Download Fixing Gohan’s Suit – English in Color – Oravlex

Download Gohan's Suit in Color - Oravlex - English

Well! We did it 🙂

We finished the color version of “Fixing Gohan’s Suit” in color in English made by Oravlex
Note: Page 11 was missing.. Sorry, only Black and White was possible for Page 11.


Slideshow Movie

Download Links (All Free):

Watch the Comic in a Slideshow with Background Soundtrack (1080p)

Fixing Gohan’s Suit – Low Quality (Compact 700px)

Fixing Gohan’s Suit – High Quality (Over 1100px)

(When trying to download, make sure to refresh the page if the download button doesn’t appear.)




We apologize for the delay in this project, but we are glad we did get to finish it in the end and make it downloadable to you! 😀

If you enjoy this and it works great, leave a comment below 😉