Dragon Ball S: Chapter 4

Dragon Ball S - Chapter 4
Dragon Ball S - Chapter 4

This contains hot sex (Fanfiction) of shota dbz characters.

I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: TomBlaqueguard96

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Chapter 4: New Guy In Town Visits!!

The two little Demi-Saiyans awoke to a mess. Trunks was covered in dry cum and so was Goten. The

scene of the crime was just as the stranger left it. Trunks rose from sleep and began to frantically gather

the sheet, which knocked a surprised Goten into a somersault before landing on the springy mattress,

and ran to toss it in the wash, still completely naked.

Goten was sitting there wide-eyed. He was one who usually took hours to wake up, but doing a front flip

in the morning was a good way to bring him to life. He rubbed his eyes and ruffled his hair, then he

leaned back against the headboard. Out of sheer boredom, he took his limp uncircumcised boyhood in

his hands and began to play with it. No pleasure here, just a way to kill the time. He cradled his balls,

fingered his urethra, and pulled back the foreskin to reveal a little pink head.

As Goten played with his member, Trunks was busy pulling his hair out in frustration. He had forgotten

to change the laundry last night! The gis they washed last night were sitting in the washer still damp.

The angry eight year old stuffed the damp clothing into the dryer and turned it on. After he managed to

start the filled washer, he grabbed a hand mirror and inspected his raped asshole.

It was now gaping. Trunks was able to stick his finger in it without flinching now. In a way he kind of

began to thank his molester. Trunks licked his middle finger and began to insert it in and out of his ass.

“Mmmm.” Trunks moaned, as he laid spread eagle on the floor of the laundry room, fingering himself in

front of a hand mirror. He began to get hard as his moist finger entered and exited. “Mmmhhaa…” He

moaned louder, not even caring that Goten could in fact hear him.

Goten heard his friend moan from the laundry room, and immediately he switched from just playing

with his member to stroking it. His boyhood grew hard in his hand as he rubbed it to Trunks’s moaning.

“Hmmm…” Goten moaned himself as his pleasure built up.

“uuhhnnn…” Trunks moaned as he was plummeting his finger in. He then placed a second one in, thats

when he got louder. “aaaahn. Ah. Ah. Ah. G- GOTEN!!” He squealed as he shot his seed all over the

nearby washing machine. At the same time Goten was about to cum.

“Mmhhhaaaa… I’m gonna… AAAAAHHHH!!” He squirted onto his belly, and collapsed. His face was

blood red and his member was slowly limping.

Soon a faint knocking forced the two boys to regain themselves. Trunks got up, cleaned up, and put in a

silk bath robe.

Goten knew he had to hide, so he jumped under the bed and told Trunks to answer the door. The seven

year old laid on the hardwood floor under the bed, looking to the bedroom door. Trunks ran down the

hall, his bare feet patting the hardwood. His bath robe did a decent job at covering him up, he tightened

the robe before approaching the door. He opened the door, hoping it wasn’t somebody he knew.

“Hello!!” A tall boy stood in the doorway. He waved cheerfully at Trunks, who waved back, thankful he

didn’t know this person. He wore tight black pants and looked to be 14 or so.

“Oh!! I’m Derek Cunningham!” The boy said.


Derek stood in the doorway, and just announced his first name to the boy who he’d raped the night

before. He obviously made a fake last name to protect his identity. There also happened to be a Derek

Cunningham at his school, who he could frame for the entire thing, if it came to that.

The little purple haired boy shook his hand, Derek noticed it was very warm. Perhaps he just jacked off?

No. He couldn’t afford a boner in these tight jeans.

“I’m new to the neighborhood! Can I come in?” He asked. The kid stared at him deeply. He looked

vaguely familiar. Derek noticed the staring, but he couldn’t’ve remembered him, because he never let

the boy see his face. But the younger boy saw him, he looked dumb anyway. “Uh, I guess I should go

then?” Derek faked a sad walk. Trunks’s emotional side kicked in.

“Y-you can come in!” Trunks yelled. Derek looked back at the boy in the doorway. He smiled and

entered the house.


Trunks led his guest into the living room, where he gestured to the couch. Derek sat down and rested,

Trunks flipped on the television, inviting Derek to watch what he wanted while he went to get his friend.

Trunks walked through the halls, speeding up to a blur before meeting the bedroom door. He gestured

for Goten to get up, then he closed the door. His naked friend stood before him as he gazed. Trunks was

immediately lost in Goten’s body. His curves and smooth baby skin, he then broke his own daze with a

quick shake of the head. He then pulled open a drawer and searched for another robe or something.

“Trunks I…” Goten began.

“Yea?” Trunks continued his search as Goten decided he should not talk. Trunks shrugged it off as he

pulled up a feeble pair of pajama pants. They were clean thankfully, but the problem was no shirt with


He tossed the pants to Goten who hesitated putting on something Trunks had owned, then just

shrugged and slipped the pants on, tightening the strings, a slight pop emitted from the cords. Neither

of the boys heard it.

“We have a guest in the living room,” Trunks said. “He says he’s new to the neighborhood.” Goten chirps

a joyful “OK” and follows his barely clad friend into the hall. They enter the living room and Derek looks

them over as nonchalantly as possible. They were more cute than last night. The lavender haired one

was walking funny, and Derek grinned, as he knew why.

“Hi!” Goten chirps. Derek is caught off guard by the beautiful boy in front of him. This kid was adorable.

He had a little button nose and round black eyes. Derek could barely remember what he looked like

naked, and got hard just imagining it.

“Oh, I’m Derek!” He offered his hand, which Goten shook gently. He then sat next to the house guest a

mere inch apart due to the small love seat. Here, Derek got a closer observation of Goten’s chest and

belly. He caught sight of how well built the boy was, and how low he wore the pajama pants revealed he

was naked beneath them. Goten began to notice the attention the guest was giving him, and he liked it.

Goten spread out a little on the couch to allow the guest to look him over. Trunks ignored Goten’s

strange character and announced if Derek would like any sandwiches. Derek politely denied but Trunks

insisted, so he finally gave in and Trunks walked funny all the way out of sight.

“I know you were looking at my butt.” Goten said. Derek slightly blushed. This was the cutest boy he’d

ever laid eyes on. Goten smiled at his onlooker, and Derek nearly melted. “It’s okay! I don’t mind!” He


This almost caught Derek off guard, this boy was so open with his body. He watched as Goten assumed a

bent down position on the sofa, showing off his ass.

Goten still barely understood sex, so he just thought what he was doing was a game. Derek took the

opportunity and launched into action, placing his hand on Goten’s ass and rubbing it slowly.

“That tickles!” Goten giggled as Derek played with his buns. Then Derek decided it was now or never.

“Can I take these off?” He asked. Goten’s body froze up, and his face erupted in a slight blush. Derek

couldn’t believe this boy was actually embarrassed. “Sorry.” Derek apologized before removing his

hands from Goten’s clothed ass.

“Uuhh…–yes you can.” Goten was nervous, he had just met this guy, but he seemed polite enough, so

Goten invited him to pull off his only article of clothing. Derek took the rim of the little boy’s pajama

pants and used both hands to pull them down to reveal Goten’s round ass and slightly reveal his


Derek admired his ass, the round white beautiful lumps of soft and cushiony flesh before him nearly

made his nose bleed. He stroked one hand down the boy’s crack and happened upon Goten’s pink and

surprisingly clean anus. He licked his finger and proceeded to slowly massage the pink hole while Goten

giggled with amusement.

“That feels funny.” Goten said as he felt a boner began to form between his legs, he grew more

confident. He pushed his ass forward, dislodging Derek’s finger with a comic,’shlup!’. Derek was

confused for a second before Goten rolled over on the couch, revealing a protrusion in his pajama pants.

“Can I?” Derek asked, to which the sprawled little Demi-Saiyan nodded gleefully. Derek went into it

quickly and slid the pants down the rest of the way, causing Goten’s boy boner to bounce and settle,

quivering with excitement. Derek then took a bold move and opened his zipper and pulled out his 14

year old dick. He then presented it to the amazed Goten, who even touched it and felt Derek’s slightly

fuzzy balls.

Derek next placed his hand around Goten’s boner. The boy yelled a little then accepted his molester’s

touch. Derek gave him a few strokes before placing Goten’s small hand in his dick. Goten was shocked

once again, but accepted it as Derek instructed him on how to move up and down the shaft. Goten

reluctantly did this, and moaned as he was pleasured by Derek’s hand. The two boys masturbated each

other. Derek leaked precum all over, while Goten had been since he was first touched.the two boys

were on cloud nine, as Derek’s groans and Goten’s moans escalated in volume. Trunks was in the kitchen

witnessing all of this through a curtain that separated the side of the kitchen from the living room. The

lavender haired boy was stroking himself and thrusting his finger in and out of his ass as he did so.

Precum and saliva that coated his anus dripped onto the floor as he pleasured himself to the scene of his

friend getting molested and forced to give their guest a handy.

Goten was very close, as Derek neared orgasm as well, the two forgot where they were and started

moaning very loudly. Goten squealed as Derek increased his speed.

“Derek..–I’m gonna do it..– AAAAAHAHHHH!” The seven year old shot his load all over the sofa and

carpet. Derek then grunted as he came all over Goten’s hand. The two boys collapsed, Goten licked the

seed off of his hand. “It..actually…doesn’t…taste that..bad” The two boys lay there as Trunks was about

to cum.

The lavender haired boy rose a little and moaned as he lost his balance from the pleasure and fell

through the curtain. He saw Derek look at him and his rock hard boner, and the fingers up his ass. He

then yelled and shot cum allowed the floor multiple times letting out a squeal as he did so. Derek smiled

a devilish grin as he thought of what to do next…



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