DragonBallZYaoi.com Welcomes You! ~ Must read~

Dragon Ball Z Yaoi welcomes you!

Dragon Ball Z Yaoi welcomes you!

Guess what! You are not gonna believe this! But you’ll have too!

Don’t you hate switching from one site to the next for the best DBZ Yaoi on the internet?

Then try this single website that you will ever need!


A simple name to remember right? 😉 Make sure to bookmark it!

We have gained ownership of the website and redesigned in from the ground up ( this would explain the lack of new stories. Sorries… But I’m sure this makes it up! 😉

Go on and try it! DragonBallZYaoi or also known as DBZY will be directory of your favorite DBZ Yaoi sites (May also contain gay or shota. Sites will be label as such) You can submit your request for a site, give us a banner, and up it goes! =)

We’ve also have our own forum now! That’s right! Though, we are still setting it up, you can check it out at


And if that isn’t exciting enough!!! Then check this out!

We have a tumblr set up just for porn. That’s right! Hardcore/softcore/comic/doushin/Yaoi/or Gay; everything(But shota)!

So fill in some requests by sending an ASK on it! 😉



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