[Sneak Peak] Oravlex Comic – Starring Tarble – Soon to be translated to English

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Where have you guys been?!

Did you think we were dead?  🙂  LOL
Noo, we’re still here. Been busy with personal life issues and tasks. But upon many requests, we have started translating another comic. Though we don’t like to do these often, we still do it for your enjoyment.  So yes, WE DO LISTEN TO EMAILS AND COMMENTS!!

Oravlex Comic – Soon to be Translated to English

As you can see below, this is a preview of the comic to come. If you want to request one you know that needs translating, please do so with the link mentioned below! Enjoy!!  😀


How can I submit a Translate Request?

You may send more translate request through our “Contact Us” page.

How can I help?

We are fueled by lovely comments, cheers, and the support of our fans. But we also run into money expenses which greatly slows down the process of making more content and working on the site. Donations are welcome and thanked!


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