Wasted Wish – Chapter 5

Wasted Wish Chapter 5
Wasted Wish Chapter 5

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Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*

(DBZ genderbend, fem!Vegeta x fem!Goten)
Rating: Teen + (ending kind of NSFW)
After their daily dose of caffeine and showers taken, Vegeta and Goten began to feel more like themselves. Or, as much as could be expected now.

Of course, they were impatient to test their ki, and bigger training suits with an added tunic for Goten posed no problem, except for one thing: lack of chest support.

Vegeta scowled at their reflections that would give Roshi a massive nosebleed, when Goten remembered a detail from historical films she’d seen. She rushed to the first aid cabinet in the bathroom, and began rummaging while Vegeta looked on in confusion.

“Got ‘em!” Triumphantly, Goten held up the medical wraps used for muscle sprains, unwinding a few. “Take off your shirt,” she told Vegeta, who frowned at hearing what sounded like ChiChi’s authorative mother voice. “Bear with me,” Goten sighed impatiently.

Vegeta complied and watched skeptically as Goten went to work, wrapping an elastic leg band around the former’s chest. Though a little clumsily at first, Goten finished by fastening together a semblance of a brassiere of the days of yore. “Well, it’s not exactly a Wonderbra, but we can train,” Goten noted with satisfaction, “Try moving around.”

“”I can’t take a full breath,” Vegeta complained, but the makeshift sports bra that considerably flattened her upper curves performed its function.

“No woman ever died of bra suffocation,” Goten stated, “Anyway, you’re supposed to breathe from the diaphragm.” Then it was her turn, and Vegeta wound hers in place as she had done. “Holy crap!” Goten gasped, “I’m sure modern ones are less constricting.”

“Diaphragm,” Vegeta dryly reminded her, tossing back her tunic.

Hastily slipping it back on under her gi, Goten muttered to herself and followed Vegeta to the training room.

Despite being slightly off-kilter at first in their unfamiliar bodies, they were pleasantly surprised to find even more rapidity and flexibility, not to mention strength in their legs. They lacked as much brute upper-body strength as they’d had before, but it was nothing that some extra effort couldn’t remedy, they were determined.

If Goten had thought Vegeta was worse than a drill sergeant before, she’d seen nothing yet. Countless one-handed and finger push-ups were habitual, but sparring had become downright merciless.

After several hours nonstop, an exhausted Goten exclaimed, “Isn’t it time to call it a day?” She mopped the sweat from her forehead with a wristband, out of breath.

“You only took me down twice,” Vegeta admonished critically, seeming unphased by her own breathlessness.

“You look bruised-up to me,” Goten observed reproachfully, “If you’re knocked out, you’ll need a senzu bean. Remember our deal?”

“You don’t understand,” Vegeta insisted, “I’m onto something here, I know it.” Her eyes were strangely blazing despite an obvious fatigue that she ignored.

“I know that,” Goten replied diplomatically, “But you’ve had enough.” She mentally cringed at sounding like a bartender confiscating car keys.

“I know when I’ve ‘had enough!’” Vegeta snapped, “What’s your problem today?”

“I’m freaking exhausted!” Goten retorted, “I know you’re maso, but being a little less sadistic would be nice.” Goten had her own pride, but found that a little ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ went a long way.

Vegeta considered her a moment, her mouth tightened, then conceded, “Alright. I know a sudden difference makes it harder, but tomorrow, more progress.”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am.” Goten gave her an army salute and tiredly followed her to the shower.

A few minutes later, refreshed and clothed in casual shorts and tank tops, both collapsed gratefully on the couch with bottles of cold water. Vegeta had to mentally admit that Goten always did know when s/he’d done enough; it brought a collective sigh of relief from the Z-gang for economy of senzu beans.

As was their habit, both catnapped for about a half hour to enjoy their dopamine rush. Comfortable with Goten’s head on her shoulder, Vegeta decided to drift off to a longer nap when Goten sat up suddenly.

“Hang on.” Remembering something, the demi Saiyan went back to the bathroom to discretely if clumsily wind on a clean makeshift sports bra, then got her wallet from their room. Returning to the living room, she asked Vegeta, “You need anything at the store?”

Vegeta looked up, puzzled. “No. We just bought everything the other day.“

“Okay. Be right back.” Goten gave her a quick kiss and left the house even faster, before she could ask questions.

“You’ve got the energy for that,” Vegeta muttered to herself. Something told her she didn’t want to know, but she mentally shrugged and went back to her nap.

The next thing she knew, Vegeta was awakened by the sound of Goten returning, her eyes opening slowly. “What’s that?” she asked of an unfamiliar, burgundy-colored shopping bag in her hand.

“Later,” Goten replied with a secretive smile, then went to hide it in her side of the closet. She returned to nonchalently take her place on the couch, curling back up with Vegeta.

“I asked you a question.” Vegeta was unsure of whether to be intrigued or wary.

“And I said later… I’d rather let you wonder.” Silencing her with a long kiss, Goten slid onto her lap, beginning to reconsider on ‘later’ when they were interrupted by a discrete knock at the door.

They looked up curiously and Goten stood up to open it, unsurprised to see his brother, accompanied by Videl and Trunks. That made sense, as worried as they’d been. “Hey. Come in,” she greeted them, motioning for them to sit down.

“We especially came to see how you’re doing,” Gohan told them, his face lined with concern.

“Same as usual,” Goten replied awkwardly, “Except… well.”

They nodded their understanding. “And you, Dad?” Trunks asked, shielding his own concern. Like Gohan, he’d slept very little.

Vegeta nodded. “Yeah. Our ki is about the same.“  Trunks acknowledged his typically Saiyan reply.

“I brought you care packages.” Critically looking at their now oversized clothing, Videl handed them each a large bag. “Training and street clothes that will fit you now – neutral ones, don’t worry. Lots of Saiyan spandex for you, Vegeta. And your kind of T-shirts, Goten. Also, sports bras and new underwear, and… you know, stuff you might need.”

They accepted the bags and Goten smiled. “Thanks for thinking of us, Videl.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Vegeta agreed, examining the said sports bras, “Those look slightly less like torture instruments.”

Videl laughed. “You’re right, they are sometimes.” She stared at the front of Goten’s tank top, touching her back. “Goten, what in the world is that?”

“A leg sprain wrap,” she explained, amused at their horrified looks, “They got us through training.” At such talk, Vegeta self-consciously crossed her arms over her chest.

Videl lifted the back of Goten’s tank top to examine it while Gohan and Trunks looked away. “Smart thinking,” Videl had to admit, “I’m just glad your mother isn’t here to see it.”

Goten froze, staring at their guests in panic. “Please say no one told Mom.”

The three of them shook their heads vehemently, their eyes wide. “Actually, none of us planned to,” Gohan confirmed, “It’s best if you’re just ‘missing in action’ for the time being.” Everyone nodded unanimously.

“Does anyone else know?” Vegeta asked suspiciously.

“Just Piccolo-san,” Gohan replied, “He saw the dragon was summoned and worried. Don’t worry, he won’t tell anyone.” Actually, the Namek had regretted asking, but they left his thoughts out of it.

Goten waited until the others were distracted to call Trunks aside. Careful to omit personal details, she filled him in on what they knew of Club 73’s underground.

“Holy shit!” Trunks muttered under his breath after a long silence, “Sebastian is no angel, but I had no idea it was about smuggling a drug so dangerous.”

“It isn’t supposed to do that,” Goten repeated, “But I know Gohan’s gonna grill me about it. He knows from Videl’s dad the cops are watching them.”

Trunks blinked. “Goten, what do you care? Those people are nothing to you. One’s gotta be awfully wasted to make a wish like that.”

“Shyeah,” Goten exclaimed flatly, “And I don’t. But Vegeta knew about our fake ID’s getting confiscated.”

“And he said nothing because he was flirting with you,” Trunks concluded, “But we know that now. I don’t see the big deal.”

“I just don’t wanna hear it.” Goten paced aimlessly.

“Well, what does my dad think?” Trunks asked.

“He…” Goten shook her head in frustration, making a face. “I never hated pronouns more in my life. He/she doesn’t care either way.”

Noticing her irritation, Trunks thought it best to withdraw. “I’ll tell Gohan to leave you out of it.”

“Cool. Just so you know to avoid the place.”

Trunks leaned against the wall and watched Goten pace, stifling a snicker. “Uhm… I don’t think it crossed your minds, but if you’re in public, people are gonna assume you’re girls.”

“Yeah, we kinda noticed,” Goten retorted dryly, “And…?”

“Well, you’re used to walking like guys,” Trunks reminded him with an attempt at diplomacy, “Unless you don’t care, people’re gonna think that’s wierd. Watch how Videl walks. Feet and legs closer together, without exaggerating.”

Goten stared at his friend, unamused. “You’re right. I don’t care.”

Trunks held up his hands as though at gunpoint. “Hey, just trying to help.”

Goten glared at Trunks, her mouth tightened. “Are you done making fun of me? We ain’t kids anymore, and I’d like to see you in my place.”

“I’d probably lock myself in my room the whole time,” Trunks acknowledged, gradually relieved when their conversion slowly lightened up. Though many questions flashed through his mind, from the look on his friend’s face, he decided it was best not to ask. Their answers would also involve his father as temporarily second mother, which he didn’t want to think about at all.

Guessing his thoughts, Goten grinned. “We’ve been too busy freaking out to know yet, if that helps.”

“I’m sure anyone’s thoughts pale in comparison to such a sudden change,” Trunks replied, “Remember it’s temporary.”

Goten nodded as they headed back to the living room, pointing. “See the red marker by the calendar? Tonight I get to make my first red X.”

Trunks snickered, punching her arm. “Drama queen.”

“Ow.” Goten rubbed her sore bicep, making their guests laugh as well. “I guess hardcore sado-masochism isn’t a taboo subject in this family.”

“It’s good to see your training’s going well,” Gohan commented cheerfully, hiding behind Videl at Vegeta’s pointed glare.

“It’s good to see some things never change,” Videl commented amusedly.

As promised, Trunks discretely asked Gohan to say nothing, and the visit passed well until near dinner time. Their guests left on a relieved, cheerful note. Perhaps there was no reason to worry, they confidently told themselves.
Goten was happy that their family cared enough to check in on them, and knew that Vegeta secretly was, too. The former sat beside her on the couch, having been dying of impatience for this moment. Still, she felt ill at ease, and wondered why.

Vegeta stretched like a cat, tugging lightly at the ends of Goten’s hair. “What’s for dinner? I’m starved.”

Goten blinked at the realization, wondering how any Saiyan-blooded individual could forget that, at the same time gazing with yearning at Vegeta’s obliviously shown-off curves.

Her stomach winning the duel for the moment, Goten smiled and pulled Vegeta up by the hand. “Come with me. It just needs slowly heated up to satisfy repressed Saiyan cravings.“ Discretely she glanced at Vegeta to see if her idea of a subtle subliminal message was working, smiling to herself at the latter’s flushed cheeks. Well, maybe not so subtle, but it worked.

A few minutes later, seated before enough food to feed a small military legion, all else was forgotten as they quickly devoured it. Their feminization had done little or nothing to change their eating habits, and the speed at which the food disappeared would have made even Goku proud.

They stacked the empty plates and utensils into the dishwasher, and Goten brought out dessert, strawberries with supreme quality chocolate.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you believed those broads about red fruit.”

“We bought them the other day,” Goten coldly reminded her, “They’ve always been my favorite, if you forgot.”

“No.” Vegeta’s tone softened, having been reminded of her anger. But she smiled coyly. “You bet I remember. So cute. If it’s true, that would explain a lot.”

Goten smiled understandingly and slid Vegeta another portion. “You should eat them more. They have lots of vitamins.“  They exchanged a secretive glance over a fond long ago memory.

“Sure. But that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.” Vegeta winked at her and complied. She loved when Goten’s mouth tasted of strawberries. The latter was now eating one of the last in a way that made Vegeta squirm in her chair.

When they’d finished, Vegeta pulled her onto her lap. “Remember once long ago when you said to me…” She whispered the rest, making Goten’s eyes widen in surprise that she remembered, her pulse racing, and nodded. “Well, here’s the answer.” She pulled her close for a long kiss, both so ensconced in nostalgia they’d momentarily forgotten present reality.

Vegeta was content to make out for the moment, but when Goten’s overtures became more daring, she hesitated. “Goten, I want you like crazy. Just… slow down a little. It’s so different.”

“I know, babe. Come in here.” Goten led her back to the couch, content to slowly make out and let her get used to very new sensations in a very different body.

She could never allow anyone else to do this, Vegeta thought dimly, gradually opening again to Goten… him or her, it ceased to matter at some point, feeling drunk on the taste of strawberries in her mouth.

Having already done some self-exploration, Goten’s knowing hands had Vegeta trembling with need sooner than she’d thought. The same curious blaze she’d seen earlier in the full-blooded Saiyan’s regard was there again.

“I bet you’re still wondering what’s in my new bag,” Goten whispered throatily, her hands slowly caressing her mate’s new curves with a thrill, “Curious?”

Vegeta nodded, in reality dying to know. “Must I remind you I know exactly…?” her ego began, but was pacified to bliss when Goten’s fingers down her shorts found something magic.

Vegeta’s lips replaced her hands at her ample chest, her fingers finding Goten’s own magic fountain. The demi Saiyan’s pleasured cries alone could do it for her, and by now both their heads were spinning.

“You’ve seen nothing yet,” Goten’s sultry voice promised among sweet kisses. She stood to galantly offer her hand. “Allow me, princess.”
TBC in Chapter 6…

(A/N: Next chapter, *very* NSFW. ^_-)


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