The Magic Briefs – Chapter 2

Magic Briefs - Chapter 2
Magic Briefs - Chapter 2

Gohan and Goku’s manhoods/dicks/balls grow from the magic briefs, but so do their love for each other. A strong bond, and sense of sexual bonding too happens for this special story. We hope you enjoy!

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DBZ Yaoi/Gay content ahead! 18+ NSFW Warning!!

Goku x Gohan

Chapter 2

“Um, you’re pants are dirty too dad. You need to wash them. Here let me help you” Pulling down the pants, the bulge becomes more enlarging and the red briefs continue to be shown. “You’re wearing my briefs! And… Dad.. I might as well tell you this, but it made your manhood bigger! It works!”


Gohan reached his hand out and brushed the bulge. Goku nearly cummed just from the jolt of pleasure that surged through his body from the faint touch of his son’s hand against his growing bulge. He snatched Gohan’s hand and began to rub his bulge with Gohan’s hand to continue the cloud-9 feeling he was enjoying oh so much. Gohan looked at Goku’s bulge closer, and noticed it seemed to be growing!



He used his other hand to pull down the briefs to get a better look at what was happening, and found his balls expanding! Almost as if they were ‘filling up’; which also seemed to make Goku that much more horny. Continuing to pull the briefs down, Gohan took them off his Dad and put them on himself.


Gohan screamed with a loud moan the moment the briefs came into contact with his balls and manly dick. It surged waves of pleasure over him and forced him to his knees as he finished putting them on. He could feel the briefs getting tighter ever so slowly, his manhood expanding and filling up the empty space.


Before he knew it or even realize his manhood, dick and balls, made a bulge men dream of having, and women lust for pleasuring. Once again though, he did noticed his balls ‘filling up’ which just the thought made him horny and moan. He looked up to see his father staring down, blushing and gasping as he was experiencing his own orgasms. Goku hasn’t even touched his own dick, and he didn’t need to! He was feeling great just by standing there, enjoying the waves of pleasure overcoming him.


Gohan stood up with what energy he had, and wrapped his arms around his Dad, tightly hugging him. Their bare chests making contact which each other, and their manhoods smashing into each other as well. This sent huge waves of pleasure over both of them, so much so that they moaned loudly. The mega orgasm was the best thing they have ever felt and it wasn’t ending any time soon. They stood there, hugging and enjoying the pleasure. It was a real bonding experience for the Dad and Son.


Their knees started to give out and they both fell to their knees.


“Gohan, this has been amazing! I don’t understand why all this is happening really, but I don’t want it to end, and I just want you to know, I love you Son. I’ll always love you.” Goku said with a tender voice and leaned over to hug his boy again.

“I love you too Dad.” Gohan replied as he wrapped his hands around his Dad again, with a couple of tears beginning to stream down his face.

biiig - Goku and Gohan huge dicks
Thanks ukevegeta13 for doing this for us!! Love you!


We hope you guys are enjoying this! Thank you so far for all the kind feedback and suggestions for this story! 😀

We are gonna work on Chapter 3 now. I are trying to get Goten in here too some how 😉

If you are an artist, we may commission you for some art for this story. Please contact us. We’d mostly just want a sketch of Goku and Gohan hugging, with Gohan having the magic briefs on. If you are interested, contact us.

If you know a good artist you like, message them a link of this page and show them to read the bottom of the story.

Gohan is not a kid in this story. We picture him like Rutobuka has drew him here, and the other 2 pics.






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