Trunks and the Magic Cucumber

Trunks and Goten

Warning! Contains Shota Fanfiction of DBZ characters. 18+ only!!

Pairing: Kid Trunks and Kid Goten

Notes: Supernatural objects, human growth and shrinkage, sex

Goten was in the supermarket with his good buddy Trunks, looking for toys and food to take home.

Eight-year-old Trunks was consulting his list while Goten browsed the shelves, sneaking sweets into the cart.

“Huh?” Trunks said as he turned to add a vegetable to the cart and saw some candy bars and a box of cookie in there. “These aren’t on the list, and I didn’t put—Goten!” he turned to see his friend whistling innocently beside him.

“What’s wrong, Trunks?” asked seven-year-old Goten, in an innocent tone that deceives no one.

“If you want candies and cookies, you should’ve asked first, these aren’t on the list!” Trunks said sternly as he took the cookies and candies out of the cart.

Trunks and Goten

As they both continued down the aisles, looking for items on the list, Trunks grabbed a cucumber, a bag of potatoes, and a head of lettuce and placed them inside the shopping cart.

“Why are we shopping for groceries Trunks?” Goten whined, still wanting the cookies Trunks took away from him.

“You already know why, Goten. We have to get things for the party tonight for our families. Everyone else is busy decorating and preparing the house. They have their job and we have ours.”

“I know, but why does it have to be so boring!” Goten whined again. He then had an idea! He looks both ways, grabbed the list from Trunks hand, and quickly flew around the store at super-fast speeds. Trunks could only blink a couple of times before Goten showed back up with everything on the list.

“There! Finish!” Goten chirped.

Trunks cringed before pounding Goten on top of the head with his fist. “Idiot! They got cameras everywhere! We’re not supposed to let on that we have powers! We’re supposed to do this the normal way!”

Goten pouted, rubbing his head. “But it’s boring…..”

“Let’s just hurry up and checkout. Maybe we can leave before they notice” Trunks said, beginning to run with the cart.

The checker may not have seen anything out the ordinary, but he stared at the mountain of food piled up in front him. Then he blinked. “What’s this for, some kind of feast?”

Goten laughed with his hands behind his head. “That’s what they always say to my Mom.”

The checker shrugged and begins scanning the food one item at a time.

It wasn’t long before Goten was bored, tired of waiting, “Can’t you go any faster?”

Trunks counted the items and watch the checker scan each item, making sure they didn’t forget anything. Then he noticed a cucumber began to shake and grow. It caught him of guard and didn’t believe his eyes.

His focus on the cucumber was broken when the checker grabbed it and scanned it. “That’ll be two-hundred thousand zenis.” he said in a dull voice as his bagger bagged everything up and set them in the cart.

“Thanks mister! We can handle taking them home.” Goten asserted while grabbing every bag in sight and carrying them out the doors in his hands. The bag boy could only hold his mouth open in shock from such an amazing sight.

“Goten, you idiot!” Trunks said as he took a few bags from Goten and running homeward bound. “You should’ve let the bagger do that, normal kids can’t carry this much! Now I have to find another supermarket to go to!”

“Sorry, Trunks.” Goten said as they sped up.

At Capsule Corp.

“Mom! We’re back!” Trunks called as he and Goten entered the massive, state-of-the-art kitchen.

“Great!” said Bulma, “Put the bags down on the counter and put some of it away, would you? How did it go?”

“Great, until Goten decided to speed things up a bit….” Trunks said, scowling at Goten. “Now I’ll have to find another supermarket to go to.”

“I said I was sorry!” Goten whined, pouting a little.

“You owe me then, Goten.” Trunks said with a smirk as he set the bags on the counter. “Hmm, these are heavier than when I grabbed them from Goten. Why is that?” He searched through the bags, and found the same cucumber from before, except it grew even bigger this time! Trunks quickly took it and ran to his room so no one would see it. “This is one odd cucumber. How is it growing?” While he was holding it, after saying those words, it grew again.

“What’s going on?!” He exclaimed.

“You okay Trunks?” Goten asked from the kitchen.

Even though he had already told Goten that he owes him, he didn’t really want to make Goten do anything until he worked out the mystery behind the cucumber.

‘Knock, knock’

“Come in Goten.” Trunks said while holding the cucumber behind his back, trying to hide it.

“Trunks I’m–” Goten said, trying to apologize again, but was interrupted.

“Thanks for helping me, Goten,” Trunks said as Goten came towards him. “And you still owe me, but why don’t you go home and come back for the party. I’ll make you pay afterward. Tell your Mom you’re sleeping over after the party tomorrow!”

“I thought I was staying over tonight,” Goten said, confused as he looked at his overnight bag in the corner of Trunks’ room.

“Uh….well…..” Trunks then pulled an angry expression. “I don’t want you staying over tonight, I’m pretty upset with you, and you’ve costed me a great supermarket.”

Goten tried to speak, but Trunks turned his back on him. Accepting defeat, Goten turned to leave.

“I’ll leave my bag here, okay?” he said, hoping for a response from Trunks, when he received no response, he left the room and closed the door behind him, leaving Trunks to investigate the cucumber alone.

Trunks placed the cucumber on his bed and examined it from almost every angle. He weighed it, measured the length and height, and continued to examine it.

“What could cause this thing to grow?”

At that very moment, the cucumber began to expand on top of Trunks bed. The legs of his bed began to creek and moan from the weight. “If this thing doesn’t stop growing, my bed will break!”

The creaking and moaning stopped. Marveled at the sight before him, Trunks began to understand how to command the cucumber.

“Cucumber…. Shrink?” Trunks said, testing his theory. And sure enough, it began to shrink in size. It was finally at the size of a pen and Trunks said “Stop shrinking” which halted the shrinking process.

He spent his remaining time before his bedtime playing with the cucumber is dozens of different ways.

“I saw Goten naked a few times,” Trunks muttered while standing next to his bed, his penis tenting up in his pajamas pants as he thought of it. “But now since he owes me, I want to play with him naked.”  He giggled as a naughty thought crept into his mind. “And….” he held up the pen-size cucumber. “I’d like to stick this up his butt!”

He stuck the cucumber under his pillow and got into bed, dreaming up scenes of Goten naked before falling asleep.

The next morning Trunks got up, placed the cucumber in his pocket and walked into the kitchen, grabbed his usual cereal box and ate breakfast like always.

His mother and father were at the table too, Vegeta wolfing down a tire-size sausage while Bulma sipped her tea with a little finger sticking out.

“Okay boys,” Bulma said, setting down her teacup. “I don’t want you anywhere near this kitchen for the rest of the day.”

Vegeta was of course none too happy as he banged his fist on the table. “Why the hell not, woman?!” he said roughly

“We’re going to be busy all day preparing food for the party.” Bulma said smoothly. “So we’re skipping lunch today as well, save room for the party so we don’t have leftovers.”

“Hmpt! Damn party….” Vegeta muttered grumpily. “She wants to starve me over a damned party….”

“Uh, Mom, do we REALLY have to skip lunch today?” Trunks asked, looking as though his mother was sending him to boot camp.

Bulma returned his questioned with a stern look in her eyes, while also giving Vegeta a good look as well.

“Yes ma’am.” Was all the both of them could say as they left the table.

“That woman gets under my skin” Vegeta grumbled.

Later that evening, right before the party, the whole gang arrived.

“Hi, Trunks!” Goten said cheerfully, running up to his best friend, hoping all was forgiven and well between them, but he shrunk back at Trunks growling look.

“Hey Goten,” he replied, trying not to sound too grumpy, but he was in a bad mood, having skipped lunch.

Over in the corner, Vegeta was worse, punching Goku in the guts when the poor latter tried to greet him.

After all the greetings were handled, the party began.

There was much music and dancing, and of course, enough food to make a feast. Trunks surprised Goten by gulping down at least ten whole plates more than him! But he liked Trunks a lot better after he’d eaten, at least he wasn’t snapping at him anymore.

“Sorry, Goten, I skipped lunch today, so I was very grumpy today.” Trunks explained as Goten let out a gasp of horror at the idea of skipping lunch. “But I’m already bored with this party, want to go up to my room?”

“Yeah! Let’s go play because I’m full.” Goten proclaimed as he rubbed his belly which was bulging out the sides of his shirt.

The two boys ran up into the house and into Trunks room while closing the door behind them.

“Remember how you owe me Goten?” Trunks asked.

Goten felt ashamed and replied with a simple “Yes”

“Then strip for me, here and now” Trunks commanded as he locked the door. “It means, I want you naked.” he added when Goten looked confused.

“Why would you want me to do that?” Goten asked, blushing from cheek to cheek, but began to unfasten his belt nevertheless. Sure, he wasn’t all that modest around his best friend. Heck, they still take baths together from time to time. But something about the way Trunks’ eyes gleamed as he gazed at Goten expectantly, told him that this time was completely different.

“You don’t ask why when you owe someone Goten, it’s against the rules.” Trunks said, enjoying the power he had over Goten. “C’mon, take everything off, even your socks and underwear!” he giggled naughtily. “I want to see you naked, Goten.”

“Okay Trunks.” Goten said with his face flushed red and heart pounding in his chest as he stripped off. “Now what?” He asked, standing in front of his buddy, completely nude, revealing his tiny boyhood and slightly chubby belly, which was already starting to slim down a little. Saiyan metabolism was really very fast. They hardly ever stay chubby for long.

Trunks’ chest pounded with excitement as he greedily drank in the sight of his best friend naked in front him. Goten’s body was better than he remembered. He couldn’t help but move closer, reaching out a hand and begin to caress Goten’s bare tummy.

“Looks like you need to cut back on the fries, Goten.” Trunks joked, making Goten blush deeper. Then he reached behind Goten with the other hand which was patting his butt.

He quickly slid the pen-sized cucumber up Goten’s anus

“What is that?!” Goten gasp in shock from the weird feeling.

“Don’t worry Goten. It’s how you’re going to repay me. Now it may feel a little painful, but just endure it. Cucumber, grow for five seconds” Trunks explained and command.

The cucumber began to expand inside Goten’s butt, but at the same time, Goten began to get taller and bigger. Trunks, who is holding Goten’s hand, notices his own hand becoming the size of a baby compared to the hand of his buddy.

“Go-Goten!! You’re–you’re huge!” Trunks gasped, staring up at Goten’s towering form, “Okay, now shrink!”

Goten stared at Trunks as he came down slowly, he was the same height and then slowly shrunk further, watching frighten as Trunks’ head rose higher and higher above his own.

At baby-size, Trunks called the halt

“Stop shrinking,” Trunks commanded and then he scooped Goten up in his arms. “Heh heh, now you really are a baby, Goten, a naked baby.”

He laid Goten on his back on the bed and begins twiddling Goten’s baby-size penis.

“Trunks, no! Stop!” Goten cried, wiggling and squirming, trying to get Trunks to stop.

“Quit fussing, Goten, or I’ll shrink you more!” Trunks threatened. “I’m just playing with your little body, be grateful I’m not torturing you!”

Trunks had thoughts rapidly spinning through his head, but the one though that kept hitting hard was going to be his next action.

As he lowered his head towards baby Goten, he stuck out his wet tongue and wraps it around the babyish sized penis. The sensations that were flowing through Trunks and Goten were indescribable during that moment.

Trunks found that he liked the power he had over Goten, liked what he was doing to him. He never knew how tasty Goten’s penis was!

Goten meanwhile was slowly accepting and loving the strange new feeling in his loins as Trunks licked and sucked him.

“Shrink!” Trunks commanded. Goten shrunk until he was six inches tall. “Stop shrinking!” Now Trunks was drunk with power, he was holding his best friend, tiny and naked, in the palm of his hand! He moved his head forward with his tongue hanging out. The wet tip of the tongue touched Goten’s hairless miniscule boyhood. Wrapping his tongue around Goten’s body, he picked the six-inch boy off his palm for ten seconds and placed him back down. “Okay, I’m satisfied for now. Cucumber…”

“Hold on Trunks!” Goten interrupted “I have an idea while I’m still small.”

“Yeah?” Trunks asked “What’s that?”

“Shrink me more, and place me in your pee-pee.” Goten said with a shaky voice, hoping not to be rejected.

“I can do that….” Trunks said with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. “But first…” he flipped Goten over in his palm so that he laid face-down with his butt high. Nudging Goten’s butt with a finger, he said. “I play with your butt, then stuff you in my pee-p….aw what the heck, my dick!”

He pinched Goten’s butt, squeezing them together and then releasing the pressure slightly and then squeezing it again, repeat.

“Heh-heh, your butt is as fun as playdoh, Goten!” With a thumb on each buttcheeks, Trunks spread them apart, revealing the cucumber inside the tiniest anus he has ever seen! “I think I might rape your butt with a cotton swab, Goten!” he plunked the cucumber out, but Goten remained tiny in his palm.

Trunks then placed the cucumber in his own penis and commanded “Cucumber, grow!” And with that it grew from a tiny inch or so, to four inches, then six inches, onward to nine inches, and finally, twelve inches. “Stop cucumber!” And the growing ceased.

Goten could hardly believe his tiny eyes! He has only seen his brother’s and dad’s penis before, but never has he seen a penis this size before, and Trunks is still soft. He had to gather his thoughts to even utter a single word from the shock. “Trunks, your pee-pee is huge!” Goten yelled from below.

“Heh-heh, you’re such a baby, Goten, saying ‘pee-pee.’” Trunks said, still fondling Goten’s tiny butt. “Now, for the crime of being a baby, I hereby sentence thee, Goten, to a session of butt-rape by cotton swab!”

He jumped off the bed and dashed to his desk, there he placed Goten face-down on the desktop. Then he took out a roll of tape and begins to tape Goten’s four limbs down to the desk in the shape of an ‘X’.

“No, Trunks, please don’t do this!” Goten cried, but couldn’t help but stare at the giant with the massive dick in front of him.

Trunks reached into his desk drawer, and took out a jar of cotton swabs, little white sticks with little white cottons on both ends, the object used for cleaning out earwax.

He decides to play with Goten first before raping him with it. He brushed the cotton swab against Goten’s buttcheeks, tickling him.

As Goten starts giggling, Trunks said: “Wow, didn’t know the butt was ticklish!” and followed the comment by dipping the cotton swab in lubrication, and swiftly plunged it into Goten’s tight, and tiny anus.

“Owwww owwww” Goten screamed with his tiny high pitched voice.

“Oh hush, you little baby! I’m not hurting you.” Trunks commanded as he turned the object left and right inside of Goten’s body. He pushed it in a little bit further and out of nowhere, Goten hushed.

“Are you okay Goten?” Trunks asked from noticing the screaming had stopped. But Goten just stared into space and remained quiet. Trunks then pulled the cotton swab out a little bit and Goten immediately gasped.

“Ahh, that… Was… Amazing!” Goten spoke in between breaths. “I don’t know what you Trunks, but you touched something inside my butt that felt amazing! I’ve never felt it before!”

“I must’ve touched your baby dick on the inside.” Trunks mused. He untapped Goten’s legs and put a finger underneath Goten, and wiggled his finger, feeling Goten’s tiny boner. “Yep, I did, your dick is sticking up.”

“My pee-pee is sticking up?” Goten asked childishly.

“Heh, baby.” Trunks chuckles.

“I am not a baby, Trunks!” Goten shouted, pouting.

“You are now, you’re MY baby! My little baby boy slave!”  Trunks said, still with his finger beneath Goten, fingering Goten’s tiny boner and working the cotton swab in and out of Goten’s butt with the other hand.

Goten’s annoyance vanished in a haze of pleasure, both his penis and his prostate were touched at the same time!

“My little baby Goten!” Trunks cooed as he continued to pleasure his tiny friend. “Say it, Goten, say you’re my little baby!”

Goten’s head swam and his body felt pleasure beyond belief as he cried out in a loud voice. “I’m your little baby, Trunk! More MORE! MOOOOORE!”

Trunks’ overlarge penis swelled and stood on end as his best sexy little friend, naked and tiny, bound to the desk by tapes, writing and squirming in unheard of pleasure, begged for more!

Goten’s body jerked as he squirted a tiny white blob on the desk, Trunks stopped, pulling the cotton swab out of Goten’s butt with a faint “pop!” Goten’s body jerked again as it was taken out.

“Okay, Goten, I gave you some love and now it’s time you give me some.” Trunks said as he untapped a gasping and panting Goten and scooped him up in his fist. He then set Goten on his overlarge penis, making him sit his tiny little bare butt on it. When Goten caught his breath and his breathing steadied, he stared open-mouthed at the sight in front of him. He was sitting with his bare butt on what felt like a fallen, flesh-layered tree. With both his butt and his testicle sacs in contact with the giant flesh between his legs, He couldn’t help but be overawed by what he was seeing!

From Trunks’ view, the feeling of a tiny fleshy figure on his penis was making him crazy with hormones! His overlarge penis was so hard and horny, that it was sticking upward so that Goten actually slid backward into Trunks’ hairless pubic area. He got even hornier as he watched Goten moved and struggling to stay on, like a rider trying to stay on a bucking horse!

The sight and the pleasurable feeling of Goten’s nakedness sliding back and forth on his penis drove Trunks to new heights, as he thought his penis might explode from pleasure and his vision went white for a moment as the pleasure reached such a peak that he was momentarily blinded.

During the time of his blindness, Goten climbed to the top of Trunks’ dick and pulled out the cucumber from it. He then placed it in his own dick and yelled “Cucumber grow!” followed with his dick and his body growing, and growing. He finally reached his originally height, but this time with a ten inch dick which was hard from the immense pleasure Trunks gave him. He reached out and wrapped his arm around Trunks, pulled their bodies together and cuddled on the bed, both with raging boners active.

“Oh Trunks, I love you!” Goten moaned as they tumbled back and forth, and then placed his lips on Trunks’ lips. Trunks eyes flew open from shock, but slowly rolled back and fell into a pool of pleasure and erotic love. His virgin lips were taken away from him by no other than his best buddy. His dick began to twitch and the pressure to pee began to grow stronger. He gasped and moaned until finally he reached his first orgasm. Cum dripped from his dick unto his tummy.

Trunks pushes away Goten’s lovely lips and whispers, “Cucumber Shrink.” Goten was becoming the size of a toddler, then midget, and finally halted at six inches when Trunks spoke “Cucumber stop.” But this is not all Trunks has planned in his perverted mind. He then picks up Goten and begins to twiddle with the miniature sized penis, moving around in circles.

“Trunks,” Goten whined, squirming a little. “Why do I have to be tiny for this?”

“Because you’re super cute at this size!” Trunks replied, before pinching the tiny erection between a finger and thumb and begin to stroke it up and down. He knew Goten couldn’t have known what lubrication was, so he kissed Goten’s dick to wet it, and continued giving the young, tiny boy a handjob–well, a fingerjob more like it..

“This feels, amazing Trunks! I’ve never felt anything like this before! Its… Its incredible!” Goten chirped whilst moaning and gasping from pleasure.

Trunks stroked Goten’s penis until it was so hard that it couldn’t get any harder or stiffer, he brought his palm holding Goten up to his mouth. Goten was scared for a moment, thinking Trunks was going to eat him!

“Trunks, what are you—WAHHH!” Goten cried out in pleasure with his high pitched voice as Trunks’ tongue slid out from between his lips and snaked its’ way around Goten’s penis, wrapping itself around it and then prodding it. “Ohhh, ahhh, mmmm!”

Trunks was loving the sounds his tiny little friend was making and he was also loving the taste of Goten’s minuscule, pre-teen, hairless penis! His lust was going crazy over Goten’s body and how he wanted to have control over it! His father’s blood was strong in him. The more he sucked on Goten’s penis, the more his lust grew for his buddy. The same can be said for Goten, he loved how Trunks sucked his penis and his desire to enjoy it more grew every time Trunks sucked harder, and harder. Until finally it happened!

“Tr-Trunks!!!! I’m gonna blow!” Goten screamed as his penis pulsed wildly under Trunks’ giant tongue.

To his surprise and disappointment, Trunks stopped.

“WHAT?! NOOOO!” Goten wailed. “Trunks, why did you stop?!”

Trunks grinned mischievously. “Oh, I’m sorry, Goten, did you want more?”

“YES!” Goten exclaimed. “Finish me! I’ll….I’ll do anything!”

“Anything?” Trunks grinned, now grinning from ear to ear.

“Yes, anything!” Goten cried desperately, his small boyish penis demanding more attention.

“Even becoming my slave and sex toy?” Trunks asked slyly.

Goten stared. “Bu….but, you already boss me around all the time!” he protested.

“I know, and it was fun.” Trunks said. “But having a little slave would be even more fun!”

Goten being in the condition he was in didn’t have many options. “Okay Trunks, I’ll be your…. toy slave. Just hurry and continue sucking my pee-pee!” Goten agreed while blushing from embarrassment.

“Here you go then, my slave.” Trunks said before plunging his tongue into Goten’s crotch again, wrapping his snakish tongue to seduce Goten again. The rush was flowing again, but this time with more feeling, more emotion, as off there was now a stronger love bond between them. One that drove them both crazy when having sex and experimenting. Goten let out the biggest moan Trunks had ever heard when he reach his climax.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” Yelled from being on cloud 9.

As Goten laid on the giant palm, gasping and panting from his dry orgasm, a giant finger of Trunks’ nudged him, turning him over onto his belly. He purred and moaned as Trunks stroked his back and butt with a finger.

When he had recovered, Goten said. “That was fun, Trunks! Okay now, make me big again. OW!” he cried as Trunks spanked him with a fingernail!

“Silence, slave!” Trunks growled, enjoying the newfound power over Goten he have. He flicked Goten’s tiny butt again for good measure. “Now, if you’re good, I might make you the size of a teddy bear and let you sleep with me. But if you’re bad, you get flicked and a time-out in your hamster cage!”

Not wanting to be spanked again, Goten said timidly: “Okay, Trunks.” and was rewarded by a soothing feeling in his butt as Trunks licked it. He moaned with pleasure.

Goten would soon learn to love being a slave to Trunks, loved the loving attention Trunks gives his tiny boyhood. And as promised, Goten was grown to teddy bear size during the night so he could snuggle up in Trunks’ giant arm. Trunks would massage Goten’s teddy bear-size crotch and butt while in this position.

But during the daytime, Goten was always shrunk back down to six inches and stored in Trunks’ pocket and, on the occasion Trunks did not have any pockets, in Trunks’ underwear, where he had to hug Trunks’ penis just to keep from falling out of Trunks’ boxers!


  1. So far what I read its great and I’m not lying. These kid are crazy especially trunks who had the sudden thought of making his best friend his sex slave. Its funny in a way to how come no one is there to supervise them. When I was their age I had about 3 babysitters just to watch me for an hour.

    The story is amazing and to show that I really care about this I rated the section 5 stars and mabey even 8 stars to be honest. All the stories I have read in this web site are incredibly long and I like that about it. So thank you for all the stories that have been posted here on this site.

  2. Wow this is a realy good story. I really like the idea of trunks making goten his sex slave. The only thing I dont get why nobody would be missing goten but i guess screw logic right?

    I would really like to give this story 10 stars just for his originality.The Characters are damn perfect.And it has some great build up.


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