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All our readers and fans know we love some DBZ Yaoi and porn. We recently discovered a new artist on the scene who we grew to love! Goku Briefs is an artist and website dedicated to drawing and creating more dbz gay comics, and artwork for Dragon Ball Z gay content. Here are some photos to enjoy. Make sure to go visit and subscribe at the bottom of the website for their newsletter!
Website: https://gokusbriefs.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GokusBriefs

Goku Briefs  – Comics and Artwork

Servicing Goku

Bath time surprise Colorized

Go visit Goku Briefs! 11

Go visit Goku Briefs! 12

Go visit Goku Briefs! 13

Go visit Goku Briefs! 14

Go visit Goku Briefs! 15

Comic – Special Trainment – Flute-man (English)


Check out his Devianart profile. And his profile from the DBZY (Dragon Ball Z Yaoi) gallery.
This comic was drawn by Flute-man and submitted to GotenBoner.com

Comic – Special Trainment – Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten

New Comics & Artists added to DBZY

New dbz gay artists and Comics added April 2019

Over on our sister website DragonBallZYaoi.com – We have added recently added some awesome artists you should go check out. We are always open to you sending us contact information for artists you request to have added for us to showcase their artwork of DBZ Yaoi and DBZ Gay content. Here are some of the recent artists added

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Here are just some artwork displayed over there you should checkout. Click an image to see that artist’s page.

Goten x Gohan butt plugs
Goten x Gohan butt plugs
Goku fucking Gohan while Goten watches
Goku fucking Gohan while Goten watches
Broly fucking Trunks Comic Page
Broly fucking Trunks Comic Page
Vegeta orgasm
Vegeta orgasm
Broly Fucking Adult Trunks
Broly Fucking Adult Trunks
Comic - Goten gives Gohan a blowjob
Comic – Goten gives Gohan a blowjob
Gohan fills Gotens mouth with cum
Gohan fills Gotens mouth with cum



Comic - Goku Goten Trunks and Vegeta
Comic – Goku Goten Trunks and Vegeta


Past Gohan Kid Trunks Kid Goten Comic
Past Gohan Kid Trunks Kid Goten Comic

VenusWild – Comic #3 [English Color] Vegeta x Kid Goten


Hey guys! We are here to give you guys something we found again over on VenusWild’s tumblr. You should totally check him out if you’re into DBZ Shota or shotacon. It’s mostly around Goten and Trunks with Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku.

Again; Warning! DBZ Shotacon/Shota artistic comic ahead was made by VenusWild. Adult content, 18+ Required or applicable by your country.

Here is his third comic; named “Comic #3” and yes it’s in English 🙂

And in color!
This features Vegeta and Kid Goten outside. Goten sucks Vegeta’s cock and also receives the best sex he’ll ever remember. His lust takes over as Vegeta gives him the Prince Dick thickness. Vegeta feds the cum to Goten from his mouth as they both enjoy it’s tasty flavor. Look below to see what happens next!

We will split it into two section,

1) is the whole comic as a gallery,

2) the whole comic as a downloadable ZIP for your device to view later in HD size.


1) The Gallery

2) The Download

VenusWild – Comic #2 [English Color] Gohan x Kid Trunks

New comic - Venus Wild comic 2 english
New comic - Venus Wild comic 2 english

Happy New Year from the Gotenboner team! We are here to give you guys something we found over on VenusWild’s tumblr. You should totally check him out if you’re into DBZ Shota or shotacon. It’s mostly around Goten and Trunks with Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku.

Again; Warning! DBZ Shotacon/Shota artistic comic ahead was made by VenusWild. Adult content, 18+ Required or applicable by your country.

Here is his second comic; named “Comic #2” and yes it’s in English 🙂

And in color!
This features Gohan and Kid Trunks in the bedroom. Gohan is sleeping in his briefs when Trunks walks in and notices the large bulge in Gohan’s briefs. His lust and curiosity takes over and reaches out to enjoy the large dick inside those tight briefs. Look below to see what happens next!

We will split it into two section,

1) is the whole comic as a gallery,

2) the whole comic as a downloadable ZIP for your device to view later in HD size.


1) The Gallery

2) The Download

Chapter 5 – Orgasmic Lesson – Oravlex Comic (English)

Chapter 5 - Orgasmic Lesson - Oravlex (English)

Again; Warning! DBZ Shotacon/Shota artistic comic ahead was made by Oravlex. Adult content, 18+ Required or applicable by your country.

You can view this DBZ Shota in the gallery or download to your device for later.

Chapter 5 – Orgasmic Lesson – Oravlex Comic (English)

Featuring: Trunks x Goku x Gohan x Vegeta x Yamcha

Drawn by: Oravlex

Translated by: Gotenboner to English

1) Gallery

2) Download

Goten discovers Gay Porn?!

Goten discovers Gay Porn?!
Goten discovers Gay Porn?!

Summary: Goten is jerking away to lovely gay porn playing on his computer on his bed, when suddenly Trunks walks in and see him and the gay porn!! Read to find out what happens! 😀

Author: AGirlNamedEd

Published by: Gotenboner

Pairing – Goten x Trunks

Goten drummed his fingers on the desk and stared blankly at his laptop screen. The search bar’s cursor blinked at him almost mockingly. This was so embarrassing. Of all the things he could be looking up, he had to be looking up that. He’d heard someone talking about it at the gym and he got curious. He was 21, so sue him, he could do what he wanted.

But it wasn’t like he could just ask someone what “guy porn” was. His mother would either murder him or take his laptop away (and he wasn’t sure which was worse), and his dad would…well, he’d be clueless. Gohan was out of the question, too; his brother would probably be all clinical and formal about it, which would probably be even more embarrassing. And he couldn’t ask Trunks because–

Goten’s face flushed. No. He just couldn’t ask Trunks.

Steeling himself, Goten quickly typed “male porn” into the search engine and slammed the enter button before he could change his mind. He didn’t even look at the results, just clicked the first one. May as well get this done and over with so he could move on with his life and–

A video of a young man stroking himself suddenly appeared on his screen. He was on a bed, legs spread, head tossed back, moaning filthily. Goten quickly slammed the laptop shut and covered his face with his hands. Oh. Oh. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected–it wasn’t like he’d never seen porn before. Roshi didn’t hide his magazines as well as he thought he did. But none of them involved men, or at least they weren’t the focus. They were always about women.

And Goten swallowed as he realised that he was way, way more interested in the man touching himself than he’d ever been in any of Roshi’s “aerobics videos.” Maybe…maybe another little look wouldn’t hurt.


Chi-Chi was on her way out the door when Trunks arrived at the Son house. “Oh! Trunks!” She smiled up at him. “You’ll be here to see Goten, then.”

Trunks grinned at her. “Yeah. Is he here?”

She snorted. “He’s barely left his room for three days.”

He frowned. “He hasn’t been answering my messages, either. You think he’s okay?”

Chi-Chi patted his arm. “I’m sure he’s fine, but if something’s wrong, there’s no one I’d trust more to help him out with it. He sure doesn’t want to open up to me, but maybe he’ll talk to you.”

“I’ll do my best, Chi-Chi.”

“Thanks, dear.” She moved out of the way so he could get into the house. “I’m off to do groceries, and Goku’s at Kame House today. Try not to blow up my house before I get back.”

He laughed. “Yes, ma’am!”

The Son house was quiet for once. Trunks didn’t think he’d ever been left alone in the house with Goten before. And then the two of them were usually pretty noisy anyway. But this silence was almost stifling, and he padded up the stairs towards Goten’s room.

If something was bothering Goten enough that he couldn’t talk to anyone about it, Trunks wanted to be the one to be there for him. He’d been quietly in love with Goten for years, ever since they were in high school and first found out what it meant to be gay (and probably even before that, if he was being honest). Even if Goten was straight, which Trunks was sure he was, he still wanted to help him and support him. They were best friends, after all, and that’s what best friends did for each other.

He opened Goten’s door without thinking and walked right in. “Hey, Goten, what’s–” Trunks choked on the rest of his sentence. The scene before him had stolen his words.

Goten was on his bed, pants undone, staring dazedly at his computer screen. His hand stroked himself and his mouth lolled open in a moan. Trunks couldn’t see what was on the computer, but he could guess from the noises coming from it. He stared for a moment, dumbstruck, before Goten suddenly realised he was there and shrieked.

“T-Trunks!” he yelped, yanking his hand out of his pants and pulling his knees to his chest hard enough to knock himself onto his back. “Wh-what–when did you–h-how much did you see?”

It was really hard to concentrate with the pornographic moans coming from the computer, especially combined with the memory of Goten completely blissed out. “I-I–” Trunks stammered. He shook his head to clear it. “Wait, I’m not the one who needs to explain myself! What the hell are you doing?!” Trunks hurried to Goten’s laptop and slammed it shut. That was a little better, at least. “That shit’s how you get viruses on your computer, you know! Do you want to have to explain to your mom that your computer’s busted because you were watching porn?!”

“Shut up!” Goten’s face was bright red, his blush disappearing under the collar of his shirt. Trunks swallowed. He wanted to know how far down that blush went. “I didn’t even know this was a thing until a few days ago!”

“Seriously?” Trunks folded his arms and sat on the bed across from Goten. “We grew up around Roshi and you’re just discovering porn now?”

Goten fumbled with his jeans. “N-no, I mean…” He fidgeted and wouldn’t meet Trunks’s eyes. “Trunks, I think I’m gay.”

Trunks’s eyes widened. Wait. What? He glanced back at the computer. That was gay porn? He hadn’t even noticed in his haste to shut it off.

“It’s just,” Goten continued, “I’ve seen the stuff Roshi has, and those girls are pretty, but they’re not–I don’t know, I just liked the guys more, and I didn’t know where else to look, so–”

“Goten,” Trunks interrupted, “if you wanted gay porn, you could’ve just asked.”

Well. It wasn’t exactly how he’d planned on coming out to Goten, but it was better to get it done and over with quickly. Like ripping off a bandaid.

Goten’s head snapped up and he looked Trunks in the eye for the first time since he got there. “You mean you’re–”

“Bi? Yeah.” Trunks shrugged. “It’s not really that big of a deal.” He jerked his thumb over his shoulder towards the laptop. “But that kind of thing doesn’t really compare to the real deal.” He hoped he sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

“Y-you–” Goten bit his lip. “You mean you’ve done that stuff?”

“Oh, sure,” Trunks lied. He leaned forward, put his hand on Goten’s knee. “I can show you if you want.”

Goten’s eyes flicked across Trunks’s body and back to his face. “I-I don’t–”

“Come on.” Trunks slid his hand up Goten’s thigh. “I promise I’ll make you feel good–even better than how it felt watching those videos.”

It was working–Goten was already half-hard again. He swallowed and nodded. “Okay.”

Trunks grinned and wasted no time. He leaned forward to press kisses to Goten’s jaw and neck as his hands slid his pants down to his ankles. Then he was on Goten, first with his hand, then moving down his body to take him into his mouth. Goten’s head fell back and he sighed contentedly. “Trunks,” he murmured, “oh, Trunks, you weren’t kidding, oh–Trunks–”

He pulled away and immediately replaced his mouth with his hand again, moving up to grab Goten’s hair and pull. “Come for me, Goten,” he growled in his ear, “show me how much you want this.”

Goten wailed and shuddered and grabbed Trunks around the waist and he was coming hard, burying his face in Trunks’s shoulder. Trunks started to pull back, but Goten grabbed his chin and smushed their lips together. “Holy shit,” he panted when he pulled away, “Trunks, I think I love you.”

Goku Bathes with Gohan – Oravlex Comic

Goku bathes with Gohan - Oravlex comic

We’ve been busy working on two new comics for you guys (one’s that will be exclusive to Gotenboner) and we’re really excited to complete them for you guys. It will take some more time, but in the meantime, here is a comic we translated from Oravlex.

This is Goku x Gohan

It is DBZ Shota, so be warned. You can view it here or download it for later viewing.

It’s about Goku, and Son Gohan taking a bath together. Gohan suggests they see who can hold their breath the longest, and things go from there.

We heard some users were having issues downloading our other comics from the previous host provider, so we hope this new one will be easier for you.

Here is the gallery, but for higher res, please download the zip from above.

We did not draw this DBZ Shota comic. It was drawn by Oravlex. If you have suggestions on other comics we should translate, leave them in the comments below. We read every comment 🙂

Until next time, We are aiming to bring you the best DBZ Gay, Shota, and Yaoi content in one easy place! 😀 Also stay tuned for our new exclusive comics. One will have Goku x Vegeta 😉 Make sure to share any posts on our site on your social media like Tumblr, and Twitter! Even Pinterest!

Breaking News! Boxer & Rice Re-launches site!

Boxer and Rice Website Update

Boxer & Rice - GohanxTrunks.net

We’ve received word that our partner over at Boxer & Rice (Truhan) has re-launched the site! It has an amazing collection of fanfiction, art, doujinshi scanlations, and more of Gohan x Trunks! Ranging from Safe-for-Work as the default filter, to Artistic Nudity(18+), and Hardcore-Kinky (18+) *You’ll see the settings in the top left corner 😉

Boxer & Rice started back February 11th 2001, and is widely known in the DBZ gay community. Over the years they’ve collected and 100s of exclusive fanfiction and artwork.

Every thing one their website is accessible for free without any membership, though spreading the word about their re-launch is appreciated. If you repost/reblog anything from their site to like Tumblr, make sure to give a source backlink to their page. 😉 Same for anything you’d do anywhere else. It’s just the right thing to do.

We’ve enjoyed being partners with them throughout the past years, and certainly will continue to work with the guys over there. We think you’ll really enjoy reading fanfiction, viewing artwork, and joining the Truhan community over there. So what are you waiting for!? Head on over and see what’s new! 😀

http://gohanxtrunks.net <— Website Link to Boxer&Rice

So go check out the new site! Make sure to comment and share their website on your social media accounts like Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook!

Cheers and enjoy reading Fanfiction Yaoi 😀

VenusWild – Comic #1 [English] Download Gallery

Comic #1 by VenusWild

We are still in the working with our comic with Kenneth-00 so please continue to stay tuned!

So in the meantime, we wanted to give you guys something we found over on VenusWild’s tumblr. You should totally check him out if you’re into DBZ Shota or shotacon. It’s mostly around Goten and Trunks with Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku.

Again; Warning! DBZ Shotacon/Shota artistic comic ahead was made by VenusWild. Adult content, 18+ Required or applicable by your country.

Here is his first comic; named “Comic #1” and yes it’s in English 🙂

We will split it into two section,

1) is the whole comic as a gallery,

2) the whole comic as a downloadable ZIP for your device to view later.


1) The Gallery

2) The Download

The Magic Briefs – Chapter 3

Magic Briefs - Chapter 3

Goten arrives home to find a scent he hasn’t smelled before. Little did he know that he was in for a huge treat!

Written by: GotenBoner

Characters: Goku x Gohan x Goten

WARNING: Contains 18+ NSFW Gay, Yaoi, Bara, Shota, etc.. (Duh!)

Thank you Mr-Sen for doing the artwork!! 😀 You’re an amazing artist for the DBZ Yaoi community!

Chapter 3 – Goten shows up

Goten is coming home from elementary school on his bike. Pedaling and cycling has been his new hobby for exercising. He always loved riding past the BBQ pit, where he’d smell the aroma from cooked pork. It would always make his day and lift his spirits.


Now arriving at his home, he noticed the family car gone.

“Mom must be shopping today.. I wonder if Gohan and Dad are here?” He grabs his books, parks his bike outside and heads inside.


Walking past the door, he was met with a salty and strong scent. One he hasn’t smelled so boldly before. It kind of made his stomach flip at first, but perk his curiosity in the end. He walks through the kitchen, living room, and walked past the stairs where the scent was strongest. Goten puts his books on the couch and proceeds upstairs, still smelling the strong odor stronger and stronger. As he gets closer he sees a pair of briefs which looked cool but never seen before outside his parents door, which is closed. He grabs them and knocks on the door.


No response.


“Dad must be taking a nap.” He thought to himself. He walks to his room with the briefs in his hand and closes his door. He inspects them closer and notices the scent he smelled earlier was really strong on the briefs. Could they be the source of the salty, manly smell? They looked kinda big too. Like a cat, Goten’s curiosity got the better of him and he had to try them on. He strips his shirt, pants, and white briefs off and stands in front of his floor standing mirror. He first flexes in the mirror and grunts like he’s a model for a magazine. Slipping on the new briefs, he feels a tingle once it’s past his knees. The more he pulls them up, the lighter his head feels. He finishes pulling them on and watches the mirror.


“These are pretty cool looking! I wonder why we have them though? Are these Gohan’s? Dad’s?” The moment he said that, he imagine both of them wearing them and felt an instant orgasm hit his body!

“Ooooooooo…. What… Was that?” He said to himself while panting. Looking down at the briefs he sees a small wet spot where his dick head was. Did he just experience his first ejectulation like Trunks talked about?


He reaches down and touches the wet spot, sending a tingle through his dick head and to his shoulders. He shutters. As he pulls his finger away, he sees it’s a sticky clear substance. He for some reason felt compelled to taste it. He sticks it on his tongue and noticed it tastes like a salty gummy worm. He never ate one like that, but it’s the only thing he could relate it to. He looks in the mirror again and notices something even weirder than the instant orgasm.. His manhood was larger! Both his dick and balls were increasing in size before his eyes! Sure he was still just starting puberty, but even he could notice the major change happening so his boyish penis. If he was to compare his current size to a middle school student, he would win by length and definitely girth! Seems he takes stronger with his Dad’s girth than Gohan did.

Magic Briefs - Goten looking in the mirror with a huge cock

As his boy package was expanding, the tingling was becoming more powerful and noticeable. It quickly got to the point he was losing feeling in his legs, and he fell to his knees. He then noticed the tingles shifted from the tip of his dick head, crawled to the inside of his abdomen, and stopped right above his anus. What he didn’t realize was this is where his prostate is located. He could only close his eyes and enjoy the sensations coursing through his body.


Within a few minutes he felt another orgasm pounding away in his body! His anus was opening and tightening. His breathing was coming and going. And his moaning reached a point he could be heard from his parents room. This woke up both Gohan and Goku from their nap in the master bed. They leaned up and hopped out of bed, still nude from their previous experience. Walking out and towards where the moans were coming from, they smelled a new scent in the air. It was still bold, but not as salty as before, more like a sugar sweetness with a mix of boy sweat like a school locker room.


They open the door to Goten’s room and quickly gasp at the sight! They moved quickly to Goten and leaned his head up from the floor, checking if he is alright.

Goku holding Goten while Gohan worries

“Goten are you okay!?” Goku asks with his hand behind Goten’s head on the floor.


“Are you in any pain?” Gohan asks standing above him looking at what was happening.


Goten opened his eyes to behold the sight of both his Dad and brother, NUDE! Not only that, but both of their dicks were huge! He moaned and shot his boy cream in the magic briefs. He couldn’t stop either! The orgasm kept going and the sweet boy cream kept flowing! He was in an endless bliss. Gohan noticed Goten’s body shaking and looks at the briefs he’s wearing. Not only does he noticed the larger package his brother was sporting, he notices the large wet puddle underneath him.


“Dad! Goten is wearing the briefs from before! What should we do?”


Goku looks towards the briefs and couldn’t believe the sight! It was amazing to see a boy with such a big package! It must have been 8-9 inches long, and 6-7 inches thick! The girth was unbelievable. He also noticed the cum puddle under Goten. For an odd reason he reached over and cupped some of it up in his hand and brought it up to his mouth. Licking it from his palms, he tastes the flavor of boys nectar.


Then, all of a sudden… (To be continued)

Comic coming soon + New Artwork from Kenneth-00

Artwork update - 3-2-16 - Kenneth-00

We love Kenneth-00!

Working with Kenneth-00 has been an amazing experience for us! A great person to deal with, great understanding of the commission process, and even though we had issues with PayPal he was open minded to waited patently through the process and even accepted being paid with ChangeTip; which I find amazing an artist would be that flexible and willing to work with the client 🙂

Our First Commission

Our first commission with him was the Teen Gohan with purple background. It was essentially a test of how quickly he’d respond, get work completed, and just testing him. I can say with confidence we’re glad we tried him out! He was able to work on it rather quickly, communication was clear and fast, and we loved the artwork! He has very reasonable prices for commissions too.

Our Second Commission

After working with him with the Gohan commission, we wanted to test how well he’d draw more detailed artwork. So we put him to the test with the Hairy Goku idea.

(Sidenote; this commission happened before DBZ Super aired the episode with Goku and Vegeta with beards! Honest! I’m just as surprised as you that they showed an episode of my idea! haha I know it wasn’t inspired because of me, but I still found it funny 😛 )

He accepted the idea and got to work. He kept me updated on the process and sent the sketch as normal before moving to coloring. You can see below the different views for Hairy Goku.

Our Third Commission

We loved how he did Goku so much, we wanted a Hairy Vegeta too! ^-^

We wanted these commissions as well for the front page of our site. We had the idea of doing character buttons, but didn’t want to use artwork that wasn’t ours, so all of this worked out perfectly! He handled the process like a champ as before. Got the artwork and love it!

Comic idea – Coming soon!

Already fallen in love with Kenneth-00; we wanted to discuss an idea we’ve had with other artists but couldn’t invest money in the idea just yet. We talked it over and was able to find a way to work it out! We are turning one of our stories into a comic for you guys to enjoy! We’re super excited about this too!

The story we choose to go with: Saiyan O’s (Goku x Gohan)

We will keep you guys updated with the progress over Newsletter and Tumblr 🙂

You can see the official cover for the comic below, along with the commissions mentioned above!

Make sure to rate this, and leave a comment below!!

After a Good shower (Goku x Trunks) (Shota) (Color in English)

After a Good Shower (Goku x Trunks) DBZ Shota
After a Good Shower (Goku x Trunks) DBZ Shota

We did the survey on the front page to check on what you guys (the readers) enjoy and we’ve seen a majority of you wanting more comics. So we pulled out another comic we had archived and translated it. It’s a short one, but it has a rare pairing you don’t see a lot if any of, Goku x Trunks! It is considered DBZ Shota, so be sure to take that into consideration before going any further… So we knew this had to be published in English. We are rolling it out both in gallery and ZIP downloadable, and want to notify you we uploaded the Volume 4 – Vegeta and Trunks in Color – Comic by Oravlex [English] as a downloadable ZIP too. Just click the previous link.

Enjoy this DBZ Shota comic – In English (Download below)

Update: Added missing pages 10 & 11 (11/11/2016)

Free download from Openload.co

New Newsletter (AKA; FlyMail)

So we have a newsletter that we actually manually write now to you guys directly. We’ll update you thru email instead of making a whole new post here. It’s cleaner for us and you can know instantly when something new has happened 🙂 We won’t spam or share your email to anyone, ever!

New Review system
We have this button at the bottom of every post, story, and comic now. We’ve heard that our site is used similarly to rule34, so we thought we’d “poll” our readers to see when they “cum” from reading a particular post on our site.

You can find the “Did you cum to this post?” button at the bottom (Right above the comments section) of every post. Just simply click the check mark if you did 🙂
If you tried but it wasn’t enough to push you over the edge, then you may click the “X” button. But note that it will affect the ranking of that piece of content.

Don’t forget to comic and discuss with readers below!


Volume 4 – Vegeta and Trunks in Color – Comic by Oravlex [English]


An artist (named J.Kai) colored the Volume 4 – Vegeta and Trunks by Oravlex comic, and we translated it again and fixed some typos in the older Black & White version. He did color the Spanish version of the comic, so we had to re-add the english translation to the new color version. So it took some time and we hope you will appreciate it 🙂

Subscribe to our Newsletter to know about our NEW comics!

Currently we haven’t made a downloadable zip, but we will and add it here at the bottom like we do to all of our comics.


Here is the downloadable ZIP of the comic 😉 Sorry for the delay

Submit your Own DBZ Gay Story

Submit your own story to Gotenboner DBZ Fanfiction
Submit your own story to Gotenboner DBZ Fanfiction

We have been active with DBZ Yaoi, Gay, and a little Shota stories for the past couple of years. We’ve been a small group of authors and believe we’ve done good for having busy lives and different ones with families to live with. It can be difficult to write a whole chapter when Real Life gets in the way and slows down the process of creativity.

So today, we’ve now opened up a way for you, the readers and authors a like, to submit your own stories to us and have them go LIVE in front of the 10,000s of readers we get every month. Yes, we really get that many and it’s all because of you guys commenting and loving our stories ^_^ We would be here without you! 😀

Here is how to begin


You will want to click this link and register yourself. You will need a valid email address, and choose a password. You will need to enter the simple captcha aswell. Aaaand that’s it. Really simple 🙂 You will use this login each time you need to access the site, so make sure to remember it!


You should bookmark this, or just use the dropdown in the navigation bar on our site to get to the Login page. You need to use your email and password from the previous step to login. If you have ANY issues with logging in, Contact us ASAP! Please! Others may also have the same issue and you could help us resolve and prevent it from happening further.

Go to “Submit your story

This is the page you want to visit for submitting each chapter, each story, and every idea 😉

You will see a form to fill out, and this is basically what we need to know about your story, and the story content itself.

If you don’t see a pairing already listed, then select “Uncategorized” and we will make a pairing category to match your story. Make sure to include the pairing in the Title of your story; for example (GokuxGohan)

If you run into ANY issues on this page, please Contact us ASAP! We need to get it fixed if you notice something wrong.

Go to your Dashboard

This is your dashboard. After submitting a story it will go into a “Pending review” stage so we can make sure you have a proper story in place, and also prepared to go live. If you don’t provide a cover image with your story, we will need to make one for you, and this will prolong us from approving your story. So if you take the time to make a good cover image and attach it yourself, that will make readers want to view your story, and also speed up the whole process. But if you can’t do graphics, then don’t worry! We have you covered 🙂

You can always come back and edit your stories too from your Dashboard.

When we publish your story or chapter, you will see the word “Live” next to it from your dashboard 🙂

We hope to read your story, chapter, or idea soon! Submit now! 🙂

We hope to see some very interesting and hot stories coming in within the next few weeks 🙂 We know you guys have creative minds and hope to see what the community comes up with!

We will of course give credit to you as the author at the top of the story, as we do for all of our authors

Dragon Ball S: Chapter 5

Dragon Ball S A Shota Adventure Chapter 5 second cumming

I do not own DBZ or any of the characters in this FICTIONAL erotic Fan-Fiction. This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it contains FICTIONAL sex between under-age boys of varying ages. Keep in mind that this content is entirely legal, and believe me I have checked. I am not into this niche myself, but I try to branch out in my writing so I thought I’d give it a shot.

If you enjoy this content, please feel free to let me know by commenting on and following this story. I cannot stress how important it is that if you don’t like this content, to get the hell out, nobody wants a hater here. It may not be a turn-on at all to me personally, but I am all for shotacon. If you’d like to hear my argument, I will be willing to have a tame one in the comments with anyone who feels differently. Without further ado, I will shut up and allow you the courtesy of reading the actual story now…

Dragon Ball S: A Shota Adventure

Chapter 5: New Guy In Town Visits part II: second cuming

Written by: Tanuki-san

Trunks still lie on the floor, panting from his recent

ejaculation. Derik was staring at him intently, stroking his hard

member. Goten crawled to his friend, and placed his hand on Trunks’s

bare chest, feeling his heartbeat. The younger boy looks into his

friend’s eyes.

“Did it feel good Trunks?” Goten asked, true sincerity in his

eyes. Trunks teared up at his friends adorable smile. Trunks then

placed a cum-splattered hand on Goten’s cheek, and the small boy

licked it, to Trunks’s amusement.

“I love you ‘Ten.” Trunks said, Goten then gave him that smile

again, and the two boys’ lips locked in a deep kiss. The two boy’s

tasted each other, and Trunks could make out the taste of cum. The two

boys were lost in their mouths as Derik approached the boys and placed

Trunks’ hardening member into his hand and began to masturbate him.

“Mmmm, Ten keep doing that…” Goten looked confusedly at his

lavender-haired friend.

“I’m not doin anything Trunksy…” Goten used that nickname

again, and Trunks blushed, then when he looked between his legs to see

the house guest sliding his hand up and down his shaft, his cheeks and

face turned blood red. He tried to object to the handjob, but just let

out a shaky moan and his head collapsed back onto the carpet. Goten

looked on at Trunks’ blissful expression and decided he wanted to

help. He then crawled above Trunks, dangling his small member in

Trunks’ direction before settling onto his chest, and began to lick

the tip of Trunks’ member as Derik jerked it up and down slowly.

“Uuuuuuhhhhnnn, That feels soo–” That’s when Trunks caught sight of

the dangling little member above his jaw.

Trunks stuck his tongue out and licked the boy’s balls, and Goten

shivered, and slowly accepted the licking. Soon Trunks took the small

boy’s member into his wet mouth, and Goten squealed with his mouth

around Trunks’ cocklett, causing Trunks to moan in return. Derik

couldn’t take it any more. He rose to his knees and jerked his hard

member furiously and before he could warn the boys, he shot a large

load all over Goten’s back and Trunks’ hard rod. Goten picked up on

Derik’s duties and masturbated his friend as they both approached

climax themselves.

“mmmhhmmm” Goten moaned on Trunks’ boyhood, and Trunks did the

same on Goten’s. Soon the two were convulsing and unloading juices

into each other’s wanting mouths. Derik, laying on his back, his

penis limp and ozzing cum, admired the scene. The two small boys

curled into each other’s bodies and began to kiss passionately, with

Trunks practically leading the inexperienced younger boy. He continued

watching the boys as the day went on slowly…


Meanwhile, many many miles away, on King Kai’s planet, a rather

sombre party is taking place. There are streamers and confetti, but

all the joy and dancing and drinking had gone by, and Bulma awoke in a

luxurious bed next to a lump in the sheets she assumed was her man,

Vegeta. She rose and rubbed her eyes, thankfully she only had three

glasses of wine or else she’d be rubbing her head. Bulma could handle

her liquor pretty well for barely ever consuming any other than on

occasion. Vegeta was the drinker, and being a Saiyan meant he could go

through five six packs and be completely sober. She got out of bed and

went to the bathroom to put on some eyeliner and lipstick, just the


She didn’t really worry for Trunks’ safety, mostly because

anything on earth that would try to attack him might die at his hand,

but mostly because Goten was with him. Goten clearly took on all of

his father’s attributes, and really, ALL OF THEM. Same hair, same

button nose, and that adorable daftness that led her to like him in

the first place. It’s funny how Chi Chi went from hammering Gohan with

textbooks, to allowing Goten to go on only with a basic education. She

thought on it for a moment, then deduced that she could just take

Vegeta with her to the real world for a week with Yemma’s permission.

Now getting the permission is the problem, I’ve gotta call Trunks and

tell him! Bulma thought to herself, then she interjected with herself,

she could surprise him, yeah. This idea was perfect, now she just

needed to drag Vegeta’s lousy ass to King Yemma’s office. Vegeta loved

Trunks, she knew he did and heard him say so,(only once, but it took

him a year and a half to say he loved Bulma, so…) it was just his

ego that prevented him from showing weakness towards someone, like


Bulma waltzed over to the lump and tore the blankets off,

revealing a pile of pillows and a note. Perplexed and slightly

outraged, she lifted the note and inspected it intently…


Back at Capsule Corp., things were going strangely. Goten and

Trunks were asleep, and Derik was awakening from a short snooze.

Either the two had forgotten about him, or they were accepting their

molester. Either way, Derik felt something here that he hadn’t felt

anywhere before. Love. Even if they are technically being held hostage

by him, they hadn’t once yelled for help, or even physically fought

back. And to think he had originally planned to just steal some

jewellery and be on his way, then he was hit with a thought, what if

these kids’ parents came home.

If he could remember from the little news he watched, this was

the home of the Briefs, and that Vegeta fellow, the one who beats

people up for fun. He gulped at the thought of getting his face

punched off by that man. He had also heard he died recently, but he

wasn’t taking any chances. He had to get out of here with his life.

His thoughts of being annihilated by Vegeta made him jump when

naked Trunks rolled over, and exposed his gaping asshole to Derik,

who’s eyes immediately drew to its center.

He had done that, him. That was where his cock went, and the

thought of this caused his boyhood to stand in attention. He slowly

massaged it, then he retched away, he had to concentrate on getting

out, but the boy’s asshole seemed to be begging for his hungry cock.

At last, he couldn’t take it any more. He rose and got on his

knees, and began to full-on masturbate. He stroked his erection until

he was panting.


Trunks’ eyes creaked open, and he immediately recognized the

sound of flesh behind him, Derik was jerking off. Then he felt a

breeze, and tensed up when he remembered he was completely naked. The

thought of Derik masturbating over his exposed asshole made him

steadily grow hard. He could hear Derik’s heavy breathing and his

began to pick up as well.

“Oh Fuck it…” Trunks heard the preteen say, before he felt a

warm object touch the flesh of his anus, Trunks winced. Derik rubbed

his boy meat over Trunks asshole, before slowly sliding it into the

trained hole “OOhh…” Derik moaned.

“HHHMMMM.” Trunks groaned as he was entered. Derik was clearly

already close, because his breathing was picking up more and more.

Then Trunks felt a hand on his member, he couldn’t see who it was, but

felt both of Derik’s hands on his hips, so it was probably Goten.

Trunks didn’t really care, as he was fucked and jerked he began to

whine and moan. “AAHH, OOHH, MMM, HHHMMM…”

“You’re awake, I’m—” Derik pumped faster and faster before

shaking and collapsing before Trunks felt his anus fill with Derik’s


“Goten, I–AAAAAAAHHHHHNNN!!” Trunks exploded onto the floor as

his friend finished him off. Derik pulled out and collapsed onto his

back. Trunks collapsed onto his erection, and almost Goten’s hand,

which he pulled away in time. Goten then rose to his feet, and walked

off to a small bag at the doorway. He unzipped it and pulled out two

shirts and two pairs of shirts and walked over to the couch, and began

to dress. Trunks soon awoken and saw Goten, struggling to put on his

shirt. The lavender-haired boy got up to Goten’s level.

“We gotta take a bath and clean off Ten.” Trunks boasted, his

member bounced a little. Goten looked at him, and took off the shirt

he really never finished putting on.

“Yea, sure!!” Goten chirped. The two boys then ran for the

bathroom completely naked, with Trunks unlocking a whole new

confidence in his body he never had before.


As the two naked boys ran for the bathroom, Derik regained

himself and was now swiftly zipping his pants, and grabbing his shirt

and coat. He fixed his hair to the best of his abilities. Then he made

his way to the door, before opening it and leaving the building. It

was a brisk midday, so he zipped his coat up, and made his way, rather

hastily, away from the Capsule Corp. He quickly made his way down the

west side walk, before accidentally bumping against a man in an orange



Trunks and Goten were now in the bath, and the water running. The

two boys were actually washing themselves at first. They were sitting

in the american style bathtub, across from each other, their feet

touching the outside of each other’s thighs. The bathing was

innocent, that was until Trunks’ confidence kicked in.

Trunks started to wash Goten’s leg, the younger boy thought

nothing of it, and just let him continue. Trunks grinned as he made

his way up Goten’s thigh and to his crotch. Goten flinched, but

accepted the touch, as Trunks caressed his friend’s limp boyhood, as

it stiffened before him. Trunks began to masturbate his friend.

“I wanna pay you back for earlier Ten.” He said, as he slowly

pumped the younger boy’s moist boyhood. Goten squirmed while he was in

his friend’s grasp.

“Trunks, it feels so good…” The boy moans as his member is

stroked, the boy is close to orgasm,

Trunks speeds up, wanting to catch Goten’s cum with his mouth he

leans down and licks the tip of the hard boyhood. Goten squeals and

then it happens, a stream erupts from the young boy’s cocklett, all

over Trunks’ waiting mouth, and face. The boy takes the taste of Goten

and then leans back in the tub and drains the water. This reveals his

whole naked body to Goten, who is leaning back in ecstasy. Trunks

spreads his legs, revealing his large asshole, and begins to finger it

slowly, causing his member to rise and grow. Seeing this, he began to

then touch his hard boyhood, and stroke it slowly. His pleasure was

building up, having his friend, no, his lover watch him finger himself

and jerk off, made him more horny than he ever thought possible.

“OOhhhh, Goten, It feels so good I want you in here Ten.” Trunks

moaned, Goten appeared completely confused, which only made Trunks

more horny for him. Then he decided to be blunt. “Put your hard penis

inside my hole Ten, please!” He practically begged him, he wanted to

cum, but he also wanted to be fucked again. Goten wasted no time

getting hard again and getting into position.

The smaller boy awkwardly stuck the front of his member into

Trunks’ practically gaping anus, and Trunks grabbed the boy and shoved

him in, which made Goten squeal. His friend began to shiver.

“You okay Ten I’m sorry…” Trunks apologized.

“I’m o-okay, It just feels soooo goooood.” Goten moans, and then

he begins to thrust, a lot faster than Trunks anticipated. The smaller

boy fucked Trunks for all he was worth, and soon, Trunks was squeezing

his member to keep from cumming too soon, as Goten was taking breaks

to stop himself from cumming. Soon, however, the two couldn’t hold

back. “AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!” Goten shot a large amount of cum

into Trunks’ anus, probably more than Derik could ever produce.

“UUUUGGHHHNNNN…” Trunks grunted as he was filled up. “I’M

GONNA– AAAAAAHHHHHNNNN!” and with that, Trunks’ cocklet erupted many

ropes of warm cum all over himself and his friend. The two then lay on

one another in total bliss. Then the two Demi-Saiyans turn their

crimson faces to the right as the bathroom door swings open…


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I apologize for my absence, for I had to take an unscheduled hiatus due to problems in my personal life, and I unfortunately, left you guys without a reason. I am glad to say I am writing again, and wish to continue into the end of this series, which will be a dozy for sure. Also from now on, refer to me as Tanuki-San, because my prior penname is taken by another individual who writes serious fiction. That’s about it. In case you didn’t read the foreword,(which most people don’t) If you aren’t into this content then gtfo, nobody want’s a negative hater.



Favorite Supobi Artwork of 2015

Supobi Artwork

We wanted to take this time to be thankful for a great artist for DBZ Gay artwork, Supobi. We made a couple of selections for the year 2015 that we loved.

The artwork below is credited to her, and we highly suggest you go follow her tumblr.

Just One Night With Him

Just One Night With Him - Goku x Gohan - Goten Yaoi Incest DBZ

Author: Silverstars

Author Note: Here A Soncest Story involving GokuxGohanxGoten(Thhhreeeesome yesssssssss~)

WARNING: Contain OOC Perverted Goten! Yaoi! Shotacon,Incest,Hot Steamy Sex.

“Just One Night With Him”

Rated: M

Goten Age: 13

Gohan Age: 23

Goku Age: Adult

It was a dark starry night… under the Son Household.. Since Chi-Chi went over to sleep at her dad’s place since having a argument with Goku.. the sons are going to something fun with their dad… and their going to enjoy it..(Mostly Goten)

“Will you tiptoe quietly you dumbass!” Goten cussed at Gohan quietly. “Well sooooory! You perverted freak!”

“Shut the hell up… your glad Dad ain’t up…or our bitchy mom.. who ain’t here…” Both saiyans tiptoed quietly through the hallway then crack the door to see if the other saiyan is awake..

“Good… he ain’t awake…” Goten smirked and lick his lips as he sneak in there.. Gohan grabbed him as fast as he could.. “Are you sure… What if we get caught!” Gohan whispered in a anger way.. “Don’t worry about it… If we get caught… you can blame it all on me bro…” Goten smiled in a perverted way..

“I don’t even know what your boyfriend Trunks… teach you…”

“At least he gives me pleasure to me… then you giving pleasure to Videl…” Goten got on the bed and smiled when saw his sexy dad on the bed sleeping in the nude..

“Sh-Shut up…” Gohan blushed angrily…

The younger demi saiyan laugh quietly and felt the older saiyan dick in the covers.. “It hard already… tee-hee…” Goten stick his tongue out in a sexual way.

“D-DU-” Goten put his fingers on Gohan lips.. “Shut the fuck up… and Let suck our dad…”

Gohan rolled his eyes and sat on the bed with Goten with a non-amused face.. “Let get this over with…” Goten took off the blanket in a blink of a eye..

“Oh my kami…It big! Bigger then Trunks!” Goten drooled… he still loves Trunks like always… He usually talk about him.. How he fucks him, How good he kiss, How big his dick it is.. to Gohan and Videl only.. Besides… He is one big pervert.. Bigger pervert then Master Roshi!

Gohan stick his tongue out in disgust “You and Trunks… blehhh… Go get your own home and fuck and scream his name loud as you want…” He began to rolled his eyes..

“Your just jealous… cause i have a sexy hunk…” Goten lowered his right eyebrow.. and smirked while he was feeling his father dick.. ‘Soooo hard..”

Gohan got up closer to Goten… Goten smiled… “So… are going to suck it pussy?” Goten lowered his eyebrows…

“OR… We could lick it… together…” Gohan blushed harder by what he said…

“Of course dear brother… Let do that… heheheheheheh…” Goten licked his shaft..”Mmmmn~~~ So sweet…” Goten licked from the bottom to the top.. “Mmmmn..”

He stopped and looked at Gohan. “Dude… are you gonna suck it… you pussy..” Gohan eyes twitch… Gohan push him out of the way.. “Hey! What the fu-” Goten groan then he giggled in a sexual way.. I know what you going to do.. heheheheh…” Gohan looked at the rock hard member… then he slowly put it in his mouth..

“ug-ahh…” Goku groan.. Gohan tried his best not to wake his father up.. Goten got closer to Gohan then kissed his cheek.. “Heheheheh so hot…” Goten went over and pulled down Gohan pants included his boxers.. Gohan blushed harder and saw Goten is feeling his dick.


“Suck Dad’s cock while i suck yours dumbass!” Gohan did as his brother said then he lick the top of his shaft..while his younger brother is licking on his.. “Mmmnnn so sweeet… Not even sweeter then Trunks-kun…” The boy start back sucking on his dick again.. He began to moan… Goku started to sleep talk.. he saying about Vegeta..

“U-ugh V-Vegeta… f-faster please…” Goten and Gohan.. both stopped and looked at each other.. “Say whaaaaaat?!”

“Gohan suck faster! Maybe he had sex with Vegeta… Maybe we could have a foursome with Me and Trunks… oh dear kami yes..” Goten was started to get hard thinklng about it.. while Gohan is sucking faster then he felt precum going down his throat.. “Mmmpp-ug..” Gohan choked a little bit..”

“Sooo sexy…” Goten nosebleeded a little bit then he wipe his nose.. Gohan suck super fast as he could.. then he could feel that his father is cumming “AHHHH~!” Goku moan louder when he came a lot in Gohan’s Mouth.. “Soooo dammmn sexy!” Goten nosebleed even more then drooled..

Gohan wiped his mouth and sigh.. C’mon let go… Gohan got off the bed and grabbed Goten.. “Whaaat?! The sexy part was getting started?!”

“My my son… that was a nice blowjob…” Gohan stopped and Goten make a shocking face.. “Oh shit…” Gohan turn around then jumped. EEP! D-D-DA-DAD!

Goku was smiling. H-H-OW LONG YOU BEEN AWAKE?! Goten jumped as well..

“For a long time…” Goku smirked in a seducing way and giggled..

Both Demi Saiyan blushed in embarrassment.. “It was Gohan idea!” Goten blamed Gohan.. ‘REALLY?!”

“It doesn’t matter…” Goku got up and kissed Gohan on the lips for a couple of secs.. then bend down and kiss Goten on the lips as well… “D-Daddy…” Goten blushed and giggled. Gohan blushed as well.. He can’t believe their dad is not mad at them at all… weird… huh..

“Oh daddy…Bro… Give me pleasure please…” Goten pulled down his pants and underwear and revealed his cute penis..

Goku smiled and went down and licked Goten cute penis also Gohan did the same thing licking on his cute penis.. “Ohh kami yesssssss..” Goten moan how good it felt.. He felt like he in heaven… Goku and Gohan licked faster from top to the bottom.. groaning, and slurping.. as their were licking the tip of it.. ‘Ooohh~! I’m so close to…!”

“Cum for us son~! Cum all over our faces~!”

I’m…CUMMMING~! Goten cum squirt all over the older saiyans faces.. “Ahhhh… so much cum…” Goku wipe his mouth Gohan licked his lips.. Goten wipe his mouth as well… First of all the demi saiyans came to suck on Goku’s dick… but now their are actually having a threesome.. this must be a dream come true for Goten…

Really… it is..

Goten sat on the bed then bend over… “I want your dick’s in my butthole… please…” Goten licked his lips… and drooled in a sexual way.. he really horny now… he wants Goku and Gohan now.. not even more then Trunks..

Gohan licked his butthole anyway to make sure his dick fit in his ass without hurting him.. “Ohhh~!” Goten moaned louder.

Goku watch as his sons is getting ready for sex… The older demi saiyan stop then replace it with his dick.. “Okay… here goes nothing…” “Enter me… please..” the younger saiyan has hearts in his eyes filed with lust and hornyness.

The older saiyan enter him gentle making Goten scream in pleasure then the full blooded saiyan put his dick into the older demi saiyan enterence. “Ga-Gah~! D-Dad!”

“Ready boys?” Gohan and Goten both nodded.. Goku nod then thrust his older son ass in and out while Gohan does the same thing to the other younger saiyan ass as well while Goten is moaning of each thrust that he does.



“Oh Kami! Forgive our sins!” Goten laid his head on the pillow and drooled how good it felt!

“Ohh yeah baby!” Goku grunt then started to go faster.. Gohan moaned louder then he hump Goten faster in super saiyan speed. Goten scream louder.. he loves this so much… even though he love Trunks more… he was thinking to have a threesome with him and Gohan… and Trunks… oh boy.. that going to be the most sexist thing that he should have done…

Goku moan louder. “I-M C-CUMMMING~!” Goku seed filled up in Gohan ass and Gohan felt his limit as well and he came all up in Goten ass making Goten stick his tongue out in a naughty dirty way.. “Ohhh kami yess…” Goten lick his lips..

Goku and Gohan collapsed on Goten and there were knockout.. “Tee-hee… Night Daddy… and Gohan..” Goten kissed both of theri forehead then he head to his room giggling…

*The Next Day*

Trunks was knocking on the door then Goten open the door.

“Hello my sexy naughty chibi..” Trunks kissed his forehead. “Hey my sexy bad boy..” Goten gave him a short kiss. “So chibi… did you did th-”

“Yes i did Trunks-kun..” Goten stick his tongue out.. “That my naughty boy… can’t wait to fuck you later tonight..” Trunks made a devilish smirked..

Goten giggled what the demi saiyan saids… “Okay baby..” Goten licked his lips..

Both boys flied up to the sky holding hands then Goten asked Trunks something..

“Hey Trunks…”

“Yeah Chibi?”

“I was wondering… do you wanna have a foursome~?”


Kamehasutra Yaoi Comic – Goten x Trunks

Kamehasutra DBZ Yaoi Comic

Download Kamehasutra Yaoi

Goten x Trunks Shota Comic

Wasted Wish – Chapter 9

Wasted Wish Chapter 9
Wasted Wish Chapter 9

Read Chapter 8 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 6| Chapter 5 | Chapter 4Chapter 3 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1

Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*

Decidedly, there would be no end to surprises that day, the girls thought at finding their helicopter gracefully parked at Capsule Corp. They stepped out, their ears finally having quit popping at the differences in altitude, and followed Vegeta and Goten to the front door.

They were greeted by Mrs. Briefs, as always. “Hello, dears, it’s good to see you as yourselves again. How nice to bring your new friends,” she told them cheerfully.

“Actually, we have a project for Bulma and your other half,” Vegeta told her as they followed her in.

Overhearing and much relieved, Bulma joined them in the living room along with Trunks, also home for the summer. “Thank the gods,” she declared. Trunks nodded in agreement, glancing warily at the girls.

Gohan and Videl were also seated in the spacious room, equally relieved. “Welcome back, bros.” Gohan clapped them on the shoulder.

“Believe me, we’re glad to be back,” Goten confirmed dramatically. He handed Videl her bags with an apologetic grin. “Sorry, some is missing because, well…”

“Understood,” Videl assured him, stiffling a snicker.

Introductions were made, and the two girls stuck by their ‘no more questions’ mantra. Bulla and Pan rushed in to greet them, latching onto their respective father and uncle while the situation was explained at length.

“Okay, I see.” Bulma glanced at Vegeta, understanding their motive but saying nothing. “But, where did you discover such a strange plant?” she asked the girls.

“On a class expedition to a tropical rainforest,” Jordan explained, “We wanted to know what was so forbidden about the plant. When we found the alcaloids it contained, we found our way to finish college. We used our bribe money – that our professor told us to bring – to smuggle it back. Only we have no means of legitimate research on the campus.”

“Interesting,” Dr. Briefs muttered to no one in particular, discretely observing the college girls, who did not otherwise fit the profile of drug dealers.

“It also gives you wierd dreams,“ Ashley added, “I dreamt of a pink monster that turned everyone into chocolate and ate them. Crazy, huh?”

The Z-gang exchanged astonished looks. “Yeah… crazy,” Trunks agreed, looking expectantly at his mother.

Bulma had been thinking the whole time. “The company needs more help in the chemical department,” she told the girls, “I’m definitely interested in what that plant is really for, and I think jobs at Capsule Corp would look much better on your résumés. Certainly the police will close the case, knowing research is in our hands. What do you say?”

“You would do that for us?” The girls exchanged astonished looks, accustomed to getting by on their own for so long.

“Just think of it as a win-win situation,” the family scientist assured them. Her father nodded approvingly.

Pan and Bulla curiously approached Ashley and Jordan. “Can you turn us into boys, then?” Pan wanted to know, “Our dads say we need to get stronger.”

Vegeta and Goten turned pale, looking equally horrified. “NO!” they shouted in unison.
“Everyone is staying exactly as they are,” Vegeta declared firmly, “No.More.Trouble.”

“Speaking of trouble,” Gohan told them, “We’ve held Mom off as long as we could. She suspects something’s up, so you’d better go see her soon. Like, today.”

Goten grinned. “You’re right. This is where we came in.” He looked at Vegeta, who nodded, suddenly very eager to leave.

Goodbyes were said, and the girls watched the two of them fly away as casually as birds. “Drunk or not, I told you they’re aliens,” Ashley muttered to Jordan.

The other future chemist blinked. “Yes, you did,” she remembered, hesitating, “Well, Bulma and her father aren’t, Gohan’s wife isn’t, and Mrs. Briefs is nice, but I’m not sure about her.”

They nodded, agreeing for a final time, “No more questions.”
Goten flew with Vegeta toward the familiar mountain near the Sons’ home, in no hurry, but in heavy silence. It left the demi Saiyan perplexed, finding silent refuge normal for himself, but not for Vegeta. Perhaps it was hypocritical, but it was how he thought. Useless, then, to insist.

Finally, he paused in midair to ask Goten, “Bring any water?”

Goten reached into his backpack for a fresh litre bottle, and handed it to him. Vegeta took a drink that did not suggest actual thirst, then floated down to a small wooded area.

Goten followed, watching him lean against a tree in thought. He glanced sidelong at Goten. “I’ve always told you the truth about things you don’t remember, or didn’t see.”

“Well, yeah.” Goten waited patiently for what he obviously could not say in front of the rest of the gang, with two possible newbies.

“Majin Buu didn’t kill their parents,” Vegeta began, “Nor did the other Buu. Given their whereabouts, I killed them.”

Goten was quiet now, in thought. Indeed, he’d told him that whole story, as well as the rest of his past. Though, the number of people in the stadium could have been literally anyone, including their own families. It was also true that statistics were one thing, people one knows quite another. As he’d thought, he felt responsable for them. “But Vegeta, everyone you killed was also brought back. They’re either mistaken, or were told otherwise.”

“They were the same age as you and Trunks,” Vegeta reminded him grimly, “Did you forget anything that happened when you were conscient?”

“No,” Goten recalled, “I also remember what my dad told us he knew from the afterlife. If someone can’t be brought back, it’s because it was their time to go. No mortal can know that.“

“Right, no mortal,” Vegeta underlined.

They’d barely had time to turn around when the skies darkened suddenly, and Shenron appeared before them. “Greetings, Saiyans,” his deep voice echoed around them, “You’re becoming quite predictable. But the younger of you is correct, the people you spoke of cannot be brought back for two reasons: too much time has passed, and it was indeed their time to leave your world.”

“We know they can’t,” Vegeta replied flatly, disliking his intelligence being insulted by mortal or otherwise, “All I want is the truth.”

“The truth, in this circle of destiny… shut your eyes, so that you may see for yourselves.” Shenron waved his claw, surrounding them with clouds of mist so thick they couldn’t see their hands before their faces.

“What?” Vegeta demanded in confusion.

“Just do it,” Goten mumbled, doing the same.

They found themselves, accompanied by the dragon in their mind’s eyes, back in time and at the stadium, invisible as air. Seated at the very top row were two unmistakable little girls with magenta red and pink hair respectively, each beside an adult woman with the same hair color. With them were two men with brown hair, presumably their fathers, and two other couples with a slight ressemblance, decidedly their aunts and uncles. The adults watched impatiently with binoculars while the girls played, hearing the announcer’s voice drone for the crowd’s patience.

The scene flashed to Babidi with Dabura, who pointed at Vegeta. “That one… his heart is as black as mine.”

Vegeta’s apparent struggle, a calligraphic ’M’ appearing on his forehead. An unnatural Super Saiyan glow. Echoes. From the past, “I will never be controlled again!” to the scene’s present time, “Fool. Think what you will.”
A wave of Babidi’s hand, projecting Vegeta and Goku to the center ring.“Vegeta, no!” But Goku’s voice was too late to stop a large ball of ki from his gloved hand, demolishing a whole sector of the stadium.

Not many on the smoking stadium had survived the blast, but two women who were clearly the girls’ mothers clung to a last crumbling precipice. Their uncles struggled to grab their hands while steadying their own wives.

“Dad! Mom!” both girls screamed endlessly, held back from the ledge by their aunts. By some fast moves, their fathers managed to surface, grasping their wives’ arms. They would have made it, but the ledge was crumbling fast.
“Run! Run, and don’t look back!”
Then their parents were gone. The girls were scooped up, screaming, by an aunt and and uncle who brought them to safety, which was the end of the small girls’ memories until the somber funerals.

They looked on at the next scene, Piccolo holding the unconscient forms of Goten and Trunks, seeing Vegeta’s resolute look.

“It’s my obligation now, Piccolo. Do you think I have a chance of joining Kakarot on the other side?”

– “I doubt that, Vegeta. You’ve killed too many people to finish elsewhere than hell.”

– “If that is my destiny, then so be it.”

He’d been sure of his final sacrifice, which had come to naught.

“I knew I kept him around for good reason,” Yama’s voice echoed.

“There is one alternate reality that you should witness,” Shenron continued, and the scene changed.

Again much before Goku and Majin!Vegeta were projected to the tournament, the same scene played out as before, save one decisive turn of events.

Ashley’s uncle lowered his binoculars, at the end of his patience. “I say we leave,” he said to his family, “This is crap.” All the adults agreed, so he told the girls, “Go get my son. We’re leaving.”

“Can we go to the park instead?” Jordan asked hopefully.

“Sure,” her mother agreed, “We can watch the grass grow.” The rest of them laughed, and when the girls returned with Ashley’s disappointed cousin, they left in their shared suburban minivan.

Due to the number of spectators who’d decided the same, they were caught in a traffic jam.

“Great. Our only day off, and we missed the game for this,” Jordan’s father complained, annoyed by the uselessly blaring horns. “Ah, finally,” he exclaimed at finding an opening.

Majin Buu appeared, hovering above the highway, and blasted a hole in the middle of it.

“Shit!” he swerved to avoid a wrecked car, only to collide into a jack-knifed semi truck, sending the van down the yawning chasm in the road. The van exploded on impact, instantly killing all of its occupants.

Beyond time and space, Vegeta and Goten watched, horrified at endless replays of similar outcomes.

“Surely there was another way!” Goten exclaimed, able to see none.

“What happened was the only way,” Shenron told them, “The young women have an important destiny, and I can only assure you that you acted correctly.”

“Because of that plant?” Vegeta asked, confounded.

“Perhaps that, or where it leads them, but they’re in the right place,” Shenron concluded, “These visions are almost never shown, but it was what you must see, and only you. I trust you require nothing else before I take my leave?”

“No,” Vegeta replied simply.

“No, thank you,” Goten agreed.

“Very well. Follow my instructions to the letter. Keep your eyes shut, and don’t open them, whatever happens, until all is still again. Understood?” They both nodded. “Good. Farewell, Saiyans; now, go visit your mother.”

“What? My m–” Vegeta’s voice was cut off, and the next thing they knew, he and Goten felt themselves to be hurtling downward fast, in a brutal freefall without their instinctive ability to fly. It would seem ridiculous, as their feet should be firmly on the ground, yet somehow it was so. They did not particularly care to look anyway, unable to make a sound, each only clutching tightly onto the other for what seemed a huge, rugged distance.

Finally, there was an almost physical yet painless thud, and they felt solid ground beneath them again. Still, they remained clung to each other as they had been, their eyes screwed firmly shut, until they were sure they were no longer moving, aware of the afternoon sunlight around them.

Warily they opened their eyes, awkwardly loosening their mutual grip, and sat on the ground, partially disoriented.

“You okay?” Goten ventured.

Vegeta nodded. “You?”

“Yeah.” Goten found his water bottle near his backpack, and took a drink. Vegeta still saw the need to prove himself, he thought. Because… well, he was Vegeta, he decided amusedly.

The latter picked up his thought, casting him a sharp look. “What?”

Goten grinned. “Nothing.” He gave him a quick kiss and stood up. “Come on, before we face the wrath of Majin!Mom.”

Vegeta followed him and shook his head. “‘Majin!Mom,’” he muttered, but squeezed his shoulder with a smile because he was wearing his name T-shirt. It was getting worn out and should probably be replaced. But he knew he wouldn’t, as it was his favorite, too.
The duo arrived at the Sons’ dome house, hanging their alibi on the fishing line, and Goten knocked five times in his unique rhythm. “Mom, we’re home,” he announced cheerfully before they entered. “Mom?” The house was small, and there was no sign of ChiChi.

“She must have gone out,” Vegeta guessed. Goten nodded, figuring they could wait for her, when they heard a noise from outside.

They followed the sounds to the back yard, in time to see ChiChi move from a Tai Chi form to a punch and double roundhouse kick with coordinated kiai, splintering three stacks of sturdy boards.

Vegeta looked on in astonishment, but Goten only said, “Oh. Sorry to bother you.”

ChiChi turned around, her face lighting up. “There you are!” She rushed over and took their arms happily.

“You still train?” Vegeta asked as they went inside, looking questioningly at Goten.

“I thought you knew,” Goten shrugged off.

“Of course,” ChiChi replied, as though it should be obvious, then scolded, “Where in the hell have you been? Gohan said you were away, but something sounded fishy. And your phone was off the hook, by the noise it made.”

“Yeah… it must’ve fell,” Goten improvised, “And we were on a fishing trip. Why the worry?”

“Well. Congratulations if you dragged him out for that long.” She cuffed Vegeta’s head, making him grin. “I hope you brought me a lot, since I’ll be cooking for an army today.”

“Ma’am, outside and cleaned, ma’am,” Goten replied with a salute.

“Good. Now, sit down and tell me about your trip.” She set out two cups of tea as they sat down. “But first, promise you’ll tell me if you leave for so long again.”

“Okay, promise,” Goten conceded, whispering to Vegeta, “And I promise not to traumatize you with another nightclub.”

Vegeta glanced sidelong at him with a raised eyebrow. “Really?” Goten nodded with a discrete smile. “Very good,” he replied in a way that made Goten blush.

“Vegeta, sit up straight,” ChiChi corrected automatically as she brought her own tea cup.

“Yes, Mother,” Vegeta replied dryly, smiling at the amount of food already cooking in the oven.

“Much better.” ChiChi sat down, satisfied, “So, about your trip.”
~The End~

Wasted Wish – Chapter 8

Wasted Wish Chapter 8
Wasted Wish Chapter 8

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Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*

After a few days, things began to look up for Vegeta and Goten, as Gohan and Trunks had predicted. What they called the hell-mones were finally gone, and the way they celebrated that was no mystery. In just a few days they would be themselves again, and even Vegeta began to impatiently watch the calendar.

The only dark cloud was that Vegeta was sometimes unusually tired in the morning, as though she hadn’t had enough sleep. Though it was almost noon, she sat at the kichen table with her head propped on one hand. “Any coffee left?” she mumbled without opening her eyes.

Goten already had a cup made, which she slid in front of her. “Why so tired?”

“Your nightmares are contagious.” Listlessly she stirred the coffee, staring into it with half-opened eyes. Goten liked to discuss their dreams at length, while Vegeta preferred to forget them. She also disliked her ‘talent’ for acquiring ones that were not her own, a downside of telepathy.

“Sorry.” Goten frowned. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.” Seeing the lack of importance, she added, “It’s ridiculous, like you said. Neither of us could knock up the other.” She settled before another coffee herself, knowing it would make her hyperactive.

“Probably,” Vegeta replied, more by sleepiness than by agreement.

Goten reached for her hand with a tentative smile. “Maybe a nap would help,” she suggested innocently.

“So you can give me a better reason to be tired?” Vegeta asked dryly, not missing the inspired spark in her eyes.

“If that is a challenge, I can make you forget anything,” Goten persisted, lightly tracing her palm.

“Don’t,” Vegeta protested ambiguously, of genuine fatigue. If only she hadn’t done the hand thing.

Goten withdrew hers in disappointment. “Your coffee’s getting cold,” she pointed out airily, purposefully lingering on the double entendre.

“Don’t be unfair–” Vegeta began reproachfully, when they were interrupted by the doorbell and an authorative knock.

They looked up at the unfamiliar knock. Goten stood with a ‘one minute’ sign, and walked curiously to the living room. She peeked through the eyehole, then opened the door to two police officers, a man and a woman. Feds, by their uniforms. “Yes?”

The male officer removed his hat. “Good morning, ma’am,” he greeted in a polite, official tone as they showed their badges, “Federal Police. Is this the home of… Mr. Son Goten, and Mr. Briefs-Son Vegeta?” he read from a sheet of paper.

“Yes,” Goten replied, putting on a worried expression, “Nothing’s happened to them…?”

“No, nothing like that,” the officer replied, “We just need to speak to them. Are they here?“

“I’m afraid not,” Goten replied in half-truth, thinking quickly, “They’re on vacation.” Having heard their names pronounced by official-sounding voices, Vegeta appeared and stood suspiciously beside Goten.

“Not good, Inspector,” the female officer muttered to her partner. She asked the occupants, “And, you are…?”

“Their sisters,” Goten improvised, “We agreed to look after the house. They wouldn’t do anything wrong?”

“Not that we know of,” the woman officer replied, “We think they may have been witnesses to a crime.”

“What?” Vegeta was not surprised, though they’d forgotten about that with their own problems.

The inspector took a small notebook and pen from his pocket. “Last month, on the night of Saturday the nineteenth, they were registered at a nightclub in Satan City called Club 73. We suspect it’s a front for dealing a very dangerous drug, and money laundering. We don’t suppose they told you about anything strange?”

Goten’s face was blank, an expression that came naturally to her. “No.”

“Did they act unusual, or under the influence of any drugs?” the woman inquired.

“No. They’re very athletic, and rarely even drink,” Goten replied, “That’d be several days before they left. Did you hear about anything wierd?” she asked Vegeta, who shook her head. “On TV, they just go undercover.”

“That’s just it,” the inspector explained gravely, “None of the few witnesses willing to talk, nor even our field agents remembered a thing after confirmed consumation. They’re reported to have done things they normally wouldn’t, if they didn’t lose consciousness first. There hasn’t been sufficient research done on the molecule, but even the native rainforest tribes call it ‘the forbidden plant.‘” He gave them each a card. “Give these to your brothers when they return, and tell them to call the Detective or myself if they remember anything at all.”

They nodded and accepted the cards. “I wish we could be more useful,” Vegeta commented, quite authentically.

The agents nodded. “Of course,” the inspector replied, putting his hat back on. “Have a good day, ladies.”

They watched them return to their helicopter, hearing the detective comment, “I didn’t know they had sisters.”

“Me, neither,” the inspector replied, “But according to their descriptions, I see the ressemblances.” They got into the helicopter and it lifted off the ground, blowing around grass and debris beneath it before it pivoted a few times, then flew away.

“Hmph.” Vegeta shut the door, scowling at the memory. “Something tells me our ‘brothers’ will have a very colorful story for them.”

“Very,” Goten agreed flatly, following her back in. “I guess it’ll really be too cold now,” she commented as they sat down, glancing at her mug.

Vegeta felt the mug and took a drink. “Not at all,” she said smoothly with a tired hint of a smile. She took Goten’s hand, watching her blush prettily with a small returned smile. They sat in comfortable silence, which they prized highly.

Afterward, Goten asked tentatively, “Can I try something you didn’t let me before?”

“Maybe,” Vegeta replied mysteriously. She followed Goten to the bathroom, intrigued.

Goten looked around, then motioned for her to sit on the side of the bathtub. Confused but too tired to question her, Vegeta did, watching her search around in a drawer. Finding two small objects, she stood near Vegeta with what looked like a pencil. “Look to the side… just with your eyes,” she instructed.

Vegeta complied, and Goten carefully traced the soft pencil along her eyelashes, winging it out slightly at the outer corners. She thinly blackened the lower lashline as well, concentrated until she was satisfied. Finished, she took her hands and stood her up to admire her handiwork. “I knew you’d be gorgeous,” she sighed. Placing Vegeta before the mirror, she enlaced her tightly from behind.

Vegeta studied her reflection. “You’re right, I am,” she agreed in a playfully smug tone, “Not that…“ She cringed back from the lipstick in her hand, not wanting to offend Goten, ”…but the eyes.” They looked even more striking than usual, she had to admit.

Goten beamed, pleased, and did the same to her own. She could not quit staring into Vegeta’s feline eyes, mesmerized at their accentuated exoticism, and very turned on.  She spun her back around to face the mirror, unable to resist caressing her slender curves, then sliding her hands up. Vegeta refused to wear even a sports bra with just the two of them at home outside of training, and Goten loved stroking her through her shirt. Whether giving or receiving, something about it felt so special. Vegeta only shut her eyes without complaint, even when Goten pressed her squirming body against hers. On one hand, Goten thought, she was going to miss Vegeta’s feminine self, as well as her own.

Her eyes still closed, Vegeta unconsciously writhed back, groaning softly. “I knew it,” Goten voiced softly, “Tired or not, you want it as bad as me.”

Virtually trapped between Goten and the lavatory at a precise level, Vegeta’s breathing began falling hard. “Yeah? Tell me what you want,” she prompted. Goten was very good at arousing her terribly, just by saying the right things.

“Both involve ki rings,” Goten incited with a smirk, hidden in her hair.

“Tell me,” Vegeta replied, in more haste than planned. Then again, not much even could be planned at this point.

“You’re right, I love getting the strap,” Goten admitted shyly.

“Which kind?” Vegeta asked with a smirk at her turn.

“Both,” Goten replied, losing any sense of shame now, “I want you to screw me hard into the bed… or the wall… or the floor…” Basically, she wanted to be her slave, until the fair play of turnabout.

“Next,” the demi Saiyan continued in her sultry voice, “I want my ‘revenge,’ not counting what we do first. On you I like to use the strap-in… the one that slowly rotates and just as slowly goes in and out by itself. Definitely with ki rings, so there’s nothing you can do about it but fall to pieces in pleasure, again and again…”

“Goten!” Vegeta protested, already subtly trembling.

Goten reached down the front of Vegeta’s shorts to play, pleased to find her soaking wet. “You’re right,” she agreed, “It’s time.”

Vegeta tended to forget coherent speech by then, roughly dragging Goten to the bedroom. There were things of which she was sure, she thought at hearing their door close and lock. It would be more than worth it. That never changed.

Much later, in their final throes of passion when they’d made good on their promises, Vegeta was almost sure that her black khôl-smeared eyes crossed. “I think I can see through time,” she exclaimed before collapsing in sated exhaustion. Goten mumbled something in agreement before collapsing as well.

An observer would have trouble distinguishing whether the two black-eyed Saiyans had been beat up or fucked out, their borrowed clothing ripped in proper Saiyan style.

It never took them long to recover, unless sleep followed, and Vegeta deemed that this was indeed an ideal time for a nap. “I know we can get off more times as females,” she reflected in puzzled drowsiness, “But don’t you think twentytimes is… slightly exaggerating?”

“No,” Goten replied defensively, about to retort when she noticed Vegeta’s faint smile, already half asleep. Happily, she curled up beside her, thinking that it was the first time they’d kept track before joining her in sleep. She wondered if Vegeta would be up for beating their record sometime… well, another time.
One morning, Goten awoke much earlier than usual, the slits in the Venetian blinds revealing pink and mauve gradients of a cotton candy aurora sky. Tiny drops of dew from the surrounding mist beaded the window pane, and a branch of laurel swaying to the slow rhythm of a tinkling windchime outside.

Lazily Goten reached for Vegeta, her heart warming when her slender arms closed tightly around him. …Him??
Goten’s eyes opened wide, but her senses had not fooled her. Vegeta had indeed been returned to his normal form, his sleepful breathing even and oblivious.

For a moment she didn’t move, her heart thudding dully in her ears. The dreams they’d scoffed before, now showed themselves as clear as Baba’s crystal ball. As for the rest… it was barely dawn. She should probably just go back to sleep and let Mother Nature mend her error. But Vegeta had waited so long for this moment, she thought with a pang of guilt. Okay, maybe it wasn’t entirely guilt that made her lightly shake his arm.

“Vegeta?” she called softly, stroking his cheek. He opened his eyes slowly, taking her hand and closing them again. Goten pressed his palm against his cheek and whispered amusedly, “Vegeta, you’re normal again.”

Those were the magic words that fully awakened her sleeping prince. Quickly he looked down at himself and his now too small pyjamas, his hands randomly following his eyes in a confirmative reality check, followed by a triumphant grin. When he glanced up at Goten, a predatorial gaze graced his handsome features. It was gone as soon as it appeared, but it had been there, and now turned sober with the memory of their dreams.

“You haven’t changed back yet,” he stated grimly, as much to himself as to Goten.

“Give it time,” Goten counselled, with more confidence than she truly felt, “We were asleep before, too. We don’t know who changed first, or how it works.”

Vegeta looked doubtful. “But your dreams. You have some kind of psychic power.”

Goten smiled lightly. “There’s nothing supernatural about intuition. Most people just don’t listen to it.”

“Whatever. You’ve got it, and it’s manifested itself before.” He folded his arms impatiently, looking nervous.

“Hey, chill.” Goten took him in her arms, unaware of what her gentleness was doing to him. “You’re normal again, be happy. I am. Can’t we just be happy and wait?” Vegeta leaned against her shoulder, thinking about it.
Far beyond the netherworlds, the gods looked on stoicly; however, the goddess of nature was a bit consterned that the two Saiyajin had not understood that the changes they sought must both take place during their sleep. She foresaw, and shook her head. ‘Mortals… need they be told everything?’
“You’re right,” Vegeta told Goten reassuringly, decidedly having thought enough, “There’s nothing to worry about, but I think you’re the one who’s worried. Otherwise, you’d have let me sleep past dawn.”

“What do you mean?” Goten questioned at his innocently faint smile.

“Have I ever let you worry?” Laying them back on their sides, Vegeta lightly stroked her hair and back until she relaxed, falling snugly into his embrace. Being the smaller of them now, she felt safe and comfortable in a way she’d only secretly yearned for, long ago. Her eyes closed and she purred softly, feeling more than simple comfort now.

“Much better,” he voiced gently, covering her baby-soft cheeks and hair with equally soft kisses. Vegeta’s nature was secretly incredibly sensual when he let himself be, and Goten knew exactly how to bring it out. Such an act was rare on his part, but Goten was frankly too blissed out to care. She returned the unexpected affection, which unconsciously became harder and longer every time, until it officially migrated into makeout territory.

“Hey, calm down,” Vegeta admonished playfully, slowly trailing his fingers down her spine, “I know what your hormones are screaming for. It aches so bad you think you might explode, right? But remember, we agreed that’s forbidden just yet.” His calm, smooth voice contradicted his fingers expertly playing where Goten’s tail had been, making sure she felt how hard he was himself, while his free hand stroked her firm, curvy chest in guise of reassurance. Beyond his calm, innocent face, his eyes shone black with pure lust, and by now the demi Saiyan was literally trembling with an equal measure.

“You…” Goten growled menacingly through her teeth, “…are an A-1, first class, manipulative bastard!” She literally ripped his pyjamas off him, not hard to do since they were already bursting at most of the seams.

Goten’s pyjamas got torn off in a similar way during their admittedly half-hearted preliminary struggle.
Such struggles between them were as much as rainstorms that must break free from overpressured skies, they often thought. Perhaps it was why they liked rain and thunder so much.

Right then, it was a typically Saiyan mix of fighting and sex, both equally as passionate. If Goten held any doubts of unfairness this time, she was dead wrong, seeing as they, especially Vegeta, had personally experienced both sides of the proverbial fence. Foreplay up to where he went down on her had Goten falling apart, torn between screams and total silence. He’d done her so perfectly that she gladly returned the favor without being asked.

Once slowed down and calmed enough to slowly reheat each other up with no step skipped, everything clicked into place, and Goten picked up Vegeta’s thought: he wanted an experience with a female with whom he did not have to be careful, but not just any female. She, Goten, or nothing. Touched, Goten took his face in her hands for a soft kiss, her desire being to give all the love she had, but not to just anyone. He, Vegeta, or nothing.

The latter carefully spread her legs as the most precious thing he had, complaining not when Goten pointedly held up one of their cockrings. It was their personal rule: all they had, or nothing.

If either of them thought that what their vivid imaginations could do with their toys was mind-blowing, it was nothing, nothing, compared to the true heat of the real thing. Vegeta started by taking Goten on her back, already reducing her to a wanton, trembling bundle of need.

“Harder! Oh gods, yeah–ah!” The sound of her cries alone would have got him off too quickly, if not for the ring. He let her discover for herself when it was time to flip him on his back at his turn, alternating between riding him hard, and simply writhing to and fro, having found her magic position. Multiple orgasms were expected, and another time he wasn’t sure he could have stood it. But now, locked onto Goten’s mind, and somehow her whole being, he got not only his own experience, but vicariously, Goten’s as well. Anyway, Goten knew, it was what he liked; the wait, the suspense of pleasure that not only made it last longer, but made the final crescendo better than they’d have imagined.

Throughout it all, Vegeta was astonished to discover, it felt like a type of suction, like a tiny mouth deep inside her that sought to absorb his essence. They removed the ring when his need for release became too much, knowing Vegeta to be up for it again in no time.

Every conceivable position was done, and for their final time, Goten wanted it doggy style with her wrists bound in ki rings. Vegeta could slam into her slippery heat and yank her hair as hard as he wished, while a free hand reached in front to play. Goten and Vegeta both practically convulsed in ecstasy, tears of pleasure leaking from their eyes. If times before had been thunderstorms, their final time was a hurricane. They rode every last contraction until there were no more. Vegeta released her ki rings and turned her again on her back.

“You want another go?” he offered, breathless and smiling at her spaced out look.

Goten shook her head, trembling from exertion. “But stay in me, okay?” She looked up, her face reading, please.

“Sure,” Vegeta agreed with a remembering smile. He marveled at the last of her tiny contractions, which took some time to gently ebb away. Even more surprising was that she caused him to spill the last of his seed that he believed spent, groaning at the electric sensations before they could truly rest.
“I can’t believe what I’m thinking, but I’m gonna miss your girl half… maybe both of ours, I don’t know.” Something that had always perplexed him was one of many things that attracted him to Goten; a feminine quality wasn’t the term, but something possibly close.

“I know, same here.” Goten looked at him with shining, adoring eyes that spoke louder than any words. A final kiss, and for the rest of the time, they simply remained in a loose, quiet embrace. And took the expressway back to Sleepville.
The next time the two Saiyans awoke, it was well past noon, and this time it was Vegeta who shook Goten out of a sound sleep, with a radiant smile probably never seen on him before. “Goten, you’re back!” he exclaimed happily, nearly strangling him in guise of a hug.

“…Uh?” Goten mumbled sleepily, then saw what he meant. Indeed, he was back in his original male body, this time for good, with no more bad surprises. His hundred-watt grin matched Vegeta’s and he pumped his fist. “YES!” he cheered triumphantly, returning Vegeta’s strangle-hug.

“We are free… FREE!” Vegeta picked up the tattered remains of their girl-pyjamas, tossing them in the air like the confetti they now ressembled. “Do you realize, we’re no longer trapped. We can go out again!”

“We always could,” Goten reminded him, still grinning, “Besides the rest of the gang, perfect strangers wouldn’t think it was wierd to see two girls going somewhere.”

“I mean, with our pride intact,” Vegeta specified, no less elated.

“True,” Goten agreed, remembering Trunks’ comment about walking styles. “What are you doing?”

Vegeta was rummaging through their closet, tossing a set of their normal clothes onto the bed before repacking the freshly washed clothing Videl had loaned them.

“Oh.” Goten watched, hoping Videl would understand about a portion of them being destroyed and missing.

Vegeta paused with a smirk. “Well, any kicks yet?”

Goten raised a humorless eyebrow. “Brave words for someone who lost as much sleep for the same dreams.”

“You would’ve just terminated it, like most actual girls your age,” Vegeta stated dryly.

“No,” Goten replied thoughtfully, turning serious, “Not since it would be yours.” In one dream he’d seen their son, an adorable, exact mix of them both. He’d even known his name, and that they were normal again and happy, but thought it best not to mention it.

Vegeta looked at him differently, ruffling his hair with a smile. “Come on, we got stuff to do.” He’d glimpsed the vision, thinking it best not to say so.
Goten emerged with their borrowed bags, the last to be ready as usual, and tossed Vegeta his. “Okay, let’s go,” he announced.

“Finally,” Vegeta muttered impatiently, catching the bag. They’d just opened the door to leave, when they heard a strange noise from the back yard, and hesitated.

“Sounds like a chopper,” Goten commented, “Surely the cops don’t think we–” He was interrupted by a frantic knocking, at the back door. They scowled and hurried back past the training room to look outside. “Oh gods, not them,” he groaned.

Vegeta opened the door with a sharp glare at two familiar forms, with unmistakable red and pink hair beneath their hoods. “You’d better have a good excuse for showing up here,” he hissed at them, “Like the planet is on fire, or we’re invaded, which doesn’t look to be the case.”

“How did you even find us?” Goten wondered aloud. He’d removed their chips as promised, which turned out to be the Back Home™ lost pet kind, and Vegeta had destroyed them.

“Your registration forms,” Jordan reminded them flatly, “It took us three days to get here, not counting finding it. You said you didn’t live far.”

“Well, you’re either brave or not too smart showing up here,” Goten pointed out.

“Can we come in to tell you?” Ashley insisted, looking behind them as though pursued by the devil himself.

The Saiyans stood aside, watching them suspiciously. “My guess would be desperate,” Goten commented, “Do you know the feds are after you?”

“Yeah no shit, why do you think we’re here?” Jordan demanded in panic, stopping short. “Wait, you’re normal again. How?” They stared at them questioningly.

“The matter was resolved.” Vegeta folded his arms impatiently. “Well?”

“How do you know about the feds?” Ashley asked, still looking back out the window.

“They were here last week looking for witnesses,” Goten told them dryly, “But our ‘long lost sisters’ were clueless.”

“Thanks for covering us,” Ashley replied with a sigh of relief.

“We didn’t cover you, we covered ourselves,” Vegeta informed them sternly.

“Fair enough,” Jordan conceded. They removed their hooded jackets, conspicuously too warm for the weather.

“You cut your hair?” Goten asked. Ashley’s was square cut just above her shoulders, and Jordan’s was gelled in long spikes with two mid-length pigtails. Their glittery attire was traded for plain, torn jeans and T-shirts.

“No, those were extensions,” Ashley replied, pacing restlessly, “About why we’re here?”

“Make it quick,” Vegeta snapped crossly, “We were about to leave.”

“We need a new stash for the goods,” Jordan told them, to the point, “A taupe bailed on us.”

Goten looked out the window at their helicopter, indeed a cargo model. “You brought your dope here?”

Vegeta kicked the door open, pointing a stern finger that held a glowing ball of ki. “I suggest you leave now, before I take it all off your hands in my way.” His voice was unnaturally calm, and he blew a large nearby boulder to dust, just a few feet from their helicopter.

The two girls paled, taking a step back. “What are you?!” Ashley blurted out, several mysterious aspects of them rushing back to mind.

“People with direct phone numbers, and clear memories that would be believed,” Goten reminded them, “I assume your parents know nothing about your night jobs?”

“Dunno if people in the afterlife can see what happens on Earth,” Ashley reflected, still staring at the dusty cloud where the large boulder had stood.

“Our parents were killed in that wierd tsunami when we were about seven,” Jordan explained at their inquisitive looks, “What they left us in their wills didn’t get us past first year, so the stuff covers our tuition. We were raised by our aunts and uncles; from the same family, but no blood relation.”

“Like us,“ Goten reflected, “Sorry to hear that.” He frowned, glancing furtively at Vegeta. /I thought everyone killed by Majin Buu was brought back./

/They were./ Vegeta also frowned. Tsunami? Earthlings’ memories of the entire incident were erased, and there had been no tsunami at that time. It must have been what they were told by their families, they concluded. Aloud, Vegeta asked, “Where were you when the tsunami hit?”

“Both at Hercule Satan’s tournament,” Ashley replied, “My cousin was a participant, but there was a delay. That’s all we remember.”

Goten nodded, seeking out Vegeta’s thought for clarification, but hit a void.
/Vegeta?/ But the latter was shut off within his own mind, and Goten knew better than to insist.

After a few dark minutes of silent thought, Vegeta told them, “You’ll need a larger area, that would never be suspected. We know a place in West City.”

The girls looked up, torn between relief and confusion. “Well, thank you,” Jordan replied carefully, “But, a few minutes ago… and a month ago… you looked like you wanted to kill us. I see why, and it would just look like a drug deal gone bad. Why do you suddenly agree to help us?”

“We could also wonder why you came here,” Goten settled, disappearing and returning with two baseball hats. “These make a better disguise. Nobody wears jackets in this weather.” He went to lock the front door and returned, the four of them leaving by the back.

Vegeta pointed at the helicopter. “Just get in and sit,” he told them, “We can get you there in a few minutes.”

The girls did as they were told, wondering if hallucinating whilst perfectly sober were possible as they watched the two Saiyans fly the engine with one hand each at the speed of a sonic jet. Finally, they agreed to just stop asking questions.

Wasted Wish – Chapter 7

Wasted Wish Chapter 7
Wasted Wish Chapter 7

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Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*

For the next several days, life passed easier than the two Saiyans had anticipated. Though each night, Goten made a ritual of crossing out the passed day with a large red marker on the wall calendar, which began to annoy Vegeta. Especially when she paused during the day to mentally count them.

“Will you cut that out!” she demanded, “It’s like being in prison.”

Goten rolled her eyes. Lately, there wasn’t much that didn’t annoy her. “We’re free to go anyplace, and we don’t have to wear hideous uniforms.”

“The hell we don’t,“ Vegeta muttered, snapping the shoulder strap of her loaned sports bra, “My back is killing me.”

Goten considered her. Coinciding with their new bedroom discoveries, for the first week she’d been unusually calm and serene, and even trained less. But fearing to become rusty, she’d reintensified her workouts, resulting in two major muscle sprains. They slowed her down considerably, and the fallout was not pretty. Goten knew not to take her moodiness personally, and motioned to the couch.

“I’ll fix it.” It was only mid-afternoon, but she deemed that a nap would do her the most good.

Vegeta wiggled the offending garment out from under her shirt, never one to refuse Goten’s magic hands. She layed facedown on the couch, and a half hour later, the demi Saiyan had kneaded all the tension from her back. Feeling to have melted into a sparkling puddle of liquid, Vegeta began to doze off, her irritations forgotten.

At her motionless form and even breathing, Goten smiled to herself. No one would believe her if she told them. She squeezed in beside her and curled up to catch a nap as well. It could be worse, she thought cheerfully.


“VEGETA! HELP ME!” Goten’s bloodcurdling scream startled Vegeta, causing her to spill half her morning coffee on the countertop.

Alarmed, she hurried to the bathroom to find Goten huddled in a corner, clutching a towel in her lap. Her face was a pale mask of terror.

“What’s the matter?” Vegeta asked quickly, readying for attack. She glanced around the room, seeing nothing amiss.

“I’m bleeding! Like, everywhere!” Goten held up the evidence, her panties soaked with blood, as well as her pyjama shorts, onto which a bit had leaked. The panties were white, in strict observance of Murphy’s Law.

Vegeta slapped a palm to her forehead. “You scared the hell out of me.” At Goten’s frozen stare, she demanded impatiently, “Didn’t your father and brother explain all that?”

Goten looked thoughtful, yet no less horrified.

Vegeta tried again. “You surely heard the girls at your school complaining about being ‘on the rag,’ usually in bitchy moods–” She herself froze, then turned around to look down her own shorts. And groaned.

“You too?” Goten hid her face in her knees, suddenly feeling very dumb. She hadn’t thought that would apply to them.

“Wait here,” Vegeta sighed wearily. She trudged to their bedroom and brought the bags Videl had prepared for them from the closet, taking out two clean pairs of plain cotton black panties and black shorts. A smaller plastic sac was discretely tucked at the bottom of each, which she brought to the bathroom and tossed Goten hers.

Inside each were two boxes of anticipated necessities with yellow Post-It notes attached. “Don’t panic. Follow the directions,” Videl’s loopy handwriting was scrawled on them.
They both cringed, then turned their backs and changed accordingly, opting for the easier, faster way. Goten filled a basin with hot water and detergent, where they tossed their laundry, but she remained crouched over.

“Are you in pain?” Vegeta asked, feeling ill herself.

Goten made a face. “Like being sucker-punched in the gut.”

Vegeta nodded in confirmation of what she’d believed to be another training injury, and took a medecine bottle from a sack. She glanced at the label and shook out a small handful of pink pills for them each, and filled the glass on the lavatory with water. Goten swallowed hers without question, and Vegeta followed suit.

She took out a box of herbal tea provided with the pills, and placed the two sacks in the cupboard. “Come on, then.”

“I’m not moving.” Goten remained crouched over with her head on the side of the bathtub, one hand clutching her abdomen.

Hautily unamused, Vegeta pulled her up firmly by the arm. “Women get this all the time. It’s nothing we can’t handle.” Dragging Goten out of the bathroom, she turned away to sharply inhale through her teeth, resisting the urge to clutch her own abdomen.
Was this going to be fun…

They drank their coffee in silence while the tea infused in a small teapot on the table. It was better that way, being on unfamiliar terrain, each with her own thoughts.

Goten furtively glanced at Vegeta’s expressionless face. She thinks I’m weak,she thought with a scowl, though she didn’t actually know what the former was thinking. Sometimes, avoiding telepathic contact was done by courtesy, and this was one of those times.

In truth, Vegeta didn’t know what to think, except that it was more accurately like being repeatedly kicked from the inside out.

Some time after they’d finished drinking the tea, either it, the pills, or both had kicked in well enough to stop the worst of the cramps. They remained seated to make sure before carefully standing up.

Vegeta watched Goten for a moment before venturing, “It looks like the worst is gone. We can train–” Another sharp, unexpected cramp had her doubled over, her teeth bared painfully. “–later,” she finished quickly.

Goten nodded vehemently and prepared two hot water bottles, shifting uncomfortably. “Anyway, every time I move it grosses me out.”

“The other box,” Vegeta flatly reminded her, concentrating on straightening her back again.

“Those freak me out.” Goten wrapped each bottle in a small towel and handed one to Vegeta.

The latter accepted it but sighed impatiently. “Goten, the whole situation is ridiculous. You’ll just have to pick the lesser discomfort.” She clutched the bottle tightly against her lower stomach, her face twisted in pain. “Dammit!”

Goten thought that she’d seen her… technically him… in worse states with less complaint, but said nothing as she followed her slowly to the living room couch, holding her own bottle tighter as they sat down.

They sat quietly and still for a long time before they were able to relax, breathing a unanimous sigh of relief. Still, neither moved outside of absolute necessity to preserve their first sense of calm that morning.

The couch was where they remained most of the day until well into the afternoon. Predictably, training had not gone well. Between Vegeta’s muscle sprains and both their unnatural feminine cramps, it became downright impossible to accomplish anything. Even Vegeta had to recognize it as a waste of time, stonily taking their downtime like a true prison sentence.

Bringing back more herbal tea and their reheated hot water bottles, Goten tried to lighten the mood.  “Me, Dad, and Gohan always knew when it was time to stay outa Mom’s way,” she recalled, “That part of the birds and the bees was a survival lesson.”

Vegeta snickered. “No doubts. It was the same with Bulma.” She thought back. “I remember telling you, ’ ‘Birds and Bees: Extreme Survival’ applies here, too.’ Maybe karma’s punishing us for laughing.”

“Maybe we should apologize to every female we ever knew.” Goten took the pink pills from the tea tray to pour out another guessed handful for each with a glass of water. She sobered as they swallowed them, then giggled. “I hope you guys only took pill or liquid medecine. Imagine accidentally swallowing someone’s airplane.”

Vegeta stared oddly at her teacup for a moment, then burst out laughing hysterically. She was quickly joined by Goten, and they both laughed until their stomachs ached for a better reason. “Stop it!” Vegeta exclaimed between gasps for air, both holding their sides until they gradually calmed. “You’re gonna kill me.” She squeezed Goten’s shoulder.

“Not so fast, I hope.” The demi Saiyan took her face in her hands and kissed her lips, immediately moving from soft to heated.

“You’re too cute.” Vegeta pulled her close, encircled in the passion of Goten’s embrace.

“Hn… now something else is happening,” Goten mumbled in wonder.

That could not be denied. But… Vegeta’s cheeks blushed deep red. “Not now.”

Goten looked confused, then understood. “I know. Just a cuddle.” She couldn’t help the way it felt, and longed for the sparkling sensations produced by their chemistry alone.

“Goten, please.” Vegeta looked troubled, clenching her hands in her lap. Goten tried to understand, but the former’s thoughts were a confused mess. She did want it, she could see, but was stopped by something unreadable. Maybe their current state embarassed her.

“Okay.” Goten respected that, but couldn’t help feeling rejected.

Not knowing what to say, they sat in a long, awkward silence. Since they’d been together, that rarely happened.

In periphery, Goten saw her quickly wipe her eyes, and a cascade of sudden tears replace the initial few. Choking back a sob, Vegeta wiped them away with clear embarassment.

Goten took a few fresh kleenex from the table, and handed them to her. She waited for her to clean up before tentatively asking, “What’s the matter?”

Vegeta stared at nothing in particular and shook her head. “I have no idea.” She sounded as bewildered as she looked.

Goten rubbed her hand. “No worries. Just hormones getting crazy.”

“I guess,” Vegeta agreed absently, “Is there any chocolate left?”

Goten beamed. “Good idea!” Brightening, she hurried to the kitchen, returning with a big box. It was imported from Mr. Satan’s recommended company in Switzerland, sans poison and expensive, but very worth it.

Between two Saiyans, each with an incorrigible sweet tooth, the whole box quickly disappeared. After a last cherry cordial, they both leaned back with satisfaction to enjoy the magic.

Unfortunately, it was short-lived. “That wasn’t such a good idea,” Vegeta commented. Her face looked a bit green, as did Goten’s.

“We ate the whole box on empty stomachs,” Goten miserably reminded her.

“It was your idea!” Vegeta snapped irritably. No puking… anything but that.

“Was not, it was yours!” Goten shot back, in equal dread of her stomach going into reverse. She opened a pack of white crackers and poured more tea.

“If I drink any more tea, it’ll leak out my ears,” Vegeta complained, but took her cup and crackers anyway.

Goten picked up hers as well, too weary to argue. Vegeta needed to vent, such was her nature. Goten had her own stress relievers, probably not the healthiest, but not deadly, either.

When their nausea had passed, Vegeta commented in lofty annoyance, “I don’t understand! Women get this all the time – Saiyans were the same – many complain, but they still carry on as usual. Our ki is the same as before, so why are we affected to such an extreme? It’s ridiculous!” She folded her arms angrily.

“Probably because real females have their whole lives to develop,” Goten reasoned, “We had about half an hour.”

It probably was that simple, Vegeta figured, though weakness being a deadly sin was the way she’d been raised. She glanced thoughtfully at Goten. “Have you noticed any unusual symptoms the days before?”

“It’s not a disease,” Goten chided amusedly despite herself, but thought about it. “I don’t know. Guess I was kinda moody.”

“You are a lot anyway,” Vegeta pointed out dryly. At Goten’s raised eyebrow she admitted, “I suppose I was a little as well.”

“I’d say you were…” Goten began. Don’t say ‘bitchy,’ she warned herself. “…easily annoyed,” she finished diplomatically, quickly adding, “But I didn’t find it strange.”

But Vegeta had overheard her thought. “I am not ‘bitchy!’” she exclaimed indignantly, “And I meant things like pain, headaches, and feeling like you’re gonna puke.“ She glared angrily at Goten, then at the wall, her mouth pinched in a thin line.

Goten winced at her ki, a cold, piercing anger that darted in random directions, including straight at her. She didn’t need this, especially with unfamiliar hormones bouncing around like screaming meemies. Even in her normal form, she had some significant issues; a cocktail of this caliber held the potential of giving her a nervous breakdown. “That’s not what I meant,” she pronounced tersely, struggling to keep her voice even, “We’re in bad moods, whatever you want to call it. I don’t care.“ She turned sullenly, thinking she should probably leave the house for a time, and now, before things degenerated on a major scale.

“I know exactly what you meant,” Vegeta seethed, “You didn’t think me being ‘bitchy’ was unusual because I’m one anyway… but what the hell, you know it all! So go sulk like the drama queen you are. Stoned or not, you have to be awfully stupid to make such a wish!” She was on her feet, hands clenched into fists, and blue-white sparks of ki sizzled around her.

Goten’s face looked first shocked, as though Vegeta had slapped her, then gradually turned to fury. “If you think you scare me, don’t make me laugh!” Goten sneered back caustically, “I’m sick and tired of walking on eggshells around you, just so you don’t turn SSJ-Bitch!” She was also yelling now, bearing an ironic ressemblance to her uncle, with the same sparks of ki flashing around her.

Their narrowed battle glares of dangerously glowing teal locked, the ends of their hair lighting up in random steaks of gold as they slowly circled each other. It was difficult to tell who said or did what next, beyond some incoherent cursing, before battle hell broke loose.
Gohan flew through the early summer air, accompanied by Videl, Trunks, Krillin, and 18, grateful for a small breeze that cooled the stillness of a slowly encroaching thunderstorm. They were returning from a routine visit to the Lookout with a new supply of senzu beans. Even in times of peace, they knew, it was best to stay prepared.

The small group was talking cheerfully when they picked up the vibes of two hostile ki. They paused in midair, a drop of sweat forming on Gohan’s brow when they realized from which direction they emanated.

“Oh gods,“ Trunks muttered, yelling to the others, “Hurry!”

“What’s happening?” Krillin asked, the other three flying faster to keep up with the demi Saiyans. He and 18 had not been told, nor anyone else as promised.

“What I suspect to be my worst nightmare right now coming true,” Gohan replied quickly.

“Seconded,” Trunks added. Their determined faces did not betray their actual panic, but Videl knew better, and accelerated.

“‘Why don’t you go with us?’ you said. ‘It’ll do you good to get out,’ you said,” 18 mimicked her husband.

“It’s not funny, 18, they’re in real danger with ki levels like that.” Krillin wasn’t one to make light of potential life threats, while it was how 18 dealt with them.

“Faster!” Trunks yelled to the group. They could see the waterfall in the foothills of Kasumi-Mori near the small capsule house. Landing by the yard, they hit the ground running.

“You three, stay outside,” Gohan said to Videl, Krillin, and 18.

Videl looked protesting out of worry, but the chestnut duo shook their heads and stepped back while the demis rushed to the house. Yelling, things breaking, and fighting noises with ki blasts were heard from inside.

“No problem. I want no part of that.” 18 crossed her arms and leaned against a fir tree.

When Videl didn’t understand, 18 lapsed into the meme theme song that the former had jokingly sent her:
“’Fuck This Shit I’m Out /MmmMmm/ Fuck This Shit I’m Out/ No Thanks/ Don’t Mind Me/ Imma Just Grab My Stuff And Leave/ ‘Scuse Me Please/ Fuck This Shit I’m Out/ Nope/ Fuck This Shit I’m Out/ Alright Then/ I Don’t Know What The Fuck Just Happened/ But I Don’t Really Care/ ImmaGetTheFuckUpOutaHere/ Fuck This Shit I’m Out.‘”

“I wish you hadn’t sent her that,” Krillin complained to Videl, trying to hear what was happening.

“You didn’t do the little dance,” Videl pointed out, catching on to her coping strategy.

“Ha, nope.”

Fortunately for their front door, Vegeta and Goten left it unlocked when they were home and unoccupied. The house was small excepting the training room, and Gohan and Trunks had no trouble finding them.

Physically separating them was another story. Gohan trapped Goten’s arms from behind, and Trunks did the same with Vegeta. It wasn’t nearly that easy, however, and though the couple’s respective brother and son finally succeeded, they did not come out unscathed. Keeping them restrained was yet another challenge.

“Both of you, calm down at once!” Gohan commanded firmly, “Get ahold of yourselves.”

“You both fuck off!” Vegeta growled at them, “It’s none of your goddamn business!” Goten was cursing a blue streak at them that was barely comprehensible.

“Mostly not,” Trunks agreed in an attempt to rationalize, “But you engaged in Mortal Kombat is our business. Why are you fighting?”

The question resulted in both yelling in unison, “SHE SAID–”

“No. The real reason,” Gohan insisted firmly. By some miracle, he seemed to have got through to them, as both were quiet. They suddenly looked confused; indeed, that was a good question.

Outside, the trio looked up when the noise stopped.

“Do you think that’s a good or bad sign?” Krillin asked nervously.

Videl shook her head. “I knew all the cops in Satan City, and every one of them said they dreaded domestic violence cases the most.” The term used to describe any of them sounded off somehow.

“They’re Saiyans, it’s not the same thing,” 18 pointed out, “What say we take a look?“

“Wait!” Videl held out her hands to stop them. “We promised not to tell anyone. All I can say is, it was an accident and it’s temporary. And you…” She imitated the see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil monkeys. “Got it?”

Krillin and 18 nodded in half dread, half morbid fascination and followed her in sneaking to a window from whence they’d heard the noise. They could not hear what was being said at normal volumes, but could see Gohan and Trunks warily release them. Vegeta and Goten were equally bruised up, their clothing partially ripped from them in classic Saiyan style. “I can’t unsee that,” she commented, “Imma do the little dance.”

“18, please!” Videl muttered.

“Everyone is alive. Just be glad.” Krillin spoke by experience, and, like Goku, he often lived by the Way of the Three Wise Monkeys.
Gohan and Trunks looked around at the shambles in the living room, stumped that its bruised up inhabitants did not seem to think anything was out of the ordinary.

Gohan reached down among some broken glass and picked up the half-empty pill bottle. “Okay, I see.“

“Correct, the bitch mints don’t help,” Vegeta muttered dryly. She moved to sit down but winced, thinking better of it. She and Goten had literally no place that didn’t hurt, and moving was difficult now that they’d stopped fighting. They settled for leaning unsteadily against a wall.

Trunks glanced at the pill bottle, then at them. “You’re invaded by hormones you aren’t supposed to have, result, you beat the crap out of each other. Gohan…?”

Gohan fished their new pouch of senzu beans from his pocket and tossed them one each. “I’d have to call it divine intervention.“

They quickly ate their welcome magic beans, relieved to be in top shape again, but stood in awkward silence.

It was no less awkward for Gohan and Trunks, who’d never seen the couple exchange a cross word. Trunks glanced back, thinking of the trio waiting for them outside. “Can we be sure you aren’t gonna kill each other?”

“We’ll be fine,” Goten mumbled with embarassment, “It’s like you said, evil hormones.”

Remembering, Trunks went to look at Goten’s wall calendar. “You see?” he pointed out optimistically, “Barely a week and a half to go and you’ll be normal again, and the hell-mones only last a few days.”  Heard thus objectively, it didn’t seem so long anymore.

“Just stay out of each other’s way, or do what you must, but please don’t do that again,” Gohan told them, “You scared the hell out of us.”

Vegeta folded her arms with a dry look at Gohan. “Speaking of fear, how did you and your father explain that to Goten? She thought she was dying or something.”

“And you only noticed the pain when you knew what it was,” Goten pointed out. At Gohan’s stern look, she promised. “We won’t fight anymore.”

Gohan and Trunks watched them warily and Gohan conceded. “Alright, I’ll call tomorrow afternoon to make sure.” When they were as reassured as they would get, he and Trunks left them seated on the floor, in clumsy silence but painless.

“You okay?” Goten asked. Their minds were still trying to process what had happened and why.

Vegeta nodded. “You?” She glanced at the mess around them.

“Now,” Goten replied with a reproachful look, “Why do you gotta be so mean?”

“Me?” Vegeta began, before seeing and returning Goten’s little smile. “Because you like it.”

There was nothing like a good fight to set their hormonal levels where they should be, with the shared thought that the other never looked sexier than with her clothes ripped to pathetic shreds by her own hands to reveal just enough… The forecasted rain and thunder broke free outside and their lips connected, first softly then heatedly in a desiring embrace that showed them the cure for their current malaise. The worse the fight, the better the making up. The looks in their eyes alone showed much need to make up for.
The next few days passed without major incident, even though it would remain in their memories as the worst month in their lives.

One otherwise silent middle of the night, Vegeta was suddenly awakened when Goten sat up abruptly with a terrorized gasp. She was trembling in a cold sweat, taking awhile to realize it had only been a nightmare. Even the sleepy buzz of the cicadas outside seemed to pause.

Vegeta switched on her lamp in confusion and shook Goten’s shoulder. “Hey. Just a nightmare.” She put an arm around her, waiting for her to calm down, which took awhile. “Jeez, what could be that bad?” she asked sleepily.

The demi Saiyan’s eyes were still a mix of terror and sleepiness. “I dreamed you knocked me up.”

“What?!” Vegeta sat up straighter, but shook her head. “Of all the… Goten, how in the hell would I do that?”

“If you change back to normal before me, or vice-versa…” To her explanation, Vegeta was quiet, debating odds and possibilities. “In the dream, I was just going to tell Mom,” Goten specified.

“Oh.” That would qualify as a nightmare, Vegeta thought. Dutifully she encouraged Goten to go back to sleep, but left the lamp on for longer than usual before they drifted back off.

Wasted Wish – Chapter 6


Read Chapter 5 | Chapter 4Chapter 3 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1

Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*

(fem!Vegeta & fem!Goten: their first night together as temporary girls)
Rating: M, NSFW, explicit
Their dimly lit bedroom was much more comfortable, Vegeta and Goten found, as always. Though comfortable may have been a slight understatement for them, tightly entwined and feverishly making out.

Get her to relax, check, Goten thought, Get her to wanting it more than anything, almost there. Get her to needing it, had been there all day. Get her to realizing it all, who knew?

Vegeta squirmed with longing for the magic that Goten had worked up in her on the couch, but Goten’s hand only teased her crazily through her thin shorts. She was soaking wet, Goten felt with a smirk, much like herself. As Vegeta was with her in training, such was Goten with her in bed; nothing was satisfactory short of everything they had.

Vegeta reached up Goten’s shirt and unwound her makeshift bra to put aside, gently stroking her back and curvy chest through her equally thin shirt. Goten arched her back with a soft moan, cupping Vegeta’s firm globes in turn. Stifling a smirk at confirming her weakness, Vegeta tickled their stiffening tips for a second, leaving her to pause starry eyed, thinking about it.

Remembering her intentions, Goten rolled Vegeta onto her back, calming her with a soft kiss. It was either now or too late, so she reluctantly sat up. “’Later’ begins now,“ she told her with a mysterious smile, “Back in a minute, okay?”

“Why?” Vegeta asked curiously.

“You’ll see.” Quickly Goten slid off the bed to retrieve her parcel hidden in their closet. “Be good,” she told her before disappearing into the bathroom, leaving Vegeta to blink in confusion.

What was to be prepared was easy enough for Goten to figure out, but Vegeta began to crossly think that it was a long minute.

Shortly, Goten reappeared. “Well… what do you think of part one?” she asked, more timidly than usual.

“Finally–” Vegeta had begun, but stopped mid-phrase to stare at Goten as she’d never seen, even as her feminine self.

Goten’s hair was brushed in a way that made the shaggier ends curl up more, her thick-fringed eyes were rimmed in cat-like black, and her lips were a sweet, pale sakura pink. She wore a red Sailor Moon style miniskirt with a tight, low-cut, cropped white sailor shirt, complete with white, thin heels. The whole effect defied description, beyond a troubling mix of sweet and drop-dead sexy.

Vegeta had seemingly lost her voice, her eyes shining like the stars in the firmament. “Goten…” she pronounced softly, for the moment content to place her hands on her hips and simply admire her. The concept of lolita had surely been imagined with the feminine side of Goten in mind. At first, Vegeta could only touch her with soft affection, so much she ressembled a porcelain doll that would easily break. Yet, almost cruelly irresistable.

Vegeta reached for her hand, and Goten tottered unsteadily on the carpet in the vertiginous stilettos. She felt clumsy as hell, but it was somehow endearing. Walking would not be an issue anyway, Vegeta thought amusedly. She pulled Goten back down on the bed to stroke her satiny cheeks and softly kiss her sensual lips. Predictably, the fruity perfumed color did not last long, though Vegeta found it even sexier when their increasingly heated kiss smeared it in every sense. That seemed to be her reminder of how rough and intense they liked it, if she could miss Goten’s insisting hands.

Vegeta wasted no time yanking at the knot that held the demi Saiyan’s skimpy shirt on, her hands going back to the most beautiful breasts she’d ever seen. Goten’s coral-pink tips hardened almost painfully beneath her probing fingers. Her legs wrapped around Vegeta, one pointed heel digging into her ass, the other the skin of her thigh. She was panting as though nearing climax, sliding off Vegeta’s shirt to do the same. Their electric thrills were almost unreal.

“What an adorable little slut you are,” Vegeta voiced seductively in her ear, “It feels so good it has to be wrong, doesn’t it? I wonder if I could make you come just like this.”

Goten nodded vehemently, loving what she was doing as much as when she talked dirty to her. She wondered if Vegeta realized the rare opportunity that was given them, the pure fantasy that everyone secretly wished at some point but few dared admit… that was all theirs, here, now. “Do you, ‘Geta?” she asked breathlessly, knowing she’d heard her thoughts.

Vegeta gazed at her through half shut, glittery eyes. “On one hand I want to be normal just to fuck you properly. On the other…” For a moment she was lost in Goten’s pre-orgasmic expression, then nodded. “…yeah.” Her cheeks were blushed feverishly at what Goten’s knee was doing between her legs. “Anyway, I’m getting you back for teasing me.”

Goten’s knee rubbed harder, satisfied to feel her grinding with it. “Did you forget, now we can do it as long as we want, as many times as we want?”

“No.” Vegeta’s hands alternated with her lips and tongue, slowly bringing Goten to the boiling point.

The mysterious connection from her breasts to her loins was even stronger as a female, Goten noted, her small, halting cries turning to blissful sobs. Her fingernails dug into Vegeta’s back, probably drawing blood as the strange orgasm took her.

“C’mon, give it to me,” Vegeta’s sultry voice encouraged. She was so beautiful in the throes of pleasure, she thought. Watching her was half of it. “Good… very nice.” She held Goten’s lips and tongue in a long kiss as her pleasured jolts slowly calmed. Finally she relaxed beneath her, still trembling and far from finished. Fondly she kissed Vegeta’s swollen lips and cheeks, playing with her thick, soft hair that had also curled up slightly at the ends and bangs that had grown out.

“I’m sorry for teasing you,” Goten said with an amused smile, pushing Vegeta back to slide off her shorts. Her fingers played around her slippery intimate flesh before lightly stroking her magic place that was on fire by now.

But Vegeta flinched, closing her legs. “Goten, that part is too sensitive!” she exclaimed, then smiled understandingly at her inexperience, pushing her onto her back. “I’ll show you.”

Not to be outdone, Goten flipped her back as she’d been, offended. “You take me for a turnip?” she demanded, then smirked slyly. “You haven’t tried yet… y’know, on yourself, have you?“

Vegeta’s face went blank. “No,” she admitted, mentally face-palming. No wonder the demi Saiyan had taken so long to ‘get ready’ for training. And had tired so quickly. The gods hate me, she thought for about the hundredth time.

Goten omitted telling her about (he) and Trunks having many years ago found and asiduously studied Gohan’s very diverse and educational porn collection that he apparently didn’t want Videl to see. He was clever enough to hide it from his parents, but not from his curious little brother and best friend.

“We’re virgins in this form, but don’t worry,” Goten assured her. Her senpai didn’t look reassured, but Goten silenced her with a long kiss before slowly going down to suck and teasingly bite at her neck, pausing at her breasts to hold while playing at her stiffening tips with her fingers and tongue as she had done to her.

Vegeta was relaxed again, her eyes closed while she caressed Goten’s hair and back. The latter was as turned on as her mate, whose breathing began falling harder. Only when Vegeta was panting, trembling hard and sharply clawed into Goten’s back was she satisfied, moving gradually down her waiting body.

This time when her head was between her spread legs, Vegeta didn’t object. Feeling her tongue move from her taint to around her smooth lips, slipping in and out of her wet heat before lashing only all around her swelling clit, Vegeta could only make a soft sound of bliss. It was like sinking into a tub of steaming hot water, the uncomfortable tightness finally starting to unwind. Goten could sense it all, she thought in wonder, her eyes closed with exhileration as she approvingly kneaded her silken hair that tickled the insides of her thighs.

Goten was in no hurry, elated at her soft, encouraging sounds as she petted and kneaded her hair. Each had the same thought, that she could easily keep this up all night.

It was wonderful, Vegeta thought for a long time, until the tingling became an insistant throbbing, then an ache. She was trembling like a leaf, groaning desperately and tugged hard at her hair. “Goten!”

Goten looked up, and there it was again; the strange, blazing look in her eyes she’d first noticed during training, then earlier that evening, that was now so clear. “Do you trust me?” she asked, to which Vegeta nodded impatiently. It was a dumb question, and not the issue now. But she had to ask, Goten thought with a faint smile.

The next she knew, Vegeta felt the tight heat of glowing ki rings that restrained her wrists and ankles apart. Though she hadn’t expected that, Vegeta only felt a thrill race through her being, seeing clearly now what she’d been seeking for quite some time.

She didn’t even pretend to fight back or to complain, Goten noted as she went down on her again, somehow unsurprised. If anything, her thoughts were screaming a relieved and unconflicted, /yes!/

Goten had to smile, knowing what it meant. She paused to slide one finger slowly up the length of her wet slit as though to decide, making Vegeta shudder with yearning. Instead, Goten moved back up to admire her gorgeous breasts, as firm and arrogant as herself. Her fingers, lips and tongue took turns rubbing, licking and sucking her painfully hard nipples, sometimes pulling on them, gently or with a tinge of pain.

Vegeta’s whole loins ached for attention so badly she could have screamed, but that was not her decision to make now. Only Goten could decide now what she felt, where and when, be it pleasure, pain, or nothing, and for how long. As much as her own thoughts surprised her, she could not deny the sheer thrill they brought. There was a difference between letting Goten top when Vegeta herself wanted – basically topping from the bottom – and actually submitting, which she’d never thought she would actually do. But now it was very different, and she could hardly believe the ironic sense of freedom it brought her. And of déjà vu…

Vegeta moaned softly at the contrasting pleasure/pain/suspense that she also felt between her legs, then louder when Goten lightly fingered her sensitive pink bud.

“I know what you need, and I’ll take care of you,” Goten’s understanding voice whispered seductively, “But you said you’d show me. Maybe you should, to make sure I get it right.” Goten winked playfully, but it was not a question.

Though ready to burst and mentally kicking herself for her big mouth, Vegeta only nodded. That was how it worked anyway, and she would refuse her nothing now.

“I’ll have to take these off, but I know you’ll be good.” Goten made her ki rings disappear, and they switched places.

Instinctively locking onto Goten’s thoughts, Vegeta kissed her hard, thrusting her tongue aggressively into her mouth. Feeling her conveyed need, Goten enlaced her to hold tightly. “‘Geta, will I really get to make you mine tonight?”

Vegeta squeezed her tighter, feeling something else burst. “You did, years ago. But I know what you mean, and yes.” In another heavy makeout, the intoxicating mix of love and lust made their heads spin.

Feeling crazy with what was getting to her, Vegeta slowly moved down Goten’s perfect body, unable to resist pausing at her chest to again take to her sensitive tips. Though otherwise on the shy side, there was nothing shy about Goten in bed. This time, Vegeta brought her only to the trembling edge of orgasm before bringing her back down, which pulled from her a sob of frustration.

“We’re getting there,” Vegeta promised, “Keep that for me.” She held her dazed regard, with black eye makeup already smudged everywhere. Only on Goten would ruined makeup look so sexy.

Goten had a similar thought that Vegeta’s naturally feline eyes would look even sexier rimmed in black, but her mind went blank as she moved the rest of the way down her body, pulling off her soaked, white satin panties, and deliberately pushing her legs apart.

Unconsciously Goten held her breath, not knowing what to expect of such a new experience outside her control. But Vegeta began in the same gentle, teasing manner as she had, and she relaxed. It tickled at first, but in a good way. Saiyans’ private parts being hairless like the rest of their bodies except a little on top rendered them more sensitive. Goten sunk comfortably into the tingling heat, her first tiny sparkles of pleasure intensifying as Vegeta’s tongue moved progressively nearer to ground zero. For some time the latter did the same to her as she had earlier, holding her on the suspenseful edge until her legs trembled yearningly. Anticipating paypack anyway, Goten relaxed, exploring each new sensation.

Vegeta took her by surprise then, and her eyes opened wide. She’d always thought the expression ‘eat her’ to be only a figure of speech, but it rang so accurately that she might have screamed if she could have found her voice. How in the hell did she manage to set every receptive nerve on fire in places she hadn’t known existed, making the more she gave the more she craved? Each time her probing tongue and lips brought her now throbbing clit to the wary edges of a starry climax, they moved elsewhere to do the same, the whole effect like a fizzy bottle of champagne opened within her.

“I can’t!” she exclaimed, seeing now what Vegeta had meant. Still, something had to give.

“Shh,” Vegeta assured her before going back to work, “I got this.”

All she could do was knead and pull at Vegeta’s hair in time to the unending crescendo of contractions building, slowing back down to piano until her legs were trembling uncontrollably. Indeed, she was playing her like an instrument.
Just wait for the whole orchestra, Goten thought, knowing her small cries were indeed a sweet melody to Vegeta’s ears. She had no problem with that, Goten thought with a drunken little smile.

Vegeta’s finger wasn’t quite inside her, seeming to stroke the obvious from underneath. As it slowly built her sensations back up in a strange way, Goten became aware of an empty ache becoming more demanding all the time.

“Vegeta…!” Goten’s trembling voice and body clamoured for release, and she felt her finger slowly working into her wet sheath. The demi Saiyan realized that besides Vegeta’s evident experience to her none, it was more her senpai’s instinctive sense of her needs that guided her like a compass that always points North.

While she was thinking about it, she became aware of now two fingers slowly massaging deep inside her while Vegeta’s mouth slowly, gently, guided her to her summit. Not hard, fast, or rough as they’d always done before, but softly. Making her want, desire, and need it before each step was climbed. The expression otherwise comical-sounding, Goten now worshipped.

The way Goten voiced her name among countless sighs of ‘yes!’ and such graceful moans as her back arched sensuously under her was driving Vegeta insane. She could feel each ecstatic contraction around her fingers, beneath her mouth, and the pulsing ache of her own unmet need were making her dizzy with lust.

“Come for me, Goten,” she coaxed between ministrations, breathing harder, “I wanna feel you get off.“

That always did it for her. She yanked hard at Vegeta’s hair in time to her pulsing contractions, her body stiffening and randomly jolted with the most beautiful, graceful orgasm she’d ever experienced. This one tapered gradually down, calming like gently ebbing waves, taking much longer to end than before. Her eyes closed in rapture, while Vegeta discretely turned and wiped off her face.

“Dear gods, Vegeta…” she moaned softly, knowing she could do it again, and again… “I can still feel it.”

“That’s because we aren’t done,” Vegeta voiced seductively in her ear, causing another involuntary shiver to pass through her. Before she knew what was happening, Vegeta bent one of Goten’s knees to the side. Feeling her to be sufficiently relaxed, she slid two fingers into her dripping, tight warmth. Not softly and gently as before, but hard and fast.

Goten’s eyes opened widely again. “Hey,” she protested with a weak smile, “It’s your–” Stars filled her eyes and she collapsed back onto the pillow, feeling the roughly thrusting fingers hit her sweet spot dead on each time. For the first time since they’d been girls, the most violent contractions of pleasure ripped through her loins, then through her whole body, which practically convulsed. “Oh f-fuck!” she exclaimed, thrashing about wildly.
Not so graceful this time, Vegeta thought dimly, too heated up to care. Goten’s back arched and stiffened with the most intense, magical orgasm, so accustomed to ejaculating she didn’t yet question it, falling back limp and trembling. Her eyes closed with a shuddering sigh, genuinely sated.

“Ohmygod… thank you.” Her hands closed fondly around Vegeta’s arm draped around her. Otherwise motionless, she thought for a moment. “How did you… I mean, what…?” Goten had to admit being puzzled.

Vegeta smirked at knowing something Goten didn’t, at times finding her to be a bit of a know-it-all. “All Saiyans can do that. Most humans can’t, apparently. Or don’t know how.”

“Oh. Well, I’m glad we can, ‘cause that was amazing.” Goten returned her smile, remembering to close her legs, and her smile faded. The top sheet was soaked, as though a large glass of water had been spilled onto it.

“Also normal,” Vegeta quickly added, pushing the sheet aside. Her serious, darkened eyes screamed impatience, and having thrice put Goten in all her wanton states seemed to make her temporarily forget that it was not herself in charge that night. Roughly she pinned Goten to the bed with a demanding kiss, aggressively thrusting her tongue into her mouth with a challenging growl.

Though she actually loved that, Goten raised an amused eyebrow. “Forgetting something, Ouji-sama?” she asked innocently, petting her hair in a manner that vastly contradicted the use of (his) title in such a way. Enjoying the sudden look of confusion in her face, she craftily explained, “I felt where your fingers were, but show me how to find yours.“ She held up two fingers to show what she meant.

Too happy to be needed again as her kohai’s instructor, Vegeta reclined back as Goten had, placing the latter’s hand  between her legs. She let her play around, but stopped her before losing the little control she had left in her state. “Slowly first.” With her own fingers, she imitated the ironic ‘come here’ motion to which they were accustomed, guiding hers gradually in. “About here,” she explained, “Then just a little more, until…” Goten complied, and Vegeta suddenly flinched. “Yeah, there.”

Goten’s smile turned predatory while she gently and teasingly fingered the discovered sweet spot and around it. “Do you remember now it’s me in charge? You’re mine tonight,” she whispered silkily, enjoying the sudden look of desperation in her face, and something else.

Vegeta’s eyes locked into her depthless gaze, quite subdued. “Goten…” Lacking expressive words at Goten’s telepathic questioning, she tried her best anyway.

Beginning to comprehend, Goten asked, “Remember what we did once… well, you didn’t really consent, at first. But you liked it, didn’t you?”

Vegeta was quiet for a moment, her eyes shut. “I think about that a lot,” she admitted. Their union had just begun, thus held secretly. She’d struggled angrily at first and had panicked, not having expected to be forcefully bound in ki rings; but she trusted Goten, knowing she would never harm her. She’d also never experienced a thrill so intense she’d lost consciousness, and had wanted it again. And again. “It was just never the same,” she concluded.

“I know,” Goten replied understandingly, “But I don’t need your permission.” She’d barely finished speaking when Vegeta again felt the tight heat of ki rings binding her wrists and ankles apart. Her eyes opened to meet Goten’s strangely dark regard. “You’re mine, and you don’t have a choice.“

Such an intense contraction of pleasure passed through Vegeta’s entirety that she could only exhale sharply.
/Who said I wanted one?/
The thought was out before she knew it, and Goten gave her the sexily predatorial look that fit just right. Her fingers playing teasingly inside her were also just right. Thinking it to make them both more comfortable, she slid one bed cushion beneath her hips and another beneath her bent left leg.

“I know what you think you want, and what you really want,” Goten challenged with an aggressive kiss. Vegeta leaned heatedly into it but Goten pulled back, dealing her a few playful bitch-slaps with her free hand while the other slowed to unbearable teasing. Goten’s voice softened, mistaking her lost expression. “I’m sorry. I’ll be nice.”

“No. Don’t be nice,” Vegeta’s faraway voice told her, her eyes shutting again.

“O-kay…” The mischievous glint returned to Goten’s onyx eyes. Stradling Vegeta’s bound form, she yanked her up by the hair for an enticing French kiss, then slowly moved down her waiting body, sucking and biting at the side of her satiny throat, which she knew made her crazy. Lightly she cupped her soft and firm half globes that she couldn’t resist squeezing, alternating among caresses, licking, sucking, or pulling, sometimes gently, other times painfully. Surprisingly, Vegeta never complained, only made sweet, approving sounds despite her obvious need, her breathing falling heavier.

Goten calmly worked her way down, as Vegeta had done with her, her mouth stopping between her widely spread legs to softly tease her as her fingers were doing inside her. Though she brought her up many times, Vegeta knew she wouldn’t let her have it until she was ready, which Goten could feel. Damn her or bless her, she knew not, wondering if she would pass out again this time.

It was what she craved, Goten knew. The wait… making the climbing pleasure last as long as possible, and entirely beyond her own control. S/he could never accord such trust to another, Goten knew. It was a privilege all her own, which she cherished.

Though it had been Vegeta’s initial concern, it had absolutely nothing to do with who was in command, or who took orders from whom. Those ways of thought were for those who remained clueless of such an authentic bond, as hierarchy had no place in their secret garden. Goten wanted her to know such excitement, and how good it felt when she let it happen.

Goten paused, her thumb taking over while she spoke. “Try to struggle out,“ she challenged.

Vegeta’s eyes opened blearily halfway. “Why?”

“Just do it,” Goten said firmly. It was  not a question.

Vegeta complied, but the harder she pulled, the tighter the rings held her down. “…Hn?” That was new.

“Again,” Goten repeated calmly, satisfied at the same result, continuing, “Again… again.”

This time when Vegeta felt the rings cinch tighter, Goten’s tongue and lips had gone slowly but seriously to work, causing Vegeta to choke back a sob. She was trembling hard, and did not think she could take any more teasing. Not that she could deny the sheer thrill and intense excitement, feeling her own wetness spill shamelessly, and too far gone to care.

She felt the budding climax begin to taper down, a sob of frustration escaping her. “No!”

Goten only shook her head amusedly, tightening the ki rings again and lightening her strokes. Though trembling hard, only a soft groan escaped Vegeta, who was lustily panting just as hard. Damn, she was good…

Locked onto Vegeta’s mind, Goten knew exactly how long to make her wait until she’d gone silent and had physically weakened. Though, the blaze in her eyes never lied.

As she was incredibly sensitive now, Goten took care to move her tongue indirectly or very lightly over her swollen, throbbing pink bud while her fingers reached up to rub her hardened nipples. Of course, putting Vegeta in such a state made her horny again in no time flat. Especially like this.

To Vegeta, all else ceased to exist except the two of them as she rode a tsunami of pleasure they’d never experienced. Goten’s mouth and fingers made her come hard several times in a row; never had she looked so beautiful, Goten thought. Yet, the same blaze in her eyes confirmed her need to ride the final wave to satisfy the same new craving as she had in Goten.

The demi Saiyan positioned them as Vegeta had, thrusting in hwr two fingers hard and fast as Vegeta had done to her. This time it was Vegeta’s eyes filled with stars as she hit the final crescendo at her turn. Demonstrating it on Goten and experiencing it herself were very different. The demi Saiyan rarely made her so vocal. She could only pull hard and uselessly at her restraints instead of Goten’s hair… somehow more exciting… while she could only sob incoherently among breathless gasps and loud moans, trembling uncontrollably. The restraints made it more exciting somehow, as much as Goten’s dark, lust-filled gaze. She’d never felt anything so intense, her vision blurring at her final crescendo.

“Oh fuck!” she managed. Tsunami indeed, she thought at feeling her own gush, her vision blurring at the tingling, sated bliss. “Goten!” The black waves in her head took her entirely, swallowing her world as it all turned black.
When Vegeta came to, the ki rings were gone and Goten was holding her lightly, playing with her hair. Seeing her eyes open, she smiled hesitantly. “Everything okay?”

“Hm.” Vegeta curled back up in her arms, her eyes closing comfortably. Her ki was very calm now, so Goten let her rest as long as she wished.

Their afterglow was always an almost sacred time for them, so they remained blissfully still until it passed. “What?” Goten asked at Vegeta’s curious expression.

“You seemed insecure about something,” Vegeta observed, playing with her delicate fingers, “Why?”

Goten frowned thoughtfully. “Some people still say they don’t understand how you could see me as your equal.”

Vegeta blinked. “You’ve been my mate for three years. How much more equal could you get?” She thought for a moment and scowled. “Who said that?”

Goten chewed her lip. “My mom, Gohan, Bulma, Trunks… that I know of. But they’re wrong, aren’t they?”

Vegeta sighed impatiently. “Of course they’re wrong. They don’t have to understand.” She stroked Goten’s cheek, still as satiny soft as a baby’s. It had been Vegeta who’d claimed Goten, but the former believed that process to be clear.  “So, that’s why you wanted to know I’m also yours,“ she concluded amusedly, “Know what I think, you just like to hear and feel it. I’m still buzzing like crazy.”

“Me too,” Goten agreed, “That’s because we’re still horny.“

Vegeta could not help but burst out laughing. “Why am I not surprised?” It became contagious, and soon enough they were both laughing. She ruffled Goten’s hair affectionately. “Sack of hormones.”

“Sure, it’s only me.” Goten smirked mischievously and pulled Vegeta close for a kiss, long and irresistable. Their notorious chemistry kicked in and brought them to a heavy makeout, as insatiable as always.

Vegeta paused and looked at Goten in surprise. “Unless it’s a hormonal thing, I don’t get it. Heat cycles kick in at the full moon, which already passed this month. I remember distinctly…” She stopped talking, her cheeks blushing deep red.

Goten grinned, remembering quite well, but paused. “I thought you knew.” At Vegeta’s blank look, she opened the Venetian blind to reveal an admittedly beautiful full moon, alighting the night sky in all her splendor. At Vegeta’s incredulous silence, she explained, “Haven’t you heard the expression ‘once in a blue moon’? Well, that is one. Two full moons in a month is rare, that’s why the expression.” She opened the rest of the blind, then the window. “See? Pretty, isn’t it?”

Vegeta’s eyes were fixed on the large, bright moon, her pupils changing between shrunken pinpoints to large and dialated. She was silent for a long time, appearing to be in a trance.

Goten waved her hand before her eyes. “…Vegeta?”

The fullblooded Saiyan turned her darkened gaze to Goten. “You should not have done that.”

“No worries.” Goten held up her new shopping back, which looked mostly full. She dug through it and produced two items. “Part two,” she announced with a wink.

Vegeta took one of the items to inspect. He’d never seen a double-ended, flexible dildo before, but it was easy enough to understand. “I’m surprised you didn’t get a strap-on,” she commented.

“I did,” Goten confirmed. At Vegeta’s raised eyebrow at the number of objects the sac appeared to contain, Goten said impatiently, “I didn’t want to take all day browsing the Dicks For Chicks aisle, okay?” She took the second item, a different kind of lube than they were used to, and read the package. “Wait, we don’t need this. What a rip-off.” She tossed it aside, then turned to Vegeta.

The latter’s expression was very strange, then she smirked and tossed Goten back onto the bed. “Change of roles, Miss.” The demi smiled with a shiver of excitement. This was going to be good.

More than sufficiently warmed up, some time later found Goten pinned beneath Vegeta. The artificial phallus was deep inside them half each while they scissored, deep and hard and going for broke. Their sensations were unbelievable, the ultimate and very satisfying finish to what they’d began. It was a good thing there were no neighbors to complain, as they held back no exclamation while they took turns virtually nailing each other to the bed or to the wall behind the headboard.

Neither counted how many times they came, nor did it seem to matter. Only the last one did, which brought them true satisfaction before they literally collapsed from fatigue, curled up beside each other to enjoy their dazzling afterglow, and catch their breath.

An amused smile curved up on Vegeta’s face, though her eyes remained closed.

“Now what?” Goten asked in sleepy amusement.

“Heat cycles usually happen at the full moon,” Vegeta mused, puzzled, “Blue Moons as well, apparently. Yours is permanent.”

Goten smiled. “The moon is always full, ‘Geta. It’s just that we usually can’t see it all.”

“I guess.” Vegeta blinked and was quiet. The demi Saiyan was always oblivious to everything outside her immediate interest, then… well, once in a blue moon… said something that left Vegeta thoughtful for a long time. And that would, she thought as they drifted off, if she were not so exhausted.
TBC in Chapter 7…

(A/N: Happy Blue Moon! ^_^)

Wasted Wish – Chapter 5

Wasted Wish Chapter 5
Wasted Wish Chapter 5

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Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*

(DBZ genderbend, fem!Vegeta x fem!Goten)
Rating: Teen + (ending kind of NSFW)
After their daily dose of caffeine and showers taken, Vegeta and Goten began to feel more like themselves. Or, as much as could be expected now.

Of course, they were impatient to test their ki, and bigger training suits with an added tunic for Goten posed no problem, except for one thing: lack of chest support.

Vegeta scowled at their reflections that would give Roshi a massive nosebleed, when Goten remembered a detail from historical films she’d seen. She rushed to the first aid cabinet in the bathroom, and began rummaging while Vegeta looked on in confusion.

“Got ‘em!” Triumphantly, Goten held up the medical wraps used for muscle sprains, unwinding a few. “Take off your shirt,” she told Vegeta, who frowned at hearing what sounded like ChiChi’s authorative mother voice. “Bear with me,” Goten sighed impatiently.

Vegeta complied and watched skeptically as Goten went to work, wrapping an elastic leg band around the former’s chest. Though a little clumsily at first, Goten finished by fastening together a semblance of a brassiere of the days of yore. “Well, it’s not exactly a Wonderbra, but we can train,” Goten noted with satisfaction, “Try moving around.”

“”I can’t take a full breath,” Vegeta complained, but the makeshift sports bra that considerably flattened her upper curves performed its function.

“No woman ever died of bra suffocation,” Goten stated, “Anyway, you’re supposed to breathe from the diaphragm.” Then it was her turn, and Vegeta wound hers in place as she had done. “Holy crap!” Goten gasped, “I’m sure modern ones are less constricting.”

“Diaphragm,” Vegeta dryly reminded her, tossing back her tunic.

Hastily slipping it back on under her gi, Goten muttered to herself and followed Vegeta to the training room.

Despite being slightly off-kilter at first in their unfamiliar bodies, they were pleasantly surprised to find even more rapidity and flexibility, not to mention strength in their legs. They lacked as much brute upper-body strength as they’d had before, but it was nothing that some extra effort couldn’t remedy, they were determined.

If Goten had thought Vegeta was worse than a drill sergeant before, she’d seen nothing yet. Countless one-handed and finger push-ups were habitual, but sparring had become downright merciless.

After several hours nonstop, an exhausted Goten exclaimed, “Isn’t it time to call it a day?” She mopped the sweat from her forehead with a wristband, out of breath.

“You only took me down twice,” Vegeta admonished critically, seeming unphased by her own breathlessness.

“You look bruised-up to me,” Goten observed reproachfully, “If you’re knocked out, you’ll need a senzu bean. Remember our deal?”

“You don’t understand,” Vegeta insisted, “I’m onto something here, I know it.” Her eyes were strangely blazing despite an obvious fatigue that she ignored.

“I know that,” Goten replied diplomatically, “But you’ve had enough.” She mentally cringed at sounding like a bartender confiscating car keys.

“I know when I’ve ‘had enough!’” Vegeta snapped, “What’s your problem today?”

“I’m freaking exhausted!” Goten retorted, “I know you’re maso, but being a little less sadistic would be nice.” Goten had her own pride, but found that a little ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ went a long way.

Vegeta considered her a moment, her mouth tightened, then conceded, “Alright. I know a sudden difference makes it harder, but tomorrow, more progress.”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am.” Goten gave her an army salute and tiredly followed her to the shower.

A few minutes later, refreshed and clothed in casual shorts and tank tops, both collapsed gratefully on the couch with bottles of cold water. Vegeta had to mentally admit that Goten always did know when s/he’d done enough; it brought a collective sigh of relief from the Z-gang for economy of senzu beans.

As was their habit, both catnapped for about a half hour to enjoy their dopamine rush. Comfortable with Goten’s head on her shoulder, Vegeta decided to drift off to a longer nap when Goten sat up suddenly.

“Hang on.” Remembering something, the demi Saiyan went back to the bathroom to discretely if clumsily wind on a clean makeshift sports bra, then got her wallet from their room. Returning to the living room, she asked Vegeta, “You need anything at the store?”

Vegeta looked up, puzzled. “No. We just bought everything the other day.“

“Okay. Be right back.” Goten gave her a quick kiss and left the house even faster, before she could ask questions.

“You’ve got the energy for that,” Vegeta muttered to herself. Something told her she didn’t want to know, but she mentally shrugged and went back to her nap.

The next thing she knew, Vegeta was awakened by the sound of Goten returning, her eyes opening slowly. “What’s that?” she asked of an unfamiliar, burgundy-colored shopping bag in her hand.

“Later,” Goten replied with a secretive smile, then went to hide it in her side of the closet. She returned to nonchalently take her place on the couch, curling back up with Vegeta.

“I asked you a question.” Vegeta was unsure of whether to be intrigued or wary.

“And I said later… I’d rather let you wonder.” Silencing her with a long kiss, Goten slid onto her lap, beginning to reconsider on ‘later’ when they were interrupted by a discrete knock at the door.

They looked up curiously and Goten stood up to open it, unsurprised to see his brother, accompanied by Videl and Trunks. That made sense, as worried as they’d been. “Hey. Come in,” she greeted them, motioning for them to sit down.

“We especially came to see how you’re doing,” Gohan told them, his face lined with concern.

“Same as usual,” Goten replied awkwardly, “Except… well.”

They nodded their understanding. “And you, Dad?” Trunks asked, shielding his own concern. Like Gohan, he’d slept very little.

Vegeta nodded. “Yeah. Our ki is about the same.“  Trunks acknowledged his typically Saiyan reply.

“I brought you care packages.” Critically looking at their now oversized clothing, Videl handed them each a large bag. “Training and street clothes that will fit you now – neutral ones, don’t worry. Lots of Saiyan spandex for you, Vegeta. And your kind of T-shirts, Goten. Also, sports bras and new underwear, and… you know, stuff you might need.”

They accepted the bags and Goten smiled. “Thanks for thinking of us, Videl.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Vegeta agreed, examining the said sports bras, “Those look slightly less like torture instruments.”

Videl laughed. “You’re right, they are sometimes.” She stared at the front of Goten’s tank top, touching her back. “Goten, what in the world is that?”

“A leg sprain wrap,” she explained, amused at their horrified looks, “They got us through training.” At such talk, Vegeta self-consciously crossed her arms over her chest.

Videl lifted the back of Goten’s tank top to examine it while Gohan and Trunks looked away. “Smart thinking,” Videl had to admit, “I’m just glad your mother isn’t here to see it.”

Goten froze, staring at their guests in panic. “Please say no one told Mom.”

The three of them shook their heads vehemently, their eyes wide. “Actually, none of us planned to,” Gohan confirmed, “It’s best if you’re just ‘missing in action’ for the time being.” Everyone nodded unanimously.

“Does anyone else know?” Vegeta asked suspiciously.

“Just Piccolo-san,” Gohan replied, “He saw the dragon was summoned and worried. Don’t worry, he won’t tell anyone.” Actually, the Namek had regretted asking, but they left his thoughts out of it.

Goten waited until the others were distracted to call Trunks aside. Careful to omit personal details, she filled him in on what they knew of Club 73’s underground.

“Holy shit!” Trunks muttered under his breath after a long silence, “Sebastian is no angel, but I had no idea it was about smuggling a drug so dangerous.”

“It isn’t supposed to do that,” Goten repeated, “But I know Gohan’s gonna grill me about it. He knows from Videl’s dad the cops are watching them.”

Trunks blinked. “Goten, what do you care? Those people are nothing to you. One’s gotta be awfully wasted to make a wish like that.”

“Shyeah,” Goten exclaimed flatly, “And I don’t. But Vegeta knew about our fake ID’s getting confiscated.”

“And he said nothing because he was flirting with you,” Trunks concluded, “But we know that now. I don’t see the big deal.”

“I just don’t wanna hear it.” Goten paced aimlessly.

“Well, what does my dad think?” Trunks asked.

“He…” Goten shook her head in frustration, making a face. “I never hated pronouns more in my life. He/she doesn’t care either way.”

Noticing her irritation, Trunks thought it best to withdraw. “I’ll tell Gohan to leave you out of it.”

“Cool. Just so you know to avoid the place.”

Trunks leaned against the wall and watched Goten pace, stifling a snicker. “Uhm… I don’t think it crossed your minds, but if you’re in public, people are gonna assume you’re girls.”

“Yeah, we kinda noticed,” Goten retorted dryly, “And…?”

“Well, you’re used to walking like guys,” Trunks reminded him with an attempt at diplomacy, “Unless you don’t care, people’re gonna think that’s wierd. Watch how Videl walks. Feet and legs closer together, without exaggerating.”

Goten stared at his friend, unamused. “You’re right. I don’t care.”

Trunks held up his hands as though at gunpoint. “Hey, just trying to help.”

Goten glared at Trunks, her mouth tightened. “Are you done making fun of me? We ain’t kids anymore, and I’d like to see you in my place.”

“I’d probably lock myself in my room the whole time,” Trunks acknowledged, gradually relieved when their conversion slowly lightened up. Though many questions flashed through his mind, from the look on his friend’s face, he decided it was best not to ask. Their answers would also involve his father as temporarily second mother, which he didn’t want to think about at all.

Guessing his thoughts, Goten grinned. “We’ve been too busy freaking out to know yet, if that helps.”

“I’m sure anyone’s thoughts pale in comparison to such a sudden change,” Trunks replied, “Remember it’s temporary.”

Goten nodded as they headed back to the living room, pointing. “See the red marker by the calendar? Tonight I get to make my first red X.”

Trunks snickered, punching her arm. “Drama queen.”

“Ow.” Goten rubbed her sore bicep, making their guests laugh as well. “I guess hardcore sado-masochism isn’t a taboo subject in this family.”

“It’s good to see your training’s going well,” Gohan commented cheerfully, hiding behind Videl at Vegeta’s pointed glare.

“It’s good to see some things never change,” Videl commented amusedly.

As promised, Trunks discretely asked Gohan to say nothing, and the visit passed well until near dinner time. Their guests left on a relieved, cheerful note. Perhaps there was no reason to worry, they confidently told themselves.
Goten was happy that their family cared enough to check in on them, and knew that Vegeta secretly was, too. The former sat beside her on the couch, having been dying of impatience for this moment. Still, she felt ill at ease, and wondered why.

Vegeta stretched like a cat, tugging lightly at the ends of Goten’s hair. “What’s for dinner? I’m starved.”

Goten blinked at the realization, wondering how any Saiyan-blooded individual could forget that, at the same time gazing with yearning at Vegeta’s obliviously shown-off curves.

Her stomach winning the duel for the moment, Goten smiled and pulled Vegeta up by the hand. “Come with me. It just needs slowly heated up to satisfy repressed Saiyan cravings.“ Discretely she glanced at Vegeta to see if her idea of a subtle subliminal message was working, smiling to herself at the latter’s flushed cheeks. Well, maybe not so subtle, but it worked.

A few minutes later, seated before enough food to feed a small military legion, all else was forgotten as they quickly devoured it. Their feminization had done little or nothing to change their eating habits, and the speed at which the food disappeared would have made even Goku proud.

They stacked the empty plates and utensils into the dishwasher, and Goten brought out dessert, strawberries with supreme quality chocolate.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you believed those broads about red fruit.”

“We bought them the other day,” Goten coldly reminded her, “They’ve always been my favorite, if you forgot.”

“No.” Vegeta’s tone softened, having been reminded of her anger. But she smiled coyly. “You bet I remember. So cute. If it’s true, that would explain a lot.”

Goten smiled understandingly and slid Vegeta another portion. “You should eat them more. They have lots of vitamins.“  They exchanged a secretive glance over a fond long ago memory.

“Sure. But that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.” Vegeta winked at her and complied. She loved when Goten’s mouth tasted of strawberries. The latter was now eating one of the last in a way that made Vegeta squirm in her chair.

When they’d finished, Vegeta pulled her onto her lap. “Remember once long ago when you said to me…” She whispered the rest, making Goten’s eyes widen in surprise that she remembered, her pulse racing, and nodded. “Well, here’s the answer.” She pulled her close for a long kiss, both so ensconced in nostalgia they’d momentarily forgotten present reality.

Vegeta was content to make out for the moment, but when Goten’s overtures became more daring, she hesitated. “Goten, I want you like crazy. Just… slow down a little. It’s so different.”

“I know, babe. Come in here.” Goten led her back to the couch, content to slowly make out and let her get used to very new sensations in a very different body.

She could never allow anyone else to do this, Vegeta thought dimly, gradually opening again to Goten… him or her, it ceased to matter at some point, feeling drunk on the taste of strawberries in her mouth.

Having already done some self-exploration, Goten’s knowing hands had Vegeta trembling with need sooner than she’d thought. The same curious blaze she’d seen earlier in the full-blooded Saiyan’s regard was there again.

“I bet you’re still wondering what’s in my new bag,” Goten whispered throatily, her hands slowly caressing her mate’s new curves with a thrill, “Curious?”

Vegeta nodded, in reality dying to know. “Must I remind you I know exactly…?” her ego began, but was pacified to bliss when Goten’s fingers down her shorts found something magic.

Vegeta’s lips replaced her hands at her ample chest, her fingers finding Goten’s own magic fountain. The demi Saiyan’s pleasured cries alone could do it for her, and by now both their heads were spinning.

“You’ve seen nothing yet,” Goten’s sultry voice promised among sweet kisses. She stood to galantly offer her hand. “Allow me, princess.”
TBC in Chapter 6…

(A/N: Next chapter, *very* NSFW. ^_-)

GotenxTrunks: Love Story – Chapter 2

GotenxTrunks Love Story Ch 2
GotenxTrunks Love Story Ch 2

Chapter 2

Love Me Like You Do(song reference XDDD)

Ch 2 Glimpse: “Tr-Trunks… Please f-fuck me~. Goten was begging for him to enter him”

Author: SilverStars

*Used with Permission*

It was a beautiful afternoon as we see Goten and Trunks holding hands walking through the street.

Goten was blushing in embarrassment seeing people was staring at them. Ohhh why did we went out walking like this… People are staring at us like… what the fuck there are kids! Ummm… WTF?

Trunks didn’t givea fuck about it about people staring at both of them. He was looking at Goten was embarrass and kiss his cheek. Don’t be scared chibi~ Trunks smiled and chuckled. But… we’re in public. Goten whisper scared.

Some Women were giggling and gossiping about Goten and Trunks. I gotta say there very cute for each other~! Yeah! teehee! Goten and Trunks at the girls and just walk away from them. Goten was licking on a popsicle while Trunks was staring at him with his face blushing. He is imagine that Goten licking and sucking his dick.

*Trunks imagnation*

Goten was licking his dick with his lustful eyes while hearing Trunks grunts. He starting sucking on it. Ahh~ C-Chibi..

Mmm…mmf.. Goten moaning and choking on his dick. Ahhh chibi im about to blow my load!

TRUNKS HELLLLLOOOOO?! Trunks snapped out and shook his head WHAAA?! We are here… Goten has his arm crossed. There were back home.

What happen… I had to carry you for hours to get home. Huhhh… and also your nosebleeding. Goten was pointing at his nose. Are thinking something dirty about me licking on that popsicle earlier? Nooooo… Trunks smiled and sweating. Don’t lie Trunksey~

Ok… i did! he was blushing hard. Goten was blushing and making this face: O/_\\O… G-Gote-

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Goten smack him in the face. OOOWWWW?! WHAT THE HELL DUDE?!

*few mins later -w-;*

Sorry Trunksey… Goten has his head down. It okay chibi.. even though it hurts alot… Trunks forgive him by kissing his cheek.

Hey let play some video games~! Yeah! But let do it in your room~~~ O…kay…

Both them head to Goten’s room which had the PS4(lol xDD) Goten turn it on to play DBZ Xenoverse

*few mins later AGAIN*

WHAT?! How did i lose?! Guess im lucky Trunks. You cheated didn’t cha? Did not!

Did too! Did not! Did Too~! Trunks grabbed Goten and toss him on the bed and be on top of him. Ehh… Trunks please be gentle with me… Oh… i will be gentle… REAL gentle~ Trunks starting kissing Goten neck which make Goten get horny. Trunks bit his neck which make Goten squealed.

Trunks look at Goten with his lustful eyes and kiss him on the lips gentle. Goten was deeply hard… he wanted Trunks and his body. Trunks started to go rough on him by messing with his tongue and kiss him roughly. Trunks stops and pulled Goten’s shirt up. Trunks started to lick his lips and started to suck on his right nibble. Goten was moaning quietly. P-Please Trunks please stop~ Goten was begging for more. Trunks didn’t stop he unbuckled his pants revealing his 5 inch dick. Goten blush deep red. Trunks stared at it and smirk evilly and started licking his dick. Ahh~ Trunks…

Mmmmn…ahh Trunks started to put Goten dick in his mouth sucking on it slow and easy. Goten started to moan in pleasure. Pl-Pleae stop…it f-f-eels- so goooood… Trunks ignored it and started to suck faster. T-Trunks im about cummmM! His seed gagged in the older sayain mouth.

Mmmmn~! Your cum taste good chibi! T-Thanks… Your so beautiful chibi~ Thank you Trunks-kun~ Goten blushed. Trunks took off his shirt showing his abs. Goten was blushing harder he never seen Trunks abs up close even though in the locker room sometimes. then he took off his pants revealing his 6 inch dick which Goten nosebleed a bit. O-Oh my! You like this dont cha huh chibi~? Trunks smirked.

ummm… Trunks grabbed Goten head and forced his mouth into his hard dick. Mmmf?! Suck it chibi~ Goten started to suck slowly while he’s being choked on on his dick. Mmmn…mmn… Goten started to suck on it faster while Trunks was moaning. D-Damn Chibi~ im about to cum in any minute! Goten started to suck really fast and moan quietly. I’m…CUMMING~! Goten choked on his sperm and his dick. Trunks kiss his lips and mess with his hot tongue and swallowed his own sperm. Then Trunks filps Goten over laying on his chest. spread his buttcheeks to show his little butthole which make the younger sayain squealed.

Trunks put his fingers in Goten mouth making him suck on them. He insert one of his wet fingers in his tight butthole which make him scream in pain.

I know it gonna hurt chibi you will get use to it~ Trunks speak in a yet soft,sexy,husky voice. Goten was sweating and breathing hard while Trunks was inserting his fingers back and forth. Goten moans in pleasure. Trunks stop and took out his fingers and has his hard dick near Goten entrance.

Trunks look at Goten. Do you want me to this? Goten looked at him with his lustful eyes.

“Tr-Trunks… Please f-fuck me~. Goten was begging for him to enter him” Well that more like it~

Trunks entered him slowy which make Goten screamed in pain. Ah fuck~ it only gonna hurt for a sec~! Trunks fits his throbbing dick in him and sigh in satisfaction and thrust slowy. A-hhh Trunks… Oh chibi your ass is so damn tight!

Ahhh…ah…ah…ah. Goten was moaning in pleasure. Please Trunks! Faster! Harder! Ohh…You like it rough~ Trunks thrust went faster and harder. Goten grabbed the sheets and moan in pleasure. Ohh~! F-Fuck! Oh chibi im about to blow my load!

Please Trunks! Fill me up! Im…im…CUMMMING! Trunks blew his seeds all up in Goten ass also he blew his load too. Mmmn…ahh fuck chibi that was to good~~ Trunks was tired and the sperm of off Goten. Yeah it was Trunks-kun~~

Trunks pulled the cover over them and has his arm around Goten waist. Goten blush and smiled.

Good Night Trunks~

Good Night Chibi~

This was the day that Goten will always remember…

Wasted Wish – Chapter 4

Wasted Wish Chapter 4
Wasted Wish Chapter 4

Read Chapter 3 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1

Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*

Flying at top speed toward West City, a glum silence remained between the now feminized Vegeta and Goten. It was preferable to anything that could be spoken under the night’s circumstances.

At the familiar view of first the city’s skyline, then Capsule Corp, the two of them crouched behind a row of shrubs that hid the garage, just out of security range. They inched as close as possible, feeling confident for the first time, as snagging the Dragon Balls would be a piece of cake.

They lightly treaded the blind spot of the security drones when both froze, seeing a shadow pass before the garage window. Instictively they flattened their backs against the garage wall, suspiciously watching the shadow pace back and forth.

The Briefs were never up so late on an ordinary night, even less in the garage. The Dragon Balls had been coveted before, and who besides the culprit of their misfortune could it be? Were the household members asleep, or taken hostage? And where was Trunks, as he was often home for the weekend? The Saiyans outside exhanged a worried glance, when a familiar voice was heard from inside.

“I don’t understand it,” Bulma exclaimed to her parents and Trunks, beginning to pace again, “The Dragon Balls are always security-looked in this fort.”

“Well, someone knows it,” Trunks’ voice added, “What I don’t get is how Shenron could’ve been summoned.”

A few beeps and clicks were heard. “There’s nobody on the monitors,” Dr. Briefs confirmed, “He was clearly summoned from afar. Look, the Dragon Balls were headed toward Satan City, then the dragon appeared.”

What they recognized to be Trunks’ cell phone rang, and the latter quickly picked up. “Gohan?… How did you know about it?… oh. We have no idea. … Sure, okay. We’ll wait.” He hung up and told the others, “Gohan just said ‘not on the phone’ and that he’d be over in a minute.”

Goten cast Vegeta a desperate look. The latter was less than thrilled at showing up here thus, but it was their only chance at present. Grimly he nodded, and the two of them strode around to the garage door and knocked.

Hushed silence fell over the household, then Trunks opened the door carefully, prepared to attack. His arms dropped like his jaw at the sight that greeted him, rendering him speechless. The two figures who were yet unmistakably his father and Goten shifted uncomfortably, and he found his incredulous voice.“Dad?… Goten?”

“Not one word!” Vegeta snapped angrily as Trunks stood aside, staring at them.

The chagrin on Goten’s face said everything. Both gave up and kicked off their shoes as they entered, now too big for their feet. Noticing, Mrs. Briefs hurried off, returning with neutral tennis shoes that would fit them.

“Oh my!” Bulma covered her mouth with one hand, her face turning pale. “How did that happen?”

Goten took a deep breath. “We went out to a nightclub… yes, it was my idea… then took time out for a nap. Then we woke up like this. Thanks,” he said to Mrs. Briefs.

“I thought you smelled like rhum,” Bulma commented, frowning at her racing thoughts.

“Club 73?” Trunks asked Goten.

“Yeah.” Goten shot Trunks a sharp look that said, ‘Later.’

Dismissing it, Trunks reported, “Apparently, Videl’s dad called them to say he saw you there, but something was wrong. Gohan will be here soon, but I see now. I don’t suppose you know how it happened?

Goten and Vegeta shook their heads stoicly. As though on cue, Gohan’s familiar knock was heard at the door. Mrs. Briefs rushed forth to open it, though she hadn’t said a word the whole time. None of them had yet to see anything that phased that woman.

Gohan walked in slowly to soberly behold the sight of his now feminine brother and brother-in-law. His eyes were still swollen from sleep, his short hair mussed, and he’d quickly thrown on a jogging suit to leave. “I didn’t want to believe him,” he said of his father-in-law, “I was hoping he’d just drank too much, but apparently he’d just got there.”

“I don’t suppose he knew anything.” Goten leaned wearily against a wall.

Gohan shook his head. “Only that by your clothes, that wasn’t the way you arrived.” He frowned. “He also said you should stay away from the two managers who escorted you out,” he warned, “The police have had their eye on them, but no actual proof. A young lesbian couple, it seems.”

“Bi,” Goten corrected bitterly. At Gohan’s questioning look, he shook his head. “Nothing.”

Mrs. Briefs returned to the garage. “Tea and pastries are waiting,” she announced cheerfully, “You’re all sleepy-looking. Come get some energy.”

They all shook their heads. “We have to find out from Shenron what happened, Grandma,” Trunks replied, “We should be leaving.”

Goten and Vegeta left with Trunks and Gohan, flying far enough from civilization to avoid any witnesses. They settled in a small forest clearing, and Vegeta spoke up.

“We know you’ve already been summoned, dragon. Would you care to tell us why me and Goten are suddenly female?“ He paced back and forth, seething.

Accustomed to Vegeta’s insolence, this time Shenron overlooked it in recognition of his justified anger. He appeared before them in a misty cloud, having expected their quick callback. “That is exact. One wish has been granted, which leaves you two more.” Patiently he waited for their indignant exclamations.

“We see the results of this wish,” Vegeta retorted sarcastically, trying his best to contain his fury, “First, we need to know who hates us badly enough to do so, before destroying them.”

Shenron nodded to himself, having anticipated their, especially Goten’s lack of memory. “I tried to warn you of your inebriety, back in your room at that place,”he reminded the younger demi Saiyan, “But in your state, you seemed convinced that by temporarily becoming female, your power levels would rise. You made reference to an event that took place during Vegeta-sei’s existence. Indeed, I remember it; it was due to that particular galaxy’s atmosphere, which, I’m afraid, is of no use to you now.”

Of the two concerned Saiyans, it was difficult to say who appeared more bewildered, but Vegeta was definitely angrier.

“WHAT?!” he yelled, outraged at Goten, making him… or rather, her… shrink back. Shenron’s words slowly sunk in, and he asked in dread, “I told you about the Amazon galaxy then, didn’t I?” Goten nodded miserably, and Vegeta face-palmed, hard. That mystery was solved, be it any consolation; it was not.
He turned to glare at his mate. “I don’t suppose you have any memory of this wish, because I sure as hell don’t!”

“ME NEITHER!” Goten yelled back, sounding much like his mother at that moment, “So quit acting like it was ALL MY FAULT! We were both drunk, and both stoned… very much so! And when I say BOTH, that includes you! How could I know a ‘natural’ plant that… you know,” he muttered under his breath, before shouting again, “WOULD DO THAT?!”

Sensing a potential fight with ki sizzling wildly, Gohan and Trunks stepped in to physically separate them. In doing so, Gohan muttered under his breath, “Later on, I want to know more about the drug.”

“It isn’t supposed to do that,” Goten hissed back, “In case you forgot, we don’t go around telling people we’re aliens.” He was puzzled as to why he was defending the girls. It would serve them right for their asses to land in prison.

“ENOUGH!” Shenron roared, “I’ve no time for your quarrels. I presume your wish is to return to normal?” His voice was dry and rhetorical.

“YES!” Goten and Vegeta shouted in unison, then were released by Gohan and Trunks.

“I have that power,” Shenron promised, “There is just one detail to verify. It will take… a few Earth minutes.” The dragon faded, leaving his misty cloud as the sign of his presence. All four Saiyans began to to pace, alone with their own thoughts.

Shortly the dragon returned, sternly contemplating the gathered mortals before him. “As I said, I can return your original masculine forms,” Shenron confirmed to Vegeta and Goten, “Yet, there is a delicate balance to nature that must be respected. When it is not, there are consequences.”

“C-consequences?” Goten’s face had suddenly drained of color as though he might faint, feeling the dizzying possibility of doing so. Vegeta’s face was that of a deer caught in the beam of headlights.

“When you pronounced your wish, you gave no precision of the word ‘temporary,’” he informed Goten, then explained, “Thus, you will be returned to your masculine forms in precisely twenty-eight Earth days. The reason for the delay, is that that is the natural feminine cycle, in sync with one lunar phase. After which, you shall be normal again.”

“WHAT?” Vegeta exclaimed incredulously, “That’s a whole month!”

“No way!” Goten exclaimed in protest, passing a hand vigorously over his head. He squeezed his eyes shut, mentally chanting, Only a dream, only a dream, only a dream…

“Consider yourselves lucky that it’s within my powers,” the dragon admonished them sharply, his serpentine eyes glowing red, “Only a decade ago, it was not.”

Silence fell over the group, then Gohan and Trunks nodded in seeing reason. “Thank you,” Gohan bade him sincerely.

“Yeah, really… thanks,” Trunks added, both very relieved.

Shenron nodded in recognition. “Have you another wish before I take my leave?”

“No.” Gohan scratched the back of his head in slight embarassment. “My wife can buy their… smaller needs at the store.“

“I’d rather not think about that, if you don’t mind,” Trunks muttered to Gohan, making a face.

They turned to Goten and Vegeta, who now looked forlorn and exhausted. Gohan clapped their shoulders soberly. “The time will pass before you know it,” he told them encouragingly, “And your training won’t be affected.”

Both seemed unaffected by his words. “You know, it would’ve been the same if you were my little sister instead of my little brother,” Gohan tried again, “It still is. Same for you, Vegeta. Big brother or big sister for awhile… look, I’m sure I’d feel no differently in your place, but don’t forget you have us, no matter what.” Seeing them to be as unresponsive as rocks, and Trunks shake his head, Gohan withdrew. “Well, you both look exhausted. Would you rather stay with us, or go home?”

Both stonily pointed in the direction of Kasumi-Mori, where their capsule house was.

Gohan nodded. “Okay. Have a good night’s sleep, then,” he bade them soberly.

“Goodnight, Goten… Dad.” Trunks underlined his father’s title as his way of saying nothing had changed for him, either.

“G’night,” Goten mumbled, and Vegeta gave them his two-finger wave before they flew off into the night.

Gohan and Trunks watched them leave before the sky’s darkness swallowed them, their worry turning to confidence. Pronouns may be a temporary issue, but they were essentially still the same Vegeta and Goten. For only a month, they figured, how much trouble could their feminine sides be?
Returning to their capsule house, Goten fished their key out of an old watering can and let them in, flipping on a dim light in the living room.

Not even bothering to shower, they trudged to their bedroom and quietly changed into their customary light pairs of pyjama shorts and T-shirts, not caring that they, too, were oversized, carelessly tossing their expensive silk clothing into a corner.

They took turns brushing their teeth, understandably taking longer than usual to relieve themselves before bed.

They slid under the sheet in stony silence, each on their own pillow and staring coldly at the ceiling. If either were waiting for the other to speak, they would wait until hell froze over. Though upon closer inspection, their eyes were puffy and glazed with exhaustion, their minds at this point incapable of coherent thought.

The comfort of their own bed was a small one, nevertheless appreciated. Mechanically, Vegeta reached over to switch off his lamp, bringing them merciful darkness. And sleep.
Quite late the next morning, Goten awoke slightly in their semi darkened room. His memory not yet fresh, instinctively he snuggled close to his mate.

He felt a throbbing heat in his loins that screamed its need for Vegeta, instinctively winding around him. Vegeta automatically reacted in kind, holding him close. The desiring heat was there, yet something was different. Both felt more slender. There was no hardness, rather what seemed to be wet and slowly opening, and a gently increasing tingling. It felt good, just so different.

Slowly Goten’s eyes opened to meet Vegeta’s own, opened to slits, and leaned down to kiss the lips he adored. Gods, she was beautiful…wait… she?

Their eyes opened fully now as their memory returned, and Vegeta slowly let go of Goten, placing his (her?) forehead on bent knees, in an almost foetal position.

Their memory of the preceding night came flooding back, both wondering in despair what pronouns they should use for the next month.

/She-her,/ their shared thought agreed bitterly. The fact that they were Saiyan-bonded mates… a complex, primitive tradition that eternally united them… afforded them crystal-clear, empathic telepathy, and made Vegeta look up with a spark of hope.

But Goten’s eyes filled with tears. She clutched at the sheet, willing them not to fall, and for the lump in her throat to go away.

Vegeta delicately took her hand. “It’s not forever,” she told her, her voice softening.

Goten shook her head, still fighting back tears. /It’s not that./

Patiently, Vegeta waited for her to speak and stroked her palm, which she liked, gradually calming her.

Finding her voice, Goten managed, “You won’t want me anymore, huh? Not for a month at least. Especially since it’s my fault.” The thought brought on a fresh onslaught of tears, and her back shook with silent sobs.

Vegeta’s arms closed tightly and automatically around her, rubbing her back. “Baka yaro,” she scoffed softly, “You’re still my ‘Ten. Remember what we said from day one?”

“What?” Goten’s voice was muffled, and she clung tightly to Vegeta.

“You asked me if it would be any different if one or both of us were girls,” Vegeta reminded her, “Remember I said no? We’re… what was that word again?”

“Demisexual,” Goten reminded her, blushing despite herself.

Vegeta nodded. “And we have an emotional bond, right?”

“Yeah,” Goten acknowledged, “Then why did you let go of me a minute ago?”

Vegeta hesitated, her eyes shutting. “It just feels wierd. I’m not sure what to do… I mean, I know, but…” She looked away, blushing at her turn.

Goten smiled, waverly, yet for the first real time since earlier the preceding night. “We’ll figure it out. But I know what you mean.” It was true that actually sleeping with someone was a big deal for Vegeta. The fact made Goten happy, though she wondered if it were truly the same. “Tell me the truth. Do you still want me… y’know, in the same way?” She bit her lip, fearing the truth.

Vegeta took her innocent face in her hands, gently stroking her pink-blushed cheeks. “Goten, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen anywhere. Just as the most beautiful man, but I already told you that. What other form could you possibly take, and who else could I ever want now?”

Goten’s arms tightened around her mate again. “Why do you always take the words out of my mouth?” She smiled, her adoring gaze indeed like a shining mirror Vegeta never grew tired of looking through.

“I want more than your words, Miss,” Vegeta whispered coyly, making Goten shiver with pleasure. She pulled the demi Saiyan atop her, reclining them comfortably back on their doubled pillows to stroke her silken hair.

“If I told you how gorgeous you are, I’d make you blush even more,” Goten told her with a smirk, winning the desired blush. Her head rested comfortably on Vegeta’s shoulder while she stroked her firm, soft breasts, a generous handful each that was warm and nice.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting a new fetish,” Vegeta commented amusedly, very much liking the feel of Goten’s own against her.

“They’re cuddly,” Goten informed her, fascinated with their stiffening sensitivity.

Vegeta’s eyes closed blissfully, thinking if Goten kept that up, they would be back asleep in no time. Not that it would be a bad thing, but it was closer to noon than morning, and she was impatient to see if and how their ki had changed.

She ruffled Goten’s hair and tapped her back. “C’mon, up. You know what I wanna see, and we need our caffeine.”

The demi Saiyan grumbled and reluctantly sat up, not doubting either.

“Later, I promise,” Vegeta whispered with a seductive smirk.

Goten smiled innocently, reaching her feet for her slippers. “Good. You know how hot I like it.” She giggled when Vegeta narrowly avoided walking into the doorframe. “I meant my coffee,” she managed around harder laughter.

“Pfff.” Vegeta cuffed the back of her head. “ ‘Coffee.’ ”

Wasted Wish – Chapter 3

Wasted Wish Chapter 3
Wasted Wish Chapter 3

Read Chapter 2 | Chapter 1

Author: SaiyanSecret

*Used with permission*


Ashley and Jordan truly meant no harm toward their charming new clients. Perhaps they could be friends, or ideally friends with benefits, they secretly wondered. The thing was, they had no idea about Saiyans, or how their sought-after secret ingredient might otherwise affect them.

By the time the music had shifted to the pulsing, sensual beat of a dirtier dance, there were enough pheromones in the heavy, perfumed-sweaty air to put Viagra to shame. Saiyan pheromones added to the mix were literally driving the unsuspecting crowd insane, whether they’d consumed 420’s speciality drink or not.

Admiring Vegeta’s and Goten’s unique style, the two young women mirrored it with interest. Vegeta lifted Goten’s left leg in a vertical splits and spun him around by the ankle, draping his leg over his shoulder before continuing. The girls thought it best not to try that whilst clad in heels, drunk and stoned.

When they could stand no more, Vegeta tugged at Goten’s sleeve with a pointed look. The latter nodded, relieved. No voice could be heard over the music, so Goten caught the other pair’s regard with a time-out signal. They returned a thumbs-up, and the four of them left the dance floor.

In discrete hearing range, Goten asked, “Is there someplace we can… freshen up?” By their flushed faces and eyes dialated with more than consumed substances, they were well understood.

The girls’ faces were no different, and they nodded quickly. “Down that hallway,” Jordan replied, pointing to one of two beyond a beaded curtain behind the 420 bar, “Any room with a green light is cleaned and vacant. Red light ones are occupied.”

“Thanks.” Theatrically Goten wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead. “We just need a quick break, y’know, tired and sweaty.”

“Of course,” Ashley assured them, “No worries, take your time.”

“Thanks,” Vegeta muttered, quickly dragging Goten by the arm to the said hallway. “They’re not stupid,” he told him dryly when they were out of earshot, “Neither are we. They’ll be out like lights in no time.”

They found a green-lit door, which they unlocked and locked again behind them by registration of their chips. They looked around at what appeared to be a mini luxury hotel room.

Relieved, Goten draped his arms around his neck with an impulsive, sensual kiss. “Gods, Vegeta, all this time I’m horny as fuck.”

“I’m gonna explode,” Vegeta declared, “It’s ridiculous.” Again wondering what in the hell that mysterious ingredient was, he stroked Goten’s face and arms appreciatively. Just slightly taller than himself, the demi Saiyan had the same innocent face and perfect body since he’d been about fourteen. He was so beautiful.

Forcefully Goten pinned him back onto the bed, straddling him while they made out heatedly, knowing he liked when he got aggressive.

Vegeta bent his leg, impatiently guiding Goten’s hand that moved up too slowly. “C’mon, it almost hurts.” Their hands mutually kneaded their throbbing sources of heat, already moaning loudly and trembling intensely.

Pulling off the taffeta bedspread, Goten roughly positioned them on the pillows. In doing so, he knocked down a framed painting print hung just above the bed’s headboard.

“Careful!” Just in time, Vegeta caught it, shaking his head. Goten could be so clumsy sometimes.

“What a dumb place to put a picture,” Goten commented crossly, lifting the other side back up. In doing so, he noticed a temporary plastic patch taped over the wall with indications for repairs that the picture had hid. One corner had begun to peel away. “What’s this?” Curiously he pulled it back to examine the damage, a hole that had been knocked into the wall. He stared into it for a moment and gasped. “Whoa! They didn’t waste any time.”

“What?” Vegeta asked irritably, following Goten’s motion to look. Through the hole, they could see another room similar to theirs which Jordan and Ashley had taken. Indeed, both were half undressed on the bed, where the latter knelt with her hands handcuffed above her head. Jordan’s hand was up her light blue miniskirt, visibly putting her in all her states. The sub was squirming and exclaiming ecstatically.

His face flushed an embarassed red, Vegeta pulled Goten back and replaced the film. “Goten, that’s rude!” he muttered under his breath, “How would you like it if they spied on us?”

“Oh, c’mon!” Goten protested, “I never saw that, for real. I wanna see!”

Vegeta was about to repeat that it was wrong, when their sharp ears picked up what was said.

“Alright, ‘fess up,” Jordan teased knowingly, “What’re you thinking about them?”

“Who do you mean?” Ashley asked innocently.

Jordan tugged the leash attached to her collar. “You know who. Our cute new friends you didn’t take your eyes off.”

“I don’t think they wanna play with us,” Ashley pouted, “But I at least wanna watch ‘em at it. You think they’d let us?” she asked hopefully.

“I doubt it.” Jordan frowned, then smirked cleverly. “Unless we reserved them a room and put in a hidden camera next time.”

Ashley’s face brightened. “Yes! Which room are they in now?”

“I don’t know,” Jordan replied, “We’d have to check the computer, but I don’t think you want me to stop…?”

“No!” Ashley exclaimed quickly, relieved when her girlfriend’s hand went back to work. “Really not to be mean, they’re so nice. But so hot, too.”

Vegeta’s eyes narrowed indignantly. “Traitor bitches. Knock yourself out,” he told Goten with an evil smirk.

“I plan to.” With an identical smirk, Goten’s hand reached back between Vegeta’s legs. “Enjoy.”

Too far gone to argue about it now, Vegeta reached back between Goten’s own legs to both watch the show. “Can you believe people like that?” Vegeta muttered, “It’s disgusting.”

“Immoral,” Goten agreed, watching intently as his hand kept the same cadence.

“Pathetic.” Vegeta watched in fascination, his own hand doing the same.

Ashley was not the quiet sort, they noted, squirming with her head thrown back and sobbing incoherently.

“You make the same face,” Vegeta commented amusedly to Goten, his breathing falling hard now.

“I do not!” Goten retorted, struggling to hold back.

“This ceiling has mirrors,” Vegeta pointed out, “You can see for yourself.”

They watched Ashley convulse in the final throes of a third climax, both males nearly doing the same before her hands were uncuffed. Vegeta tugged impatiently at Goten to get serious, unable to take much more teasing.

“Wait,” Goten insisted between ragged breathing, “I wanna see if she goes down on her.”

“But I’m gonna come in my pants.” Unaccustomed to such a taboo, Vegeta spoke the truth.

“I like that,” Goten whispered seductively, “But I won’t make a mess tonight.” He undid Vegeta’s pants and tugged them down, blocking the base of his shaft to stroke him more gently. The latter was obliged to bite his other hand to not be overheard.

Though they could not see any explicit details, indeed the pink-haired girl’s head was between the other’s legs and putting her in the same state while she randomly clutched at handfuls of hair.

Sensing him too close, hastily Vegeta lowered Goten’s own pants to do the same. They timed their strokes, waiting for the girl’s pleasured convulsion to let themselves go as well. A lusty kiss muffled their cries as they reached their peak with surprising intensity. Getting off while watching another do the same was a very new thrill to them. They said nothing of it, but began to understand the other pair’s wish, which may or may not have been an actual intention.

“You think she’s gonna use a strap-on?” Goten asked hopefully.

“Enough!” Vegeta warned through his teeth.

They replaced the picture over the patched hole and reclined on the bed, relieved for their partial release. Their rapports were always intense, but the strange ingredient rendered them so insatiable, they doubted they would sleep anytime soon.

Goten’s head rested on Vegeta’s shoulder while he played with his shirt collar thoughtfully. “Have you noticed it’s the women in charge here?” he pointed out, “They literally snap their fingers at the guys like they were slaves, and they obey. It’s wierd.”

“The real business here is probably theirs,” Vegeta reasoned.

“Those two are chemistry majors,” Goten recalled, “Guess they consider it on the job training that pays off.”

“Reminds me of a story I heard back home,” Vegeta reflected, “There was a galaxy of planets we purged that fought back, and were more challenging than usual. Their women warriors were considered superior because they had stronger ki, just like the planet that bought them. The first team sent on the mission returned since they’d failed, so the next time only women Saiyan were sent – Fasha, who was on your grandfather’s team, and a couple of others I didn’t know. It only took them a day to purge and clean each planet.”

“What happened?” Goten asked, intrigued.

“I was still a kid, but I remember my father was confused about the whole thing,” Vegeta recalled, “We made no difference, it was only strength of ki that mattered. He tested all the warriors in question, and for some reason, Fasha and the other two women’s ki tripled after that mission. It only lasted temporarily, but we didn’t get the chance to find out why.”

Goten thought for a moment, then was caught up in another fit of hysterical, drunken laughter.

“Now what?” Vegeta asked, already grinning at the sight.

“So, if we could temporarily be women, our ki would be stronger,” Goten speculated between laughs, “Seriously, maybe we could find out why now. After that, our ki would be stronger. Imagine having so much power… space is the limit, babe.“

“You’re insane!” Vegeta hit him with a pillow, beginning to laugh as well. But the thought clung to the back of his mind. Was it only a coicidence that his own ki was stagnant now?

Laughing harder, Goten took the other pillow to hit him back. Everything degenerated then, their pillow fight becoming another heavy makeout session. Their clothes were peeled off for more serious things, which became more intense.

Though the concept had always been believed to be a joke, each watched themselves with fascination in the ceiling mirrors. First when they took turns going down, then during their violent lovemaking in diverse positions.

We’re more exciting than them, Vegeta thought triumphantly, though the sight they’d secretly witnessed would not leave their minds.

Goten had made a mental note to see if it was true about the face he made, though at those points he’d forgotten all about it.

Albeit not complaining, both were left to wonder if their lust frenzy would ever end. The thoughts that crossed their minds would have otherwise surprised them, even more the things they did.

Saiyans easily held their liquor, and would probably also resist most common drugs, but Vegeta and Goten were officially stoned. It showed no signs of wearing off, either. Nothing seemed enough or too extreme, which only finished with the two of them literally collapsing in fatigue. They took a short nap, Goten reawakening a refreshed moment later.


Well, yeah, he was still under the effects of a powerful, unknown drug – it was beyond all reasonable doubt a hallucination – but damn, was his vision ever clear.

Knowing of Vegeta’s past, he’d always harbored a secret fantasy of he and Vegeta taking over the world. It was a thing he knew would not actually happen; even Vegeta only took it lightly. But, there was no harm in indulging himself in a simple fantasy, right?

He smiled at his imaginings, amusedly getting to his feet. In a low voice so as not to wake Vegeta, he raised his arms in the air and dramatically chanted, “O Eternal Dragon, awaken and grant our wish.”

In his inebriated state, Goten had forgotten a small detail. The Z-gang now kept the Dragon Balls gathered and security-locked in the garage of Capsule Corp in case of emergency. The sky was already dark, and he was too far away to notice the starred crystal balls begin to agitate.

Shaking his head at his own foolishness, Goten nearly fell on his ass when the glowing red eyes of Shenron appeared before the room’s slightly opened window.

“What is your wish, mortal?” Shenron’s deep voice boomed from outside, one claw extended toward him.

Goten’s eyes were as wide as saucers, sure now that he was hallucinating. But the dragon’s voice and presence carried such unmistakable authority. Goten rubbed the back of his head nervously. “Uhm… that is… I…” he stuttered confusedly, then remembered it could not possibly be real. He smiled mischievously and explained, “Me and Vegeta want to temporaily be turned into women, to see if our powers can get stronger like back on Vegeta-sei.”

Shenron considered the youngest Son man doubtfully. “Your partner is asleep, and you don’t seem clear-headed. Are you inhibited in any way?”

“A little,” Goten admitted, “I guess you refuse to grant my wish?”

The dragon studied the comparatively small mortal, choosing not to reveal his thoughts. “All seven Dragon Balls are united, and I only refuse a wish when I lack the power to grant it,” he informed Goten, “Return to sleep now, and the process shall be complete.” The seven crystal balls circled around Shenron before turning back to stone, then rescattered off to random corners of the Earth.

Slowly the dragon vanished, leaving a very perplexed Goten in the room. He glanced at Vegeta’s sleeping form, then down at himself. Both were exactly the same. It had been only a freak halluination, he decided, suddenly feeling very sleepy. The side effects of the new drug were unpredictable, he decided, curling back up beside Vegeta. A nap would be good for them, he thought as his tired eyes closed gratefully.
About a half hour later, Vegeta stirred in his sleep, content for Goten’s comforting presence beside him. As he was accustomed to doing, one thigh slid between his legs while his free hand slid possessively up his chest.

Then he froze.

The familiar bulge he was used to feeling between his legs was gone, replaced by two generous, unfamiliar ones on his chest.

His eyes opened wide and he blinked several times, unable to decide if he were dreaming or hallucinating. After a speechless moment of shock, his mouth opened to incredulously question, “Goten?”

Wondering at the odd, slightly higher timbre in his own voice, he cleared his throat, more concerned about his partner’s aspect. It was definitely Goten, there was no doubt; except that he looked more like his grandmother now than himself. Or should he say ‘she,’ Vegeta wondered, feeling a lump of panic rise in his throat. He shook his mate’s shoulder frantically. “GOTEN!”

The demi Saiyan’s eyes opened sleepily, smiling as he squeezed Vegeta’s hand. His delicate, feminine hand. Goten’s eyes opened widely at his turn, staring in disbelief at who was unmistakably Vegeta, except…

Goten shook his head wildly, having forgotten all about Shenron. Crazy dreams, possibly hallucinations, were to be expected, but he remembered nothing after both of them laying back to go to sleep. Frantically he touched Vegeta, hoping his eyes deceived him. But they did not.

“What in the hell happened to us?” Vegeta exclaimed, frantically passing his hands over his own body. His mind racing, he jumped out of bed to stand in front of a full-length mirror by a clothes rack. Goten followed him, and they stared into it. Mirrors didn’t lie, any more than their mutually shocked looks as they contemplated the reflection of their feminized selves.

“How?” Goten finally managed, not caring that his voice squeaked at the obvious change.

Vegeta looked just as confounded, then his eyes narrowed angrily. “That drug!” His fists clenched in rage that matched Goten’s face. “Get dressed,” he commanded fiercely, “Someone is in for one hell of a wake-up call!”

Goten followed Vegeta back to the bed, his face pinched in the cold Son anger of which one did not want to be in the area when it exploded. Both swiftly redressed, paying no heed of the now oversized expensive clothes, left, and relocked the door behind them.

Finding the hallway and the direction of the girls’ room was not difficult, and they stonily pushed past the second beaded curtain.

“Hey! You have no authorization–” a uniformed security guard began, but Vegeta literally knocked him flying to land in the middle of the dance floor.

They easily found what they knew to be the correct door, of course lit with a red light, and pounded menacingly on it. A moment later, one of their voices mumbled drowsily, “Who in the hell could–”

“Your ‘charming friends’,” Goten snarled bitterly, “Either you open this door immediately, or we’ll blow it to smithereens!”

“Who the hell are you?” Jordan’s more aggressive voice demanded, cut off when Vegeta’s fist punched a hole in the technically solid door.

“Shit!” a voice that had to be Ashley’s muttered, then yelled in panic, “Hang on!” Soft shuffling was heard, then the door opened carefully, both girls having slid on dressing gowns. Each held a tire bat, poised and ready to strike, but their faces paled and they dropped the useless items at the sight that greeted them.

The now feminine versions of Vegeta and Goten strode in, and Jordan quickly shut the door again.

“What in the–” The color had drained from both girls’ faces, who stared at them incredulously. It was indeed Goten and Vegeta, dressed in the same clothes, except for the obvious.

“We demand an explanation!” Goten hissed through his… her… teeth, glaring at them like a mountain lion about to pounce. “The drug. What.Have.You. DONE TO US?”

Unable to speak at this point, both young women only gaped at them, open-mouthed and pale.

With an enraged growl, Vegeta punched a large hole through the wall. “Is that question too hard for your pea-brains to understand, or DO YOU NEED MORE CLARIFICATION?!”

Ashley seemed to mysteriously snap to her senses. “The ‘drug’ is only an aphrodisiac. A powerful one, yes, but it doesn’t do… that.”

Jordan shook her head, pointing to a two-seated, deep red leather couch. “Definitely not. Obviously something else happened to you. Can you remember anything unusual?”

Both Saiyans calmed sufficiently to accept the offered seat and frowned, deep in thought.

Ashley padded barefoot to a mini refrigerator, looking up drowsily at the two Saiyans. “Would you like a coffee, water, something with caffeine?” Both shook their heads vehemently, able to throw them further than they could trust them. The latter shrugged. “Don’t mind, then.” She took out two iced coffees, handing one to her companion. “Too tired to make any,” she mumbled.

The girls opened the cans of much-needed coffee, watching the Saiyans expectantly.

“Try to remember,” Jordan prompted them again, “Something wierd definitely went down.”

Vegeta rolled… now her eyes, glaring at them through a fringe of thick eyelashes. “We found an empty room. We laughed like idiots at stupid things. We fucked like crazy, took a nap, and woke up like this,” he told them flatly, knowing to state the obvious, “Probably the same as you, but you’re still the same.” He scowled, boiling with the urge to break something on a massive scale.

“I hope the effects of your magic plant are over now,” Goten added. There was an unnatural calm to his voice that scared them more than Vegeta’s fury.

“Our Sedilusta plant’s effects have worn off,” Ashley confirmed, “But I assure you, it’s never gender-swapped anyone. And it’s only been tested on humans. We’re against animal cruelty.”

Vegeta and Goten exchanged a furtive glance. They were not human and fully human, respectively, which very few actual humans knew.

“Shenron!” Vegeta whispered urgently to Goten, who nodded, his eyes alighting with hope.

“Huh?” Jordan asked at their sudden inspired secrecy.

“Someone who may be able to help us,” Goten improvised, “We need to leave, like now.” Both stood impatiently.

The girls nodded understandingly, but Jordan told them, “We’ll have to escort you out, otherwise they’ll think your chips are trafficked. No offense, but when you got here, you were guys.”

“Shyeah…” Goten stood up to pace in quiet fury.

“Give us a sec to get dressed,” Ashley said quickly, “We can’t leave the room like this. We’ll hurry,” she promised. The two of them picked up their clothes and hurried into the bathroom, leaving Vegeta and Goten to seethe. Indeed, they were back out quickly, fingering their hair into place.

Picking up a large set of keys, the girls put on authorative looks and led them out. The four of them tried to look as casual as possible wading their way through the crowd, who thought nothing of seeing apparently women in men’s clothing.

Recognizing Vegeta’s and Goten’s arraignments, the woman in the Chanel suit hurried over to them. “Jordan…?” she asked in confusion of their escortees.

“Business,” Jordan whispered with a wink, to which the woman nodded in recogntion with a smile and left them.

They were just about to exit via the red carpetted reception room, when a familiar face and voice caught the Saiyans’ eyes. “Oh gawd, no,” Goten groaned. He and Vegeta hid behind the girls, cringing, but it was too late.

Hercule Satan had managed to impress a girl who appeared younger than Videl, with long, curly red hair. His eyes lit up at seeing them from afar. “Goten! Vegeta!” his booming voice called out, turning several heads. “I haven’t seen you in months! How’ve you b–” When he was close enough to see them clearly, his jaw dropped, rendered speechless. The young woman on his arm elbowed his side, scowling.

“We’re family,” Goten told her quickly, keeping his voice as low as possible, but Ashley and Jordan beamed.

“Something told me you aren’t just anybody,” Jordan said with a grin.

“Oh my!” Hercule passed a hand through his balding hair. “What happened to you?” His eyes were as wide as saucers.

“No time to explain,” Goten exclaimed urgently, grabbing Vegeta’s arm. “Later!”

The four of them left the establishment, standing at a safe distance from curious regards. “Let us know how you’re doing,” Ashley bade them worriedly, “You know where to find us.” She scribbled their numbers on a Club 73 business card and handed it to Vegeta.

They considered the young women, supposing they hadn’t meant or caused any actual harm. That said, they weren’t keen on seeing them again, and they had a hell of a problem now. The one thing on their minds was invoking Shenron, which at present appeared to be their only oblivious hope.
TBC in Chapter 4…

Download Fixing Gohan’s Suit – English in Color – Oravlex

Download Gohan's Suit in Color - Oravlex - English

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We finished the color version of “Fixing Gohan’s Suit” in color in English made by Oravlex
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GotenxTrunks:Love Story

GotenxTrunks Love Story
GotenxTrunks Love Story

Through out all their lives that been best friends. They knew they had feelings for each other…

Warning: Gore, Lemons, Yaoi

Chapter 1

The Secret

Guest Author: SilverStars

Trunks Age-13 Goten Age-12

Ch1 Gilmpse: “Trunks got up closer to Goten face which make Goten blushing saying, I know you love me Goten.”

It was a normal day at middle school when it on a Friday it was just a crazy afternoon

Trunks Briefs is the most popular boy in school, he is mostly a troublemaker,badass kid which the girls are mostly in love with him,few boys are jealous of him and he also cusses sometimes

He’s best bud/friend Goten who is so innocent that all the girls think that he so cute that want to choke him to death,he mostly a GG few boys make fun of him,Trunks usually stand up for him and care for him

They been Best friends for so long now… they fell in love with each other

*bell ring*

Trunks was with Goten with his hands in his pocket. So Goten~

Goten was blushing. Y-Yeah?

*Goten POV*

I soooo nerves around Trunks i know that he is my best friend but i love him so much…today is the day when you ask him out Goten~!

You know… i coming over your house for a week. Really~! Yep~ My mom and dad are gone for the week so i’ll be hanging at your place alright Goten~

O-Okay. I started to smile and blush i’m just hoping my Mom and Dad aren’t home even my brother cause he married to Videl.

*End of POV*

Both of them walking to the end of the hall till they got outside.

Well Well is it the two faggots! The two demi sayains both turn around to see Jack the school bully and his crew

What the hell do you want Jack? Trunks look at him with sharp eyes while Goten was behind Trunks back scared. We here for the little pipsqueak there! Jack was pointing at Goten. Goten peeked and got scared. Jack pushed Trunks out of the way and grabbed Goten by the collar. Goten yelped with tears in his eyes. Please dont hurt me… Goten was about to cry. Let him go! Trunks tried to grab but his gang grabbed him first. I won’t hurt so bad crybaby..Jack smirk evilly. Jack put up his fist then punch Goten in the face but.. Goten grabbed his fist then look at him with a pissed off face. FUCK OFF YOU BITCH! Goten punch him in the face that sent him flying to the wall. Trunks pupils shrunk. This was the first time he heard Goten cuss he so nice and innocent that he can’t cuss. Goten look at the other boys still with that serious look. Let get outta here! the boys ran off scared and terrified. Goten grabbed Trunks wrist and flied off.

Trunks was still surprised and looking at Goten scared. G-Goten.. I never heard you cuss before.. Goten was looking down. Are you mad at me… What hell no~ That was amazing what you did back there Goten. He stop and he look at him smiling. Thank you for saving me back there. Trunks hugged Goten. Your always be my best friend. Goten started to blush. Ohh Trunks-kun~ Goten hugged him back and started to smile. can we please go to my house~ Sure! Trunks replied. Both of them filed to Son’s House

Mom! Dad! Hmm~? there not here… Goten was worried. Trunks looked around the house then he found the note. Yo Goten come here~!

Goten came in running. Yeah? What is it?

Look.. Goten grabbed the note and read aloud.

“Dear Son, Me and Goku went to the Ox Kingdom to take care of my father he is very sick so im trusting you to be left alone with Trunks PLEASE DON’T CAUSE ANY TROUBLE! If there call your brother or Goku or me! If it a foe. Call Goku or Gohan! Please be good Goten sweetie~! Well’l we be back soon!

Love you!


Huh both of your parents are gone… that means… LET GET TURNT UP! Trunks was getting hype. YEAH! Goten jump with excitement.

*Few hours later*

Goten was laying on Trunks lap there were watching Dragon Ball where the part when Bulma meets Goku

You give me that dragon ball and i’ll give you a little peek~ Bulma pulled up her skirt showing her panties to Goku

Why would i care seeing your dirty old panty. Goku replied


My mom was a… slut… back then damn…

Goten was lying on Trunks lap blushing smiling. Is… this a dream or real i hope this never end…

Trunks look at Goten. Hey Goten i wanna know something~

Yeah? I was wondering do you like me? Hmm?! Goten blush cherry red. Hmm? Goten?

Goten stood up and started walking away. Naw i d-dd-dont~

“Trunks got up closer to Goten face which make Goten blushing saying, I know you love me Goten.”

Don’t pretend… chibi. Goten blush hard when he heard say that. Trunks-kun~ Goten was breathing and looked away.

Look at me chibi…look at me. Trunks put his hand under the younger sayian chin and started kissing him deeply. Goten was blushing and groaning with his lustful eyes. Trunks explored in younger sayain mouth by messing with his tongue. He was enjoying Goten groans and grunts. Trunks stop the passionate kiss. Wh-Why did you stop Trunks-kun~? Cause chibi im saving that for tomorrow night~

Why can’t we do that now~? Cause im getting tired~ Trunks lied back on the couch and let the younger sayain lay on his warm chest

I-I love you Trunks-kun~

I love you too Chibi~

Both of them fell asleep during the dark starry night~

Woo this took all night to make this~! I’m glad this is done!

Lemon maybe in the next chapter there will be more GotenxTrunks chapters

Please comment what you think so far! 😀 I appreciate it!

Wasted Wish – Chapter 2

Wasted wish Chapter 2
Wasted wish Chapter 2

Summary: (Vegeta/Goten, 3 years post-DBZ) Our heroes have lived together for 3 years now. Vegeta finishes by agreeing to Goten’s wish for a night out, which lands them more ‘fun’ than they bargained for.
Rating/warnings: M, very NSFW with Yaoi and Gay content. Also very silly.

Published with permission from saiyansecret who is an awesome dbz yaoi fan fic writer to check out!

Read Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“Stand still!” Goten admonished Vegeta for about the fifth time, measuring tape in hand, “You’d rather I take your measurements here than the folks at Armani, right?”

“Someone should tell them to starch their shirts before putting them on.” He folded his arms stubbornly. “And yes, I hate shopping.”

Not caring for it himself, Goten tilted his head with a humorless upside-down smirk. “Raise your arms.”

Sighing impatiently, Vegeta complied, knowing the faster they got done, the better. Goten carefully noted each measurement, satisfied with the finished results. “You see, a half centimenter more than last time. Told ya you gained in muscle.”

“How exactly are we to dress for this thing, anyway?” Vegeta wanted to know.

“Just semi-formal,” Goten replied, “Some of them get eccentric, but to each their crowd.”

Vegeta was admiring the classy outfit Goten wore, cupping the back of his neck. “You look good,” he told him in a promising tone, “Hurry back.”

“I will.” Goten gave him a sexy smile and left.
Vegeta occupied his time training, nonetheless dissatisfied with what he deemed his lack of progress. Since the beginning of their union, he’d promised Goten not to overdo it anymore. However, lately they’d made a compromise; he could put in more hours and effort, provided that it didn’t result in him needing a senzu bean or a hospital.

Goten was oblivious to his luck, Vegeta had informed him before. He’d often shirked his own training, seeming to lazily take for granted what Vegeta had nearly killed himself to achieve. He’d hit an unseen nerve, and Goten had retorted that he was not in his skin and was as ignorant of his own demons as everyone else. It had led to a furious argument that came to blows; ironically, after they’d bruised each other up and physically and emotionally exhausted themselves, it had brought them together, showing them each the epiphany of a curious mirror of himself in the other. That had been their first night they’d spent together, which consisted only of a needed embrace that lasted through the night.

The term ‘brought together’ was quite an understatement for them, Vegeta reflected now. Swiftly he dodged the fire of a robot from one side, and again from the other.

“You won’t lose me,” Goten had promised him.
“I won’t leave you,” Vegeta had promised in turn.
The only words they’d spoken brought to light the protectiveness he felt for the demi Saiyan, though why the reminder of that night came back to him so vividly now, he couldn’t say.

Distracted by the latter thought, fire from one of the robots caught Vegeta off guard and slammed him to the floor. He would normally have cursed a blue streak, but this time only sat leaned against the wall in thought.

Having returned, Goten set their purchases down and went to find Vegeta. Common sense told him he knew better than to set foot in the training room wearing nice clothes, but Vegeta liked them, and the way he’d looked at him…

Seeing him thus, Goten smiled. “Hey. What’s got you?”

Vegeta looked up at him with a lost but smoldering gaze. “You. Now.” Aggressively he yanked Goten down and squeezed him close with a strangely needy kiss that Goten melted into. He hadn’t even broken a sweat, he noted. Vegeta’s hands firmly caressed his back, finding his black silk shirt almost as soft as his hair, where one hand was busy playing with handfuls.

“Whatcha want?” Goten asked teasingly, given a fairly good idea when the full-blooded Saiyan’s legs wrapped tightly around him.

“You know what I want.” Vegeta’s voice had become a sultry whisper, then made an approving sound when Goten pinned his wrists to the wall, biting hard at the side of his neck. “You got under my skin so insideously,” his throaty whisper told him, “I couldn’t tell you when I knew how bad I wanted you.”

“I could,” Goten replied with a mischievous smirk, “My first wet dream was about you. Not that it was the last.”

Vegeta’s eyes refocused and he stared at him, looking pained. “Goten, I… think that’s what you guys would call ‘TMI’.“

Goten’s smirk widened into a grin. “Enough to stop you now?”

“No.” His hands broken free, now Vegeta used their own sign language in which they were now fluent. The demi Saiyan really had rendered him lazy, he thought dimly, though was not in the mood to actually care at the moment.

It was rare that his mate accorded him this privilege, Goten reflected with a thrill, which he always seized and went for broke. Luckily he’d bought a new silk shirt, he thought with a mental shrug.
Another one bites the dust.
Saturday evening found the two Saiyans dressed and ready to leave. Goten paused to straighten Vegeta’s collar, then admired their reflections. Both were clothed in coordinated silk shirts in different shades of dark blue, and black silk pants that hid black silk underwear. Though generally approving, Vegeta complained of the lower garments fitting too tightly.

“You’ll break them in fast enough,” Goten assured with a cheerful smirk.

Vegeta cuffed his head, making him snicker. “Smartass.”
An hour later, they waited in a short line, watching the view of a posh, red-carpeted entryway. As far as they could see, Club 73 was divided into a strobe-lit dance floor to the left, and a more quiet seated area to the right. The whole place was decorated in black lacquer, dimly lit by elegant wall lamps, and candles at the tables and benches.
Vegeta had his eye on the quiet area, unconsciously standing closer to Goten, and was visibly uncomfortable. Goten enlaced him from behind with a quick kiss, taking his hand reassuringly. The place was known to be friendly to all types of gender couples, but Vegeta disliked public displays of affection. Goten silently agreed that it was best to get a few drinks in him first.

Vegeta’s attention was caught when a young couple ahead of them casually presented the backs of their hands for their reglementary chip injections. The sight turned Vegeta’s face pale. “What the hell?!” he muttered to Goten, “Is that some kind of GPS?”

“No, silly,” Goten chided, having forgotten to explain that, “Under a special light, it shows up the club’s logo to prove you’re a member. Stamps wear off too easy.”

But Vegeta was shaking his head. “No way. Nobody’s sticking any implant in me!” He turned to leave, and Goten firmly held him in place.

“Vegeta, would I bring you someplace bad? If it really bothers you, I can pop it out without shedding a drop of your blood.” Goten’s confident look turned reproachful and sad, his wide eyes locking pleadingly with Vegeta’s.

“Gods, quit giving me that look,” Vegeta groaned, his shoulders slumped. “Fine, but the minute we get home, I want it out.”

“Two seconds with a Swiss Army knife,” Goten promised.

At their turn, they were greeted by an attractive, mahogany-skinned woman in a tailored Chanel suit. “Good evening, gentlemen,” she bade them with a polite smile, accepting their invitations, “I see you prefer non-smoking,” she read, “Very well. When your chips are done, follow me, please.” She indicated a clean-cut man in a tuxedo who put on a sterile pair of latex gloves and smiled expectantly.

Vegeta eyed the man with suspicion, so Goten stepped up to present his requested left hand. The man swiped his skin with an alcohol compress, then quickly injected his chip.

“I barely felt it,” Goten assured Vegeta with a smile, which the personnel returned them.

“No worries, Sir,” the woman assured Vegeta, “Some guests like to leave and return, and we highly recommend the line of five-star hotel-restaurants across the street. Of course, we can remove it for you before you leave, if you wish.”

Especially reluctant to face Goten’s look, Vegeta stepped up for his own chip. The woman beamed and motionned for them to follow her. She led them to a comfortable, black suede booth and handed them drink menus, and Goten slid in to sit next to Vegeta.

“Do enjoy your visit,” the woman bade them cheerfully, then left them. They studied the menus, and when a waiter hurried over, each ordered a White Russian. Two drinks later, they were talking casually, and Goten noticed with a secret smile that Vegeta was beginning to relax.

They were approached by a young man and woman dressed in black leather, both with short, gel-spiked hair and various facial piercings. The Saiyans looked up curiously at the pair, who were obviously not bar waiters.

“Club 420,” the young man said in a low voice in guise of introduction, “If you want the real speciality, follow us.” The woman winked at them with a smirk, then stuck her tongue out to reveal a diamond tongue piercing. Goten and Vegeta exchanged a glance, wondering what that was supposed to mean. The leather-clad pair waited expectantly.

“Go ahead,” Vegeta told Goten, “I’m comfortable.” Goten mentally shrugged and followed them curiously.

“Club 420?” he asked, intrigued. The young pair exchanged knowing grins.

“We know you’re newbies,” the guy said confidently, “Normally you wouldn’t be allowed, but since you’re friends with Sebastian, that changes everything.”

“Yeah,” the girl agreed, “Friends of Sebby have carte blanche in 420. But like he told you, you know nada about the underground, got it?”

“Sure,” Goten replied casually, though his mind raced. Underground? What exactly had he got them into? Drug smuggling? Weapons? Slave trade? Sebastian wasn’t exactly a friend, either. They’d lied to the police that he’d refused to serve them when their fake ID’s were confiscated, thus saving his liquor license. He now had a partnership with Club 73, he’d told them, and had granted them VIP invitations for when they were truly legal.

The 420 pair led them to a different bar with a diamond-shaped logo, then to two girls, who also appeared to be about Goten’s age. “The new guys we told you about,” the young man told them simply, then they left Goten with them. Both had long hair, one bright magenta-red, the other light pink. Both extended their hands in welcome. “Hey. I’m Jordan,” the red-haired one bade.

“Ashley,” the pink-haired one introduced in turn.

“Hi. I’m Goten.” He shook their hands courteously, and both smiled. Each wore lipstick that matched her hair, with a lip ring on the right side. They moved closer, and were not subtle about devouring him with their eyes.

“Isn’t he cute,” the pink-haired one commented, earning a sharp glance from the other.

“Welcome to Club 420,” Jordan began, snapping her fingers at the personnel behind the bar, “First of all, stop drinking that common junk and try our speciality. On the house tonight.” A multi-colored drink in layers of purple, blue, yellow, and red on top appeared on the counter, which she picked up and handed to Goten.

He accepted the strange hybrid drink, but hesitated.

“It’s what it looks like,” Ashley told him craftily with a wink, “Just with our secret ingredient.”

Goten raised an eyebrow. “You mean a drug.”

“It’s all natural,” Jordan retorted, looking vexed, “A vial of red ginseng with royal jelly, damiana, and a rare tropical plant called Sedilusta.”

“Natural like shrooms and poppies?” Goten asked dryly, then watched as two more drinks were set on the bar, the secret recipe added and stirred in front of him, then the girls each took one and took a large swallow, watching him amusedly. He watched as they emptied their glasses, tapping the bar for another. By this time, both young women were giggling drunkenly, their arms around each other’s waists, exchanging a kiss that bordered on foreplay.

No harm, Goten thought, and drank a little of it. His eyes widened at the most delicious, fruity taste with a hint of coconut-flavored rhum and ginseng. Greedily he emptied half the glass, smiling at the pretty lights that came from more than the strobe light.

“Cool,” he mumbled with a lopsided grin, making the young women beam.

“There’s more where that came from, sweetie,” Ashley told him in a low, seductive voice, “Wanna dance? There’s room for three, if you catch my drift.” Her hand touched his waist, sneakily sliding down for a try at feeling up his well-sculpted ass.

Swiftly Goten moved aside. “Excuse me, but I’m with someone.” He glanced pointedly at Vegeta, who shot a warning glare at the young women.

“Aw, he’s adorable!” Ashley exclaimed delightedly.

“Will you calm your hormones?” Jordan hissed, tugging at the other woman’s crystal-studded collar. The former was clearly the dominant of the two.

“Your friend looks a bit uptight,” Jordan commented to Goten, “We could help with a little company.”

“He… doesn’t like company,” Goten informed them diplomatically.

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Ashley pouted, tapping on the bar for more drinks, “You’re both so gorgeous.”

“For the last time, calm yourself,” Jordan told her girlfriend with exasperation, then handed Goten two more drinks. “This will help your boyfriend, I’m sure you can tell yourself. Unlimited refills.”

“I’m sure it will,” Goten grinned, “Thanks!” Happily he brought the drinks back to their table, still smiling as he sat down. “Ohmygod Vegeta, drink this now. It is amazing!”

“Where did those come from?” Vegeta asked suspiciously. They hadn’t been on the menu or served at any table, not counting how loopy Goten appeared now.

“From the other bar,” Goten replied, “The two lesbians ordered them for us.”

“They’re bi,” Vegeta corrected flatly, “A lesbian would not have tried to grab your ass.”

“They’re just drunk,” Goten waved off, smiling. “You’re jealous.”

“Of those freaks?” Vegeta scoffed, glaring at his smug look, “I am not.”

“Whatever, it’s cute.” Flattered, Goten sidled up to him to put an unseen arm around his waist, whispering seductively, “Forget them, just drink. Then tell me if you feel the same thing.”

Seeing Goten’s flushed cheeks, Vegeta took a small drink, then a long one. Halfway through, he smiled slowly. Pretty lights, indeed. He shut his eyes to enjoy the gentle buzz, then opened them wide when the heat flashed through him. His cheeks blushed attractively, he glanced sidelong at Goten and slid his arm around his waist in turn.

Not yet, Goten told himself firmly, make him want it. Catching sight of a 420 member, he signaled for more drinks.
In a hushed tone, he told Vegeta what he’d heard about the mysterious Club 420, asking what he thought of it.

Vegeta fidgeted with his glass. “The guy who owed you a favor said nothing about it?”

Goten shook his head. “No. I wonder what they’re really up to.”

“It sounds like a front,” Vegeta guessed, “Probably money laundering for drugs.” His voice did not suggest that he really cared, and his dialated eyes were fixed on the multicolored swirls made in his drink.

Goten would not have suggested the place had he known it hid something fishy, but as it didn’t concern them, he figured they may as well enjoy themselves.

Indeed, a few drinks later, the two of them were alternating between laughing crazily at everything and shamelessly making out. Luckily for them, their booth was in a discrete corner, as the fullblooded Saiyan would be horrified if his mind were clear. Which was not the case, Goten observed triumphantly, one hand sliding up the inside of his thigh. His fingers admiringly traced the hard curves of his throbbing manhood, muffling his pleasured exclamations with a bruising kiss. Vegeta’s hand slid between Goten’s legs to playfully retaliate, their kiss deepening as much passionately as to muffle their sounds.

Lustily Goten kneaded his most receptive nerve along its whole length, his tongue aggressively thrusting into his warm mouth. His unfocused eyes blurring, Vegeta grasped his arms in an iron grip, by his intention seeming to forget where they were.

Shivering with a thrill, Goten seductively whispered, “Would you like if I hid under the table…”

Vegeta’s eyes widened at his lurid description and he nodded vehemently, certain that he would surely burst otherwise. Smiling, Goten slowly knelt on one knee, when they both sensed presences and froze.

They looked up sharply to see Ashley and Jordan standing near their table, watching in amused fascination. “Oh, don’t mind us,” Ashley said quickly, getting a sharp elbow from her companion.

“We just stopped to say hi,” Jordan attempted at smoothing over it, but Goten and Vegeta sullenly took their places, the mood spoiled.

“Wow,” Ashley commented obliviously, “We’ve never seen anyone drink near that many. Even a soldier would long since be on the floor. Unconscient,” she added quickly. It was clear that she put her foot in her mouth on a regular basis.

“Actually, we came to apologize,” Jordan clarified. She and her girlfriend took the seat across from the Saiyans, and before they could indignantly complain, she snapped her fingers at a passing waiter, signaling four drinks. The waiter hurried off, placing their order at first priority.

“Uhm, yeah, I’m totally sorry,” Ashley said to Vegeta with a glance at Goten, “I didn’t know he’s your boyfriend.”

“Actually, he’s my mate,” Vegeta informed her, acknowledging the apology, but remained stony.

“Your… oh, that’s worse,” Ashley lamented, “We get kinda crazy sometimes, but we don’t step on anyone’s territory. Especially not if you’re married.”

The Saiyans didn’t bother correcting her on a small cultural difference, but observed them quietly. They appeared to be thinking.

“We’d be glad to offer you three more visit credits,” Jordan proposed, “Any times you wish, again with drinks on the house and free accommodations at the hotel-restaurant of your choice.”

“Cool for the restaurant,” Goten replied, “But we don’t live too far.”

“Most of our guests don’t,” Ashley told him, examining her pale glitter manicure, “It’s a courtesy, since many like to rest or freshen up. Also appreciated by our more hot-blooded–” At the sharp look from the other three, she sighed. “There are also some who go to take their dose. You don’t look like you’re into that.” They shook their heads.

Vegeta had been scrutinizing them. “You seem to have a lot of influence here,” he observed.

“Indeed.” Jordan smiled politely, but did not seem inclined to specify. Anticipating their question, she added, “Though we don’t distribute the secret ingredient. It’s perfectly harmless, but it’s rare, and we doubt it would pass marketing inspection.“

Goten and Vegeta exchanged expressionless glances, wondering if they would spill the beans if they got them drunk enough. Goku had always given his sons ginseng for training. Besides a little energy, he’d noticed nothing else.

When the drinks arrived, the atmosphere lightened, considerably more as they drank.

“So, are you in college?” Ashley asked them, “We go to SCU.”

Back on his magic drink buzz, Vegeta found the question hilarious.

“No, it’s not our thing,” Goten replied cheerfully.

The rest of their conversation was lighthearted, an alternation of small talk and peals of hysterical laughter.

“It’s good to see you lightened up,” Jordan said to Vegeta, “You’re actually charming.”

“I think so, too.” Defiantly Goten’s arms draped possessively around Vegeta, who ruffled his hair amusedly.

“You oughta see her,” Jordan said of Ashley, “When she laughs too hard, she can’t make any more noise, and bends over clapping like a retarded seal.“

“I do not!” Ashley punched Jordan’s arm, still in her giggling fit.

“Ash does lots of amusing things.” Jordan commented, looping her finger in her collar loop and yanked her foreward. “Don’t you?” The latter’s glazed expression looked a bit like Goten’s when Vegeta did similar things to him.

“Cool,” the demi Saiyan muttered, “You wear one in public?”

“Yep.” Ashley looked up. “You…? I knew it.” She declared with a coy smile.

Such a topic in inebriated states was not a good idea, as the evening was too early to be cut short. “You guys wanna dance with us?” Jordan asked the males, “Asking as friends, like a double date.”

“Sure,” Goten replied, having looked foreward to it. He stood and tugged at Vegeta’s elbow.

“Huh?” Again fascinated by the swirl of colors in his glass, Vegeta looked up.

“Come on.” Smiling, Goten locked his arm and led him to the dance floor under the scintillating strobe light, where all else was plunged in darkness.

Goten was doubtlessly the only Z-warrior who knew what an excellent dancer Vegeta was. From the admiring looks of the other dancers, they seemed to agree. In truth, Vegeta lost himself in the beat of the music and attained a trancelike state that approached perfection. When he sensed him well immersed in it, Goten whispered the same erotic thought as he had earlier. That was when the fun would truly begin…
TBC in Chapter 3…

(A/N: The tropical drug plant ‘Sedilusta’ is fictional. Sorry. ^_^’)