Capsule Corp – Love is a Cure

Capsule Corp - Love is a Cure
Capsule Corp - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure

“Capsule Corp”

Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by:


“Goten, where were you this morning, you were almost late” Trunks said with a curious expression.

“I was about. You don’t need to know everything Trunks it’s not like we’re best friends anymore” I felt each word leave my mouth in hate and spite.

“Goten, I want to try to be friends again” Trunks said.

“Trunks you can’t just say that and then we’re friends again. We can go back to Capsule Corp and talk this over” I said.

I couldn’t believe this. I didnt even know what i was going to do once i was there. All I knew was that I would have no control. I wanted Trunks to mean what he said, but I couldn’t be sure.

We walked back to Capsule Corp and we started talking. Everything that left my mouth I would’ve actually answered. This thing that wasn’t me was reading my mind. It was as if this thing was living and it was just acting perfectly like me.

“Goten, why did we stop being friends?” Trunks asked out of the blue.

How I wanted to voice my opinion. Because you’re spoiled ass got new friends that replaced me with ease, and it hurt like hell.

“I don’t know. It hurt like hell, and I don’t want it to happen again” I said instead.

As we neared Capsule Corp, he just kept asking me questions and I would answer them.

“Why did your hair get so long? It’s covering your eyes”

“Do you hate it?” I asked wiping the hair from in front of my eyes.

“No. I just miss your old hair style” Trunks said looking away.

Why was he acting so weird? He acted like he genuinely cared about my appearance and well being. It’s not like he loved, he was straight.

“Well, c’mon in, we’ve done some renovations and things look a bit different” Trunks said opening the huge doors to the mansion.

I was in awe. The living room was bigger, if it was possible, and the kitchen seemed to have expanded as well. I wonder if the bedrooms and library got bigger too.

“Follow me” Trunks said leading me down a hallway I didn’t remember.

We entered a room and I was blown away. It was the size of Beauty and The Beast’s library in the castle. I was on absolute awe at what I could read and what i had already read.

“Go on, pick a book” he said with a smile.

“No thanks, hey do you think you could sign this. My new friends online don’t believe I used to be friends with you” I said instead.

“Goten, you’re acting strange. Please tell me what’s wrong”

At that point I managed to get back in control for mere seconds before it took back over. My eyes got more life in them then went back to being almost dead. I knew he saw it.

“You aren’t my friend. What did you do to him?”

“This is his body, so whatever you do to it, he feels” the thing controlling me said.

“What do you want from him?” Trunks asked getting obviously pissed off.

“Sign the paper, and I will go” the thug said.

Trunks don’t listen to it


Wait? I overpowered this thing? Maybe I can defeat it. It will take a lot, but I think I can do it.

Author’s Note: So I think this will have 1-2 more chapters. Just because I want to decrease the amount of stories I have going.



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