Website Update


Just recently we changed hosting providers. We went from a cheaper host to a more deluxe hosting service. Of course this costs more $$$ in the end, but we think it was worth it as we saw the visits to our site increasing at a steady rate. So we dug deeper into our pockets and decided to make the move.


Of course pitch in and be a part of the move as well with donations! Every dollar goes to the site!

I am Speed! I am Speed!

You may notice the website loads fasternow! This is because our new host uses SSD hard drives. You can research to find more about it. It take us a little bit of time to make the merge though, so we apologize for the downtime (if you noticed any).


Another new thing we added was the download feature for our recent comic translations 🙂 This a something we are proud to offer now. You may download at lightning speeds compared to before. This is because the downloads are now running through (which also costs us. So please do consider donating if you enjoy our content)

Our sister sites

We plan to turn these features on for our sister sites too ( and but this will take some time as well. We are looking for volunteers for these sites. If you harbor some porn for your favorite cartoons and would like them featured on CartoonBoner, We are happy you want to help out! So please email us and we will get back with you! If you write gay/shota/yaoi Naruto stories or have in the past, then please email us too so we can feature you on Narutoboner.


Thank you for reading our Website update post and enjoy our future content!




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