Bio Brothers – Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Goten’s Lesson

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The light from the living room was shining down the stairway as they walked up it. With Dad leading, the other four followed behind. The teens were right behind Dad, with Goten and Trunks following behind them.

“Hey Goten, look at that butt. Doesn’t it look..”

“Shush Trunks, they can hear you!” Goten interrupted with his finger over his lips. But even he couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful grown asses before his face. He had never seen such and was very curious as to what they feel like? How the move? How much bigger are they?

Trunks appeared annoyed at being told to be quiet by someone younger than himself and someone he viewed as his own personal toy.

“Daddy, Goten annoyed me, can I spank him?” Trunks asked, causing Goten to jump and cringe.

“Sure Trunks, but whatever you do to him, I’ll let Gotenks do to you.” Dad responded with a perverted smirk on his face.

Trunks glanced at Gotenks and then at Goten’s gleaming butt, just begging for the spanking.

“I’ll take my chances,” Trunks said as he grabbed Goten by the penis and dragged him to a nearby chair.

“Ahh, Trunks, do you have to grab my pee-pee like that?” Goten whined as Trunks placed him over his lap, butt up.

First Trunks wanted to spank Goten, then thought of something even more evil. He stuck his finger in his mouth to wet it, then slid it into the clean, small, pink hole of Goten’s butt. He moved around, sending waves of pleasure throughout Goten’s body. Goten moans from the intense movements Trunks is doing to him, and his body just sits there like a rubber man.

Then Trunks quickly pulls his finger out and slaps Goten’s butt really hard, causing Goten to scream! Then Trunks puts his finger back in and started once again to send pleasure throughout the boy’s body. Goten’s screams slowly became moans of enjoyment as he focused on the finger moving around-inside his butt.

Once again, Trunks removes his finger and quickly spanks Goten on the butt, causing him to scream and yelp in pain!

“OWW OWW OWW” Goten yelled. This intense painful pleasure session continued for a while, but then was interrupted by Dad who called for the boys to come back upstairs.

Goten made to get up, but Trunks held him firmly on his lap.

“Goten, what are my toys?” Trunks asked, raising his hand. “Which of your body parts that I claimed last year?”

Goten sniffed as he replied: “My pee-pee and my butt…”

“Yep! Those are mine! And if you ask ‘Trunks, do you have to grab my pee-pee?’ again, I’ll spank you til your butt is as red as an apple!”

“In that case, I’ll call dubs on yours,” Gotenks said, grinning as he placed a hand on Trunks’ head.

“Boys! Come up here this instant!” Dad yelled from the living room couch

“We better go.” Trunks grinned, he pushed Goten off his lap and began to run up the stairs

“Hey! Wait for me! Oww” Goten tried to run but his butt was still sore from the pleasure and pain Trunks gave him. He continued to make his way up the stairs.

Gotenks saw Goten’s struggles and took pity on him. “Here, let me help, little guy.” he said as he picked Goten up in his arms, loving the feel of Goten’s naked body against his buff bare chest. As he carried Goten to the living room, he massaged Goten’s butt, to ease the pain and lessen the red handprints on it, causing them to fade faster.


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