Let The Torture Begin – Love is a Cure

Let the Torture Begin - Love is a Cure
Let the Torture Begin - Love is a Cure

Title: Love is a Cure

“Let The Torture Begin”

Pairing: Goten x Trunks

Written by: camteen17

Published by: GotenBoner.com


I was tired and awaiting the first stimulant they were going to test on me. I say that like I wanted it, which in a way I guess I did. At least someone wanted me.

“Here come round one” the voice said as a gas was pumped into the room I was in through vents. At least it wasn’t needle injections.

A purple gas was released through the vents and I tried to hold my breath. I saw it cloud around me and eventually I burst and breathed it in. The room started to spin but I wasn’t going to pass out. My head started pounding and I was gaining energy quickly. Crap, no one has ever reached this level.

“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed as an aura appeared around me.

I was too busy powering up and screaming in pain to notice a new gas being pumped through the vents. This one was blue and immediately I felt myself go numb. I could see and feel, but I couldn’t control what I said or what I did. I was being controlled.

“Goten, you are now under my control, and you will do as I say when I say it” the voice said.

I didn’t know why but my head nodded up and down in obedience.

“You will grow close to Trunks Briefs, since you two are so close. Then you will get him to sign the company over to us” the voice said.

“Yes master” came out of my mouth no matter how hard I tried to say no.

There has to be some trigger word or something to break me from my trance. I couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t happen to me daily. My brother says he loves me and hugs me when we see each other. So that’s way too easy. Everything else I can think of is too awkward and wouldn’t be the answer either.

I was released from the room and just started walking toward the High School again. Trunks, please help me. Wow, I was hating him earlier, now I’m begging for his help. It came into view but I wanted so badly to turn away and run. I couldn’t get back in control, and it scared me. What would I do to Trunks against my will in order to get that signature.

One thing is for certain, this can’t end very well.

Author’s Note: So what did you think of this chapter. I’ve had some things been going on recently that have affected me. My friend has been very sad lately and I just hope she cheers up. Anyway, until next time, bye.

End Of Chapter


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