[Coming soon] – Oravlex’s “Fixing Gohan’s Suit” in COLOR and English!

Oravlex - Fixing Gohan's Suit Gay Yaoi - Coming Soon in English
Oravlex - Fixing Gohan's Suit Gay Yaoi - Coming Soon in English

Update (08/12/15): You can download the comic now! Click here to download Fixing Gohan’s Suit in Color – English by Oravlex

Oravlex’s Fixing Gohan’s Suit in Color, Coming soon!

We know you guys enjoyed the past comics we have translated from Spanish to English, mostly the ones from Oravlex. So we dug deeper into our archive and found that the comic Fixing Gohan’s Suit was actually colored too! How awesome right?! So we are in the process to translating it for your pleasure. ^_^


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