Brothers in Time

Teen Gohan and Goten

Paring: Goten and Kid Gohan

by DBZFanGoten and Gohan5150

Warning: Contains Shota fanfiction content. Please do not read if you are not over 18 years of age. Thank you.

Seven-year-old Goten hopped out of the time machine, and then looked around it. “Err, how do I put this in its’ capsule again? Trunks showed me, but I wasn’t really paying attention…”

He then spent over an hour, walking all around the time machine, feeling for a switch.

“AAHH! I give up!” Goten cried in frustration, kicking it.

POOF! The time machine turned into a capsule in a puff of smoke.

“WAAHH!” cried a startled Goten. Then he bent and picked it up. “How did it do that? Oh well!” he shrugged happily, pocketing it. “At least it’s in the capsule now. Now to find big brother….”

He floated up off the ground and hovered there, trying to sense Gohan out.

Then he wheeled around suddenly. “There! It’s faint, but it’s him alright!” Then he blasted off toward the location.


Meanwhile, Gohan was clinging to a tree branch over a cliff, crying for help.

“AAAhhhh!!” the toddler cried. “S-someone help me! Please! I… I can’t hold much longer!!!” The young boy kicked his feet frantically. His fingers were slipping as his heart raced. The poor boy was in full on panic mode.

“DADDYYYYYYY!” Gohan cried desperately as he lost his grip.

“Huh?”Goten paused in midair, looking up just as Gohan fell into his arms. “WAH! Where did you come from?” Goten blinked as he held Gohan at arm’s length. “G-Gohan, is that you?”

“Ahhh!!!” Gohan squirmed and braced himself. When he felt no pain, he opened his eyes and glanced up. Goten’s head eclipsed his view of the sun, so it was all in shadow, but the shape of the hair was unmistakable.

“D-Daddy?” Gohan said. On impulse he tried to reach toward the figure for a more secure hold.

Seeing Gohan reaching toward him, Goten drew Gohan close and hugged him. “There, there, Gohan, I’ve got you.”

Gohan took comfort in the hold, but something was wrong. He knew his father’s voice wasn’t so… squeaky? He took a closer look. “Y-you’re not my daddy… did you save me?”

Goten blinked. “Uh, yeah, I guess I did catch you when you fell….But why didn’t you fly? Or were you just learning to fly?” Goten looked confused.

“I don’t know how to fly…” He glanced downwards and looked scared. “C-can you take me down please? It’s scary up here…” He looked at Goten again. “W-what’s your name? You look just like my daddy…”

“My name’s Go–ugh, hey, quit squirming, you might–oops!” Goten dropped Gohan as the latter squirmed a little too much, but luckily Goten had dipped down lower without Gohan noticing and Gohan landed in a shallow pond with a big SPLASH!

“Ahh!” Gohan thrashed in the water for a few moments, as Goten slowly lowered down, noting the water was shallow. “H-help! I’m not a good swimmer!”

“You don’t have to be. Look, just stand up.” Goten said, hovering over the water, his feet just barely touching the surface.

Gohan stopped splashing and looked. A sweat drop appeared on his head when he realized how shallow the water is. “O-oh! You’re right!” He stood up and looked at Goten.

“S-so um…” He bowed a little. “I’m Gohan, what’s your name?”

“I’m Goten!” Goten chirped as he slid his hands beneath Gohan’s armpits and lifted him up, Gohan’s clothes were dripping, causing the surface to ripple below him. “Oh, your clothes are wet. We’ve better get ‘em off before you catch a cold.”

He then flew off with Gohan, to Icarus’s cave. When they’ve landed, Goten set Gohan down and looked around.

“I wonder where Icarus is?” Goten wondered at loud. “Or is this is before Gohan met Icarus?” he continued, unaware that he was speaking for Gohan to hear him instead of it being his unheard thoughts.

Gohan tilted his head quizzically. “Who’s Icarus? And um… why do you look like my daddy?” He glanced around the cave. The boy shivered slightly and stood a little closer to Goten. He barely knew the older boy, but for some reason… he felt he could trust Goten.

Goten laughed nervously. “Uh, never mind. Let’s get those clothes off you.” he said, pulling Gohan’s soaked yellow and green robe up over his head and off. He hung it on a tree branch and then took Gohan’s shirt off, leaving the toddler stripped to the waist.

“Ah!” Gohan shivered. “C-cold!” He blushed slightly, Goten was a stranger and he was undressing him. “C-can you w-wait… p-please? I… I can do myself.” He turned and faced a wall, closed his eyes and tried to untie his belt. The most cloth seemed stubborn for the clemy fingers.

Behind him, Goten had chopped down a tree and cut it into tiny pieces of firewood in two seconds! Then he made a fireplace and set the woods on fire with his ki.

“There! Hurry up, Gohan, get your pants off and get warm by the fire!” Goten said, reaching over and pulling the belt off of Gohan with one tug!

“Gah! J-just wait Goten.” Gohan blushed deeply. He held his pants up, and carefully hooked his fingers into his underwear and pushed both of them down together at the same time. Though Goten couldn’t see it, the underwear was thicker than normal underwear. Gohan pushed them to a side and walked towards the fire, looking at the still clothed Goten.

Goten picked the pants and underpants up and stuck them to a stick with his robe and shirt and held it over the fire, to dry.

“Aren’t your socks wet too?” he asked.

“Y-yeah, right,” Gohan blushed, thankful Goten didn’t notice any oddities of his underwear, before pulling his socks off, stripping himself completely naked. His tail squirmed slightly. He held his hands tightly over his boyhood.

Goten took the wet socks and hung them over the fire too. Then he turned to look at Gohan.

“Hey, don’t do that,” Goten said, pointing at Gohan’s hands. “Hold out your hands to the fire, if you don’t, your wet hands and pee-pee will stay wrinkly.”

Gohan blushed deeply. He was used to his daddy seeing him naked, but not a mild stranger.

“O-okay.” He gulped and moved his hands to warm on the fire. His babyish penis was now in full view.

Goten smiled. He’d won the bet! He got the younger version of his brother naked in front of him! Now Trunks owes him a toy! He pressed a secret button on his chest, and SNAP, a hidden camera took the picture!

“Hey, Gohan,” Goten said, suddenly noticing the toddler’s shyness. “It’s okay, you don’t have to be shy about being naked, we’re both boys, we have the same pee-pee. Look, see?” he dropped his pants and underwear and hoisted up his shirt.

Gohan put a hand over his mouth and blushed again, seeing Goten half naked so quickly. “W-well… c-can you get… n-naked too so… I’m not alone?”

“Sure!” Goten chirped happily, carelessly stepping out of his pants and casually tossing off his shirt as if he had not a care in the world of who sees him naked.

Gohan smiled slightly, though still blushing. “T-thanks.” He continued to warm himself on the fire. “So… um… do you have any food? I’m kinda hungry…”

“Um….” Goten suddenly thrust his hand skyward and shot a ki into the air. A giant bird came crashing down, dead and slightly burnt. “Here you go! Though, we might have to cook it a little more first….”

Gohan nodded, as if from shock of how bluntly Goten got the bird. “O-ok.” He watched as Goten set up a makeshift rotisserie to cook the bird on. He then stood up and faced a wall, putting his hand on his penis and aiming at a rock. He blushed a little, but slowly started to pee.

Goten, his work done, came over to join Gohan. He stood over Gohan’s shoulder.

“Oh, you’re peeing!” Goten said, he grabbed Gohan’s penis from behind and pinched it. “Watch this, me and my friend do this all the time!” He released the penis slightly, allowing the pee to flow out, but he manipulated Gohan’s penis, spelling Gohan’s name on the ground with his own pee. “There, isn’t that cool?”

Gohan blushed deeper, and sweat slightly, but nodded when he could read his name. “Um… y-yeah.” He gulped. “Could um… n-not t-touch my peepee?” He wondered of Goten would notice his penis might be smoother than one would expect.

“Why? I haven’t even made it feel good yet!” Goten said, “My friend and I do this to each other all the time! Watch!” and he began to gently fondle Gohan’s boyhood.

“Ah, h-hey what are you…” Gohan sighed slightly. His super smooth baby-like skin made him more sensitive, and Goten’s touch felt very strange, but very good.

Goten picked Gohan up, who was looking a little pleasure-drunk, and carried him to a log and sat down in front of the fire. Then he resumed his fondling of Gohan’s boyhood.

Gohan wasn’t sure what to think, as Goten continued to directly rub his penis. It tingled in a strange way. He squirmed ever so slightly, but relaxed in Goten’s touch, as strange as it was.

“Does it feels good?” Goten asked eagerly.

“I… I… mmm….” Gohan closed his eyes tightly. Much to his shame, his penis began to show a positive response to Goten’s touch. It started to stand up, and stiffen.

“Oh goody! It’ll feel even better from here, trust me!” Goten said as he gently stroked Gohan’s babyish boner. He was loving the feel of Gohan’s smooth butt on his own peins. “Uh, Gohan, could you give me a favor?”

“W-what’s that?” Gohan asked, very confused at what was happening between his legs.

“Could….could you please….wiggle your butt a bit?” Goten asked.

“Um…. okay?” Gohan blushed, wiggling his but ever so slightly. He felt something poke against his baby smooth butt.

“Aaahhh, that feels good!” Goten cooed, still rubbing Gohan’s boner while getting butt-rubbed in the crotch

“G-Goten… my pee-pee feels funny… it tingles a lot…” Gohan blushed and admitted.

“I…It’s okay, it’s supposed to feel like that, better and better as it goes along.” Goten moaned, enjoying the buttcheek-to-crotch rub he was getting. He was now sporting a boner.

“G-Goten….” The four year old moaned. “D-don’t…” He lowered his voice to a whisper. “Don’t stop…”

“I won’t….if you rub me faster with your butt.” Goten said, his voice full of blissful pleasure.

That wasn’t difficult for Gohan to do, as his squirms from pleasure were getting difficult to control. He felt something stiff near his butt, he could only assume that was what Goten wanted rubbed.

Goten let out a cry of pleasure as he felt Gohan’s babyish boner twitch in his hand at the same time he cummed all over Gohan’s butt and lower back! Then he fell backward off the log, landing on his back on the ground, with Gohan laying on top of him.

Gohan’s babyish penis still eagerly pulsed. “I… I gotta pee!!” Gohan cried out. The twitches became more violent, and suddenly, he felt himself start to squirt something. He moaned as his penis finally softened, as he he noticed a white fluid on the ground near the fire. Though there was a small amount of it, he could see it.

Goten moaned and panted, then he wrapped his arms around Gohan and held him close, kissing him on the cheek. “Did that feel good or what?”

“That…” Gohan panted. “Was the best feeling pee ever…” He blushed more, “Um… why did you kiss me?”

“Because I love you, silly, you made me feel great!” Goten said happily, kissing Gohan’s other cheek.

“Y-you… love me? But I barely know you mister goten…”

“But I’ve known you my whole life, since I was born, really.” Goten said with a mysterious wink.

“B-but how? I don’t remember you…”

“Um,….let’s see, what was that Trunks told me to say?” Goten said, screwing up his face in an effort to remember. ‘In the river of time from whence I came, I knew you my whole life, but in this time, you have yet to meet me,’ or something like that.”

Gohan looked at Goten quizzically again. “River of time…” He thought for a moment. He then thought of how much Goten looked like his daddy. “Are we… related?”

“Yes, niichan, we are!”

“Niichan…. we’re brothers!?” Gohan said suddenly.

Goten grinned big and nodded. “Uh-huh!”

“So that’s why you look like my daddy!” Gohan smiled. He hugged Goten affectionately. “It all makes sense now!” He showed more trust in Goten now.

Goten giggled, “I shouldn’t be here, but I wanted to play with my big brother, he’s always too busy to play with me, so I came to play with him when he was little!”

Gohan smiled. “You seem like a fun little brother! Err… Big brother… I dunno!”

Goten set Gohan down on all fours. “Gohan….can I….put my pee-pee in you? If it hurts, I won’t go in further, I promise!”

“I-In me!?” Gohan blushed and pulled back. “W-what does that mean?”

“Uh, like this….” Goten said, gently prodding Gohan’s anus with a finger.

Gohan’s eyes widened and he showed a minor sweat drop. “Um… I um… I don’t know… that sounds weird…”

“But it’ll feel really good! Look, I’ll show you how it’ll feel to me.” Goten said and he turned Gohan over onto his back and took his babyish penis in his mouth and sucked on it.

“Gah!” Gohan gasped and squirmed suddenly. It felt strange, like Goten’s hand before it… but good. “Mmm!!!” He closed his eyes and bit his lip. His delicate little penis quickly responded to Goten’s mouth and started to get hard again.

Goten decided to give Gohan the full blowjob instead of a preview, knowing exactly how it felt to have a blowjob cut short, Trunks had done it to him many times with the promise of continuing when Goten does what he wanted. So Goten continue to suck his younger-version niichan.

Gohan put his hands on Goten’s head, and held on, the pleasure was overwhelming him. “G-goten… what’s going on? It feels… mmm!!!”

Goten continues to suck until Gohan squirted in his mouth, he held his mouth tight around Gohan’s crotch, lapping up every last drop!

“Mmmm….” Gohan’s eyes fluttered. “G-goten… what was that?”

“I drank your white sticky! It was good!” Goten said, taking his mouth off Gohan’s boyhood. “Now, can I put mine in you?”

“Do… do I have to drink… your white sticky?” Gohan said confused.

“Not if you don’t want to, I can put it in your back door instead.” Goten said, standing Gohan on all fours again.

“Back door…?” The toddler asked, wondering why Goten was feeling up his baby smooth bottom. Gohan had hoped, that Goten wouldn’t notice that his butt and penis were significantly smoother and softer than the rest of his body, but this would be harder to keep quiet.

“Hey, your butt and pee-pee feels just like mine!” Goten exclaimed happily

Gohan gulped. “Err… y-yup! Must be cause we’re brothers!”

“Yeah, here, feel me!” Goten said, getting off of Gohan and laying on his tummy,

Gohan blushed, but then to avoid further suspicion, he placed his hand on Goten’s butt. It was indeed very smooth, but not quite like his own. “Y-yeah! You’re butt is really soft!”

Goten rolled over and laid on his back, “Now feel my pee-pee!”

With a careful shaking hand, he felt his brother’s penis as well. It was quite a bit bigger than his own, though not huge. It was uncut and smooth like his own, but Gohan new a minor obsession of his mother got his own boyhood…. more maintainence.

“Yeah… really smooth!” Gohan stammered.

Goten sat up, “My friend called me Baby Butt sometimes, I guess it’s because his butt is firm and mine is soft and smooth.”

Gohan nodded. “My mommy secretly likes to baby me.” His eyes widened as he quickly put his hands over his mouth and looked shocked. “I mean… she says that too!”

“Did you forget we’re related already? I know ALL of Mom’s secrets and yours.”

Gohan blushed. “S-so you know…” He pointed towards his underwear, which was quite a bit thicker than normal underwear. In fact it resembled a cloth diaper more. “About what that really is?”

“The diaper? Oh yeah! But that’s nothing compared to you wearing teddy bear underwear at 17!”

Gohan was speechless. Not only was his diaper secret revealed, he had an embarrassing one he didn’t know about! But he couldn’t help but wonder. “Did… mommy do the um… diaper stuff to you too?”

“Until i was five, yeah.” Goten said, “I figured it out though, she did that because she wanted us to use the toilet instead of peeing outside, once I started using the toilet, she bought be big boy underwear!” he said proudly.

“Oh…” Gohan blushed. “Mommy kept me in diapers cause she didn’t want anything distracting me from studying…”

“Studying, you did a lot of that, I didn’t, Mom didn’t make me study, she trained me to fight!”

Gohan looked at goten with jealousy. “I wanted to learn to fight like daddy…” He pouted. “But she wont let me!”

“Don’t worry, you will fight, but….not because you wanted to….” Goten said, looking sad, but then he brightened. “But you did turned out to be one of the strongest Z-Fighters, you’ve even surpassed Daddy at one point, until Daddy surpassed you while you were studying….”

Gohan’s face brightened, frowned, brightened and frowned again. “Well…” He wagged his tail. “That all sounds weird.”

He then was in thought for a moment. “Do you um… still want to… put your peepee… in me?”

Goten nodded eagerly. “Yep!”

He gulped, but got on his hands and knees. “You promise to stop if it hurts?”

“Yes, I promise.” Goten said, before sticking his penis into a jar of strawberry jam. “Ahh, this will make it easier and hurt a lot less. Are you ready?” he asked, setting the jar aside.

Gohan nodded. “O-ok.” He braced himself.

Goten got down on his knees in front of Gohan’s butt, took hold of Gohan’s hips and gently and slowly, slid his penis into Gohan.

Gohan gasped and moaned. It felt very strange as his virginity was taken from him. There was something odd about that jam. He could feel the slimy jam against his butt… and it felt better than it should have.

“W-what kind of jam is that…” Gohan moaned.

“I dunno, just something Tru–er, my friend said we’d need. Is it not hurting you? Can I go in deeper?”

Gohan moaned. There was a tingling where the jam was touching him. “N-no… it feels good…”

Goten took this as a cue to go ahead and push in deeper, he pushed in slowly and gently, until his whole penis was buried in Gohan’s butt, his crotch touching Gohan’s buttcheeks.

Little was Gohan or Goten aware, the jelly was meant to be edible, but it was also a rare kind of sex jelly. It enhanced pleasure, dulled pain to a tickle, and caused a special tingling in the penis, as some of the jam oozed down to Gohan’s babyish balls.

Gohan’s breathing quickened as his body felt more alive, as Goten thrust into him. “G-goten!”

Goten paused. “What, did I hurt you?” he asked, hoping the answer would be no.

“N-no! D-don’t stop! Feels…mmm…. m-more jelly!” Gohan suddenly shouted.

“Oh okay!” Goten reached over for the jelly and applied more to his own penis and Gohan’s buttcrack. “How’s that?”

“P-p-put it on my peepee!!” Gohan cried, unable to believe he said it. But the pleasure was taking hold of him.

“Oh, okay!” Goten suck his fingers into the jar and then took hold of Gohan’s penis with the same hand, greasing it up with jelly.

“Y-yes! Yes yes!! D-don’t stop Goten!!! H-harder!” He started to beg for more. He briefly wondered if the jelly was giving Goten the same desire.

Goten didn’t need telling twice, he threw the jar over his shoulder and begin pounding into Gohan so hard and fast, that each time crotch and butt collided, there was a loud “SMACK”, it was as though Goten was using his body instead of his hand to spank Gohan.

Gohan closed his eyes tightly. The pleasure was too much now. Though Goten didn’t notice it, with each thrust, Gohan’s body confused. He had a tiny orgasm with each push. He would squirt a small spurt of cum with each push, and yet Gohan could feel a bigger one coming. He couldn’t stop it, he craved it and wanted it. “H-harder!!!!”

“I’m going as hard as I—no wait, I CAN do it harder!” and in a flash of gold flames, Goten became a Super Saiyan.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” Gohan cried. The hard thrust pushed him over the edge. What began as a small spurt turned into an eruption. Gohan’s baby penis jumped violently, cumming harder than any normal human being should be able to, let alone a toddler.

At the same time, Goten squirted gallons of cums into Gohan, but like his Saiyan stomach, his butt seems to be a bottomless pit. Exhausted, Goten collapsed on top of Gohan, his hair dropped back to black.

“Di….Did you… that?” Goten panted, unable to find the strenght to roll off of Gohan, who was being smothered beneath him

“Um…” Gohan felt he was covered in cum. It was everywhere! “I think I need a bath…” Gohan blushed.

Half an hour later, Goten finally was able to pull himself out of Gohan, but then he was instantly addicted to Gohan’s strawberry-flavored butt, he started licking Gohan’s buttcheeks and anus, and doesn’t seemed able to stop.

In the future time, Trunks was sitting his chair, jelly-covered boner in hand, watching the events of the past that Goten was in on the big screen. “Ha! I knew giving Goten that jelly was a smart idea! It made the normally shy Gohan more than willing to have sex!”

Eventually the two boys wandered the cave a little to find a proper hot spring. They bathed together. Gohan trusted his brother a lot more now, to keep him from falling or drowning.

“Gohan, can I kiss you?” Goten asked as he finished washing Gohan’s face and ears.

Gohan blushed. “Um… I guess so.” He hugged Goten.

“Can…can I do it like Mom and Dad does it?”

Gohan blinked. “Are… brother’s supposed to do it that way?”

“Um, I dunno, you never did it to me.” Goten said, pouting.

“Um… I guess you could… nobody’s watching.” Gohan blushed.

Meanwhile, in the future…

“Ha!” Trunks laughed, still naked on his chair and stroking himself with jelly.

Goten leaned in slowly, closing his eyes and puttering his lips, moving closer to Gohan’s.

Gohan closed his eyes and mimiced his brother, unsure if it was right, but went along with it.

Their lips met, and Goten hugged Gohan tightly and deepened the kiss.

The two brothers kissed each other passionately for a long time. It was a cute sight. “I…” Gohan’s face was crimson red. “Love you Goten.”

“I….ugh!” Goten gasped, feeling a pull behind his navel. “No, not now, Trunks.” he looked at Gohan. “Sorry, looks like my time’s up.” he kissed Gohan one last time, and then he vanished.

Gohan blinked a couple of times. “G-Goten?” He gulped. He fearfully climbed out of the hot spring and went back through the cave. “G-goten! Where are you? Please come back!” He reached toward his pants and put his underwear back on. “G-goten!?”

“GOHAN!” called a voice in the distant. “Gohan! Where you are, kiddo?” it was the voice of Goku!

“D-daddy!?” Gohan said, with more hope in his voice. He abandoned the rest of his clothes and ran toward the sound of his father’s voice. “Daddy, is that you!?”

A man jumped down from a tree and landed in front of him. He looked like an older, grown-up version of Goten.

“Gohan, there you are. Your mother’s about to go berserk with worry!” Goku said. “And um, are you fishing?”

“Daddy!” Gohan said happily grabbing onto his leg. “N-no! There was this kid that looked like you, he’s my brother from the future daddy! And we played all these fun naked games, and he saved me from falling!”

“Ah, I guess you’ve heard Krillin and I played those naked games too, huh?” Goku said, “Well they aren’t as fun when you’re playing by yourself, right?”

In the future, Goten bonked Trunks on the head.

“OW! What was that for/” Trunks yelled, clutching his head,

“I wasn’t ready to come back yet, you meanie!” Goten pouted.

“He was here but he disappeared!” said Gohan. “Where did he go daddy?”

“I don’t know, son, I did sensd two kis here, one of them was HUGE!’ Goku said. “And then it just….vanished.

Gohan looked a little disappointed that his brother was gone. “I miss him daddy… he was nice, and had this fun jelly…”

“Hold on, I think I smell some,” Goku said, following his nose while carrying Gohan. “Hey, there it is!” He picked up a jar that was left on the ground.

“Is there any left daddy?” Gohan said, looking up at his father hopefully wearing nothing but his cloth diaper.

“Oh yeah, there’s almost a full jar here.” Goku said, locating the lid and screwing it on.

“Yay! Goten left the jelly!” Gohan cheered.

In the future, Goten was standing over a beaten-up-looking Trunks.

“I didn’t get to lick the jelly off his pee-pee!” Goten raged, kicking Trunks in the side. “I didn’t get to play with his tail either!” He aimed another kick, this time, in Trunks’ gut. “All because you decided that my play time was up and I had to come back!”
“N-note to…OOH! s-self….AHHH! N-never s-teal….Goten’s—OW! NOT THE CROTCH, NOT THE CROTCH! AHHHHGGGGHHH– candy again…..”

Trunks laid curled up in a ball, writhing in pain while Goten watched the monitor of a much younger Gohan and his Daddy playing the naked game. The hurt that he never got to finish his own game with Gohan led Goten to aim a kick at Trunks’ rib.

Gohan giggled playfully licking a little of the jelly off his daddies finger. “It tastes good daddy!”

“I bet it does! I think I know a tree where we can get more of this stuff. Now lets get you home. Too much of this and you’ll need a new diaper! I mean,” he giggled. “Underwear. But your mother’ll put you back in diapers if that isn’t clean.”

“Don’t worry, Daddy, I know how to get out of diapers.” Gohan said, winking. “I just need to stop peeing on trees.”

Goku scratched his head. “Um… I thought that wasn’t the problem. I thought your mom was just conflicted about making you a scholar or keeping you as her baby. By the way she almost put a crib in your room today.”

“NO!” Gohan wailed despairingly, but then he paused. “Wait, almost?”

“Well… when I left to go look for you she almost did.” Goku said, lifting up Gohan and holding him in one arm. “I’m kinda jelouls actually. I kinda wish I was a little kid and got to do stuff like that! I remember my grandpa would always make babying me so fun!”

“Daddy, could you….um….” Gohan blushed deeply. “….take my diaper off? I wanna be naked, but you can tell Mom a tiger chewed off my clothes when you found me.”

Goku shrugged. He put his hands on the back rim of the thick underwear and pulled it down and off of Gohan. “There you go! She wont care anyway, she’s a little frantic.”

Gohan snuggled up against his Daddy’s chest, enjoying the outside air on his naked body. “Can I play naked in the woods form now on?”

“Umm…” Goku scratched his head. “I don’t mind… it might be best when your mother’s not around though.”

Gohan squealed happily and kissed his Daddy full on the mouth.

“Oh!” Gohan broke the kiss and shrank back in his Daddy’s arms as though embarrassed. “Sorry Daddy, Mister Goten taught me that…..”

“You know… Krillen always told me kissing like that was ok…. ah why not?” Goku pulled Gohan closer and started kissing the naked toddler full on.

Gohan wrapped his arms around Goku’s neck and kissed him passionately. “Can you and Mommy make me a little brother please? And call him Goten?”

Goku sweat dropped and chuckled. “We’ll see son.” He flew towards home. As Goku suspected, Gohan’s room looked more like a nursery and less like a study on this day. It seemed to change on a weekly basis. After ChiChi had finished her freakout moment, Gohan found a proper disposable diaper put on his waist, but he never forgot Goten.

In the future, Trunks was sitting in his chair, looking good as new, though annoyed.

“I’m sorry,” Goten said, bowing to Trunks. “Sorry for hurting you, I didn’t know I was about to be spotted by my past Daddy.”

“It’s alright Goten. Just don’t over-react like that.” He leaned back in his chair. “What’d I’d give for a boy nirvana where we could have sex all day long and not worry about anything.”

“You said you’d name that world Planet Shota if we could make that happen. HEY…..” Goten was struck by a sudden brainwave. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Trunks?”

They looked at each other, long and hard and then they both cry out: “DRAGONBALL HUNT!”

The End


  1. This story is really good and I finished it right now. Except its good but I don’t understand the part where goten mentioned trunks about a drug or something. Other than that I’d say the story was great. This is what I enjoy from a good story that its science fiction.

    The part that I liked was when the two brothers were separated and then trunks got beat up. I was like if goten really liked his older younger brother.

    Also the part where goten shows gohan how to have sex. When I was their age I didn’t know anything about sex. And they already hadsex with each other.

  2. That is one amazing story!The only thing i cant say I like is the part were the “jam” comes into play because it just never was mentioned before.The Time Travel idea is also really original.

    The Innocence of Gohan also works really good with this.And as in nearly every story the Characters are perfect when compared to the show.Also the little side story with trunks works perfect.


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