GotenxTrunks: Love Story – Chapter 2

GotenxTrunks Love Story Ch 2
GotenxTrunks Love Story Ch 2

Chapter 2

Love Me Like You Do(song reference XDDD)

Ch 2 Glimpse: “Tr-Trunks… Please f-fuck me~. Goten was begging for him to enter him”

Author: SilverStars

*Used with Permission*

It was a beautiful afternoon as we see Goten and Trunks holding hands walking through the street.

Goten was blushing in embarrassment seeing people was staring at them. Ohhh why did we went out walking like this… People are staring at us like… what the fuck there are kids! Ummm… WTF?

Trunks didn’t givea fuck about it about people staring at both of them. He was looking at Goten was embarrass and kiss his cheek. Don’t be scared chibi~ Trunks smiled and chuckled. But… we’re in public. Goten whisper scared.

Some Women were giggling and gossiping about Goten and Trunks. I gotta say there very cute for each other~! Yeah! teehee! Goten and Trunks at the girls and just walk away from them. Goten was licking on a popsicle while Trunks was staring at him with his face blushing. He is imagine that Goten licking and sucking his dick.

*Trunks imagnation*

Goten was licking his dick with his lustful eyes while hearing Trunks grunts. He starting sucking on it. Ahh~ C-Chibi..

Mmm…mmf.. Goten moaning and choking on his dick. Ahhh chibi im about to blow my load!

TRUNKS HELLLLLOOOOO?! Trunks snapped out and shook his head WHAAA?! We are here… Goten has his arm crossed. There were back home.

What happen… I had to carry you for hours to get home. Huhhh… and also your nosebleeding. Goten was pointing at his nose. Are thinking something dirty about me licking on that popsicle earlier? Nooooo… Trunks smiled and sweating. Don’t lie Trunksey~

Ok… i did! he was blushing hard. Goten was blushing and making this face: O/_\\O… G-Gote-

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Goten smack him in the face. OOOWWWW?! WHAT THE HELL DUDE?!

*few mins later -w-;*

Sorry Trunksey… Goten has his head down. It okay chibi.. even though it hurts alot… Trunks forgive him by kissing his cheek.

Hey let play some video games~! Yeah! But let do it in your room~~~ O…kay…

Both them head to Goten’s room which had the PS4(lol xDD) Goten turn it on to play DBZ Xenoverse

*few mins later AGAIN*

WHAT?! How did i lose?! Guess im lucky Trunks. You cheated didn’t cha? Did not!

Did too! Did not! Did Too~! Trunks grabbed Goten and toss him on the bed and be on top of him. Ehh… Trunks please be gentle with me… Oh… i will be gentle… REAL gentle~ Trunks starting kissing Goten neck which make Goten get horny. Trunks bit his neck which make Goten squealed.

Trunks look at Goten with his lustful eyes and kiss him on the lips gentle. Goten was deeply hard… he wanted Trunks and his body. Trunks started to go rough on him by messing with his tongue and kiss him roughly. Trunks stops and pulled Goten’s shirt up. Trunks started to lick his lips and started to suck on his right nibble. Goten was moaning quietly. P-Please Trunks please stop~ Goten was begging for more. Trunks didn’t stop he unbuckled his pants revealing his 5 inch dick. Goten blush deep red. Trunks stared at it and smirk evilly and started licking his dick. Ahh~ Trunks…

Mmmmn…ahh Trunks started to put Goten dick in his mouth sucking on it slow and easy. Goten started to moan in pleasure. Pl-Pleae stop…it f-f-eels- so goooood… Trunks ignored it and started to suck faster. T-Trunks im about cummmM! His seed gagged in the older sayain mouth.

Mmmmn~! Your cum taste good chibi! T-Thanks… Your so beautiful chibi~ Thank you Trunks-kun~ Goten blushed. Trunks took off his shirt showing his abs. Goten was blushing harder he never seen Trunks abs up close even though in the locker room sometimes. then he took off his pants revealing his 6 inch dick which Goten nosebleed a bit. O-Oh my! You like this dont cha huh chibi~? Trunks smirked.

ummm… Trunks grabbed Goten head and forced his mouth into his hard dick. Mmmf?! Suck it chibi~ Goten started to suck slowly while he’s being choked on on his dick. Mmmn…mmn… Goten started to suck on it faster while Trunks was moaning. D-Damn Chibi~ im about to cum in any minute! Goten started to suck really fast and moan quietly. I’m…CUMMING~! Goten choked on his sperm and his dick. Trunks kiss his lips and mess with his hot tongue and swallowed his own sperm. Then Trunks filps Goten over laying on his chest. spread his buttcheeks to show his little butthole which make the younger sayain squealed.

Trunks put his fingers in Goten mouth making him suck on them. He insert one of his wet fingers in his tight butthole which make him scream in pain.

I know it gonna hurt chibi you will get use to it~ Trunks speak in a yet soft,sexy,husky voice. Goten was sweating and breathing hard while Trunks was inserting his fingers back and forth. Goten moans in pleasure. Trunks stop and took out his fingers and has his hard dick near Goten entrance.

Trunks look at Goten. Do you want me to this? Goten looked at him with his lustful eyes.

“Tr-Trunks… Please f-fuck me~. Goten was begging for him to enter him” Well that more like it~

Trunks entered him slowy which make Goten screamed in pain. Ah fuck~ it only gonna hurt for a sec~! Trunks fits his throbbing dick in him and sigh in satisfaction and thrust slowy. A-hhh Trunks… Oh chibi your ass is so damn tight!

Ahhh…ah…ah…ah. Goten was moaning in pleasure. Please Trunks! Faster! Harder! Ohh…You like it rough~ Trunks thrust went faster and harder. Goten grabbed the sheets and moan in pleasure. Ohh~! F-Fuck! Oh chibi im about to blow my load!

Please Trunks! Fill me up! Im…im…CUMMMING! Trunks blew his seeds all up in Goten ass also he blew his load too. Mmmn…ahh fuck chibi that was to good~~ Trunks was tired and the sperm of off Goten. Yeah it was Trunks-kun~~

Trunks pulled the cover over them and has his arm around Goten waist. Goten blush and smiled.

Good Night Trunks~

Good Night Chibi~

This was the day that Goten will always remember…


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