Watch Dragon Ball Z Kai’s Gay Kamasuyra : “THE MOVIE”

Watch Dragon Ball Z Kais Gay Kamasuyra THE MOVIE
Watch Dragon Ball Z Kais Gay Kamasuyra THE MOVIE

Wanna watch a hot gay movie of Gohan and Trunks having some sweet sex together? I noticed on the boxer and rice site that this video isn’t playing anymore, so I made this as an alternative source until it has been restored. Enjoy!!

This was named

Dragon Ball Z  Kai’s Gay Kamasuyra : “THE MOVIE”

Fixed the broken video (11-22-2015)

If you have trouble watching it, please comment below or email me

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can fix it!

Thanks ^_^


    • We checked the source, and they had unexpected downtime, but it’s back up and running fine!
      We will look into perhaps uploading to backup sources real soon! Thanks for the suggestion!
      But the video is up and working fine now 🙂

  1. I watched the video and I have to say, that it was well put together. However the soundtrack seemed a bit unfitting…I would recommend a non-lyrical soundtrack to provide atmosphere that doesn’t draw attention to itself or a simple silence to go along with the normal slosh and slapping of the skin. The uke that Trunks was fucking, I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be Goten or Gohan. Either way he just looked so foreign…I’d have to say his eyes are what threw me off since they are too big and defined to be normal DBZ eyes. Overall, the visuals are wonderful, but the design of character and music choice was a bit off-putting.


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