Goku Goes Shopping

Goku goes shopping

 Contains: Gay Sexual Yaoi Shota content. 18+ readers only!

Notes: Contains Muscle Growth along with more sexual content between a father and son


Goku: 24 Years old

Gohan: 11 Years old

It was a hot summer day in July when Chi-Chi decided it was time for her and Goku to spend some time shopping. Goku has been away with Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber doing who knows what.

They first head to Bulma’s to drop off Gohan to let her babysit him while they were gone.

Goku: But Chi-Chi; I could be training today! I need to be ready if something terrible happens.
Chi-Chi: The only terrible that will happen Goku; is if I don’t get to enjoy my day with you!!
ring ring
Goku: What was that?
*ring ring

Chi-Chi: Its my phone; hold on.

Goku and Gohan at the lake
Chi-Chi: Hello? .. Oh hey Bulma…. What’s that? … Gohan is missing!!! … I’ll be right over. Goku, Gohan is missing. I’m heading over to Bulma’s house to find him. You stay here until I find him; okay?
Goku: Ok Chi-Chi. I’ll train or something. Flies off into the sky over some trees
Chi-Chi leaves and drives to Bulma’s house.
Goku: I wonder where I can train until Chi-Chi gets back.. Wha.. What’s that? Is that?…
Goku sees a little boy in the woods; peeing near the lake. Curious to know who it was, Goku flies down behind a tree to watch the boy. Goku was behind the boy; so all he saw was the kid’s backside for now.
Boy: Ahhh, That felt really good! Bulma is just too uptight for me to train around. Still; I’m glad I grabbed this before I left. I wonder what it does..
Goku thinks to himself: It’s Gohan! But how come I couldn’t recognize him? Could it be his body is more mature since the last time I saw him naked? Maybe he has been training and is stronger? Or perhaps his… Cock is bigger… I’ll just keep watching.
CRACK! Goku moves and breaks a limb.
Gohan: Who’s there?! I’m warning you, I’m strong and I will bite! turns around and Goku sees his son’s front side
Goku: It’s me Gohan, don’t worry; I won’t bite you haha.
Gohan: Oh dad! I’m glad to see you! Bulma is just mean today. I don’t know why she was.
Goku looking at his son’s body; barely paying any attention to what Gohan is saying.
Goku thinks to himself: Wow! It did grow since last time! About 6 inches now I would say. And his body is a lot stronger. He must have been training in secret.
Gohan: Hey Dad! I found this at Bulma’s. I heard her telling Vegeta it would increase his strength or something. I want you to drink it Dad!

Goku; who is aroused already from watching his son naked; decides to drink what his son is offering him.

Gulp gulp gulp! leaves 1/2 of it still inside the bottle

Goku: Ahh! That tasted good! Kinda salty but sweet. Ahhh ahhhhh ooooo
Gohan: What’s wrong Dad?!
Instantly Goku’s suit begins to get tight around his chest, legs, and arms. Goku took off his suit before it ripped and left his boxers on. Gohan standing there couldn’t help but notice his dad’s manhood package begin to bulge and grow. Goku didn’t noticed this; he is still in curiosity of why his suit got tight. Then Goku’s cock got too large and slid out the front of his boxers. Then Goku noticed something was happening.

Goku: Whoa; what’s going on?
Gohan: Dad! Wow! Your um Big! I’m so proud of my Dad!
Goku: Really? You’re proud of my size? Well; guess it’s alright for us to be naked together then; Father and son.
Goku pulls down his boxers and throws them aside on top of his suit, revealing his full bulging and growing cock and balls. His cock is now at 7 1/2 inches.
Goku: Gohan?
Gohan: Yeah Dad? snaps out of stare at his dad’s cock.
Goku: Your dick is a pretty good sized one too son.
Gohan: Really dad? It’s nothing like yours though! I’d be really happy if I had one like yours!
Goku: You can pretend it’s yours if you feel like it.
Gohan: What really? You mean..
Goku: Yeah son; you can do whatever you want; I am your father after all and we are alone for now.
Gohan: Okay Dad! said with excitement
Gohan gets down and close to Goku’s cock; now at 8 inches and soft. His balls the size of tennis balls.
He begins to give Goku a handjob; but very slowly as he has never touched anyone else cock before other than his own cock. Gohan begins to get aroused know he was touching the one thing that created him, his dad’s cock. 
Goku: Oh son; that feels really good! I’m really really horny right now. Ughhh. Hey; touch my balls a little bit.
Gohan: Okay dad!
Gohan grabs his dad’s ball with one hand and could almost put his hand around it, and he squeezes it a little.
Goku: GASP ooooohhhh moan That feels amazing Gohan!
Goku sat down as Gohan was masturbating his father with interest. “I’ve never experienced anything like this, dad” “Neither have I, son. Well except with Krillin when we were younger. He taught me what masturbating and the feelings and sensations we get down there. I felt dirty at first but he consoled me and the feeling felt incredible” Gohan looked at his father as he went to kiss him. Everything faded away except for the extreme pleasure they were both receiving from each other. Gohan reached his head around and began licking the clothing over Goku’s mouth, wanting desperately to kiss him. He took a hold of the fabric with his teeth, pulled it down, and captured Goku’s lips in a ferocious, primal kiss.
The child kissed back with just as much force, moaning loudly as Gohan’s tongue entered his mouth, practically going down his throat. It was all getting to the preteen. Everything was just so intense, and he could feel himself getting closer to his climax. He pulled his mouth away from Goku’s. “I’m so close, Kid!” Gohan was panting for breath as he answered. “I-I want it…I w-want it i-i-inside m-me!”

The animalistic look in Goku’s eyes and the husky tone he used, threw Gohan over the edge. With a loud grunt, he came inside the boy, jerking spastically as he shot stream after stream of hot semen inside the child. The warmth that grew inside Gohan was enough for him to reach his peak. “Ohhhh, daddy!” Gohan tensed up. His walls clung to his father’s rod like a vice as he achieved orgasm. The both of them jerked frantically, as spasms of pleasure rushed through their bodies. Gohan collapsed on his stomach, and Goku fell down beside him. They looked over at each other, both grinning from ear to ear. Gohan placed a soft kiss on his father’s lips before speaking. “I love you, daddy.” Goku rubbed a finger along his son’s left cheek. “I love you, too, Son.”

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  1. This story was super sexy. Goku and gohan having sex was amazing. The fact they were in the woods was amazing.
    The fact they had sex was perfectly wrong. The mix of heaven and hell was flawless. The story was perfect.


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