Chapter 3

Goten meets Gotenks and Trunks meets Truten

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“I’m Goten!” Goten said while interrupting Trunks moment. He extended his hand to Gotenks, who just looked down over Goten’s body, then looked down over Goten’s body, then looked back up. He extended his hand and shook hands with the smaller him. “I’m Gotenks” the guy replied in a deeper voice than what Goten was use to. His grip was firm and hard like a real man, as if he had been working his whole life doing manly work.


The other guy walked up to Trunks with his hands in his pants pockets and spoke “I’m Truten, what’s your name?”


“Tr-tr-unks…. Trunks” he stuttered. Then he saw the guy’s eyes shift down toward Trunks private area. He quickly put his hands in front of his little boyhood and hid behind Goten to hide from the boy. “What is this strange feeling?” he wondered. “I wonder if Goten feels the same to the other guy”


Since Trunks was behind Goten now, he decided to play with him to calm his nerves. He wiggled his finger around Goten’s anus and then slapped his cheeks. Little did he know, that was one of the fetishes Dad put into Little Goten. He loves to be slapped and pounded on the butt. He can’t help but have his hormones go on a rampage and end up getting horny. Within a matter of seconds after he did that, Goten moaned and his dick began to spring up! He was already turned on by Gotenks, but now Trunks stepped him over the edge.

Gotenks bent down and spread his arms out, inviting Goten into a hug.  Goten broke free from Trunks and dashed into Gotenks’ arms. The two hugged and then Gotenks stood up with naked little Goten in his arms, cradling him like a baby.


“Goten is so cute, isn’t he, Truten?”


“Meh” Truten replied, trying to be the cool dog. But his attention was more on the lavender-boy who was being shy. “Hey, Trunks was it?” he asked and raised his hand to bold a fist for a fist-bump.


“Y-yeah. It’s Trunks”  Trunks said as he bolded a fist as well and bumped fists with Truten.

Truten noticed that Trunks was still covering his boyhood with one hand. “Hey, why are you covering up? We’re all boys here.” and then he smirked. “Or are you trying to hide the fact that yours is smaller than Goten’s?”


“I am not! I am bigger than he is! I can prove it” Trunks proclaimed. He didn’t know what came over him, but it was as if he was trying to prove himself good enough to Truten. “Get over here Goten.” He commanded. He grabbed Goten’s dick and his own, then placed them side-by-side to show Truten who is bigger.

“So Trunks is longer, but Goten is thicker. That’s pretty obvious” Truten said with his signature mellowed tone.


“But you like longer right?” Trunks asked without realizing what he was actually asking.


“I do prefer longer myself. It makes me feel like there is more there I guess.” Truten answered.

“Now that we’re getting to know each other, time to assign you to bedrooms.” Dad said, stepping in between the kids and the teens. “Of course if you’d rather spend a night in each other’s rooms, that’s fine too. After all, the big ones needs to comfort the little ones during a bad storm or if one of them has a nightmare.” he chuckles as he saw that Goten was looking like he planned to get nightmares on purpose! “Follow me to the main house.” he said, leading the way out of the basement lab.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it. Chapter 4 is coming later on.


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  1. Its really great stories and I like that much I get borners really eaisly which I think is just great seeing as I rarely get them

    The series is really well god fucking goodim really interested into seeing if Gotenksand Goten get together and if Truten and Trunks get together Iand in the end the all get together and do it


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