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Summary: A bit of masturbation fun between Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta.

Author’s Note: I was trying to do some original stuff, but it was coming out weird. I thought about going ahead and doing the Goku/Vegeta one but for some reason I was more in the mood for this. I hope you guys like it, I pretty much left it at masturbation because I didn’t want it to get too serious with Vegeta and Trunks together and turn some people off.

So yeah, this was just something to distract me while I waited to get the momentum to finish the other stuff. I hope you guys like it though.

“Oh hey Gohan,” Trunks said swinging the door of the two bedroom apartment with a slight sigh of relief. “I thought you might be dad back early from training.”

Gohan let out a laugh as he walked past Trunks and into the living room of the apartment. “I was wondering why you had that constipated look on your face.” He said as he plopped down on the coach flashing the same huge grin that his father always had.

Trunks laughed back in response, closing the door of his dad’s apartment behind him. After defeating cell in the future and ensuring that things settled down he had returned to the past in hopes of getting to know his father better, since he hadn’t had much of a chance during the battle against cell. Several years had passed since his previous visit. Gohan was about the same age as he was and his past self had grown into a slightly more recognizable mini-him. They’d decided not to explain exactly who Trunks was, they figured the kid would just get confused. Vegeta had surprisingly offered to have Trunks stay with him for a while, in hopes of ensuring that his “Saiyan heritage be passed on” or some such nonsense. They occasionally trained together and spent some quality time, and it was obvious that Vegeta was making a conscious effort though his naturally withdrawn and calloused nature made his overtures somewhat clumsy.

Trunks appreciated the effort though, and loved to spend time with his father whether it was training or just hanging around the apartment and listening to stories from the Saiyan home planet. But one of the things he loved even more was spending time with his other Saiyans Goku and his sons. There were few things he enjoyed more than the six of them; Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Little Trunks and himself venturing out into the woods during camping trips to bring back enough food to feed a city and eating it for a contest in a matter of minutes. In contrast to the difficulty of life after the androids attacked, Trunks was too happy for words.

Since Gohan and Trunks were about the same age they got along pretty well. The two of them had spent more and more time together, becoming extremely close friends. At first Trunks felt awkward, since Gohan had been his teacher during the android attacks, but he soon warmed up to this younger slightly less battle-hardened version of the half-saiyan. The two quickly became inseparable, and spend as much time as they could together, sharing every single activity they could think of.

“So, you got any new ones?” Gohan asked, his hand moving to his groin to shift things around a bit. “Or will we have to make do?”

Trunks smiled sitting on the coach next to Gohan and reaching beneath the cushions to pull out a shoe box that was filled with an assortment of DVDs. “Nah, same old same old. Take your pick.”

Gohan wasn’t the least bit shy to begin feeling himself through the thin fabric of his shorts, slowly working up an erection that, with their Saiyan blood, possibly last hours. This hadn’t been the first time they’d have a session like this. Though in the beginning it had taken several months of talking about porn and chicks before they both worked up the courage to jack off in front of each other. Now though, they didn’t give it a second thought, and their usual masturbation session occurred almost once a week. They almost always used Vegeta’s apartment, since the Saiyan Prince was usually already out training. They always had to plan a little while ahead since their Saiyan blood meant that it could take quite a while before they finally reached orgasm. And then of course, there was always the cleanup.

“Uhhhh,” Gohan said to himself as he glanced through the box, simultaneously slipping his shorts over his knees. He hadn’t bothered to wear any underwear and his semi-hard dick sprung out as soon as the elastic waistband cleared it. “I think I’ll go for the nurse one.” He said scratching his balls absentmindedly before slowly beginning to pump his throbbing cock to full size.

“This one again,” Trunks said barely fazed at all by Gohan’s nudity. “You chose this one last time.”

“That’s because its my favorite,” He said with one of those huge goofy grins.

Within no time a busty babe in a nurse dress and hat was staring at them through the TV, her breasts pressed together as she talked in a high voice to some patient who no doubt she’d be servicing in the next few minutes. Trunks took his seat next to Gohan, their legs touching slightly despite the fact he could have sat over a foot away from the other half-saiyan.

Trunks quickly threw off his own shorts, quickly catching up to Gohan as he beat his own steadily growing member. For a moment his eyes trailed off the porn playing on the screen and glanced down at Gohan’s hand furiously pumping away with super human speed, which caused him to spring to full mast in an instant. He wasn’t worried about Gohan getting wierded out, they had a mutual understanding of each other when it came to sexuality. Neither of them were really concerned about if the other thought they were gay or not, because both of them knew the other wasn’t, not that it mattered in the first place. They both understood that sexuality was a lot more complicated then “straight” or “gay” or “bi.” All they cared about was getting off, and if that meant looking at another dude’s dick, that was cool by them. After all that didn’t really count as gay if you got turned on by the sight of another guy’s penis; it was like getting happy when you look at a happy person. Neither of them held any kind of inhibitions or fears towards the other, they were just focused on having a good time and getting off.

This caused them to occasionally glance over at each other, studying and comparing each others bodies until both of them knew exactly how large the other’s muscles were, the veins in each others members, the thickness of their body hair, and the texture of their skin.

Trunks froze as he heard someone walk by the apartment door outside in the stairwell. Gohan ceased his pumping and they both scrambled for the remote. But the steps soon receded as the person climbed the stairs and both young men relaxed again. They’d managed to escape getting caught by Vegeta, though one time Goku had walked in on them. The amiable Saiyan just laughed and joined in though, happy to be part of the fun and ready to show his older son and Trunks a thing or two.

“Trunks, if you don’t hand me some of that lube I’m gonna catch on fire,” Gohan said, his eyes still locked on the screen, biting down on his lower lip and he furiously pumped. “Get some for me will you?” He asked.

Trunks sifted through the porn treasure trove of the shoebox and pulled out a small bottle of lube that he quickly squired onto his hand, reaching over without a word of warning to spread it directly onto Gohan’s pounding member, causing him to arch his back and moan in pleasure thrusting his hips forward as the stranger of Trunk’s hand moved up and down his engorged shaft. He got the same reaction every time.

Trunks withdrew his hand after completely slathering Gohan’s cock and picked the bottle back up, giving it a good hard squeeze over his hand again. He froze as nothing came out, and let out a “Shit…” He chunked the bottle into nearby wastebasket, and glanced down at his quickly softening phallus. “I’m going to go to the store and get some more,” He said standing up and pulling his shorts on over his still engorged packaged.

“Alright.” Gohan said, eyes still locked on the screen but glancing over as Trunks’ trunks came up over his pink pubes, resting on the grooves where his hips met his freakishly toned abs. “Try to come back before I run out,” Gohan said as Trunks walked in front of him. The black haired college student gave Trunks a friendly slap on the ass as he passed while he continued with his other hand.

Several minutes passed before Gohan heard the sound of someone ascending the stairs and messing with the door knob. “Wow, that took you faster than usual-” He said as he stood up and turned around, freezing as he saw a much older Saiyan emerge from the doorway. There was no time to hide his throbbing member from Vegeta. With his shorts halfway across the room the best he could have done was try to pull his shirt over himself, but there was no point in doing that since it wouldn’t help to hide anything after all. Despite his shock Gohan unwittingly continued to pump without realizing it as Vegeta glanced down at his swollen genitals.

“Gohan, what are you doing?” He said, his face filled with sudden embarrassment. But his voice was not filled with accusation, but rather confusion.

“Oh, um. Me and Trunks were just, uh…” Gohan turned around and quickly switched of the TV which was still blaring the Nurse’s erotic moans across the room. Gohan tried to turn back around and explain but couldn’t manage to spit the words out. “You know,” He said with nervous laughter, tugging on his still engorged penis a few times. He was surprised that Vegeta hadn’t exploded in response since the guy always seemed so uptight. Rather though, it seemed that Vegeta was almost completely unfazed by his nudity and more confused by his hard on. The older man still didn’t seem to understand Gohan, and he sighed before saying. “Jacking off?” Vegeta stared back with a blank expression. “Masturbating?”

Nothing seemed to be ringing any bells. “I don’t understand a word you’re saying boy.” The Saiyan Prince replied.

“You know, stroking your dick to make it feel like sex?” Gohan almost wondered if this was some kind of joke. His explanations seemed completely ridiculous.

“Don’t be preposterous,” Vegeta replied with a strained and slightly uncertain laugh. “You can’t do something like that.”

“Yeah you can,” Gohan said giving Vegeta a weird look. He still didn’t understand why Vegeta wouldn’t just fess up that he knew what he was talking about, after all “everyone masturbates.”

“Well I don’t!” Vegeta said almost defensively. He suddenly realized that Gohan was naked again and glanced down at his large package before looking back up at his face. He opened his mouth as if to ask a question and then stopped.

Gohan was steadily starting to believe that Vegeta honestly didn’t know how to “relieve himself.” As he rolled it over in his head he toyed with the idea that that may have been why the man was always so uptight. By the time Vegeta seemed to ask a question he was already convinced, and quickly asked Vegeta the question he wanted to ask. “Do you want me to show you how?”

Vegeta seemed to be at a loss of words, his mouth hanging open as he fumbled with a response. “W-why yes I would like you to. But I’ll have you know that I have no need for this sort of thing. I perfectly able of relieving myself the natural way.” Gohan let him hang on to his desperate defense and sat down on the coach, accidentally sitting on the remote and feeling the plastic against his bare ass. He reached underneath himself and pulled it out, flicking on the TV again. The moaning Nurse, who was surrounded by the entire male med bay now quickly had Vegeta at fairly hard beneath the shorts he was wearing. They seemed as if the seams were about to burst.

“Ok,” Gohan said, feeling somewhat silly for giving directions. “First you need to take that off.” He said pointing to the shorts. Vegeta quickly stripped down to a pair of boxers. “And those too.” The Saiyan nervously removed his underwear, his giant cock now at full mast and far larger than his short height would have usually advertised. As Gohan marveled at the size he was reminded of his father’s massive member. Vegeta was a very close second.


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  1. This story is quite weird. But it is just a story and I can’t judge the author. In fact the person who wrote this must have spent a lot of time on this and I give credit to the site http://www.gotenboner.com and the author.

    I thought the story was calm like in the discription nothing to sexual happening. Just some casual masturbation between the two demi sayings and Vegeta. Also how long has Vegeta been on earth that he does not know how to “play with him self”.


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