The Story of Saiyan O’s – Goku x Gohan

The Story of Sayain O's - Goku x Gohan
The Story of Sayain O's - Goku x Gohan

Title: The Story of Saiyan O’s

Pairing: Goku x Gohan

Written by: Gotenboner & assisted by camteen17

Published by:

Goku poured his coffee into the mug his son bought for him on Father’s Day, like he does every morning. One spoonful of sugar. Two spoonfuls of sugar. Half cream, half coffee; just the way Goku likes it. As he sits down, little Gohan walks in with his boxers and t-shirt on.

“Good morning Champ!” Father Goku exclaimed to his son, trying to wake him up.

“UAughagh, Good morning Dad” Gohan replied, trying to hide his yawn. He look over and saw the mug he gave his Dad and couldn’t help but smile. He always enjoyed seeing his dad use things he bought him. He looked over at this Dad to see his father in the same outfit as himself; Boxers and a t-shirt.

“Hey Dad, you’re wearing the same thing I am” Gohan remarked with a giggle.

Goku looked down to see that same exact type of boxers his son was wearing, along with some morning wood he didn’t realize he had before. He had to chuckle as he continued to sip his coffee. Gohan walked around the table to the cabinets where the cereal was kept. He tried to reach up but it was always too high for him. He’s asked his Mom and Dad several times to put it on the lower shelf, but they haven’t listen to him yet.

“Dad can you lift me up to reach the cereal for a moment please?” he asked so kindly.

Coffee with Goku
Coffee with Goku

“Sure” Goku replied as he laid down his cup of joe to assist his son. He had to adjust his morning wood though to somehow keel from his son noticing it. He quickly pointed it up (like everyone else does), and tucked it under his boxers waistband. He put his hand under Gohan’s arms and lifted him to the top of the shelf. Gohan looked around and saw a new box of cereal he never noticed before, “Saiyan O’s.”

He grabbed it, as he was very curious what they were going to taste like. As Goku lowered Gohan down, Gohan’s rear cheeks scraped Goku’s hidden boner, sending a tremor of sensations through Goku. All Goku could do was stand there, wondering and hoping Gohan didn’t take notice in the object in his boxers. He grabbed a towel cloth, sat back down, spread it across his crotch and began to sip his coffee again, praying Gohan didn’t notice it.


Gohan went and grabbed a bowl from another cupboard. The bowls were on a lower shelf than the cereal so he could reach them a lot easier. He then went and grabbed the carton of milk from the fridge and sat down at the table. Gohan poured the cereal in the bowl, and they looked like the seven dragon balls, much to his amusement, and then poured his milk.


He went to eat the cereal, but found he forgot to grab a spoon. He went to check the silverware drawer, but there were no clean ones. He didn’t have enough time to run the dishwasher, so he decided to just go face first.


“Omnomnomnom” he muttered through milky breaths.


Goku looked over and chuckled at his son. Leave it to Gohan to make a mess. He continued drinking his coffee while trying to hide his now painful erection. He looked beside his son’s bowl and saw the cereal box.

The Story of Sayain O's
The Story of Saiyan O’s


“That’s new.” he remarked. He grabbed the box and began looking over it. “Where did this come from” he continued browsing the box when he stumbled upon the company info which read, Capsule Corp.


“Bulma, of course. Always with the tricks.” He chuckled but then stopped when he noticed there was a warning symbol on the box along with some text, which read


“WARNING! Capsule Corp. does not take any responsibility for the consumption of this product. It may cause slight headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, and even sexual arousal. Do not eat more than 1/2 cup within 24 hours. Keep out of reach of children.”


Gohan just kept plunging his face into his bowl of cereal. Once his head was out and he felt as though he had done a sufficient job, of eating the cereal in such a barbaric manner. He then drank the rest of his milk right from the bowl and belched when the last of the white fluid passed down his throat.


Goku looked up and watched his son place his bowl next to the sink, put the milk up and walk to the doorway.

“I’ve gotta use the bathroom. I’ll be back Dad” Gohan said as he continued to proceed to the bathroom around the corner.


Goku was just sitting there in shock. What will happen to Gohan? Is this dangerous for him? Should I take him to Bulma or the doctor? Sexual Arousal? Keep out of reach of children?


Then his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of pee hitting the side of the toilet. Gohan had left the bathroom door wide open as he began to relieve himself.


Goku got curious of what the cereal tasted like so he went over to the box and took out a handful of cereal. He jammed into his mouth, and it tasted really bland. It kind of had a salty undertone, but it was a tan, bland cereal.


Goku put the box away and started to walk toward the stairs while he peeked into the bathroom and saw Gohan standing there, with his manhood in his hands, aiming at the toilet bowl. Goku blushed profusely before heading quickly up to his room and closing the door behind him. Sitting down on his bed with his boxers tenting up, he slid them down to his knees, releasing his straining erection! The moment he touched the tip of his dick’s head, he shuttered in sheer pleasure. His hormones were beginning to go wild, and the cereal started to kick in. His prostate/backside was beginning to pulse and he could feel it pretty clearly. Working his hands up and down on his shaft, precum began to just pour and stream from his cock. His face was blushing red and he was beginning to zone out from all the pleasure he was having to wrap his mind around! He had never felt such intense pleasure before, much less by himself!


The longer he stroked the faster his motions became. He had started to sweat but that only drove his hormones to become even more out of control. He lost himself in his furious jack-off session, trying to reach the end result of sheer bliss. He was sliding his hands up and down at what felt like the speed of light and he was close to climaxing when he heard a noise from downstairs that stopped him dead in his tracks.




Goku took his hands off of his pulsing erection and pulled his boxers back up. He whined a little as the fabric made contact with the soft and tender head of his monster cock. He opened his door and started to walk down the stairs wondering what could’ve caused his son to make that noise.


He peered around the corner of the staircase, into the living room, and saw his son, sitting on the couch rubbing his own cock. Goku couldn’t bring himself to look away, his son looked absolutely sexy in his current position. His legs were spread and his cock was poking out through the fly of his boxers. His hands were just flying up and down his young cock as he tried to reach the same goal Goku had just moments before.


Gohan looked up for a split second to see his father standing in the doorway with his boxers on, which now had a wet stain at the end of his very noticeable monster cock outline. Gohan got up and dove into his fathers boxers without thinking twice of what his father thought. All he knew was he wanted it! Gohan bit the waistband of his father’s boxers and slid them down to his feet, with his teeth. Then licked all the way up Goku’s leg until he got to his father’s monster cock. He began to lick the tender head which caused Goku to moan and bite his lip.


Goku just stood there, watching his son go down on his cock, licking it like some lollipop. Both men had their hormones flowing like crazy, along with precum from their cocks. The room was beginning to be filled with the manly, musky, salty scent you smell after cumming. Goku grabbed his son’s head and guided Gohan into blowing his father. Oh the sheer pleasure from feeling his cock in his son’s mouth was enough to make him blast a nut! But he couldn’t bring himself to orgasming yet! It was odd but at the same time prolonging these moments of horiness and pleasure.


Then Gohan reached his hands up and began to fondle and play with his fathers jewels. Rubbing the big balls back and forth, massaging them with the tips of his fingers, he was really making his dad reach the “point of no return” and quickly at that! He pulled down on them causing his father to moan and bite his lip even harder. Things were speeding up and Goku couldn’t hold off any longer! He pushed his son back and began furiously jerking off his monster meat. Letting out his biggest moan and sigh ever, he experienced the biggest orgasm and shot his biggest cum load all in Gohan’s hair and face.


“Mmmmm. Daddy, you taste just like the cereal” Gohan said with a smile.


Goku chuckled at that comment. But now it was time to return the favor to his own son. He picked up Gohan and walked over to the couch. He set Gohan down and spread his legs apart. It was time to torture his son.


He began to lick the outline of Gohan’s cock through the fabric of his boxers and would occasionally bring his hand up to caress his son’s balls. Gohan was in a state of pure bliss at this point.


“Oooh, daddy please, hhnnnng” he moaned as his father continued teasing him.


Goku decided enough was enough and finally gripped the waistband of the boxer shorts and pulled them off of his son. Goku finally saw what Gohan looked like fully revealed to the world. The sweat on his perfectly formed chest, along with his young cock stick straight up, made him look unbelievably sexy.


Goku licked the shaft up and down before getting to the head. It was leaking so much precum, that it has already created a puddle in Gohan’s belly button. Goku took the head into his mouth and savored the flavor of his son’s young meat in his mouth. He began sliding up and down while sucking to create friction that would drive his son crazy.


Gohan kept moaning and groaning, which made Goku pick up his pace. He was surprised when he felt two hands on the back of his head pushing it further down onto Gohan’s erection. He was able to deep throat all of his son, and that, with the tightness and warmth of his father’s mouth, pushed Gohan over the edge.


“Ahhhhh!” he yelled as he shot volley after volley of young boy cum into his father’s awaiting mouth.


“Gohan, you taste like the cereal too” Goku said after he swallowed all of Gohan’s seed. Goku climbed onto the couch and both of them laid down on top of each other.


“I love you Gohan” Goku stated with a tender voice

“I love you too Dad” Son Gohan replied as he wrapped his hands around and laid on top of his Dad’s back.

The End


  1. The story was so sexy that a father and son having hard sex. Also its really good written and clear to read. The story was so sexy having gohan and goku having sex.

  2. This an amazing story.I love Dragon ball z so to see it in a different hot sexy way outs pretty amazing the detail of it was good everything flowed left a good image in my head as I was reading instant boner lol good job keep em coming


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