Goten Plays in the Park


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Seven-year-old Goten was flying with no real destinations, he was just flying for fun, cartwheeling in mid-air or else, flying in downward spirals like a tornado and back up again, having the time of his life.

But then, something happened. Something unexplainable…. Goten suddenly dropped like a ten-ton brick to the ground! The fall would’ve hurt him pretty badly, had he not grabbed a tree branch at the last moment.

He opened his tightly shut eyes and blinked around confusedly. “Huh? Why did I just fall?” he let go of the branch and instead of floating in mid-air like he intended, he dropped like a stone to the ground. The drop, thankfully, was not high enough to hurt him but he still stumbled and fell upon landing.

“What’s going on?” he asked himself, “why can’t I fly anymore?”


As he looked up into the sky he saw a stellar sight, a Sun Eclipse. He’s never seen one before, and was in awe at the sight; though he couldn’t look long for the blinding Sun.

“Could that be the cause?” He asked looking over his body. “How come Dad hasn’t told me about this stuff? I better go ask him about it!” He began to run through the woods and saw a park with swings, see-saws, and a merry-go-round. “Maybe I could play before running to see Dad” and with that he jumped on the swing and started enjoying himself, with the pretty eclipse still in the sky.

Goten was only playing for a short while when he heard voices coming nearer and nearer.

“Now for our first order of business–Hey! What’s that little kid doing in our park?”

Goten turned and saw a gang of boys between the ages of nine and eleven. He blinked.

“Me? I’m just playing here.” he said.

“I think this kid needs to be taught not to play in OUR park, what do you think, boys?” said the boy who seems to be the leader.

“YEAH!” echoed the boys around him.

“Get him!” the leader shouted.

Goten jumped, startled by this, and started to run, but discovered to his horror that he could no longer speed-dash! He turned and faced them, making a stance, ready to fight.

But his first punch was intercepted by one of the boys and then the next thing he knew, he was on his back on the ground. One boy jumped on Goten and held down one arm, while another boy held down the other. Goten cried out, grunting and strained against the boy, struggling for release, but then, two more boys held down the legs. The leader whispers a command to the remaining two boys. One grabs the collar of Gotens shirt, and the other grabs the waistband of his pants.

The leader snaps his fingers and instantly the two boys quickly pull off Goten’s shirt and pants, leaving him in his dinosaur briefs. Goten begins to jerk and cry from being embarrassed.

“Stop it guys! You’re being really mean!” Goten whined.

“Ha-ha! Do you hear him, boys?” the leader said. “You’re being mean to me!” the leader mimicked Goten in a high-pitch voice. “What are you, four?”

One of the boys pulled down Goten’s dinosaur briefs to his knees, revealing the baby-sized penis and ballsack.

“Looks like your body is four! Ha-ha!” The leader teased. The boy laughed and mocked him. Another boy twirled the penis, taunting Goten. Another played around with the really small balls, like holding a spoonful of jell-o.

“Stop! This isn’t right! My Mom will be really mad for you doing this.” Goten warned them, trying to hide the tears and small sense of pleasure.

“Aw, is the wittle baby four-year-old threatening us with Mommy?” the leader mocked, looking around at his laughing gang. “Where is Mommy, huh? Where is Mommy?” he asked as he flicked Goten’s penis around with his fingers.

The leader pointed at the youngest member of the gang. “You’re our newest member. You have to lick this boy’s wittle penis with your tongue.” The boy got up from around Goten’s shoulders and paced around his body to his legs. He squatted down, placed his hand on Goten’s penis and slowly lowered his mouth near it.

He quickly raised his head and said “I can’t do it, leader!” But before he got an answer, the leader grabbed the boy’s head and pushed it into Goten’s groin.

“You don’t talk back when I give you a command! Who do you think you are?” The leader scolded. But the boy had opened his mouth as his head was being pushed, and Goten’s penis went right inside of it. So now the young boy had another boy’s penis in his mouth for the first time. “For back-talking, you’re doing this naked. Strip him, boys!”

The remaining few boys that weren’t holding Goten down quickly stripped him naked!

He began to squirm and jerk as the boys held him down and stripped him of his clothing.

“Let go of me! I didn’t join for this! Let go!” He protested with his chipmunk voice.

“Hey, you know you have to do what I tell ya. You don’t want anyone finding out about what you did, do you?” The leader alludes to the boy. “That’s the real reason you joined, don’t ever forget that. The boy calmed down from the fear of someone finding out about him. He returned to Goten’s groin, this time naked and more obedient to the leader.

“Wait a minute,” said one of the boys holding Goten, stopping the boy from sucking on Goten. “Leader, why don’t we find out what a baby boner looks like first?’

Goten was now terrified, having no idea of what was about to happened, he struggled uselessly, yelling: “NO! NO! LEMME GO, LEMME GO!”

“Yes….” said the leader, clearly enjoying watching Goten struggle. “Do it, give him a baby boner!’

The boys push the younger member out the way as they began twiddling, twirling, playing, touching and stroking the baby penis. Goten is beginning to feel a strong uncommon sense of pleasure. His focus loses sight of running from the boys, and now shifts to his pleasure from his penis. As he focuses more on his penis, it begins to form with more blood, which causes his very first baby boner.

“Look at it, how cute!” one of the boys said, flicking it so that it wobbles

“It’s barely two inches!’ said another, pinching it and stretching it out as far as it would go and watching it snap back into place when he let go.

“Alright, now let our youngest member have his go!” the leader ordered, then he turned to the said member. “Do it!”

The young lad walked back over with his own baby penis moving back and forth with each step. He lowered his body back to the ground, and begin to move his mouth and tongue to the baby sized penis. He placed it inside his mouth, and wrapped his tongue around it. Then moved it in and out, while also applying suction to it. His saliva acted as a lubrication which multiplied the pleasure felt by Goten.

To be continued..


  1. I cant say i really like this story.It may be because i just cant live with those rape stories.They could have gone into more detail about how a dark sun takes the ability to fly but ok.

    Goten also really seems out of character here.Atleast there arent that many issues with the language but thats still not a very solid reason.2/5 stars.


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