The Magic Briefs – Chapter 1

The Magic Briefs by GotenBoner
The Magic Briefs by GotenBoner

““Dad.. Are you?” he looks a little lower to see a bulge, almost that of a porn star, right in front of his face in his Dad’s pants.”

This has gay content in it that is 18+ and NSFW. DBZ Yaoi is also placed in this story, so please do not read if this offends you, In fact don’t even be on this site if any Gay, NSFW, or Yaoi content offends you!

DBZ Pairing: Goku x Gohan

Chapter 1


The science fair for the school was happening in 3 months and Gohan really wanted to recreate something that would impress the judges but also be useful to himself when the fair was over. He asked his friends for ideas, but all of them turned him away, because they all were working by themselves to win the prize money. Sitting at his desk in his bedroom, he began to brainstorm. Minutes turned into an hour. Hours turned into days. Days turned into a week and still no ideas were “good enough” to him and yet useful after the fair was over. He still maintained his family time with Goku and Chichi, swimming and grocery shopping, but was always distracted to find the right fair idea.


Goku walks into Gohan’s room after finishing his work out, closes the door and lays down on the bed tossing an apple in the air next to Gohan who had his head down on his desk, almost about to break into tears with frustration.

“What’s bothering you Gohan?” Goku asked, continuing to toss the apple into the air. He was also in his usual workout clothes. He always loved working out, almost too much. He even would even notice erections from all his blood flowing so rapidly. He never mind it. Just readjust his dick or even strip and continue. He grabs the apple and takes a nice bite into it.

*CRUNCH* – He bites into the apple.


“I’m having a hard time getting a good idea for the fair Dad. I want one that is brilliant, but useful to even me. But all the idea I come up with just don’t fit what I’m looking for.” The reality though is Gohan is a teenager now and wants something to fit his horny side too. The ideas he came up with was too much either sexual or not sexual to his liking.


Through the smacking of the apple, Goku responds “Well, I know you’ll come up with something Gohan. You’re a really..”

*CRUNCH* he takes another bite and continues “smart kid. Whatever you put your mind, I know you can do it. If you ever need help though, you know I’m here Son.”


Gohan lifts his head and looks over at his Dad, now with tears forming in his eyes. “Thank you Dad! You don’t know how..” his eyes sudden shifts to his Dad’s pants, which are protruding quite a bit; Enough to catch Gohan’s eye. “AH!” he shouts. “That’s what I’ll do! Yes. It’s perfect!” He grabs some new sketch paper and pencils his design ideas as quickly as possible.


Goku finishes his apple, and walks to the door. “See Gohan. I knew you were a bright kid.” He lifts his hand as he walks out the door. Gohan is egger to invent the tool he came up with, with his Dad’s help. But he is more excited to use it!


Spending days locked up in his room, he sketches all the ideas for the new invention he wants to make. He finishes the design but now he wonders what he should call them. “Magic briefs? Manhood wonders? Increase your dick-o-matic? The all-in-one man maker? The Penis Plus?” he stops and thinks a little deeper… “The Man Multiplier! It’s perfect!” and with that he finishes the design stage. It would be the perfect product to not only increase the size of a man’s dick and balls (scrotum) but also the ejaculation volume he produces 2x to 3x fold! (Depending on his physical health, the results would vary.)


He then wonders how in the world he is going to produce such an invention. Never before has such a thing been tested, and who knows what the dangers are from it. Would he really want incidents from other people to fall on his responsibility? The more he thought about this, the more he worried.

“I’ve got it!” he quickly rushes to his Dad’s room and snatches the 4 star dragon ball. Rushing to the Capsule Corp, He gets the Dragon Ball Scanner and begins his short hunt for the dragon balls. After gathering all of them, he summons Shin-Ron and asks for his invention to be made just as his design sketches show. Shin-Ron grants his wish, and the balls scatter. The red pair of briefs (Man Multiplier), float down until they fall into Gohan’s hands. He is so excited he almost screams! Blasting off through the air, he heads home, up to his room and begins to strip.


“Eww.. What’s that horrible smell?” smelling around the room, he finds out it was him! He had that awful “outdoor smell” from flying. He lays the Magic Briefs on his bed and walks to the bathroom. Goku walks out with a towel wrapped around his waist. “The water is still hot Gohan if you’re needing to shower.” And continues to walk away. Gohan rushes inside to take a quick shower. He really didn’t want to smell awful with his new invention/toy. His OCD was really going to cost him this time though. When he comes out of the shower, he rushes to his room to put the briefs on, but to his surprise they are gone! He looks under the bed, the dresser, desk, and bookshelf several times before he started to panic.
“I know I put them here. Didn’t I? Or did I leave them at Capsule Corp? Ugh! This is just my day.” Walking out the door, he decides not to fly. He doesn’t want to have to shower again, so he grabs his bicycle and rides as quickly as he can. He looked everywhere but never found them. It’s almost night time and heads home. Walking in the door, his parents are sitting at the table waiting for him to join them for supper.
“What’s wrong Gohan?” Chi-chi asks

“Yeah, you look down tonight” Goku adds on. Gohan is too embarrass thought to mention his lost a sexual item such as the Magic Briefs.. So he comes up with a better response.


“It’s just, I’m missing my underwear Mom. Have you seen them? Maybe you took them to the..” That’s it! He forgot to check the laundry! With him panicking so badly, he completely forgot to check there!


“Took them where Gohan?” Chi-Chi asks.

“Oh never mind Mom. I think I remember where I put them now.” He smiles to try and change the atmosphere to a positive mode.


After they finish supper, he rushes to the laundry room while Chi-Chi and Goku are cleaning the dishes. He scrambles through all his clothes. Pants, socks, shirts, even some underwear he did have before, but still nothing. “I don’t get it. They have to be here!” He continues to scramble. Goku and Chi-Chi finishes up the dishes. She walks up stairs and starts a shower. He walks into the laundry room and sees Gohan looks through all the clothes.

“You still looking for your underwear right?” Goku asks as he takes his shirt and shoes off to put in the room next to his dirty clothes.

“Yes, but they have to be here somewhere. They are red and..” he turns around and looks up to see a small red waistband on his father, right below his abs. “Dad… Are you..” he stares and looks a little lower to see a bulge, almost that of a porn star, right in front of his face in his Dad’s pants.


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