Wasted Wish – Chapter 3

Wasted Wish Chapter 3
Wasted Wish Chapter 3

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Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*


Ashley and Jordan truly meant no harm toward their charming new clients. Perhaps they could be friends, or ideally friends with benefits, they secretly wondered. The thing was, they had no idea about Saiyans, or how their sought-after secret ingredient might otherwise affect them.

By the time the music had shifted to the pulsing, sensual beat of a dirtier dance, there were enough pheromones in the heavy, perfumed-sweaty air to put Viagra to shame. Saiyan pheromones added to the mix were literally driving the unsuspecting crowd insane, whether they’d consumed 420’s speciality drink or not.

Admiring Vegeta’s and Goten’s unique style, the two young women mirrored it with interest. Vegeta lifted Goten’s left leg in a vertical splits and spun him around by the ankle, draping his leg over his shoulder before continuing. The girls thought it best not to try that whilst clad in heels, drunk and stoned.

When they could stand no more, Vegeta tugged at Goten’s sleeve with a pointed look. The latter nodded, relieved. No voice could be heard over the music, so Goten caught the other pair’s regard with a time-out signal. They returned a thumbs-up, and the four of them left the dance floor.

In discrete hearing range, Goten asked, “Is there someplace we can… freshen up?” By their flushed faces and eyes dialated with more than consumed substances, they were well understood.

The girls’ faces were no different, and they nodded quickly. “Down that hallway,” Jordan replied, pointing to one of two beyond a beaded curtain behind the 420 bar, “Any room with a green light is cleaned and vacant. Red light ones are occupied.”

“Thanks.” Theatrically Goten wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead. “We just need a quick break, y’know, tired and sweaty.”

“Of course,” Ashley assured them, “No worries, take your time.”

“Thanks,” Vegeta muttered, quickly dragging Goten by the arm to the said hallway. “They’re not stupid,” he told him dryly when they were out of earshot, “Neither are we. They’ll be out like lights in no time.”

They found a green-lit door, which they unlocked and locked again behind them by registration of their chips. They looked around at what appeared to be a mini luxury hotel room.

Relieved, Goten draped his arms around his neck with an impulsive, sensual kiss. “Gods, Vegeta, all this time I’m horny as fuck.”

“I’m gonna explode,” Vegeta declared, “It’s ridiculous.” Again wondering what in the hell that mysterious ingredient was, he stroked Goten’s face and arms appreciatively. Just slightly taller than himself, the demi Saiyan had the same innocent face and perfect body since he’d been about fourteen. He was so beautiful.

Forcefully Goten pinned him back onto the bed, straddling him while they made out heatedly, knowing he liked when he got aggressive.

Vegeta bent his leg, impatiently guiding Goten’s hand that moved up too slowly. “C’mon, it almost hurts.” Their hands mutually kneaded their throbbing sources of heat, already moaning loudly and trembling intensely.

Pulling off the taffeta bedspread, Goten roughly positioned them on the pillows. In doing so, he knocked down a framed painting print hung just above the bed’s headboard.

“Careful!” Just in time, Vegeta caught it, shaking his head. Goten could be so clumsy sometimes.

“What a dumb place to put a picture,” Goten commented crossly, lifting the other side back up. In doing so, he noticed a temporary plastic patch taped over the wall with indications for repairs that the picture had hid. One corner had begun to peel away. “What’s this?” Curiously he pulled it back to examine the damage, a hole that had been knocked into the wall. He stared into it for a moment and gasped. “Whoa! They didn’t waste any time.”

“What?” Vegeta asked irritably, following Goten’s motion to look. Through the hole, they could see another room similar to theirs which Jordan and Ashley had taken. Indeed, both were half undressed on the bed, where the latter knelt with her hands handcuffed above her head. Jordan’s hand was up her light blue miniskirt, visibly putting her in all her states. The sub was squirming and exclaiming ecstatically.

His face flushed an embarassed red, Vegeta pulled Goten back and replaced the film. “Goten, that’s rude!” he muttered under his breath, “How would you like it if they spied on us?”

“Oh, c’mon!” Goten protested, “I never saw that, for real. I wanna see!”

Vegeta was about to repeat that it was wrong, when their sharp ears picked up what was said.

“Alright, ‘fess up,” Jordan teased knowingly, “What’re you thinking about them?”

“Who do you mean?” Ashley asked innocently.

Jordan tugged the leash attached to her collar. “You know who. Our cute new friends you didn’t take your eyes off.”

“I don’t think they wanna play with us,” Ashley pouted, “But I at least wanna watch ‘em at it. You think they’d let us?” she asked hopefully.

“I doubt it.” Jordan frowned, then smirked cleverly. “Unless we reserved them a room and put in a hidden camera next time.”

Ashley’s face brightened. “Yes! Which room are they in now?”

“I don’t know,” Jordan replied, “We’d have to check the computer, but I don’t think you want me to stop…?”

“No!” Ashley exclaimed quickly, relieved when her girlfriend’s hand went back to work. “Really not to be mean, they’re so nice. But so hot, too.”

Vegeta’s eyes narrowed indignantly. “Traitor bitches. Knock yourself out,” he told Goten with an evil smirk.

“I plan to.” With an identical smirk, Goten’s hand reached back between Vegeta’s legs. “Enjoy.”

Too far gone to argue about it now, Vegeta reached back between Goten’s own legs to both watch the show. “Can you believe people like that?” Vegeta muttered, “It’s disgusting.”

“Immoral,” Goten agreed, watching intently as his hand kept the same cadence.

“Pathetic.” Vegeta watched in fascination, his own hand doing the same.

Ashley was not the quiet sort, they noted, squirming with her head thrown back and sobbing incoherently.

“You make the same face,” Vegeta commented amusedly to Goten, his breathing falling hard now.

“I do not!” Goten retorted, struggling to hold back.

“This ceiling has mirrors,” Vegeta pointed out, “You can see for yourself.”

They watched Ashley convulse in the final throes of a third climax, both males nearly doing the same before her hands were uncuffed. Vegeta tugged impatiently at Goten to get serious, unable to take much more teasing.

“Wait,” Goten insisted between ragged breathing, “I wanna see if she goes down on her.”

“But I’m gonna come in my pants.” Unaccustomed to such a taboo, Vegeta spoke the truth.

“I like that,” Goten whispered seductively, “But I won’t make a mess tonight.” He undid Vegeta’s pants and tugged them down, blocking the base of his shaft to stroke him more gently. The latter was obliged to bite his other hand to not be overheard.

Though they could not see any explicit details, indeed the pink-haired girl’s head was between the other’s legs and putting her in the same state while she randomly clutched at handfuls of hair.

Sensing him too close, hastily Vegeta lowered Goten’s own pants to do the same. They timed their strokes, waiting for the girl’s pleasured convulsion to let themselves go as well. A lusty kiss muffled their cries as they reached their peak with surprising intensity. Getting off while watching another do the same was a very new thrill to them. They said nothing of it, but began to understand the other pair’s wish, which may or may not have been an actual intention.

“You think she’s gonna use a strap-on?” Goten asked hopefully.

“Enough!” Vegeta warned through his teeth.

They replaced the picture over the patched hole and reclined on the bed, relieved for their partial release. Their rapports were always intense, but the strange ingredient rendered them so insatiable, they doubted they would sleep anytime soon.

Goten’s head rested on Vegeta’s shoulder while he played with his shirt collar thoughtfully. “Have you noticed it’s the women in charge here?” he pointed out, “They literally snap their fingers at the guys like they were slaves, and they obey. It’s wierd.”

“The real business here is probably theirs,” Vegeta reasoned.

“Those two are chemistry majors,” Goten recalled, “Guess they consider it on the job training that pays off.”

“Reminds me of a story I heard back home,” Vegeta reflected, “There was a galaxy of planets we purged that fought back, and were more challenging than usual. Their women warriors were considered superior because they had stronger ki, just like the planet that bought them. The first team sent on the mission returned since they’d failed, so the next time only women Saiyan were sent – Fasha, who was on your grandfather’s team, and a couple of others I didn’t know. It only took them a day to purge and clean each planet.”

“What happened?” Goten asked, intrigued.

“I was still a kid, but I remember my father was confused about the whole thing,” Vegeta recalled, “We made no difference, it was only strength of ki that mattered. He tested all the warriors in question, and for some reason, Fasha and the other two women’s ki tripled after that mission. It only lasted temporarily, but we didn’t get the chance to find out why.”

Goten thought for a moment, then was caught up in another fit of hysterical, drunken laughter.

“Now what?” Vegeta asked, already grinning at the sight.

“So, if we could temporarily be women, our ki would be stronger,” Goten speculated between laughs, “Seriously, maybe we could find out why now. After that, our ki would be stronger. Imagine having so much power… space is the limit, babe.“

“You’re insane!” Vegeta hit him with a pillow, beginning to laugh as well. But the thought clung to the back of his mind. Was it only a coicidence that his own ki was stagnant now?

Laughing harder, Goten took the other pillow to hit him back. Everything degenerated then, their pillow fight becoming another heavy makeout session. Their clothes were peeled off for more serious things, which became more intense.

Though the concept had always been believed to be a joke, each watched themselves with fascination in the ceiling mirrors. First when they took turns going down, then during their violent lovemaking in diverse positions.

We’re more exciting than them, Vegeta thought triumphantly, though the sight they’d secretly witnessed would not leave their minds.

Goten had made a mental note to see if it was true about the face he made, though at those points he’d forgotten all about it.

Albeit not complaining, both were left to wonder if their lust frenzy would ever end. The thoughts that crossed their minds would have otherwise surprised them, even more the things they did.

Saiyans easily held their liquor, and would probably also resist most common drugs, but Vegeta and Goten were officially stoned. It showed no signs of wearing off, either. Nothing seemed enough or too extreme, which only finished with the two of them literally collapsing in fatigue. They took a short nap, Goten reawakening a refreshed moment later.


Well, yeah, he was still under the effects of a powerful, unknown drug – it was beyond all reasonable doubt a hallucination – but damn, was his vision ever clear.

Knowing of Vegeta’s past, he’d always harbored a secret fantasy of he and Vegeta taking over the world. It was a thing he knew would not actually happen; even Vegeta only took it lightly. But, there was no harm in indulging himself in a simple fantasy, right?

He smiled at his imaginings, amusedly getting to his feet. In a low voice so as not to wake Vegeta, he raised his arms in the air and dramatically chanted, “O Eternal Dragon, awaken and grant our wish.”

In his inebriated state, Goten had forgotten a small detail. The Z-gang now kept the Dragon Balls gathered and security-locked in the garage of Capsule Corp in case of emergency. The sky was already dark, and he was too far away to notice the starred crystal balls begin to agitate.

Shaking his head at his own foolishness, Goten nearly fell on his ass when the glowing red eyes of Shenron appeared before the room’s slightly opened window.

“What is your wish, mortal?” Shenron’s deep voice boomed from outside, one claw extended toward him.

Goten’s eyes were as wide as saucers, sure now that he was hallucinating. But the dragon’s voice and presence carried such unmistakable authority. Goten rubbed the back of his head nervously. “Uhm… that is… I…” he stuttered confusedly, then remembered it could not possibly be real. He smiled mischievously and explained, “Me and Vegeta want to temporaily be turned into women, to see if our powers can get stronger like back on Vegeta-sei.”

Shenron considered the youngest Son man doubtfully. “Your partner is asleep, and you don’t seem clear-headed. Are you inhibited in any way?”

“A little,” Goten admitted, “I guess you refuse to grant my wish?”

The dragon studied the comparatively small mortal, choosing not to reveal his thoughts. “All seven Dragon Balls are united, and I only refuse a wish when I lack the power to grant it,” he informed Goten, “Return to sleep now, and the process shall be complete.” The seven crystal balls circled around Shenron before turning back to stone, then rescattered off to random corners of the Earth.

Slowly the dragon vanished, leaving a very perplexed Goten in the room. He glanced at Vegeta’s sleeping form, then down at himself. Both were exactly the same. It had been only a freak halluination, he decided, suddenly feeling very sleepy. The side effects of the new drug were unpredictable, he decided, curling back up beside Vegeta. A nap would be good for them, he thought as his tired eyes closed gratefully.
About a half hour later, Vegeta stirred in his sleep, content for Goten’s comforting presence beside him. As he was accustomed to doing, one thigh slid between his legs while his free hand slid possessively up his chest.

Then he froze.

The familiar bulge he was used to feeling between his legs was gone, replaced by two generous, unfamiliar ones on his chest.

His eyes opened wide and he blinked several times, unable to decide if he were dreaming or hallucinating. After a speechless moment of shock, his mouth opened to incredulously question, “Goten?”

Wondering at the odd, slightly higher timbre in his own voice, he cleared his throat, more concerned about his partner’s aspect. It was definitely Goten, there was no doubt; except that he looked more like his grandmother now than himself. Or should he say ‘she,’ Vegeta wondered, feeling a lump of panic rise in his throat. He shook his mate’s shoulder frantically. “GOTEN!”

The demi Saiyan’s eyes opened sleepily, smiling as he squeezed Vegeta’s hand. His delicate, feminine hand. Goten’s eyes opened widely at his turn, staring in disbelief at who was unmistakably Vegeta, except…

Goten shook his head wildly, having forgotten all about Shenron. Crazy dreams, possibly hallucinations, were to be expected, but he remembered nothing after both of them laying back to go to sleep. Frantically he touched Vegeta, hoping his eyes deceived him. But they did not.

“What in the hell happened to us?” Vegeta exclaimed, frantically passing his hands over his own body. His mind racing, he jumped out of bed to stand in front of a full-length mirror by a clothes rack. Goten followed him, and they stared into it. Mirrors didn’t lie, any more than their mutually shocked looks as they contemplated the reflection of their feminized selves.

“How?” Goten finally managed, not caring that his voice squeaked at the obvious change.

Vegeta looked just as confounded, then his eyes narrowed angrily. “That drug!” His fists clenched in rage that matched Goten’s face. “Get dressed,” he commanded fiercely, “Someone is in for one hell of a wake-up call!”

Goten followed Vegeta back to the bed, his face pinched in the cold Son anger of which one did not want to be in the area when it exploded. Both swiftly redressed, paying no heed of the now oversized expensive clothes, left, and relocked the door behind them.

Finding the hallway and the direction of the girls’ room was not difficult, and they stonily pushed past the second beaded curtain.

“Hey! You have no authorization–” a uniformed security guard began, but Vegeta literally knocked him flying to land in the middle of the dance floor.

They easily found what they knew to be the correct door, of course lit with a red light, and pounded menacingly on it. A moment later, one of their voices mumbled drowsily, “Who in the hell could–”

“Your ‘charming friends’,” Goten snarled bitterly, “Either you open this door immediately, or we’ll blow it to smithereens!”

“Who the hell are you?” Jordan’s more aggressive voice demanded, cut off when Vegeta’s fist punched a hole in the technically solid door.

“Shit!” a voice that had to be Ashley’s muttered, then yelled in panic, “Hang on!” Soft shuffling was heard, then the door opened carefully, both girls having slid on dressing gowns. Each held a tire bat, poised and ready to strike, but their faces paled and they dropped the useless items at the sight that greeted them.

The now feminine versions of Vegeta and Goten strode in, and Jordan quickly shut the door again.

“What in the–” The color had drained from both girls’ faces, who stared at them incredulously. It was indeed Goten and Vegeta, dressed in the same clothes, except for the obvious.

“We demand an explanation!” Goten hissed through his… her… teeth, glaring at them like a mountain lion about to pounce. “The drug. What.Have.You. DONE TO US?”

Unable to speak at this point, both young women only gaped at them, open-mouthed and pale.

With an enraged growl, Vegeta punched a large hole through the wall. “Is that question too hard for your pea-brains to understand, or DO YOU NEED MORE CLARIFICATION?!”

Ashley seemed to mysteriously snap to her senses. “The ‘drug’ is only an aphrodisiac. A powerful one, yes, but it doesn’t do… that.”

Jordan shook her head, pointing to a two-seated, deep red leather couch. “Definitely not. Obviously something else happened to you. Can you remember anything unusual?”

Both Saiyans calmed sufficiently to accept the offered seat and frowned, deep in thought.

Ashley padded barefoot to a mini refrigerator, looking up drowsily at the two Saiyans. “Would you like a coffee, water, something with caffeine?” Both shook their heads vehemently, able to throw them further than they could trust them. The latter shrugged. “Don’t mind, then.” She took out two iced coffees, handing one to her companion. “Too tired to make any,” she mumbled.

The girls opened the cans of much-needed coffee, watching the Saiyans expectantly.

“Try to remember,” Jordan prompted them again, “Something wierd definitely went down.”

Vegeta rolled… now her eyes, glaring at them through a fringe of thick eyelashes. “We found an empty room. We laughed like idiots at stupid things. We fucked like crazy, took a nap, and woke up like this,” he told them flatly, knowing to state the obvious, “Probably the same as you, but you’re still the same.” He scowled, boiling with the urge to break something on a massive scale.

“I hope the effects of your magic plant are over now,” Goten added. There was an unnatural calm to his voice that scared them more than Vegeta’s fury.

“Our Sedilusta plant’s effects have worn off,” Ashley confirmed, “But I assure you, it’s never gender-swapped anyone. And it’s only been tested on humans. We’re against animal cruelty.”

Vegeta and Goten exchanged a furtive glance. They were not human and fully human, respectively, which very few actual humans knew.

“Shenron!” Vegeta whispered urgently to Goten, who nodded, his eyes alighting with hope.

“Huh?” Jordan asked at their sudden inspired secrecy.

“Someone who may be able to help us,” Goten improvised, “We need to leave, like now.” Both stood impatiently.

The girls nodded understandingly, but Jordan told them, “We’ll have to escort you out, otherwise they’ll think your chips are trafficked. No offense, but when you got here, you were guys.”

“Shyeah…” Goten stood up to pace in quiet fury.

“Give us a sec to get dressed,” Ashley said quickly, “We can’t leave the room like this. We’ll hurry,” she promised. The two of them picked up their clothes and hurried into the bathroom, leaving Vegeta and Goten to seethe. Indeed, they were back out quickly, fingering their hair into place.

Picking up a large set of keys, the girls put on authorative looks and led them out. The four of them tried to look as casual as possible wading their way through the crowd, who thought nothing of seeing apparently women in men’s clothing.

Recognizing Vegeta’s and Goten’s arraignments, the woman in the Chanel suit hurried over to them. “Jordan…?” she asked in confusion of their escortees.

“Business,” Jordan whispered with a wink, to which the woman nodded in recogntion with a smile and left them.

They were just about to exit via the red carpetted reception room, when a familiar face and voice caught the Saiyans’ eyes. “Oh gawd, no,” Goten groaned. He and Vegeta hid behind the girls, cringing, but it was too late.

Hercule Satan had managed to impress a girl who appeared younger than Videl, with long, curly red hair. His eyes lit up at seeing them from afar. “Goten! Vegeta!” his booming voice called out, turning several heads. “I haven’t seen you in months! How’ve you b–” When he was close enough to see them clearly, his jaw dropped, rendered speechless. The young woman on his arm elbowed his side, scowling.

“We’re family,” Goten told her quickly, keeping his voice as low as possible, but Ashley and Jordan beamed.

“Something told me you aren’t just anybody,” Jordan said with a grin.

“Oh my!” Hercule passed a hand through his balding hair. “What happened to you?” His eyes were as wide as saucers.

“No time to explain,” Goten exclaimed urgently, grabbing Vegeta’s arm. “Later!”

The four of them left the establishment, standing at a safe distance from curious regards. “Let us know how you’re doing,” Ashley bade them worriedly, “You know where to find us.” She scribbled their numbers on a Club 73 business card and handed it to Vegeta.

They considered the young women, supposing they hadn’t meant or caused any actual harm. That said, they weren’t keen on seeing them again, and they had a hell of a problem now. The one thing on their minds was invoking Shenron, which at present appeared to be their only oblivious hope.
TBC in Chapter 4…


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