Dragon Ball S: Chapter 2

Dragon Ball S - Chapter 2
Dragon Ball S - Chapter 2

This contains hot sex (Fanfiction) of shota dbz characters.

I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: Tanuki-san

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Chapter 2: The Nude Dinner pt.1

With the love proclamation and their bath being official over, Trunks and Goten walk from the bath. They are both in the nude, however Trunks wears a towel, for obvious reasons.

“How can you do that Goten?” Trunks asked.

“What?” His face looked like he had no idea he was naked.

“Just prance around naked at your age?” Trunks said. His eyes drew down to his friend’s limp member, which bounced with each step.

“I don’t get why it’s such a big deal!” Goten chirped. “Even daddy walked around naked when he was my age, he even fought master Roshi naked!”

“What!?”this was the first time Trunks had heard this. He knew Goku was a weird kid, from Bulma’s reminisces, but not that he was an avid streaker.

“Mmhmm!” Goten said with a confident head nod. A sweat drop appeared at Trunks’s left temple when he imagined fighting a naked Goku now.

“So uhh ‘ten?”

“Yeah Trunksy?”


“It’s my new lovey name for you baby!” Trunks could tell Goten was going into overdrive with this whole relationship thing.

“You don’t have to call me any lovey name,” Trunks said. “Just call me my real name, I call you ‘ten all the time.”

“‘Kay!” Goten was now so far clear on what to call his best friend/ new lover.

“Well, as I was saying… You wanna eat?” Trunks’s asked. He knew the Demi-Saiyan wanted to feast. Goten’s eyes beamed at Trunks’s.

“Heck Yeah!” He shouted. Trunks was slightly taken aback, but still maintained, as the towel’s poorly done knot got looser around his waist.

“Alright, let’s go to the kitchen!” Trunks said, as they both super ran to the kitchen area. They were greeted by two cooking droids who quickly fashioned an appetizer before working mechanically on the meal. The appetizer was nachos and salsa.

“Look appetizers!” Trunks presented.

“Yea apple-teasers!” Goten cheered. Trunks grinned at his friend, who snatched up four chips and coated them in massive amounts of salsa, before shoving them into his mouth. He immediately spit the substances from his mouth. Clawing his tongue, he hissed his clean curses at the dish.

“That tasted nothing like apple!” He shouted. Trunks was dying of laughter. So much he dripped salsa onto his lap. He reached down to wipe the towel of the salsa when he made contact with skin.

He then saw the towel laying on the floor outside the kitchen. He had lost the towel while super running. As he watched his naked friend attempt to eat the nachos a second time, he realized that Goten had a boner.

“This isn’t that bad!” Goten chirped. A ding was heard, signaling the completion of the two Demi- Saiyan’s full course dinner. As the two ate, Trunks couldn’t help but watch Goten’s seemingly permanent boner, as it bounced with every motion he made.

Ghe droids did a fantastic job. And by the time the two were finished, the droids were already preparing to fold back into the woodwork, as if they’d been programmed to fold away when they detected the two were full. The two boys sat in their stools, naked and full of food. Goten was the first to move. He got off of his stool, still with a boner, and proceeded to grab some milk.

The seven year old opened the fridge and pulled out a small container if milk. He popped the lid off and began to drink, Trunks gazed at his naked friend as some milk dribbled down his neck and traveling down to his boner. He stared at Goten’s chest and slightly protruding nipples, his chub from the recent meal was beginning to deteriorate. As his sexy babyish features were displayed before Trunks’s eyes, he had begun to get a boner himself.

“Goten, you got a little…” Trunks pointed downward. His friend took the hint and took a finger across his belly and to his erection, wiping the milk off before licking the finger.

“Trunks, did you hear that?” Goten must’ve used his super hearing, cause Trunks was too distracted by this display to hear anything.

“What?” Trunks asked.

“Nothin, just hearing things.” Goten responded. Unbeknownst to the two Demi-Saiyans, there in fact was something afoot outiside Capsule corp.

Heavy footsteps are heard outside the yellow walls of Capsule Corp.. A man dressed in all black attempts to scale the said wall. After two failures, he manages, landing with an awkward thud on the grass of the recreational area. He rises to his feet and steps quietly to an entranceway at the south end of the main building. This man is 14 year old Derek Curris, a slightly experienced burglar, after one failure and one success at a mansion guarded by a vicious dog.

He then pulls a small computer out of his side pocket, he types a code and the door hisses open. He raises a fist in success and quietly enters the building.

Trunks and Goten now stood in the laundry room, still in their birthday suits, Goten still sporting a boner, shockingly to Trunks, who’s boner had already went limp. They stood in front of a loaded washing machine, stuffed to the brim with smelly clothes, the same clothes that were put in before they went to take the bath.

“I forgot to start it…” Trunks whined. Then he approached the machine, dropped a cap of detergent in, and started it. He then stood staring at it. Goten was tired, yet he wanted Trunks to touch him again. The seven year old then grasped Trunks’s hand and pulled him out of the laundry room.

Trunks barely reacted to being tugged by his naked friend into his bedroom. When they entered, Goten set Trunks’s naked body on the soft sheets of his bed, the silk sheets felt good on Trunks’s ass and scrotum.

Goten presented himself to Trunks, his little boy boner still at attention. Trunks gazed at it before finally deciding to open his mouth.

“Goten?” Trunks said.


“Trunks can you… Uh…” He was blushing. This was kind of shocking to Trunks, yet he admired this side of Goten. “Can you touch me again?” He asked, that innocent baby face staring into Trunks eager blue eyes. The lavender haired boy jumped to action, as he collided with Goten’s face with his, locking their lips as he began to pull him in. Their embrace led to the cushiony bed, where Goten was then pressed sitting straight against the headboard. After the kiss was broken, Trunks stared into his best friend’s eyes.

“You’re so cute.” Trunks said. Goten blushed and looked down in shame.”it’s okay, Goten.” Trunks said, before stoking his friend’s face and kissing him on his adorable forehead.

“I love you Trunksey.” Goten proclaimed. Trunks smiled at his new nickname.

“I love you too ‘ten.” Trunks answered. He then slid his hand down to Goten’s belly. He rubbed the boy’s firm belly as Goten giggled. His hand then roamed down to Goten’s sensitive erection, stroking it with his first three fingers.

“Mmmmhmm oooohhhh.” Goten moaned as Trunks’s fingers slid up and down his erection. He gasped as Trunks gripped the pulsing boyhood in his hand.

“Does it feel good ‘ten?” Trunks asked. He already knew the answer.

“Yesss, keep going pleeeasse..” Goten squealed as Trunks masturbated his small boyhood. Trunks began to rub himself in sequence, the two boys moaned and squealed in pleasure as a silent intruder made his way throughout the Capsule Corp.

Derek trekked the living room of Capsule corp’s living quarters, he stepped over puddles of water and questioned every one. He soon happened upon the entrance way to the main staircase. He slowly made his way up the stairs until he heard a faint,

“Uuuhhn, Trunks…”

This made Derek stop dead in his tracks. He could’ve sworn nobody was here. Nonetheless, he foolishly made his way up the stairs further. As soon as he managed to get to the second bedroom door, he stopped, crouched and peeked through the open crack.

“Uuh Trunks!” Goten moaned, his penis pulsating in Trunks’s grip. “I’m close, Trunks!”

“Me too ‘ten! Uuhhhh!” Trunks grasped his boyhood and stroked it faster, causing precum to ooze onto the sheets. Goten’s erection was also squirting precum all over Trunks’s hand.

Trunks stopped for a moment on himself and Goten. He sensed another person in the house, but he could barely make it certain, due to his ecstasy. Goten moaned for Trunks to keep going, and so he continued, ignoring the feeling of being watched.

There they were, two cute little boys jerking off. Derek watched the scene, breathing heavily, as he stroked himself under his tight black jeans. He could hear the whole thing.

“Uh, Trunks!” The cuter black haired one squealed. “I’m going to squirt! I’m gonna.. Uugh.”

“Goten, Gote- AAAAHHNN!” The kind of cute purple haired one shot cum all over the bed, squealing with each release.

“Tru- AAAAIIIINNNNGH!” The cuter one blew up, spraying cum all over the purple headed one. He accepted the rain, licking it as it fell on his arm. The cuter one squirmed and gasped as he finished squirting all over.

Derek couldn’t take anymore watching. If he wasn’t going to get any valuables, he was going to get some ass! He burst through the door and grabbed the purple headed one, who shouted exhaustedly and looked wide eyes at Derek!



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