Favorite Supobi Artwork of 2015

Supobi Artwork

We wanted to take this time to be thankful for a great artist for DBZ Gay artwork, Supobi. We made a couple of selections for the year 2015 that we loved.

The artwork below is credited to her, and we highly suggest you go follow her tumblr.

(Disclaimer: We do not know the gender of Supobi, and so we have defaulted to using the “her” pronoun. Please excuse this if it is incorrect.)

Ranging from Yaoi, to Gay, to even some hints of Shota 😉 Supobi does a fantastic job of drawing and creating artwork the DBZ Yaoi fandom can enjoy 🙂

Here are just a couple of pics we selected that we enjoy viewing over… and over… and over again 🙂

Click the photo to be taken to the source page.

Supobi DBZ Yaoi/Gay/Shotacon Artwork

Sweet Goten Sexy Vegeta Sexy Apron on Vegeta, and precumming? Vegeta Kissing Goku

Super Goku and Super Vegeta on the couch by Supobi Super 4 Vegeta Shirtless Vegeta and Goku starring into each other's eyes by Supobi Not even the pool can cool us down!! Feat. Goku, Vegeta, Kid Goten, and Kid Trunks naked by Supobi

Vegeta's lovely butt and Goku in tights Romance in the Candle Light with Goku & Vegeta by Supobi Goku gazing on Vegeta's Butt

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My my, I really love the artwork! I love the ones where Goku is curious about Vegeta’s body. 😀 Makes me giggle a bit.

Perhaps the special one to me is the of the 4 guys (Goku, Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks) in the pool; and Goten just is hiding Goku’s manhood with his head.

Second favorite may be the one of Goku and Vegeta hugging with the candles floating in the water behind them; I think it’s a lake really. That’s really a romantic scene to me, and it fits them well.

I think you can agree this is one of the best DBZ Yaoi artists that is active at this time!

And of course we’d love to see who you love too!

SoComment below an artist you know & paste their tumblr or pixiv link.

Also comment below what photos above you love and even give some mentions from Supobi’s Tumblr or pixiv when you go visit it.

And Happy Thanksgiving from the Gotenboner team!



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