Bio Brothers – Chapter 2

Truten and Gotenks

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Chapter Two

Truten and Gotenks

The ringing lasted for a solid 6 minutes before it finally lowered its tone. The bright yellow light bulb lit up as the pods began to drain, revealing the two males in them. The man quickly grabbed Goten and Trunks to carry them out of the room.

“You boys can’t be watching this for now. It would ruin everything!” he said as he shoved them out the door. He quickly shut it and ran back to the board to continue the draining.

He modified these boys with very special attributes, such as the ability to cum three times more than the average adult male, the fetish of giving little boys spankings, a laid back and super cool personality but with a perverted mind, and a penis enlargement chip; which could only be triggered by a device the man had made and hid it.

Truten and Gotenks

He opened the doors to the pods and the boys flickered their eyes as they awoke. He placed his hand under the black-haired boys chin and spoke “Your name will be Gotenks” then he turned to the other and said: “And your name will be Truten.”

He stepped out of the pod and grabbed the clothes from the bag and laid their outfits in their arms.

“What do we do with these?” Gotenks asked in his deep voice.

“Oh yeah, that’s right, you guys don’t know what clothes are. You’re currently nudist. But we are changing that right now. Put those on your bodies and get formally dressed.” The boys began putting on their shirts on their legs and their pants on their heads. The man sweatdropped as he watched. Finally, he had to intervene; “No no no! You’re putting them on wrong boys. Like this:” he grabbed the boxers and slid them on Gotenks all the way up to his groin. The man gulped as he saw the manhood of the teen. The intensity of the environment around him shot up to the moon and fell back down to his own groin. He continued to show them how to get dressed by sliding the pants on, and finally followed with the shirt. “That’s how you do it. Now you get dressed too, Truten”

“Okay, Pops!” Truten said, putting on his clothes the right way without being taught.

“What did you called me?” the man asked, annoyed.

“Hm? Pops.” Truten replied, looking a little confused at the man’s annoyance.

“First of all, I’m not OLD ENOUGH to be called Pops!” the man shouted, causing Truten to stuff his fingers in his ears. “And secondly, you and Gotenks will call me Dad, while the little ones call me Daddy, understood?”

Truten shrugged. “Whatever you say, Pops.”

The perverted doctor growled in frustration but then took a deep breath and calmed down, reminding himself that this is just a little teen rebellion, nothing he can’t handle.

“Why did Daddy throw us out?” Goten whined as he and Trunks sat outside the door to the lab.

Trunks growled in frustration and roughly grabbed Goten’s penis. “Be quiet! I’m trying to eavesdrop through the door!”

The door slid open. “You’re trying to what?”

Trunks cringed and look around at the Doctor, standing in the doorway. “Err, n-nothing.” then unable to help himself, he screamed: “IT WAS ALL GOTEN’S IDEA!”

“What?!” Goten exclaimed. “Since when am I the brains of the operation, Trunks?”

“Enough out of both of you!” Dad scolded. “I would like to introduce some guys to you. They are shy, so don’t talk to them. Just tell me what you think of them and I’ll be the middle man”

The two of them followed behind the professor and was left jaw-opened at what they saw next!

“Hey Trunks. Doesn’t that one kinda remind you of my dad?” Goten asked

“Doesn’t that one next to him remind you of me?” Trunks replied

“Quiet now boys. This is Gotenks and Truten” Dad said with a smile

The two smaller boys just stared up to the taller, more masculine and muscular guys in front of them. The glare in Goten’s eyes could be comparable with the same glare he gives meat when he is hungry. Trunks was more shy and laid back when it came to talking to strangers. He just stood there with a slight blush on his face. For some reason he was getting connected to one of the guys; maybe it was the guys body or the mystery of who he was that was drawing Trunks closer step by step.

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