Dragon Ball S: Prologue 2

Dragon Ball S - Prologue 2
Dragon Ball S - Prologue 2

This contains hot sex (Fanfiction) of shota dbz characters.

I don’t own DBZ or any of the characters used in this fanfic. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction. That’s about all I have to say, so I’ll shut up and get on with it.

Published by: GotenBoner.com

Written by: Tanuki-san

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Prologue 2: Neck High Waters

Bulma rustled her gift basket in one arm. The basket contained a water resistant orange gi, gift cards for Jack in the Box, and some newly invented beauty products for ChiChi. Bulma really didn’t want to be anywhere near the Sons, but her son was all that mattered in his decision. It’s just for thirty minutes, She’d tell herself. She sat in the front seat of her own personal flying craft, which had a soundproof and bulletproof shield for behind her head, so no Dragonball snatchers could get to her or her dragon balls without a bigger, slower weapon.

This also meant Trunks couldn’t see or hear her in front, as she made him sit in the back because the massive gift basket took up a whole seat. She took the opportunity to curse under her breath, air hogs.

When she made it into the forest, she was finally free to hit the gas. Trunks flew back as he took the craft to it’s limit, murdering millions of flying insects, and maybe a bird or two. She saw the Son household come into view, and immediately regretted going so fast, now she had to deal with them SOONER, mainly Goku…

Trunks was delighted as he opened the door, his feet made it out before the door finished opening, Saiyan sprinting to the door. He rang the doorbell numerous times, no sign of them being here. ChiChi’s hover car was parked next to the house. Goku didn’t know how to drive, and ChiChi would’ve answered if she was inside. Trunks stared into the keyhole eagerly.

Bulma let out a silent sigh of relief. Just then, Trunks heard a familiar laugh with his super hearing. It was Goku, he heard splashing… A tub? No bigger there was no echo. The lake!

“They’re at the lake Mom!” Trunks chirped.

‘Damn those Saiyan abilities of his!’ He thought to herself. She slowly followed Trunks to the lake.

Sure enough, the Son’s were there. Trunks immediately noticed ChiChi sunbathing on a mat, she was on her stomach, not wearing anything! Next to her in the lake, Goku and his youngest son had a vicious splash fight.

“Uhh… Hi guys.” Bulma announced. Goku’s wet head turned to see Bulma. He smiled that familiar big grin.

“Bulma hi!” Then he looked at his naked wife. “Oh.” Then he pulled a large stick from the edge of the lake. He began to poke ChiChi’s ass. ChiChi jumped,knocking the earbuds from her ears, and nearly revealing her melons. After her near heart attack, she began to tell at Goku.

“You scared the crap outta me you–”

“Hun, got company.” His finger pointed to her naked form, halfway revealed to Trunks’s eyes. One nipple was in His gaze. Bulma caught sight of this staring and smacked the back of his head.

“Oh My!!” She blushed and placed her top on, before the bottom. She sat on a lawn chair, before signaling Trunks to freely look again and apologizing.

“So whatcha guys up to?” Goku asked cheerfully. “Wanna take a dip”

“I just came for Goten, you did get my call right?” Bulma said.

“Oh sorry Bulma!” ChiChi gasped. “I did, but Goku dragged me into this game in the lake and I forgot, but sure he can go!”

“Alright, am I interrupting?” Bulma asked. She’d rather not have to deal with any of the Sons for more than her recommended dose.

“No, I gotta talk to you anyway Bulma!” Goku said in his loud voice. Inside her head Bulma just flipped four tables.

“Okay, trunks you can play with Goten in those clothes, the car seats are waterproof.” She pushed him lightly on the ass, causing him to bolt into the water for a Saiyan cannonball!! ChiChi warned them not to get her wet, before returning to her music and reading a book.

Goku arose from the lake, Bulma, flinched and turned away. He was completely nude. He noticed her gesture and grabbed a towel from the tree above his head and wrapped it tightly around his waist. Now that he was covered, he led Bulma away from the commotion. Once they were away, Goku spoke.

“How many times do I have to apologize Bulma?” Goku whined. Bulma was in akimbo, she had her head leaned down, she was pissed.

“Until I don’t remember it.” She spat.

“It was just that, Vegeta died,” he said, “you were devastated.” He said.

“The only thing I was devastated about,” she sassed. “Was having the lifetime supply of beer he used to drink left to collect dust and space.”

“Then why are you going to Other world?” He asked. Bulma was caught off guard, only Dende and Mr PoPo knew she was going to Otherworld.

“How do you know!?” She demanded.


Trunks swam in the cool summer water, the water soaked through his underwear in a moment. He swam to Goten, who was shirtless.

“Hi Goten!!” He said.

“Hi Trunks!” Goten chirped.

“Wanna have a swimming contest?” Trunks suggested.

“Yea!!” With that, Trunks witnessed Goten swim to one end of the water with unreal speed. He saw more skin blur than he thought Goten had visible. He didn’t let that bother him, as he followed with his Saiyan speed.

“Ready… GOOO!!!” Trunks sounded off, and the tow Demi-Saiyans whooshed to the other side in seconds

Trunks felt the end of the swimmable water with his hand. He looked to his right to see Goten was there too.

“I won!” Trunks declared. Goten immediately had a look of pure shock on his face.

“No you didn’t!” He splashed his friend, who playfully splashed him back. The two were soon in a full war, until Trunks brought out the big guns. He latched hold of a nearby boulder in the water, and began to viciously kick his feet, sending a tsunami of water over Goten. The younger boy spat out lake water and called it a truce, giggling as he did so. That’s what Trunks liked about Goten, he gave in so easily.

Then the two leaned on the boulder, bottom halves still submerged, and looked at the clouds.

“Where you been Trunks?” He finally asked.

“Mom wouldn’t let me come over.” Trunks answered.

“Why?” He asked, tilting his head.

“I don’t know.” Trunks said. They sat in silence for a good five seconds before Goten sparked up again.

“Why are you wearing clothes while swimming?” He asked.

“Because I–” he began to answer with a sarcastic tone, but then had to ask. “Aren’t you?” Trunks asked.

“No, I only have one gi these days, and mom said she doesn’t see a reason to make a new one, besides, you have to swim naked don’t you?” He asked, that innocent look made Trunks melt. Then he blushed beet red. He’d been swimming and playing with his naked best friend. He grew hard.

“No, uh, you don’t HAVE to…” His face was sweating from heat and embarrassment. Then he did something he thought he’d never do. He rubbed his hand on Goten’s ass cheek! The younger boy shook a little, but accepted the rub.

“What was that for Trunks?” Goten asked in the most innocent, yet grateful voice Trunks had ever heard, as if Goten…

“I’m sorry Goten!” Trunks was now blood red, as he turned from his friend. “You can hit me I’m sorry!!” He said.

“Why would I hit you?” Goten asked. Trunks turned back to his friends innocent glare. He smiled and hugged his naked friend, and Goten slightly struggled to keep afloat, before using his ability to hover to keep his elevation in the water. He took the hug and barely notices when Trunks pecked his cheek.

Trunks was ready to tell Goten how he felt, but not until they were alone.


“I just got back from there last week,” he said. “I caught a glimpse of King Yemma’s schedule. You’re scheduled for later today.”

“That’s besides the point, Goku what you tried to do was wrong! I’ve known you since you were ten, and I didn’t even think of doing that with you!!” She raised her voice.

Goku retracted into a defensive position, he didn’t take getting yelled at by her well, ever since he was a kid traveling with her.

“I did it because…” He then stopped talking and began to walk away. Bulma noticed the tears in his eyes. She had never seen him cry before, let alone seen him get sad because of something she said.

“Hey you get back here–” she said.

“Just take Goten, it’s okay.” He said, without turning to look at her. She stood there in shock as he walked into the house, his head drooped and his feet dragged. He slammed the door, cracking it down the middle.

Bulma went to get the boys and take them to Capsuke Corp. when she was halfway there, she realized something….

The gift basket was still there…


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