Wasted Wish – Chapter 6


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Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*

(fem!Vegeta & fem!Goten: their first night together as temporary girls)
Rating: M, NSFW, explicit
Their dimly lit bedroom was much more comfortable, Vegeta and Goten found, as always. Though comfortable may have been a slight understatement for them, tightly entwined and feverishly making out.

Get her to relax, check, Goten thought, Get her to wanting it more than anything, almost there. Get her to needing it, had been there all day. Get her to realizing it all, who knew?

Vegeta squirmed with longing for the magic that Goten had worked up in her on the couch, but Goten’s hand only teased her crazily through her thin shorts. She was soaking wet, Goten felt with a smirk, much like herself. As Vegeta was with her in training, such was Goten with her in bed; nothing was satisfactory short of everything they had.

Vegeta reached up Goten’s shirt and unwound her makeshift bra to put aside, gently stroking her back and curvy chest through her equally thin shirt. Goten arched her back with a soft moan, cupping Vegeta’s firm globes in turn. Stifling a smirk at confirming her weakness, Vegeta tickled their stiffening tips for a second, leaving her to pause starry eyed, thinking about it.

Remembering her intentions, Goten rolled Vegeta onto her back, calming her with a soft kiss. It was either now or too late, so she reluctantly sat up. “’Later’ begins now,“ she told her with a mysterious smile, “Back in a minute, okay?”

“Why?” Vegeta asked curiously.

“You’ll see.” Quickly Goten slid off the bed to retrieve her parcel hidden in their closet. “Be good,” she told her before disappearing into the bathroom, leaving Vegeta to blink in confusion.

What was to be prepared was easy enough for Goten to figure out, but Vegeta began to crossly think that it was a long minute.

Shortly, Goten reappeared. “Well… what do you think of part one?” she asked, more timidly than usual.

“Finally–” Vegeta had begun, but stopped mid-phrase to stare at Goten as she’d never seen, even as her feminine self.

Goten’s hair was brushed in a way that made the shaggier ends curl up more, her thick-fringed eyes were rimmed in cat-like black, and her lips were a sweet, pale sakura pink. She wore a red Sailor Moon style miniskirt with a tight, low-cut, cropped white sailor shirt, complete with white, thin heels. The whole effect defied description, beyond a troubling mix of sweet and drop-dead sexy.

Vegeta had seemingly lost her voice, her eyes shining like the stars in the firmament. “Goten…” she pronounced softly, for the moment content to place her hands on her hips and simply admire her. The concept of lolita had surely been imagined with the feminine side of Goten in mind. At first, Vegeta could only touch her with soft affection, so much she ressembled a porcelain doll that would easily break. Yet, almost cruelly irresistable.

Vegeta reached for her hand, and Goten tottered unsteadily on the carpet in the vertiginous stilettos. She felt clumsy as hell, but it was somehow endearing. Walking would not be an issue anyway, Vegeta thought amusedly. She pulled Goten back down on the bed to stroke her satiny cheeks and softly kiss her sensual lips. Predictably, the fruity perfumed color did not last long, though Vegeta found it even sexier when their increasingly heated kiss smeared it in every sense. That seemed to be her reminder of how rough and intense they liked it, if she could miss Goten’s insisting hands.

Vegeta wasted no time yanking at the knot that held the demi Saiyan’s skimpy shirt on, her hands going back to the most beautiful breasts she’d ever seen. Goten’s coral-pink tips hardened almost painfully beneath her probing fingers. Her legs wrapped around Vegeta, one pointed heel digging into her ass, the other the skin of her thigh. She was panting as though nearing climax, sliding off Vegeta’s shirt to do the same. Their electric thrills were almost unreal.

“What an adorable little slut you are,” Vegeta voiced seductively in her ear, “It feels so good it has to be wrong, doesn’t it? I wonder if I could make you come just like this.”

Goten nodded vehemently, loving what she was doing as much as when she talked dirty to her. She wondered if Vegeta realized the rare opportunity that was given them, the pure fantasy that everyone secretly wished at some point but few dared admit… that was all theirs, here, now. “Do you, ‘Geta?” she asked breathlessly, knowing she’d heard her thoughts.

Vegeta gazed at her through half shut, glittery eyes. “On one hand I want to be normal just to fuck you properly. On the other…” For a moment she was lost in Goten’s pre-orgasmic expression, then nodded. “…yeah.” Her cheeks were blushed feverishly at what Goten’s knee was doing between her legs. “Anyway, I’m getting you back for teasing me.”

Goten’s knee rubbed harder, satisfied to feel her grinding with it. “Did you forget, now we can do it as long as we want, as many times as we want?”

“No.” Vegeta’s hands alternated with her lips and tongue, slowly bringing Goten to the boiling point.

The mysterious connection from her breasts to her loins was even stronger as a female, Goten noted, her small, halting cries turning to blissful sobs. Her fingernails dug into Vegeta’s back, probably drawing blood as the strange orgasm took her.

“C’mon, give it to me,” Vegeta’s sultry voice encouraged. She was so beautiful in the throes of pleasure, she thought. Watching her was half of it. “Good… very nice.” She held Goten’s lips and tongue in a long kiss as her pleasured jolts slowly calmed. Finally she relaxed beneath her, still trembling and far from finished. Fondly she kissed Vegeta’s swollen lips and cheeks, playing with her thick, soft hair that had also curled up slightly at the ends and bangs that had grown out.

“I’m sorry for teasing you,” Goten said with an amused smile, pushing Vegeta back to slide off her shorts. Her fingers played around her slippery intimate flesh before lightly stroking her magic place that was on fire by now.

But Vegeta flinched, closing her legs. “Goten, that part is too sensitive!” she exclaimed, then smiled understandingly at her inexperience, pushing her onto her back. “I’ll show you.”

Not to be outdone, Goten flipped her back as she’d been, offended. “You take me for a turnip?” she demanded, then smirked slyly. “You haven’t tried yet… y’know, on yourself, have you?“

Vegeta’s face went blank. “No,” she admitted, mentally face-palming. No wonder the demi Saiyan had taken so long to ‘get ready’ for training. And had tired so quickly. The gods hate me, she thought for about the hundredth time.

Goten omitted telling her about (he) and Trunks having many years ago found and asiduously studied Gohan’s very diverse and educational porn collection that he apparently didn’t want Videl to see. He was clever enough to hide it from his parents, but not from his curious little brother and best friend.

“We’re virgins in this form, but don’t worry,” Goten assured her. Her senpai didn’t look reassured, but Goten silenced her with a long kiss before slowly going down to suck and teasingly bite at her neck, pausing at her breasts to hold while playing at her stiffening tips with her fingers and tongue as she had done to her.

Vegeta was relaxed again, her eyes closed while she caressed Goten’s hair and back. The latter was as turned on as her mate, whose breathing began falling harder. Only when Vegeta was panting, trembling hard and sharply clawed into Goten’s back was she satisfied, moving gradually down her waiting body.

This time when her head was between her spread legs, Vegeta didn’t object. Feeling her tongue move from her taint to around her smooth lips, slipping in and out of her wet heat before lashing only all around her swelling clit, Vegeta could only make a soft sound of bliss. It was like sinking into a tub of steaming hot water, the uncomfortable tightness finally starting to unwind. Goten could sense it all, she thought in wonder, her eyes closed with exhileration as she approvingly kneaded her silken hair that tickled the insides of her thighs.

Goten was in no hurry, elated at her soft, encouraging sounds as she petted and kneaded her hair. Each had the same thought, that she could easily keep this up all night.

It was wonderful, Vegeta thought for a long time, until the tingling became an insistant throbbing, then an ache. She was trembling like a leaf, groaning desperately and tugged hard at her hair. “Goten!”

Goten looked up, and there it was again; the strange, blazing look in her eyes she’d first noticed during training, then earlier that evening, that was now so clear. “Do you trust me?” she asked, to which Vegeta nodded impatiently. It was a dumb question, and not the issue now. But she had to ask, Goten thought with a faint smile.

The next she knew, Vegeta felt the tight heat of glowing ki rings that restrained her wrists and ankles apart. Though she hadn’t expected that, Vegeta only felt a thrill race through her being, seeing clearly now what she’d been seeking for quite some time.

She didn’t even pretend to fight back or to complain, Goten noted as she went down on her again, somehow unsurprised. If anything, her thoughts were screaming a relieved and unconflicted, /yes!/

Goten had to smile, knowing what it meant. She paused to slide one finger slowly up the length of her wet slit as though to decide, making Vegeta shudder with yearning. Instead, Goten moved back up to admire her gorgeous breasts, as firm and arrogant as herself. Her fingers, lips and tongue took turns rubbing, licking and sucking her painfully hard nipples, sometimes pulling on them, gently or with a tinge of pain.

Vegeta’s whole loins ached for attention so badly she could have screamed, but that was not her decision to make now. Only Goten could decide now what she felt, where and when, be it pleasure, pain, or nothing, and for how long. As much as her own thoughts surprised her, she could not deny the sheer thrill they brought. There was a difference between letting Goten top when Vegeta herself wanted – basically topping from the bottom – and actually submitting, which she’d never thought she would actually do. But now it was very different, and she could hardly believe the ironic sense of freedom it brought her. And of déjà vu…

Vegeta moaned softly at the contrasting pleasure/pain/suspense that she also felt between her legs, then louder when Goten lightly fingered her sensitive pink bud.

“I know what you need, and I’ll take care of you,” Goten’s understanding voice whispered seductively, “But you said you’d show me. Maybe you should, to make sure I get it right.” Goten winked playfully, but it was not a question.

Though ready to burst and mentally kicking herself for her big mouth, Vegeta only nodded. That was how it worked anyway, and she would refuse her nothing now.

“I’ll have to take these off, but I know you’ll be good.” Goten made her ki rings disappear, and they switched places.

Instinctively locking onto Goten’s thoughts, Vegeta kissed her hard, thrusting her tongue aggressively into her mouth. Feeling her conveyed need, Goten enlaced her to hold tightly. “‘Geta, will I really get to make you mine tonight?”

Vegeta squeezed her tighter, feeling something else burst. “You did, years ago. But I know what you mean, and yes.” In another heavy makeout, the intoxicating mix of love and lust made their heads spin.

Feeling crazy with what was getting to her, Vegeta slowly moved down Goten’s perfect body, unable to resist pausing at her chest to again take to her sensitive tips. Though otherwise on the shy side, there was nothing shy about Goten in bed. This time, Vegeta brought her only to the trembling edge of orgasm before bringing her back down, which pulled from her a sob of frustration.

“We’re getting there,” Vegeta promised, “Keep that for me.” She held her dazed regard, with black eye makeup already smudged everywhere. Only on Goten would ruined makeup look so sexy.

Goten had a similar thought that Vegeta’s naturally feline eyes would look even sexier rimmed in black, but her mind went blank as she moved the rest of the way down her body, pulling off her soaked, white satin panties, and deliberately pushing her legs apart.

Unconsciously Goten held her breath, not knowing what to expect of such a new experience outside her control. But Vegeta began in the same gentle, teasing manner as she had, and she relaxed. It tickled at first, but in a good way. Saiyans’ private parts being hairless like the rest of their bodies except a little on top rendered them more sensitive. Goten sunk comfortably into the tingling heat, her first tiny sparkles of pleasure intensifying as Vegeta’s tongue moved progressively nearer to ground zero. For some time the latter did the same to her as she had earlier, holding her on the suspenseful edge until her legs trembled yearningly. Anticipating paypack anyway, Goten relaxed, exploring each new sensation.

Vegeta took her by surprise then, and her eyes opened wide. She’d always thought the expression ‘eat her’ to be only a figure of speech, but it rang so accurately that she might have screamed if she could have found her voice. How in the hell did she manage to set every receptive nerve on fire in places she hadn’t known existed, making the more she gave the more she craved? Each time her probing tongue and lips brought her now throbbing clit to the wary edges of a starry climax, they moved elsewhere to do the same, the whole effect like a fizzy bottle of champagne opened within her.

“I can’t!” she exclaimed, seeing now what Vegeta had meant. Still, something had to give.

“Shh,” Vegeta assured her before going back to work, “I got this.”

All she could do was knead and pull at Vegeta’s hair in time to the unending crescendo of contractions building, slowing back down to piano until her legs were trembling uncontrollably. Indeed, she was playing her like an instrument.
Just wait for the whole orchestra, Goten thought, knowing her small cries were indeed a sweet melody to Vegeta’s ears. She had no problem with that, Goten thought with a drunken little smile.

Vegeta’s finger wasn’t quite inside her, seeming to stroke the obvious from underneath. As it slowly built her sensations back up in a strange way, Goten became aware of an empty ache becoming more demanding all the time.

“Vegeta…!” Goten’s trembling voice and body clamoured for release, and she felt her finger slowly working into her wet sheath. The demi Saiyan realized that besides Vegeta’s evident experience to her none, it was more her senpai’s instinctive sense of her needs that guided her like a compass that always points North.

While she was thinking about it, she became aware of now two fingers slowly massaging deep inside her while Vegeta’s mouth slowly, gently, guided her to her summit. Not hard, fast, or rough as they’d always done before, but softly. Making her want, desire, and need it before each step was climbed. The expression otherwise comical-sounding, Goten now worshipped.

The way Goten voiced her name among countless sighs of ‘yes!’ and such graceful moans as her back arched sensuously under her was driving Vegeta insane. She could feel each ecstatic contraction around her fingers, beneath her mouth, and the pulsing ache of her own unmet need were making her dizzy with lust.

“Come for me, Goten,” she coaxed between ministrations, breathing harder, “I wanna feel you get off.“

That always did it for her. She yanked hard at Vegeta’s hair in time to her pulsing contractions, her body stiffening and randomly jolted with the most beautiful, graceful orgasm she’d ever experienced. This one tapered gradually down, calming like gently ebbing waves, taking much longer to end than before. Her eyes closed in rapture, while Vegeta discretely turned and wiped off her face.

“Dear gods, Vegeta…” she moaned softly, knowing she could do it again, and again… “I can still feel it.”

“That’s because we aren’t done,” Vegeta voiced seductively in her ear, causing another involuntary shiver to pass through her. Before she knew what was happening, Vegeta bent one of Goten’s knees to the side. Feeling her to be sufficiently relaxed, she slid two fingers into her dripping, tight warmth. Not softly and gently as before, but hard and fast.

Goten’s eyes opened widely again. “Hey,” she protested with a weak smile, “It’s your–” Stars filled her eyes and she collapsed back onto the pillow, feeling the roughly thrusting fingers hit her sweet spot dead on each time. For the first time since they’d been girls, the most violent contractions of pleasure ripped through her loins, then through her whole body, which practically convulsed. “Oh f-fuck!” she exclaimed, thrashing about wildly.
Not so graceful this time, Vegeta thought dimly, too heated up to care. Goten’s back arched and stiffened with the most intense, magical orgasm, so accustomed to ejaculating she didn’t yet question it, falling back limp and trembling. Her eyes closed with a shuddering sigh, genuinely sated.

“Ohmygod… thank you.” Her hands closed fondly around Vegeta’s arm draped around her. Otherwise motionless, she thought for a moment. “How did you… I mean, what…?” Goten had to admit being puzzled.

Vegeta smirked at knowing something Goten didn’t, at times finding her to be a bit of a know-it-all. “All Saiyans can do that. Most humans can’t, apparently. Or don’t know how.”

“Oh. Well, I’m glad we can, ‘cause that was amazing.” Goten returned her smile, remembering to close her legs, and her smile faded. The top sheet was soaked, as though a large glass of water had been spilled onto it.

“Also normal,” Vegeta quickly added, pushing the sheet aside. Her serious, darkened eyes screamed impatience, and having thrice put Goten in all her wanton states seemed to make her temporarily forget that it was not herself in charge that night. Roughly she pinned Goten to the bed with a demanding kiss, aggressively thrusting her tongue into her mouth with a challenging growl.

Though she actually loved that, Goten raised an amused eyebrow. “Forgetting something, Ouji-sama?” she asked innocently, petting her hair in a manner that vastly contradicted the use of (his) title in such a way. Enjoying the sudden look of confusion in her face, she craftily explained, “I felt where your fingers were, but show me how to find yours.“ She held up two fingers to show what she meant.

Too happy to be needed again as her kohai’s instructor, Vegeta reclined back as Goten had, placing the latter’s hand  between her legs. She let her play around, but stopped her before losing the little control she had left in her state. “Slowly first.” With her own fingers, she imitated the ironic ‘come here’ motion to which they were accustomed, guiding hers gradually in. “About here,” she explained, “Then just a little more, until…” Goten complied, and Vegeta suddenly flinched. “Yeah, there.”

Goten’s smile turned predatory while she gently and teasingly fingered the discovered sweet spot and around it. “Do you remember now it’s me in charge? You’re mine tonight,” she whispered silkily, enjoying the sudden look of desperation in her face, and something else.

Vegeta’s eyes locked into her depthless gaze, quite subdued. “Goten…” Lacking expressive words at Goten’s telepathic questioning, she tried her best anyway.

Beginning to comprehend, Goten asked, “Remember what we did once… well, you didn’t really consent, at first. But you liked it, didn’t you?”

Vegeta was quiet for a moment, her eyes shut. “I think about that a lot,” she admitted. Their union had just begun, thus held secretly. She’d struggled angrily at first and had panicked, not having expected to be forcefully bound in ki rings; but she trusted Goten, knowing she would never harm her. She’d also never experienced a thrill so intense she’d lost consciousness, and had wanted it again. And again. “It was just never the same,” she concluded.

“I know,” Goten replied understandingly, “But I don’t need your permission.” She’d barely finished speaking when Vegeta again felt the tight heat of ki rings binding her wrists and ankles apart. Her eyes opened to meet Goten’s strangely dark regard. “You’re mine, and you don’t have a choice.“

Such an intense contraction of pleasure passed through Vegeta’s entirety that she could only exhale sharply.
/Who said I wanted one?/
The thought was out before she knew it, and Goten gave her the sexily predatorial look that fit just right. Her fingers playing teasingly inside her were also just right. Thinking it to make them both more comfortable, she slid one bed cushion beneath her hips and another beneath her bent left leg.

“I know what you think you want, and what you really want,” Goten challenged with an aggressive kiss. Vegeta leaned heatedly into it but Goten pulled back, dealing her a few playful bitch-slaps with her free hand while the other slowed to unbearable teasing. Goten’s voice softened, mistaking her lost expression. “I’m sorry. I’ll be nice.”

“No. Don’t be nice,” Vegeta’s faraway voice told her, her eyes shutting again.

“O-kay…” The mischievous glint returned to Goten’s onyx eyes. Stradling Vegeta’s bound form, she yanked her up by the hair for an enticing French kiss, then slowly moved down her waiting body, sucking and biting at the side of her satiny throat, which she knew made her crazy. Lightly she cupped her soft and firm half globes that she couldn’t resist squeezing, alternating among caresses, licking, sucking, or pulling, sometimes gently, other times painfully. Surprisingly, Vegeta never complained, only made sweet, approving sounds despite her obvious need, her breathing falling heavier.

Goten calmly worked her way down, as Vegeta had done with her, her mouth stopping between her widely spread legs to softly tease her as her fingers were doing inside her. Though she brought her up many times, Vegeta knew she wouldn’t let her have it until she was ready, which Goten could feel. Damn her or bless her, she knew not, wondering if she would pass out again this time.

It was what she craved, Goten knew. The wait… making the climbing pleasure last as long as possible, and entirely beyond her own control. S/he could never accord such trust to another, Goten knew. It was a privilege all her own, which she cherished.

Though it had been Vegeta’s initial concern, it had absolutely nothing to do with who was in command, or who took orders from whom. Those ways of thought were for those who remained clueless of such an authentic bond, as hierarchy had no place in their secret garden. Goten wanted her to know such excitement, and how good it felt when she let it happen.

Goten paused, her thumb taking over while she spoke. “Try to struggle out,“ she challenged.

Vegeta’s eyes opened blearily halfway. “Why?”

“Just do it,” Goten said firmly. It was  not a question.

Vegeta complied, but the harder she pulled, the tighter the rings held her down. “…Hn?” That was new.

“Again,” Goten repeated calmly, satisfied at the same result, continuing, “Again… again.”

This time when Vegeta felt the rings cinch tighter, Goten’s tongue and lips had gone slowly but seriously to work, causing Vegeta to choke back a sob. She was trembling hard, and did not think she could take any more teasing. Not that she could deny the sheer thrill and intense excitement, feeling her own wetness spill shamelessly, and too far gone to care.

She felt the budding climax begin to taper down, a sob of frustration escaping her. “No!”

Goten only shook her head amusedly, tightening the ki rings again and lightening her strokes. Though trembling hard, only a soft groan escaped Vegeta, who was lustily panting just as hard. Damn, she was good…

Locked onto Vegeta’s mind, Goten knew exactly how long to make her wait until she’d gone silent and had physically weakened. Though, the blaze in her eyes never lied.

As she was incredibly sensitive now, Goten took care to move her tongue indirectly or very lightly over her swollen, throbbing pink bud while her fingers reached up to rub her hardened nipples. Of course, putting Vegeta in such a state made her horny again in no time flat. Especially like this.

To Vegeta, all else ceased to exist except the two of them as she rode a tsunami of pleasure they’d never experienced. Goten’s mouth and fingers made her come hard several times in a row; never had she looked so beautiful, Goten thought. Yet, the same blaze in her eyes confirmed her need to ride the final wave to satisfy the same new craving as she had in Goten.

The demi Saiyan positioned them as Vegeta had, thrusting in hwr two fingers hard and fast as Vegeta had done to her. This time it was Vegeta’s eyes filled with stars as she hit the final crescendo at her turn. Demonstrating it on Goten and experiencing it herself were very different. The demi Saiyan rarely made her so vocal. She could only pull hard and uselessly at her restraints instead of Goten’s hair… somehow more exciting… while she could only sob incoherently among breathless gasps and loud moans, trembling uncontrollably. The restraints made it more exciting somehow, as much as Goten’s dark, lust-filled gaze. She’d never felt anything so intense, her vision blurring at her final crescendo.

“Oh fuck!” she managed. Tsunami indeed, she thought at feeling her own gush, her vision blurring at the tingling, sated bliss. “Goten!” The black waves in her head took her entirely, swallowing her world as it all turned black.
When Vegeta came to, the ki rings were gone and Goten was holding her lightly, playing with her hair. Seeing her eyes open, she smiled hesitantly. “Everything okay?”

“Hm.” Vegeta curled back up in her arms, her eyes closing comfortably. Her ki was very calm now, so Goten let her rest as long as she wished.

Their afterglow was always an almost sacred time for them, so they remained blissfully still until it passed. “What?” Goten asked at Vegeta’s curious expression.

“You seemed insecure about something,” Vegeta observed, playing with her delicate fingers, “Why?”

Goten frowned thoughtfully. “Some people still say they don’t understand how you could see me as your equal.”

Vegeta blinked. “You’ve been my mate for three years. How much more equal could you get?” She thought for a moment and scowled. “Who said that?”

Goten chewed her lip. “My mom, Gohan, Bulma, Trunks… that I know of. But they’re wrong, aren’t they?”

Vegeta sighed impatiently. “Of course they’re wrong. They don’t have to understand.” She stroked Goten’s cheek, still as satiny soft as a baby’s. It had been Vegeta who’d claimed Goten, but the former believed that process to be clear.  “So, that’s why you wanted to know I’m also yours,“ she concluded amusedly, “Know what I think, you just like to hear and feel it. I’m still buzzing like crazy.”

“Me too,” Goten agreed, “That’s because we’re still horny.“

Vegeta could not help but burst out laughing. “Why am I not surprised?” It became contagious, and soon enough they were both laughing. She ruffled Goten’s hair affectionately. “Sack of hormones.”

“Sure, it’s only me.” Goten smirked mischievously and pulled Vegeta close for a kiss, long and irresistable. Their notorious chemistry kicked in and brought them to a heavy makeout, as insatiable as always.

Vegeta paused and looked at Goten in surprise. “Unless it’s a hormonal thing, I don’t get it. Heat cycles kick in at the full moon, which already passed this month. I remember distinctly…” She stopped talking, her cheeks blushing deep red.

Goten grinned, remembering quite well, but paused. “I thought you knew.” At Vegeta’s blank look, she opened the Venetian blind to reveal an admittedly beautiful full moon, alighting the night sky in all her splendor. At Vegeta’s incredulous silence, she explained, “Haven’t you heard the expression ‘once in a blue moon’? Well, that is one. Two full moons in a month is rare, that’s why the expression.” She opened the rest of the blind, then the window. “See? Pretty, isn’t it?”

Vegeta’s eyes were fixed on the large, bright moon, her pupils changing between shrunken pinpoints to large and dialated. She was silent for a long time, appearing to be in a trance.

Goten waved her hand before her eyes. “…Vegeta?”

The fullblooded Saiyan turned her darkened gaze to Goten. “You should not have done that.”

“No worries.” Goten held up her new shopping back, which looked mostly full. She dug through it and produced two items. “Part two,” she announced with a wink.

Vegeta took one of the items to inspect. He’d never seen a double-ended, flexible dildo before, but it was easy enough to understand. “I’m surprised you didn’t get a strap-on,” she commented.

“I did,” Goten confirmed. At Vegeta’s raised eyebrow at the number of objects the sac appeared to contain, Goten said impatiently, “I didn’t want to take all day browsing the Dicks For Chicks aisle, okay?” She took the second item, a different kind of lube than they were used to, and read the package. “Wait, we don’t need this. What a rip-off.” She tossed it aside, then turned to Vegeta.

The latter’s expression was very strange, then she smirked and tossed Goten back onto the bed. “Change of roles, Miss.” The demi smiled with a shiver of excitement. This was going to be good.

More than sufficiently warmed up, some time later found Goten pinned beneath Vegeta. The artificial phallus was deep inside them half each while they scissored, deep and hard and going for broke. Their sensations were unbelievable, the ultimate and very satisfying finish to what they’d began. It was a good thing there were no neighbors to complain, as they held back no exclamation while they took turns virtually nailing each other to the bed or to the wall behind the headboard.

Neither counted how many times they came, nor did it seem to matter. Only the last one did, which brought them true satisfaction before they literally collapsed from fatigue, curled up beside each other to enjoy their dazzling afterglow, and catch their breath.

An amused smile curved up on Vegeta’s face, though her eyes remained closed.

“Now what?” Goten asked in sleepy amusement.

“Heat cycles usually happen at the full moon,” Vegeta mused, puzzled, “Blue Moons as well, apparently. Yours is permanent.”

Goten smiled. “The moon is always full, ‘Geta. It’s just that we usually can’t see it all.”

“I guess.” Vegeta blinked and was quiet. The demi Saiyan was always oblivious to everything outside her immediate interest, then… well, once in a blue moon… said something that left Vegeta thoughtful for a long time. And that would, she thought as they drifted off, if she were not so exhausted.
TBC in Chapter 7…

(A/N: Happy Blue Moon! ^_^)


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