Young Goku’s Adventures

Young Goku


Goku – 7 years old

Looking around the room, Goku spotted his grandfather’s Power-Pole, the magical staff that had passed onto him when Gohan had died. He got up and retrieved it, and lay down on the bed again. He set Grandpa under his chin and raised his legs into the air as far as they would go, and tried to push the end of the pole into himself. It hurt, and it wouldn’t go in.

Young Goku

Suddenly remembering that Gohan had always had Goku suck on his fingers first, he put the end of Power-Pole in his mouth, making it wet. Then he tried inserting it again, and it slid in a little easier. It felt good, almost as good as Gohan’s fingers had, but it was taking both of his hands to keep it in place, and there was nothing to give his dick any attention… Another idea hit the boy.

He brought his tail around to his belly and wrapped the end of it around himself, using that to rub it up and down. Now, that felt better, except that Power-Pole was stuck, and he couldn’t push it in any further. “Power-Pole, extend.” He whispered, and the pole lengthened by about an inch, pushing farther into him than Grandpa had ever done. That hit just the right spot, and Goku cried out, lifting his abdomen from the bed. He stopped. This still wasn’t quite what he wanted. The feel of fur on his dick was not quite right, not quite as good as the sensation of actual fingers massaging his organ. He had to think of something else.

He removed the magical staff from himself, and sighed as he dropped it on the floor and went back to using his hands to touch himself. His tail lay placid on his belly as he worked, twitching occasionally. Goku smiled as he figured out the answer to his problem. His tail swung around and positioned he positioned it at the recently vacated entrance. He hadn’t wetted it, but his butthole was stretched enough that it didn’t really matter. His fifth appendage slid quickly into his butt, although it was wider than the pole, and he worked it as far up as it would go.

Now, that was better, almost perfect, in fact. He could move the tail at will, rubbing it against everything inside him, and his fingers on his dick, though not as practiced as Gohan’s had been, were just right. He kept pushing his tail further and further in, until it was at that spot.

Then, he kept it there, rubbing as hard as he could. He sped up his hand’s pumping–that had been the one thing that had always made him mad about when his grandfather did this, that he was too slow–and finally finished, squirting great globs of the sticky white stuff all over himself; some of it hitting Gohan’s ball.

“There, Grandpa. Maybe now we can s-s-sleep.” The boy yawned, and let the darkness take him away.


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