Trunks and Goten Go Swimming

trunks and goten

Warning: Contains gay  sexual 18+ content.

Adult content ahead! 18+ only!

Pairing: Kid Trunks and Kid Goten

Chapter 1

In the mid of July, you could sit an ice cube on a rock outside and 2 minutes later there will be a puddle of water. Goten and Trunks were outside playing in the air, just flying around and talking when they saw Goku walking with something huge on his shoulders.

    “What is that? It looks like it has water in it.” Goten asked with curiosity to his pal.

    “It– It looks like a pool! Let’s go!” Trunks said before rushing towards Goku. Goten followed and headed near the body of water.

“Hey there, boys!” Goku said, as he saw the boys flying overhead before they landed right in front of him.”I figured that it was so hot outside, so I got the little pool out of the shed so you guys got something to play in and cool off in at the same time!”

Goku set the small pool down on the grassy shade in the backyard of their house and Trunks and Goten immediately ran into their bedrooms in order to retrieve their Speedos. They quickly changed and came out ready to jump in, and they leaped into the small kiddy pool with a loud splash. Unfortunately, the small pool wasn’t very deep or very wide, so the two boys quickly spilled over half the water out of the pool and onto the grass in no time at all.

“Awww… We need more water!” Goten grumbled.

“We need more space!” Trunks remarked. “I can’t jump or dive in here!”

“Noooo… we need a bigger pool!” Goten realized as he thought about it more.

“Yeah…” Trunks sighed. “This would have been great for us a few years ago…”

“When we were little!” Goten added. “But we’re BIG and STRONG boys now!”

trunks and goten

In the meantime, Goku was walking around the backyard of the house where the boys were playing around in the pool and he couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between the two of them, which made him chuckle. He realized that the boys were absolutely right. They had in fact outgrown the little kiddy-pool and they seemed to be ready for something… bigger.

“Okay, you guys… I’ve heard enough of all your complains about the little pool!” Goku said. “It’s time for an upgrade!”

“What are you gonna do, dad?” Trunks asked him.

“We’re getting a bigger pool! So… Go ahead and get out!”

The boys got out and Goku easily lifted one end of the pool, tipping it over and letting all the water spill out over the grass.

“Now, let’s get some shovels and start digging. You two dig a hole as deep as you can while I fly off to the junkyard down the street to get some materials for the pool! That way, we’ll build the pool together!” Goku instructed.

The boys then shoved the tips of their shovels into the grass and started digging a hole which ended up growing bigger and wider and deeper, until it became a big wide and deep rectangle, filling up a large part of the yard. Once they had the correct shape of the pool, they kept on scooping more sand out of the hole, making it deeper and deeper…

In the meantime, Goku flew over to the junkyard down the street where he found some plastic liner which was thrown away by several people. He picked up the plastic pieces and carried them back to the yard, flying high over all the houses in the neighborhood. Once he got back, the boys had already dug a hole which was wide and deep enough to be a good size pool.

Goku then placed the liner on the bottom floor of the pool and used his energy blasts from his hands to bend the edges of the plastic in order to straighten out the edges of the liner. He flew back to the junkyard to get more plastic until he had enough to cover and fill up the entire inside wall of the hole that the boys had dug. Soon, the boys had constructed the pool in less than an hour! All they needed now was… water!

Chapter 2

They headed out towards the nearby lake to get water from there. The crisp and clean water of the lake was ideal for the new swimming pool. Goten and Trunks could hardly keep their speedos on from all the excitement. Goku grabbed 3 nearby barrels for them to use for the water. When they finally got to the lake, they remember they could have just flew the way there. So they filled their barrels and flew back to the swimming pool and started dumping the water in the pool. Trip after trip they continued filling it up.

    “Hey Goten, you know what we should do when we fill the pool up?”

    “What’s that Trunks?” Goten asked.

    “We should go skinny dipping when no one is looking!” Trunks said with confidence.

    “That’s a good idea Trunks! We need to hurry if we are going to do it today!” Goten said while racing off through the air with his barrel.

    “HEY! Wait up Goten!” Was all Trunks could say to try and keep up with the hyper boy. A few more trips and the pool was filled.

    Once the pool was filled all the way to the edge with clear water from the lake, Goku left to go train with the team. The boys just stared at each other with huge smiles on their faces. This was going to be so much fun!

    “Ohhh YEAH! Now… THIS is a pool!” Trunks cheered. “I can dive in this thing!”

    Trunks then leaped into the air, flying high into the air, before allowing his body to hover about fifty feet above the exact center of the pool. Then, he straightened out and positioned his body in a perfect vertical position, with his arms stretched out before him and hands placed together. From that height, he allowed his body to drop straight into the center of the pool, landing into the water with a mighty plunge, which caused a mighty wave to crash over the edge of the pool which got Goten completely wet all over!

    “YEAH!” Trunks cheered as he came to the surface. “Get in the water, dude!”

    Goten immediately removed his swimming trunks and he took a mighty leap, flying a long, wide circle around the outer perimeter of the pool, before coming down into the water like a missile. In fact, Goten blasted through the water like a torpedo and he covered all the way from one end of the pool to the other until he finally came up to the surface for some air.

    “Whoohooo!” he cheered out loud. “That was fun! We’re skinny-dipping in our own backyard pool!”

When Goten came up, he found himself swimming right in front of Trunks. They just looked at each other and they realized how incredibly muscular and handsome they found one another.

“Dude… You look so cool when you’re in the water, do you know that?” Goten said.

“Well, so do you! You are so built!” Trunks said, as he was admiring Goten’s impressive physique.

The two boys were just admiring each other’s completely naked bodies as they were treading water in front of one another while swimming in their own backyard pool together. Gotten was nervous to do what he was thinking, but went for it with high hopes. He lowered his hand on Trunk’s abdomen and began to rub it. To his surprise and luck, Trunks smiled. “That feels great and your hand is smooth underwater. Let me try you” Trunks lowered his hand as well on Goten’s abdomen and began to rub. It sent shivers down Goten’s spine the feel Trunks touch him in such a way.

“Are you cold Goten?”

“No, you touching me just feels so– right. And nice” Goten said as he looked away to try and hide him blushing. Trunks moved his hand up to Goten’s face and brought it closer to his own lips. And then something magical happened! They locked their mouths together, closed their eyes, and kissed. They got so excited by this strong movement of emotions that they got boners underwater, and their dicks touched each other at the tip of the head.

“I didn’t know you felt this way Trunks, that was amazing and I loved it! I want more!” Goten whimpered. Trunks, upon hearing this, turned around and put his butt against Goten’s front side.

“Goten I want you inside me. I’ve loved your body so long that I’ve dreamed of you being inside me.”

Chapter 3

Trunks playfully wiggled his butt before Goten, before he took a deep breath and went underwater, motioning for Goten to follow him. Goten quickly followed suit and took a deep breath as well, and he swam after the smaller, shorter boy. He quickly caught up to him, which was also Trunks’ intention. When he was able to tap Trunks on the shoulder while they were underwater at the same time, then Trunks spread his legs apart and Goten then gently pushed his cock into Trunks’ butthole. Since they were in the water, the liquid surrounding the two boys made it all very smooth and easy for Goten to shove his cock down Trunks’ butt. After a few seconds or so, Trunks was able to come to the surface with Goten riding on his back, and it just felt amazing!

Trunks completely held still in the water as Goten took a deep breath. After all, his cock was lodged deep into his friend’s butt. By now, he was getting very aroused and he began to blast his load of seed down into his friend’s butt.

“Ohhh man… What an incredible feeling!” Trunks moaned as he began to get filled up with Goten’s seed.

Ohhh whoo… Come on, baby!” Goten cheered out loud. “We’re gonna have fun tonight!

I’m gonna go for another dive!” Trunks whispered to his friend.

No problem, dude! I swim faster than you!” Goten warned his buddy.

As soon as Trunks went down, he felt and realized the weight of his friend pushing down on him. He felt Goten’s cock still stick in his butt. Plus he felt his friend’s weight slowing him down. But, in a way, he really didn’t mind it at all. Goten was still filling him up with his seed on the inside and it was just making him feel incredibly happy.

Finally, Trunks swam back to the surface, gasping for air and panting from exhaustion.

“That was amazing Goten! I love having your dick inside me, you handsome hot hunk you!” Trunks said as he was getting out of the pool. Goten quickly flew out of the water and stood in front of Trunks, grabbed Trunks head and this time he was the one to start the kiss.

The kiss that ended the best day ever.

The End



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