Download “Fixing Gohan’s Suit” – Comic by Oravlex [Translated to English]

Fixing Gohan's Suit Comic

I spent some of my time today translating a comic I found on the internet (you’d be surprised what you will find) and came across this comic made by Oravlex. I just want to say all credit goes to him/her for it and in no way am I trying to steal his/her artwork. I just noticed it was only in Spanish and thought I would translate so others, along with myself, could enjoy it!


Leave a lovely comment below if you love this file or if it needs to be reuploaded.


  1. The images were very neatly drawn. The words were cleare and esay to see. The story flowed nicley.
    The sex scenes were super hot. Trunks was so sexy. Plus super good at suducing people.


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