What Trunks was Thinking – Love is a Cure

What Trunks was Thinking - Love is a Cure
What Trunks was Thinking - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure

“What Trunks was Thinking”

Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com

I sat in my room as I cried just thinking about my friend. Goten. That name hurt. It stung like a thousand needles whenever I spoke it. But it was a sting I was addicted to. I had fallen in love with him, but couldn’t tell him how I felt.

Why did I abandon him? Why was I so stupid? He just hates me I know he does.

I should call him today. Its the last day I have to see any one of those annoyances at school ever again. And after today, I can legally become to head of Capsule Corp. But it just won’t feel the same without my best friends opinion on my decisions.

I am awake so early because I could barely sleep not knowing if Goten was going to leave after today. The crickets are signing to each other and I can hear some frogs doing the same thing. The animals are performing for each other and its sounds absolutely beautiful.

I got out of bed and went to take a shower. I noticed the bags under my eyes and thought that I would need tons of makeup in order to cover them. But I had a reputation for one more day. Then I would take over Capsule corp but have to compete with Cube Corp.

Cube Corp was started by some rejected employees who tried out for positions but didn’t get them. They started their own business and have become quite successful. Their main goal is to make us pay for not hiring them by taking all our business. I just have to be one step ahead of them as usual and it should be no problem.

I was in the shower when a thought occurred to me. What if I get Goten a job here? Would he like that? Does he even want to talk to me anymore? I decided to find out that question when I was done with my morning routine. I was washing my body and got to my chest, I frowned. Goren’s muscles were always more impressive. Always more defined and better fitted to his body. I miss him.

When I was done with my shower I went into my room and sighed. My room was cold due to the window being open. I went over to shut it and my towel blew off due to the wind from outside. I closed my window and walked over to my dresser. I picked out some boxers and a pair of jeans. I picked out a tight black T-shirt  and a light gray hoodie. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked decent.

I walked downstairs and decided to make myself breakfast. I had my maid make me some waffles with extra syrup. While she was making them I decided to call Goten. I just had to remember his number.

After I put in the numbers and I waited for him to pick up.

“What do you want? You don’t call anymore so you must want something” he said bitterly.

“Goten, look, I didn’t want to lose communication, but the fans didn’t want me hanging around you anymore” I said in a nervous lie.

“You think that’s an apology!?” He yelled. I couldn’t listen to the rest but I heard the last part and the peaked my interest.

“What do you think about me?” I asked.

“You’re an egotistical, self centered, asshole….” My heart broke after those few words. I tried to talk him out of his plans to leave but failed and he hung up. Great, now he wants to move away.

I finished my pancakes, went upstairs and brushed my teeth, and ran to school. Hopefully I could change Goten’s mind before it was too late.

Author’s Note: This was what was going through Trunks’ mind. Hope you enjoyed. Until next time, bye.



  1. If both of the friends knew what each other felt mabey the could have avoided
    the whole goten running away situation. Poor Trunks he repented on his grave mistake. If only Goten knew how much Trunks loved him.

    Trunks really wanted Goten to stay and give him advice to stay. But the stubborn one was Goten not listening to Trunks. But its also his fault too one because he abandoned his friend into a living about to be divorced parents, hating brother, living hell hole


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