Goten, you said you were going to a good baby, right?”

“Ye-yes, Trunks…” Goten said nervously.

“Good babies lets their babysitter play with them, would you let me play with any part of your body?” Trunks asked, sliding a finger down slowly across Goten’s chest and belly, stopping just short of touching Goten’s penis.

Goten gulped. “D-d-do whatever you want with me, just don’t hurt me. Please don’t spank me anymore!”

“Okay, I’m going to play with your….pee-pee!” Trunks said, grasping Goten’s penis in his fingers.

Goten gasped and his body jerked from the shock. “Wh-what the–?”

“Oh, is baby Goten gonna cry cuz the big bad babysitter got his pee-pee?” Trunks said mockingly.

Goten’s face turned red from humiliation. “N-n-no, I was just surprised.”

Trunks smiled. “That’s a good baby, now lay back and enjoy the pleasure, Trunks style!”

Goten nervously laid back and Trunks begin to fondle his penis, rolling it in his fingers and massaging it.

“Oooh…” Goten closed his eyes and his head dropped back onto the pillow in a sexual daze, moaning with pleasure.

“See what happens to good babies, Goten?” Trunks said, grinning a cheesey smile as he continues to stroke Goten’s penis up and down.

Goten moaned with pleasure and then with disappointment as Trunks took his hand off Goten’s penis and held him up by the armpits.

Trunks tossed Goten up into the air and caught him again. He did this several times, enjoying the sight of Goten’s penis flopping around while in midair before catching him again and then hugging Goten to his chest.

“Now it’s time for the baby’s diaper!” Trunks said, laying Goten down upon his back on the changing mat.

“No, please Trunks, I don’t wanna be diapered….” Goten said. “I’d rather you play with my….pee-pee….”

“Oh, you mean this?” Trunks said with an evil grin, taking Goten’s penis between his fingers and stroking it.”

“Ohh….yeah….” Goten moaned with pleasure, but then Trunks’ fingers suddenly left his penis. “What?! No, Trunks…” he moaned in despair. “Please keep doing it….”

“Nope! It’s diaper time, not pee-pee pleasure time!” Trunks said, holding up a diaper in one hand and a bottle of baby powder in the other.

Goten made a move to get away, but Trunks, in the speed of light, set the baby powder down and then grabbed Goten’s ankles and hoisted his legs up so hard and fast, that Goten bottom was suddenly yanked off the mat!

Trunks patted and rubbed Goten’s butt before sprinkling baby powder on it and on his balls and penis.

Goten’s nostrils were full of that nursery smell as the baby powder fell on his crotch and butt like snowflakes. It tickles his balls and penis, making him desire sexual release even more! Then he blushed red with embarrassment as Trunks set down the bottle of baby powder — he knew what was coming next… the diaper. Goten was filled with dread as Trunks reached into a basket beside him, and withdrew a diaper. Goten squirmed and tried to pull his ankles out of Trunks’ grasp. But without his ki and strength, he was helpless to resist.

Still holding Goten’s butt up off the table by his ankles, Trunks slid a diaper under Goten’s baby-powdered butt and lowered him upon it. Then he put Goten’s legs down, folded the front of the diaper and applied the tapes.

To Goten’s surprise, the diaper was really rather comfortable and pressed his little boner tightly to his lower belly.

“There, now you’re really a baby, Goten!” Trunk cooed, rubbing Goten’s crotch through the thick padded diaper, causing Goten to moan with pleasure. “Now,” he picked Goten up and carried him over to a rocking chair. “Time for your bottle, baby.”

Goten moaned sadly, he was denied release again as Trunks carried him over to the rocking chair and sat down, laying Goten across his lap, with one arm supporting Goten’s head. Trunks held a baby bottle to Goten’s lips and waited. Seeing no choice at all, Goten begin to suck on the bottle.

The longer Goten sucked on his bottle, the more relaxed he became, and the less humiliated he felt at his best friend babying him when he was at his weakest point ever. He actually begin to enjoy it. Trunks begin to notice this as he watched Goten sucks on the bottle more willingly with his eyes closed in relaxation.

“Aw, is baby Goten liking his new bottle?” Trunks cooed at him.

Still sucking on the rubber nipple, Goten nodded eagerly. He drank down the whole bottle and when he did, Trunks held Goten to his chest, with Goten’s face over his shoulder and begun to pat him on the back.

Goten winced slightly and grunted with each pat Trunks gave his back, until….

“BUUUUUURRRRRP!” Goten let out a loud, long burp.

“Good baby!”

Trunks then laid Goten on his back on the floor and begin to rub Goten’s crotch through the diaper. Goten moaned with pleasure as Trunks felt his boner.

“Heh-heh, you really are liking this, aren’t you, baby Goten?” Trunks said, grinning teasingly at him. Goten blushed and looked away. “Tell you what, Goten; wet your diaper and I’ll finish this for you.” he said, his hand pressing down more firmly on Goten’s crotch before taking his hand away completely.

“No, Trrruuukkks!” Goten moaned despairingly. “Do it some more, it feels so good….”

“If you want me to keeping going, then pee in your diaper like the little baby you are!” Trunks demanded. “And don’t you dare mess in your diaper! If you go stinky in your diaper, I’ll spank you!”

Goten cringed, and even though he did not need to go number two, he clenched his butt tightly.
Trunks laughed at seeing Goten’s face, it was priceless! “C’mon baby, go pee-pee in your diaper for me.”

Goten closed his eyes and tried to relax his bladder, to empty it, but the problem was that he still had a boner and the built-up tension from Trunks teasing it made it really hard to let his pee flow out of him. Almost as though there was something else in his penis that was blocking the pee flow.

“Ouch!” Goten winced.

“What’s wrong, Goten?” Trunks asked.

“I’m–I’m trying to pee, but my pee-pee is still sticking up and it hurts.” Goten whined. “Could you do me some more? I’m sure I’ll be able to pee then.” he added hopefully.

Trunks smiled. “Sure, Goten!” he said, placing a hand over Goten’s padded crotch and began to rub it.

Goten laid his head back and moaned with pleasure. “Oh yeah, Trunks. That feels good.”

Trunks grinned as he began to rub Goten at super speed, causing Goten to cry out in pleasure.

As the pleasurable feeling reached such a peak, Goten half-expected Trunks to stop, as he had done before, but to Goten’s surprise, Trunks kept rubbing him.

“Oh yeah, Trunks, I’m gonna peeeee!” Goten gasped as his whole body went stiff and he felt something squirt out of his penis in his diaper, followed instantly by a released flow of urine.

Trunks grinned as he removed his hand and watched the crotch area of Goten’s diaper swell up.

“Good baby!” Trunks said, picking Goten up and hugging him. “Now, are you ready for a change?”

To his surprise, Goten nodded. Trunks laid Goten down, undid the tapes holding the now-heavy diaper up and opened the front flap. His nostrils were assaulted by the strong smell of baby powder and urine.

“Ugh!” Trunks said, pinching his nose. “Geez Goten, you never do anything half-done, do you? This is enough to kill a buffalo!”

Goten blushed. “Sorry Trunks….” he muttered, shame-faced.
Trunks sighed. “Never mind, Goten, let’s just get you cleaned up.” He took the diaper off and looked at it and saw that it was a mixture of cum and urine. Trunks was amazed that cum and urine combined made such a terrible smell! He then bagged it up and tossed it out the window, where it landed on an innocent old man walking his dog, who promptly fainted due to the smell and the dog ran as far as he could away from the Smell of Doom.

Trunks took a baby wipe and wiped Goten’s crotch, triggering a pleasurable moan from Goten, and this time, he felt the whole process of Goten’s penis, from flaccid to boner!

Goten laid there in a daze, thinking Trunks was going to jerk him off again, but he was disappointed when Trunks threw the wipe away and sprinkled him with baby powder again before sliding a diaper under Goten’s butt. He paused here, staring at Goten’s boner for a full minute before folding the diaper into place and applying the tapes.

As Trunks sensed the ki of his mother and Chi-Chi coming toward his room, he quickly dressed Goten in his clothes, cleaned up all the babying evidence and, pointing his remote at Goten, gave him his powers back.

“Say nothing about this to your Mom, Goten,” Trunks said in a growling voice. “Or the next time I make you weak as a normal human, it will be permanent. Got it?”

Goten looked at his wrists, the wristbands had taken the exact color and texture of his skin. He touched one of them and was surprised that it felt like flesh!

Knowing that he has no evidence against Trunks and no way of proving that he was wearing devices that can take away his ki and strength, he nodded in agreement. He was now Trunks’ baby slave and the diaper bulge in his pants reminds him of it.

The End



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